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The Nun's Story #2019

The Nun s Story The lead character of the book Sister Luke pre convent name Gabrielle Van Der Mal finds her faith tested in Africa where she finds herself at odds with headstrong Dr Fortunati operator of a remote

  • Title: The Nun's Story
  • Author: Kathryn Hulme
  • ISBN: 9780316381352
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Nun's Story By Kathryn Hulme, The lead character of the book, Sister Luke pre convent name Gabrielle Van Der Mal , finds her faith tested in Africa where she finds herself at odds with headstrong Dr Fortunati, operator of a remote Congo hospital, with whom she gradually builds respect, and again during World War II, when she is ordered not to take sides Ultimately, Sister Luke is forced to decide whThe lead character of the book, Sister Luke pre convent name Gabrielle Van Der Mal , finds her faith tested in Africa where she finds herself at odds with headstrong Dr Fortunati, operator of a remote Congo hospital, with whom she gradually builds respect, and again during World War II, when she is ordered not to take sides Ultimately, Sister Luke is forced to decide whether to remain in the convent or return to the outside world.Gabrielle Sister Luke is stretched between her desire to be faithful to the rule of her congregation and her desire to be a nurse As a nun she must remove all vestiges of Gabrielle Van Der Mal and sublimate herself into the devoted bride of Christ As a nun there is no room for her personal desires and aspirations Ultimately, the conflict between her devotion to the Church and the nursing profession, juxtaposed with her passionate Belgian patriotism and her love of her father killed by Nazi fighter planes while treating wounded bring her to an impasse, which serves as the d nouement of the novel.

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      325 Kathryn Hulme
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    1 thought on “The Nun's Story

    1. Never thought the book would be as good as the movie, but it was Actually never knew that the movie had been made from a book until I saw someone rate it on here One of my all time favorite movies, I remember watching it with my grandfather, and I loved Audrey Hepburn Was going to Catholic school and my best friend who lived next door had a nun for an aunt so we used to dress up as nuns When I went to Catholic School that phase ended quickly, Sister Luke was not there, in her place were many eld [...]

    2. I was totally obsessed with this book in junior high Never have I seen such a complete and detailed look into the life of a nun This book discusses everything in detail, from the daily schedule right down to their underwear As you follow Sister Luke from her last night outside the convent through her novitiate and into her medical training and then her life of service, you are absolutely gripped by her story The dedication that she had to serving her fellow man, even when she disagreed with chur [...]

    3. I got this book as a surprise in a tea and book club and had never heard of it or the film It s brilliant Such a good book that makes you think through your own strength of character I loved it.

    4. I saw this as a film, a wonderful rendition, in 1959 when it was first released The next time I saw it almost ten years later, I too was in a monastery, as a monk or priest to be I was struggling with my belief and finally left, a reluctant atheist.I can clearly remember after the film, asking my companion monk why he thought Sister Luke had left her religious order.His reply was that she had lost her vocation.I was startled Still am To me, Sister Luke s religious order could no longer contain h [...]

    5. Oh hand to chest What a bittersweet story I ve loved the Audrey Hepburn movie for years, and was so pleased to find this out of print title at my library The copy was acquired in the 1950s I was surprised that the movie stayed so close to the book Nuns have always fascinated me I think that fascination may have stemmed from seeing this film when I was young, and seeing the struggles these women of God go through in their quest for Christ like perfection There s no doubt some Catholic heritage in [...]

    6. P.S I just learned that Audrey Hepburn starred in the 1959 movie version of this book Warning, the movie trailer spoils the ending I ve got to check it out One of the best friends I met on my mission was a Spanish nun nurse, Sister Maria, who worked in a southern Madagascar leper colony for 20 years and, when I met her, was working at a hospital in Antananarivo After my mission, Matt and I visited her in Majorca, where she was staying with her family for a short vacation A couple of years later, [...]

    7. Picking this up was truly a whim I had just seen the movie with Audrey Hepburn and loved it, and was curious as to how closely it followed the book.If you are a reader who gets annoyed or distracted by side stories or tangents, this is a book for you Hulme writes briskly, sticking to the subject, moving things along It s as if she is using her simple, concise language as a metaphor for the nun s life, because within the unadorned narrative is a rich, complex, emotional and bewildering tale much [...]

