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Headhunters #2020

Headhunters Roger Brown has it all clever and wealthy he s at the very top of his game And if his job as a headhunter ever gets dull he has his sideline as an art thief to keep him busy At a gallery opening hi

  • Title: Headhunters
  • Author: Jo Nesbø Don Bartlett
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Headhunters By Jo Nesbø Don Bartlett, Roger Brown has it all clever and wealthy, he s at the very top of his game And if his job as a headhunter ever gets dull, he has his sideline as an art thief to keep him busy.At a gallery opening, his wife introduces him to Clas Greve Not only is Greve the perfect candidate for a position that Brown is recruiting for he is also in possession of one of the most sought Roger Brown has it all clever and wealthy, he s at the very top of his game And if his job as a headhunter ever gets dull, he has his sideline as an art thief to keep him busy.At a gallery opening, his wife introduces him to Clas Greve Not only is Greve the perfect candidate for a position that Brown is recruiting for he is also in possession of one of the most sought after paintings in modern art history.Roger sees his chance to become rich beyond his wildest dreams, and starts planning his biggest theft ever But soon, he runs into trouble and it s not long before the hunter becomes the hunted

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      243 Jo Nesbø Don Bartlett
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    1. Q Submission, I answered Confession Truth c Oh, my The sheer beauty of this novel lies in its perfectly dysfuntional characters And when I say dysfunctional, I mean it They are definitely at least halfway psychopathic It affects you just like a car crash, which you don t want to look at but are forced to by that ancient part of your brain, the reptilian one, that would have you pay attention to the stuff of dangers in order to protect you in case something similar ever happens to you So you watc [...]

    2. It s check your brain at the door time If this actually won best novel in Norway in 2008 Norwegian Book Club Prize , it must be a commentary on the sad state of Norwegian literature in that particular year Although, perhaps out of sentimentality for Nesbo, I am still recommending it A good beach or airline read Nothing It pretty much relies on one plot twist, some rather unbelievable developments and collusions, not one character is likeable, and there is no real character development I am thi [...]

    3. I never thought I would say this about a Jo Nesb book but this one was a very average read I found it difficult to get past how totally ridiculous the main character was with his delusions of grandeur and then parts of the plot were just too far fetched to be readable the sewage scene was both disgusting and ludicrous.Things picked up once the real chase was on and Roger Brown started to use his brain and other people s guns to great effect And then the author dumped one of the silliest endings [...]

    4. This is the first Jo Nesbo book I ve read it certainly won t be the last.I had expected a police procedural, but was pleasantly surprised to find something different The main character is a corporate headhunter who also happens to steal fine art in order to fund a lavish lifestyle The story grabbed me from the opening with an element of intrigue, and then kept hold with its twists and consistent pace It has to be said that many elements stretched the bounds of credibility, which may cause some r [...]

    5. Dakle, kako je prosao moj prvi susret sa Nesb Vrlo dobro, mogu reci i prilicno sam zadovoljan Nesb pise lako i jasno, odlican storyteller, stranice lete, a ni karakterizacija mu ne ide lose.Glavni lik u knjizi je odlicno odradjen, njegova razmisljanja su vrlo zabavna, a ni ostali likovi ne zaostaju mnogo.Vec posle nekoliko stranica uvucen si u pricu zaplet , i nema pustanja do samog kraja.I jedino me taj kraj nije bas odusevio, Jo je malo vise iskomplikovao nego sto je trebalo cini mi se, a i sa [...]

    6. A clever and elegant portrait of the dark excesses of our corporate culture as revealed through a desperate cat and mouse game between figures reaching for the top of the heap My moderate rating reflects only my personal level of pleasure, in the same way that I can admire a painting such as Munch s The Scream without wanting to dwell with it very long Roger Brown is an effete, manipulating cad who strives to be the best as his executive headhunting agency, Alfa, in Oslo You can t appreciating t [...]

