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Modern Disciples: Volume 1 #2019

Modern Disciples Volume The children of the gods walk among us and their cold war has just begun Enter a world where the Greek Norse Japanese Hindu and many other Pantheons of gods are all real They would never openly a

  • Title: Modern Disciples: Volume 1
  • Author: I.S. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781432772703
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Modern Disciples: Volume 1 By I.S. Anderson, The children of the gods walk among us, and their cold war has just begun.Enter a world where the Greek, Norse, Japanese, Hindu, and many other Pantheons of gods are all real They would never openly admit it, but they have been having children with mortals despite their pact to withdraw themselves from our world These children, known as Disciples, have never known theirThe children of the gods walk among us, and their cold war has just begun.Enter a world where the Greek, Norse, Japanese, Hindu, and many other Pantheons of gods are all real They would never openly admit it, but they have been having children with mortals despite their pact to withdraw themselves from our world These children, known as Disciples, have never known their true heritage When the ancient enemies of the gods escape their prison, the gods call upon their disciples to investigate any activity that may have been orchestrated against the gods and humanity These investigations very often lead to intrigue and always lead to danger Fortunately being the child of a god comes with many perks, including supernatural abilities Unfortunately the gods have been known to bicker Disagreements have turned to hatred, and rivalries have become deadly When gods from different pantheons are thrown into the mix, matters only get worse Disciples are not immune from this In Volume One, a group of six disciples are brought together to stop an indestructible beast that lives deep within the Florida everglades They must not only deal with other monsters and an unknown force that is plotting their demise, but their own conflicting personalities A love triangle will form, convictions will be put to the test, and the bitter truth that even gods and their children have rules, will all create drama and conflict Never before have all these mythologies been combined in one story Modern Disciples is an epic tale of six people who are given great privilege and with it a great burden This dark and gritty, yet often humorous depiction of a world where order struggles against chaos, is sure to tempt you to skip ahead to see how the characters use their wits to escape unimaginable situations As you see the story unfold from the perspective of one of the characters, you will be drawn in and feel like you are standing next to the characters as they struggle with their responsibilities You will feel their pain, frustration, joy, and triumph The epic tale begins.

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      271 I.S. Anderson
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    1 thought on “Modern Disciples: Volume 1

    1. Personally, I am a huge fan of Mythology and was impressed with the obvious amount of research and the depth of detail that this author went to, to bring the characters to life.When I first started reading Modern Disciples I had no idea where it was going to go in terms of the storyline, but I was pleasantly surprised with the creativity and imagination, when the book took on of a modern feel and introduced the character of Ryan.As a character, Ryan was easy to relate to, which helped me to con [...]

    2. I love spoilers So this review will have a few or not a few So approach at your own risk DI have read my fair share of Mythology related books and also played some games So I know Izanagi from Persona game series as a arcana and also Quezacotl will always be in any Final Fantasy game As far as what I learned at school about Greek, Norse and Japanese mythology, reading this book is creatively informative.Though I think it was like informative than entertaining, it was a 65 35 ratio It started re [...]

    3. In a world where the gods of antiquity take human form and have been mating with present day humans, one man begins to learn his destiny.Ryan Hunter has been on his own for most of his life One night, while accompanying a bounty hunter, Ryan sees some very strange things, and feels his godly abilities awakened within him He soon finds himself, along with five other Disciples, in a hotel conference room in Orlando, Florida Each are sitting next to their godly parents It is not just Greek gods who [...]

    4. Mythology being my all time favorite subject I had actually come across the Modern Disciples series by pure chance while browsing through the Mythology list section of GoodReads I saw that the books had very high ratings which means they must be good and when I read the premise of Volume 1 I was instantaneously hooked I loved the diverse use of the many Pantheons such as Greek, Norse, Japanese, Hindu, Aztec and many are even mentioned but I really do like how Mr Anderson did an amazing job on h [...]

    5. Anderson allows readers to enter his mind where he has created a rare world that depicts all have descended from god s His story is captivating and book enthusiasts will find themselves reeled into book one of this serial almost instantly Mythology is intriguing and extremely interesting, but when the author takes a crack at penning a tale where all beliefs come together, it s entirely magical The Romans, Greeks, Hindus and several other religions blend perfectly in this one of a kind story with [...]

    6. Disclaimer I received this book free from the author in return for an honest review I really liked the concept of this story For anyone slightly confused by the description above, here s a shorter overview the Gods of mythology are real All of them Now, their eternal enemies, the Titans, have broken out of captivity and are seeking revenge So the Gods awaken their disciples their half children to fight the pawns of the Titans on Earth.It is fascinating how the author manages to pull bits from al [...]

    7. Rating 9.5 10.0Review When this book ended, I immediately went to to look for the next volume I ranked it a 9.5 because of this There were a couple of spots where an editor missed somethings, but it never detracted my reading I really, REALLY love the fact that this book goes one up on Percy Jackson series because it doesn t just deal with one set of Gods, it brings in every culture s Gods From Greek Gods to Aztec Gods, this book covers them all I love the way the characters are described, even [...]

    8. Absolutely great book incorporating many myths and otherworldly legends into a very well written story I ve came across a few books that bring in some instances involving some mythological gods, but not the majority of them I thought that this was a really unique idea and that combined with the top notch writing really made this book the best it could possibly be I like this book a lot because it involves real and fiction elements that end up being a really interesting combination the end result [...]

    9. I just completed Modern Disciples today Iv e read many books, but this is far most the most entertaining and all around awesome This book was a surprising read It is a real page turner, I could hardly put the book down I was intrigued by all the unexpected turns The plot, climax and even the characters made this book a real treasure This book provokes believable emotions I can t believe this book is not on the New York Bestsellers list I don t want to give away to much, but lets just say this is [...]

    10. I have to say I really enjoyed this book It s captivating an action packed Each disciple 6 in total all add such character an interest to the storyThis book is very well written, characters soild, strong an very believable.The story plays out beautifully I am starting the next book now

    11. It was pretty Awesome.I like the idea of the story,and stettings of the book.I like the wayRyan is kind of a jerk.Hm and its awesome that he seems like the leader of the group.

    12. In spite of some editing problems, the story was good and moved quickly It s a fantasy novel, so it may not be for everyone.

    13. The only problem I had with this book was the fact that it was not edited very well I loved the book however.

    14. Modern Disciples is a really great cohesion between all of the major mythologies It had everything you could ask for in a book such as this multiple characters with varying abilities, a start up job so to speak to get them acquainted with one another and each other s fighting style the overall plot that would be the uniting theme between all the rest of the books.I really enjoyed Sajaad s character As the know it all he was the one that often provided crucial information to me as the reader, and [...]

    15. It s okay Just started it, so i m witholding judgment until i m far enough along to learn the styly of writing looks promising, though Not sure if opening on the main character the morining after a one night stand was a good idea.It makes him seem like kind of a jerk.

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