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Code of Silence #2020

Code of Silence Telling the Truth Could Get Them Killed Remaining Silent Could Be Worse When Cooper Hiro and Gordy witness a robbery that leaves a man in a coma they find themselves tangled in a web of mystery and

  • Title: Code of Silence
  • Author: Tim Shoemaker
  • ISBN: 9780310726531
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Code of Silence By Tim Shoemaker, Telling the Truth Could Get Them Killed Remaining Silent Could Be Worse.When Cooper, Hiro, and Gordy witness a robbery that leaves a man in a coma, they find themselves tangled in a web of mystery and deceit that threatens their lives After being seen by the criminals who may also be cops Cooper makes everyone promise never to reveal what they have seen Telling theTelling the Truth Could Get Them Killed Remaining Silent Could Be Worse.When Cooper, Hiro, and Gordy witness a robbery that leaves a man in a coma, they find themselves tangled in a web of mystery and deceit that threatens their lives After being seen by the criminals who may also be cops Cooper makes everyone promise never to reveal what they have seen Telling the truth could kill them But remaining silent means an innocent man takes the fall and a friend never receives justice Is there ever a time to lie And what happens when the truth is dangerous The three friends, trapped in a code of silence, must face the consequences of choosing right or wrong when both options have their price.

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    1. I m going to try to review this without giving any spoilers This is going to be hard So, the book starts out with Cooper, Hiro, and Gordy hanging out at Frank n Stien s diner Frank is like a grandfather to them So, it s time to close up, but Frank lets the kids stay while he cleans up Coop and Gordy are about to play another round of an arcade game when Hiro says they need to leave NOW She has a bad feeling and knows they need to get out of there, and fast Gordy just kind of waves her off, but C [...]

    2. Cooper, Hiro and Gordy are best friends who like to spend afternoons after school at their favorite handout Frank N Stein s Restaurant One evening they decided to play one arcade game while their friend, mentor and owner Frank locks up What happens next is the beginning of a nightmare The three friends are trapped in the restaurant and witness the robbery and beating of Frank When one of the robbers pulls and leaves the video that would incriminate them in the robbery, Cooper takes the opportun [...]

    3. Truly a heart pounding adventure, Code of Silence, written by Tim Shoemaker had me on my toes night after night The way Shoemaker finished off each chapter with an even stronger conflict than the last made it impossible to put the book down Besides the overwhelming suspense set on by Shoemaker, the story follows the lives of three teenagers, Cooper, Hiro and Gordy Another aspect of the story I enjoyed was being so similar in age to the characters which made relating to both them and the story th [...]

    4. Would you tell a lie if it meant saving the people you care about Thirteen year old Cooper and his two best friends, Gordy and Hiro, witness a robbery and near murder at their favorite diner Cooper later has a run in with one of the crooks, who gives him a warning keep quiet about what he saw or his family will be harmed Cooper forces Hiro and Gordy to agree to a Code of Silence , where they all promise to never reveal what they saw, even if it means they have to lie I really, really enjoyedCode [...]

    5. Review by Jill WilliamsonCooper, Gordy, and Hiro witness a robbery and an attack one night at their favorite milkshake restaurant that leaves the owner in a coma and them the only witnesses They make a pact a code of silence not to tell anyone what they saw But the lie weighs heavily on their minds Cooper left his backpack at the restaurant, and the police are looking for him But so are the bad guys and Cooper is afraid to talk to anyone Fabulous I loved this book It drew me in from the first pa [...]

    6. This book is about four kids who have average lives going through life normally, but they then witness a brutal crime Should they tell or should they keep the secret for the rest of their loves the truth could be deadly I think this book had some good parts but it also had some annoying parts I can t say that i enjoyed this book It has an ok story the wording is good but i jut didn t enjoy it I would not recommend it to anyone.

    7. I loved this book so much, I couldn t put it down you will like it if you enjoy suspense, mystery One thing I liked about it is that there s no romance in any of the books in the series I personally find romance to be distracting from the plot, but the author replaces what could have been romantic subplots with character developement Definitely read the rest of the series to add to your reading experience The book is scary, but it s not really gory, if there are parents reading.Recommended age 1 [...]