    8. This has been my favorite book for years I wish there was a sequel I identify with Sister Luke in so many ways, though I have never attempted to be a nun Her strength and self examination are tremendous.

    9. I loved this book For anyone who is interested in why someone would choose to be a nun and what can be gained by being formed in such a discipline, this book is a serious consideration It takes the community s faith seriously and also takes seriously the difficulties of living that faith as a nun, a nurse, a woman, in the real world The early part of the book is somewhat slow and internal, reflective of the life of discipline found during the first years of formation in the convent This is very [...]

    10. I torture myself reading about nuns That s what happens when you attend Catholic school for a few years in the late 1950s and early 60 s and are left handed You spend your life trying to understand the logic logic Too bad none of the nuns that taught me had the grace of Audrey Hepburn who played Sister Luke in the movie

    11. Gabrielle Van der Mal, educated, refined, the daughter of a well to do doctor in Belgium determines to put her feet on the path of becoming a nun With her we enter the Mother House With her we experience the first day, week, month, year of the journey from novice to nun She hopes to become a surgical nurse and serve in Africa along the Congo Indeed, she is sent to school to be trained, but is encouraged by her superior to fail the examination so as not to attract untoward attention, acclaim, and [...]

    12. I found this book after seeing the movie with Audrey Hepburn one random afternoon I don t know why it appeals to me so much, but I ve reread it at least four times I love the level of detail about the life of a nun in training, and the struggles of faith and character Sister Luke undergoes.

    13. Written in another style, this book could be terrifying Kathryn Hulme offers us visions of the ultimate in conformity, silent figures in black and white bound to the strictest obedience of the slightest detail, including thought itself The main witness seeing not even a hint of emotion as a dead nun she just found with a knife in her back is carried off like an object no longer needed She knows they care, but any display of such besides a few carefully chosen words uttered discreetly don t seem [...]

    14. Love faith and a look at life as Sister Luke is tested In Africa at a remote Congo hospital, during World War II, she is ordered not to take sides Sister Luke is faced with a decision,stay in the convent or return to the outside world Interesting story

    15. Having seen the famous film with Audrey Hepburn, when I stumbled across the book there s a book I picked it up and read it with curiosity It is well written, but a few things came to mind during the reading.What struck me most was the fact that Sister Luke becomes a nun for all the wrong reasons I say wrong because for Gabrielle Luke, becoming a nun is a means to her own ends to be a nurse, to research and treat tropical diseases, to go to the Congo Or at least the Congo she dreams about, which [...]

    16. The other title for this book could possibly be, How to Become Ill Equipped for Everything It beleaguers the mind to read this book, which, I must tell you, is an excellent book in its genre My copy of it looks very cheesy, straight from a dusty shelf, a 1950 s paperback with a cover showing how good Audrey Hepburn looked in a habit Do not be deceived, the story is extremely well written and rather objective raising questions about the human need to downgrade itself in order to arrive at saintho [...]

    17. This is an old favorite of mine, reread twice, I believe It s an extremely good example of the Church within one particular religious order of the R.C at a particular point and time in history But it does not reflect many religious orders for women in the Roman Catholic Church as much as some might believe it does just reading other posters who do not have much context of R.C And as I am a Catholic of age that has been in Novitiate etc this is not a universal religious statement about Catholicis [...]

    18. After just finishing watching the movie with Audrey Hepburn, I remembered that I have this out of print book on my bookshelves I was surprised at how closely the movie followed the book There were lines directly from the text Amazed and awed, I acknowledge women who choose a nun s life It definitely is not an easy existence Yes, the novel portrays the strict rules and the unflinching important of obedience, but I did not feel that is was a derogatory treatise on the Catholic Church.This decision [...]

    19. The Nun s Story by Kathryn Hulme is an absorbing tale of one woman s inner struggle with pride as she battles to live out her deep seated beliefs and convictions in her life as a nun The path to God is not an easy one, living twenty four hours a day in a religious community demanding strict, constant and honest monitoring of one s inner life and thoughts Gabrielle s personal honesty and recognition of her shortcomings combine to make her personal pilgrimage toward humility seem as an unassailabl [...]