    7. Nesb moves away from his police procedurals to offer this highly intriguing story that offers up excitement on par with any Harry Hole novel Roger Brown has made a niche for himself as a corporate headhunter in Oslo s business world While his commissions pay him well, Brown finds himself living a luxurious lifestyle one that requires a second and lucrative paycheque During interviews, Brown finds himself fishing for personal information about candidates, particularly surrounding their art colle [...]

    8. Malo sam se umorio od kompleksnijih znanstveno fantasti nih romana, pa sam u posljednjem pohodu u knji nicu birao to tanje knjige A na ovaj roman Joa Nesb a me nagovorio Goran sa svojim zabavnim osvrtom.Knji ni arka se samo nasmijala kada sam pitao da li ima to za posuditi od Joa Nesb a No ipak sam na ao ba ovaj roman me u izlo enim knjigama metar i pol od nje Rekoh a ta je ovo A ona da, dobro, ima taj.Uglavnom, Jo je onda strpljivo ekao da kona no dovr im Iain M Banksov Surface Detail , a kada [...]

    9. Okay, I did like Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I love Kenneth Branaugh in PBS Wallander, and I like shopping at IKEA, but that doesn t mean everything from Scandinavia is equally good Headhunters is Exhibit A It IS a fast moving, competently written mystery, but the first person character is unlikeable which he knows and trades on , and the scene in the outhouse is among the most disgusting I ve ever read The ending Unbelievable and I mean that in a bad way.

    10. Retko koja knjiga me kupi od prve stranice.Ova je to uspela.Savr en krimi roman,drugi Nesbeov koji itam,i definitivno je na mojoj worship listi pisaca.Preporu ujem svakome ko voli inteligentni visokooktanski teiler.Nesbe na mojoj polici zauzima po asno mesto i rado ga preporu ujem za itanje

    11. When you create a character who looks like a manga figure as the author asserts , you make her favorite artist Damien Hirst, and Damien is her choice for passcode to a home security system, and also the name of the would be child her husband forced her to abort, common sense says that this is the bottom of the barrel Things can only go up from here Nesb contravenes this dictum, giving us characters we suppose are human, even though they act like no humans anyone has ever seen anywhere, and plotl [...]

    12. Typical Nesbo of late Why have two or three plot twists, when you can have five or six indeed, as usual, the last twist may have been one way too many I personally thought it was engaging before it turned into a corporate espionage thriller i.e when it was just about a cocky man being cuckholded by an even cockier man I still prefer thrillers that are either 1 connected with real issues and themes see le Carre, Menking, Larsson, Steinhauer , or 2 are satisfying as pure mysteries thrillers i.e [...]

    13. da, bio sam u pravu, stvarno jako zabavan i lagan krimi.ako ste prvo pogledali film kao ja malo e vam pokvariti do ivljaj prvog itanja jer e vam stalno glumci i scene filma biti pred o ima no s druge strane film je jako vjeran knjizi i jako dobro napravljen.takvima kao ja knjiga e dopuniti unutarnje dijaloge, a neki su nezamjenjivi jer vrve crnim humorom.o emu razmi lja osoba koja roni u septi koj jami vanjskog WC saznajte sve preporuke i knjizi i filmu

    14. Read by Se n BarrettDescription With Headhunters, Jo Nesb has crafted a funny, dark, and twisted caper story worthy of Quentin Tarantino and the Coen brothers Roger Brown is a corporate headhunter, and he s a master of his profession But one career simply can t support his luxurious lifestyle and his wife s fledgling art gallery At an art opening one night he meets Clas Greve, who is not only the perfect candidate for a major CEO job, but also, perhaps, the answer to his financial woes Greve jus [...]

    15. What a great cover eh Take a second look at it and clever And so is the author Jo Nesbo I picked up Headhunters thinking that it would feature Nesbo s recurring series character Detective Harry Hole I started reading, realized that it wasn t and felt slightly disappointed But I lost that feeling about 10 pages in Nesbo has written an ingenious, intricately plotted stand alone thriller that had me hooked from start to finish Roger Brown is a professional recruiter, a headhunter if you will He s n [...]

    16. The story is written in a fast pace, with mystery and a couple of twists in the end I didn t actually liked the main character and his actions beliefs, but I enjoyed how the story went I think that most of the readers including myself , chose it because of its author, Jo Nesbo.