    8. 4.5 StarsWhen Cooper and his friends Hiro and Gordy witness a robbery and an attack on a close friend, they take on a Code of Silence to keep themselves safe But, with holding the only evidence, the robbers having seen one of them, and the police searching for them, keeping this secret is than they thought it would be Unsure if they can trust the police, they try to deal with things themselves, which just digs them deeper into lies and danger Will they be able to figure out who the robbers are [...]

    9. This book was an outstanding book This book was basically about three middle schoolers who attend Plum Grove They ate at a local burger and shake place called Frank nSteins, where they encounter and witness a robbery that goes on with three guys and ultimately leaves the owner Frank who the kids love, unconscious The rest of the book was about how one of the robbers the Elvis guy threatens to go in the main characters house, Cooper and kill his family He then decides to make a Code of Silence wh [...]

    10. Overall, a great read Enjoyed reading during class, but couldn t quite find time outside of school to read it When it was in my hands, I enjoyed reading about the trials and tribulations of the fearful and loving eighth grade boy Plus it was quite a perk that the entire book was set in my old school, and in the town right next to mine I could relate to all of the references, and was especially excited when they mentioned the FREMD VIKINGS Great read, can t wait to read by Tim I recommend this b [...]

    11. I thought this was a very well written book that kept me reading It has an excellent and exciting plot I couldn t stop reading The characters personalities were well described I could see what was happening in the book and what they were feeling This made the book very interesting Further, the mystery aspect of the book kept me hooked However, one thing I didn t like is the fact that the book sometimes talked too much about the characters emotions These sections were sometimes boring, and I some [...]

    12. This book was, to be honest, incredibly mediocre There were a ton of little things that bugged me about the book, the biggest one being how the Getaway, the boat that the dad bought halfway in the book, played little to no purpose in developing the plot To my knowledge, there was almost a whole page describing it, than we got for describing the characters, and it never got used I don t know if the author likes boats, and wanted to put them one the book, but then kinda forgot about it and just u [...]

    13. Bought his Smashing Tomatoes book for summer devo and heard he wrote youth fiction too We got Code of Silence 1 from the library and I quickly preread before my kids did Excellent suspense, age appropriate for 10 14 year olds, as the main characters are in 8th grade Not for fearful or sensitive kids No swearing one hell by an adult with an apology following No drug usage or romantic attraction flirting crushes Good friends discovering the truth can set you free

    14. This book is very good Anyone who loves suspense through out the whole book will love this It s about three friends in eight grade, Cooper, Hiro, and Gordy They witness something that will change the friendship, personality, and there lives, There is on going mystery s and suspense I recommend this to anybody who likes mystery.

    15. Great mystery book Cooper, Hiro, and Gordy witness the robbery and attack of the manager of a restaurant they go to Frank, the manager, ends up in a coma, and only the three friends know what happened Cooper, afraid for his life, convinces Hiro and Gordy to keep everything a secret because one of the robbers saw his face He fears that telling anyone, even the police, could put his life in jeopardy Little does he know, that keeping the silence is the biggest mistake he could make This is a great [...]

    16. CODE OF SILENCEName MarioAuthor Tim ShoemakerGenre Mystery Summary Code of Silence is a mystery book involving three teenage kids Their names are Cooper, Gordy and Hiro The trouble starts at a local restaurant called Frank n Stein s Diner And the place is owned by two people named Frank and Mr Stein, get it Anyhow, that evening Hiro gets a strange feeling that something bad is about to happen And like any one kind of these books something does Two men come in and attack Frank, steal the money fr [...]

    17. Book ReviewBy LorenzoCode of SilenceBy Tim ShoemakerGenre Crime FictionIt was a normal night Gordon and Coop were playing an arcade game Hiro was standing off to the side watching them them play.She Had a bad feeling.Just as they were about to leave, Frank n Steins was robbed Frank was taking the trash out when he was pushed back through by two men wearing masks.Coop,Gordy and Hiro hid behind a counter Frank was knocked down to the ground The three of then ran towards the bathroom When they reac [...]