    20. Ok so overall I enjoyed this book I found it in a very old book store and the lady suggested it to me as a sad but wonderful read.The fact The Nun s Story is based on Kathryn Hulme s own experience with a nun and inspired by her story gives it a lot weight You can get even emotionally attached and sympathise with her struggles than you would have done anyway The only thing with this is that I felt it took a long time to get going It wasn t until maybe midway I was really into it and couldn t p [...]

    21. The Nun s Story is a delight to read and is constantly on my mind even when it isn t in my hand The plot has a fresh idea of a nun s perspective The author achieves an excellent point of how different the world looks from a nun s window That made me reflect how if different for a nun, why not consider how it is different for each individual I was drawn completely into the story, feeling like I was walking along side the nun, my own feelings hurt when a passer by would callously yell out There s [...]

    22. I finished it and was amazed I give it a 4, not because it was a life altering read but because it opened up a new world to me I don t love the ending I wish it would have wrapped up things a little better I didn t completely understand Sister Luke s feelings or situation But I really enjoyed learning about the process of becoming and being a nun their focuses and especially Sister Luke s experiences in the Congo That was really cool, but then again, I m biased toward Africa I liked the parts of [...]

    23. This was a perfect book to read during Lent It was a little dull at first and I wish there had been background information on why the woman decided to become a nun but at the same time I suppose since they re supposed to forget their previous lives this was another way of focusing on her life as a nun and not going into all that Also I wish there had been an epilogue since I was curious to know what happened to her afterwards Other than that, I enjoyed this book very much It showed how this wom [...]

    24. My mom has been asking me for awhile if I had read this because it is her all time favorite book I now understand why Both of us being raised Catholic and having contact with nuns, it was amazing to find out what it was like to be inside their secret world This story goes so deep into the daily routine of the nun from the day they enter the convent all the way through their final vows As you follow the constant struggle Sister Luke faces between trying to be a wonderful servant of God as both a [...]

    25. PROS The main character is deep, strong, and believably conflicted I m fascinated by how the central conflict of the story isn t one of faith, but rather the restricting institutionalization of faith Some of the supporting characters are thinly drawn, but in a way that feels real in a life where events and faces blur together, and the ones that stand out are memorable It s an honest, captivating, meticulous character studyNS Can be a little dry and caught up in the details at times The ending is [...]

    26. Not being Catholic, nor of a religious bent, I was fully prepared to not like this book I figured I d give it 50 pages and then toss it Ha I was so engrossed in Sister Luke s internal struggles that I was way beyond 50 pages before I realized it Her struggles and trials were very specific in nature, but very universal in scope We all want to be better people, to try to overcome our own faults but her battles were while nursing in the Congo of the 1930 s or while trying to maintain a hospital dur [...]

    27. This follows a nun from the moment she leaves her family in the parlor of the convent through 17 years of personal and spiritual struggles to lead a life in the Holy Order according to her vows We follow her life through her novitiate, to the Congo and struggling to forgive her enemy during WWII After reading this excellent book, I believe it was made into a movie years back with Audrey Hepburn, I think It is an interesting examination of spiritual issues and the constant inner struggle to live [...]

    28. I liked the movie, The Nun s Story with Audrey Hepburn So when I found a copy of the book at the local library I added it to my reading list Wow I will have to watch the movie again sometime.Most of the book is about the interior life and struggle of a young woman who becomes a nun Of course it s difficult to properly portray that in the movie I found the end of the movie left me with too many questions The book did not tie it up neatly, but it was a much satisfying end I can see why this was a [...]

    29. I first read the story of Sister Luke in a Reader s Digest Condensed book I liked it so much I had to find the full length version Something about her kicking against the restraints of the religious life that gave her so much just echoed in me Might have had something to do with my desire to become a nun in my teen years, too Her story of trying to conform to the convent, of the freedom of working on mission in Africa, and then the war years and dealing with the Germans, was fascinating to me.

    30. There are many reviews which I feel pretty much cover the facts and character of this very well written book I would just add, that it brought back many reminisces of my own childhood in Catholic grade school 60 years ago Our nuns were fully clothed and coiffed and veiled as described here even though there austerity of life style did not seem as severe They were a very dedicated if sometimes misguided lot to whom I am grateful.

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