    17. Jo Nesb pravio mi je probleme odmah u startu Ne svojim tekstom, ve injenicom da je njegove knjige gotovo nemogu e prona i u gradskoj knji nici Barem je meni tako bilo Dvoumio sam se izme u dvije knjige Sin i Lovci na glave , ali usprkos tome to rije ka knji nica ima pet ili vi e primjeraka obje knjige sve su bile vani Isto va i i za ostale njegove stvari Naravno, to me jo vi e zaintrigiralo jer, pas mater, ako je ovjek ba TOLIKO itan ili je e i triler pulp koji ku anice stvarno vole ili jeono fa [...]

    18. I love the Harry Hole series, but this book was waaaaaaaaay too gross for me Objectively I can definitely see the skill required to write this plot with style, but subjectively yuck I think someone blurbed it saying it was a witty caper in the vein of Tarantino or the Coen brothers, and that is EXACTLY what it reminded me of So if that s your sort of thing, you ll probably love it Me, I m sticking with Inspector Hole.

    19. An artist who maintains that he has been misunderstood is almost always a bad artist who, I m afraid to say, has been understood loc 773 The world is full of people who pay serious money for bad pictures by good artists And mediocre heads on tall bodies loc 518 Noble, loyal souls are often handicapped by loyalty to even the basest of individuals Well, especially the base individuals Synopsis Roger Brown, the narrator of this novel is one of the best Norvegian corporate headhunters In his humble [...]

    20. I certainly had some ups and downs with this one More ups though as the rating suggests There s just something about Scandinavian writers They re quite explicit in terms of how they describe certain events all that shit going down probably only those who have read this book will understand what I mean by it and get the reference , but yeah no stopping with them And even though you re grouse out by those descriptions you just can t seem to put a book away.Also, I got to give pros to Nesbo without [...]

    21. The central character in this thriller is not Nesbo s Harry Hole, but rather a headhunter named Roger Brown He claims that he has never nominated a candidate for a job that was not, in the end, offered So he s quite good at his game But Roger doesn t play just one game He lives a lavish lifestyle and his wife is a struggling gallery owner who relies on him for financial support So Roger must supplement his income which he does by dabbling in art theft This is another role in which he excels.At o [...]

    22. I liked this book, but not because I liked a single one of the characters in it In fact, I was about 50 pages in when I decided that the protagonist is a despicable person who deserves whatever s coming to him And yet, I didn t stop reading Within the next 50 pages, I became hooked I still didn t sympathize with any of the characters, but I was enthralled by the drama that played out, compelled to find out what twisted, messed up thing was going to happen next Although some parts are ridiculous [...]

    23. Enjoyed the first third of the book i thought the narrator was a good liar, it was fun trying to figure him out But I didn t buy any of the events in the next two thirds Plus Roger parading his manliness while the best thing about his wife was that she was pretty and loved him and the only thing she wanted in her life was a baby was, to put it mildly, annoying.

    24. Em primeiro lugar quero dizer que quem n o gosta da ideia de ser manipulado por um escritor n o deve, definitivamente, ler o livro Ca adores de Cabe as.Jo Nesbo faz com que todos n s, incluindo os leitores mais experientes, nos apaixonemos pelo seu protagonista Protagonista este dotado de um sentido de moral completamente invulgar para o mais comum dos mortais, tornando se mesmo, em algumas ocasi es, merecedor de desprezo.Roger Brown um ca ador de cabe as de sucesso Apesar de ter 1 metro e 68 ce [...]

    25. The hero in Headhunter, Nordic Noir master Jo Nesbo s stand alone crime fiction, is Roger Brown Brown is a manipulative, cruel, greedy, successful corporate headhunter who is hunting than symbolic trophies He subsidizes his lavish lifestyle with a secondary career as an art thief His one virtue is his love for his wife Diana not that he loves her enough to give her the one thing she deeply wants, a child Instead, he gives her an art gallery which ties in nicely with his second career.All is goi [...]

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