    18. I never thought I would read a book THIS mysterious This is a great book, and I can t wait to read of the series The Code of Silence is about three friends who witnessed a robbery Their names were Cooper, Hiro, and Gordy The scene of the robbery was called Frank n Steins, a fast food bar One evening, they were all chilling out in the diner, when the lights flashed, a flash bang sets off, and two robbers run into the diner Cooper, Hiro, and Gordy are the only remaining customers left, so they hi [...]

    19. In the novel Code of Silence, by Tim Shoemaker brings you on a dramatic adventure as the Main character, Cooper McKinnon and his best friends Hiro and Gordy find themselves in a whirl of trouble One Night after spending an evening at their favorite hangout, Frank N Steins, they decided to stay a little late While the owner Frank made his rounds to take out the trash he was stopped in his tracks and the next thing he knew he was getting robbed As the robbery is going down Cooper, Gordy, and Hiro [...]

    20. Cooper and his friends Gordy and Hiro love hanging out at Frank n Stein s restaurant Frank is like a grandfather figure to them He helps them with their school work and he serves the most amazing chocolate monster shakes They stay late one evening to play one last arcade game while Frank closes and cleans up when a robbery takes place Cooper and his friends manage to hide but see everything that happens The robbers are wearing masks so they cannot identify them Frank is beat into a coma While th [...]

    21. Author Tim ShoemakerPublished by ZonderkidzAge Recommend Preteens Reviewed By Arlena DeanRaven Rating 5Blog Review For GMTAReview Code of Silence by Tim Shoemaker was a good mystery thriller read This novel may have been for the middle grades 9 12 , however I adult was very kept on the edge of my seat through this read There was a lots of suspense and action going on all through this read.Hiro, Gordy and Cooper were childhood friends that was truly in the wrong place at the wrong timewitnessing [...]

    22. Cooper, his cousin Gordy, and his friend Hiroko were hanging out at their favorite restaurant right before it was time to close it up Just as the kids were preparing to leave the restaurant, two thugs break into the restaurant and attack the owner who happens to be a very close friend of the kids , and goes to take money out of the cash register leaving the owner dying on the floor The kids were hiding and heard everything that was going on and being said They wanted to help, but know it s very [...]

    23. Three young teens, Cooper, his cousin Gordy, and friend Hiroko hang out at their favorite restaurant playing one last video game while the owner closes up Just as the kids prepare to leave, two thugs break in and attack the owner, leaving him dying on the floor while they ransack the safe upstairs From their hiding place, the kids hear everything, and barely escape alive The last one out, Cooper leaves behind his backpack and comes face to face with one of the thieves who threatens to find him a [...]

    24. Tim Shoemaker in his new book, Code Of Silence Book One in the Code of Silence Series published by Zondervan introduces us to Cooper, Hiro, and Gordy.From the back cover Telling the Truth Could Get Them Killed Remaining Silent Could Be Worse.When Cooper, Hiro, and Gordy witness a robbery that leaves a man in a coma, they find themselves tangled in a web of mystery and deceit that threatens their lives After being seen by the criminals who may also be cops Cooper makes everyone promise never to r [...]

    25. This book had me on my toes Merely pages in the tension skyrockets making me continually turn the pages Shoemaker introduces us to Cooper aka Coop, Hiroko aka Hiro, and Gordy.Hiro is a young woman stuck with two, times than not, immature boys she calls her best friends Though the road gets rocky at times, and her anger flares, she proves to be a true friend to Coop and Gordy.Gordy is the peacemaker out of the three and Coop s first best friend Aside from his admirable loyalty, Gordy doesn t min [...]

    26. The book Code of Silence, by Tim Shoemaker, is a phenomenal mystery book that keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times Cooper, Hiro, and Gordy are witnesses of a masked robbery at a local restaurant, that leaves the owner in a coma The three kids find themselves in a mess of mystery and a matter of life and death Because they were seen by the criminals,who also might be cops, Cooper, Hiro, and Gordy must live in a code of silence They promise to keep what happened at the restaurant, betwe [...]

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