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Star Trek Book of Opposites #2020

Star Trek Book of Opposites EXPLORE STRANGE NEW WORDS WITH THE HELP OF Kirk Spock McCoy and two dozen colorful pictures from across the galaxy teach your children the meaning of big and little hot and cold apart and togeth

  • Title: Star Trek Book of Opposites
  • Author: David Borgenicht
  • ISBN: 9781594745195
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Board Book
  • Star Trek Book of Opposites By David Borgenicht, EXPLORE STRANGE NEW WORDS WITH THE HELP OF Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and two dozen colorful pictures from across the galaxy, teach your children the meaning of big and little, hot and cold, apart and together, and much

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      David Borgenicht

    1 thought on “Star Trek Book of Opposites

    1. If you love the original Star Trek in all of it s William Shatner Captain Kirk glory, then there is no question you will love this board book as well Even if you are not a fan of the original and beyond awesome series, there is a decent possibility that you will get some amusement out of this Chances are the hubby will point out the fact that I just wasted my money But did I Did I really This sort of happiness, you just can t put a price on it.Clearly this was money well spent

    2. Joanne just interrupted me at work on a day when I was feeling blah to make me read this book and I was glad that she did I d give it 5 stars but for the fact that the mean nice page, without any other context, just blatantly encourages children to think odd looking fish women or perhaps anyone who looks a bit strange or different are inherently mean , and pretty blond ladies are inherently nice , which is maybe not the best way to go about that.

    3. Using images from the original and still the best Star Trek, this book teaches young ones about opposites Yes, I know this is intended for young readers but I can t hide my big, goofy grin every time I read this one to Shortcake Thankfully, she s not yet old enough to be bored of it yet or to ask Daddy for something else This is one of the books that s fun for young kids and the adults reading it to them I can only hope this is the first step in a long life of enjoying Trek in all its incarnatio [...]

    4. This is amazing I need my few Trekkie friends to have babies so I can give this to them OMG Amazing I realize this book may be less amazing to people who didn t grow up watching the original series TRIBBLES

    5. How often does one come across a board book that appeals equally to toddlers, college students, the middle aged and basically any other demographic that one could name Two and three year olds will have a great time with the variety of pictures in this book even if there are a few images that may frighten them a little, such as Mean , and perhaps begin building an early recognition of the show for when they re old enough to try watching it, while fans of the original Star Trek television series w [...]

    6. I hereby give this book infinity stars I now need to make babies so I can read this book to them God, please, please give me a nice, loyal, faithful, chunky dork soulmate so I can make this happen Thank you Love, Andy.

    7. As a Star Trek fan, I give the idea of a baby board book five stars Adults will be amused by it As a new grandmother, I can t be as enthusiastic Messages are muddied happy has Scotty ready to backhand Bones Bones is listed as young, when middle aged is ancient to babies , and I m not certain I want to introduce a salt vampire into my grandbaby s dreams That s not exactly the image I want to give a baby before she drifts off to sleep

    8. I definitely got enjoyment out of it than my kid, but he still thought it was interesting When I found it it was one of those I can t believe this exists kind of books So awesome

    9. A light, fun, and adorable book to teach your children the simple concepts of opposites happy angry, young old, hot cold and others Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise as well as other characters from Star Trek come together to teach and entertain your child This is a very nice, solid board book The photography in it is very good I will add that I don t think you have to be a child to enjoy this book If you are Star Trek fan, you will likely enjoy the book, even if it is just for fun or [...]

    10. Another kids book for hipsters that, like Darth Vader and Son, probably provides adult readers amusement than the kids I challenge all preschool and early elementary teachers I know to give this a whirl in your classrooms to see how the kids respond I predict their understanding of opposites will be reinforced better than with the creepy Sesame Street Book of Opposites featuring Zero Mostel in his pajamas Whether it also expands their taste for sci fi to embrace the classics is a matter for emp [...]

    11. As far as kids books go, this really isn t very good A lot of the pictures are a bit of a stretch and beyond the understanding of kids young enough to enjoy this book HOWEVER, this book is also hilarious for any Trek fan and worth reading anyway It s just too funny seeing Star Trek pictures in a little kids book It would make a great gift for Star Trek fans who are new parents If you aren t a fan of Star Trek, don t bother.

    12. I work at Barnes and Noble and I took a quick minute to read this with a co worker when it came it It is a board book, set up for children, with one word and image per page, the opposing pages containing opposites words I was only slightly shamed to admit that I was familiar with almost every image s episode of origin It belongs in our humor section, but I would seriously consider it a learning tool for early toddlers What is there that Star Trek cannot teach

    13. This book is pretty darn funny I saw it online and knew I had to buy it for a friend of ours who is a big Trekkie Each picture is a still from the series, and some of the images they chose are hilarious If you are a big Star Trek fan or know someone who is, buy this one It s just a board book, so the joke doesn t last too long, but it s fun while it lasts.

    14. I got this for my goddaughter because I realized that she is going to grow up in a world knowing a different Captain Kirk and this simply cannot be allowed And I think the best part of this board book is the Apart Together pictures, because it s the historic scene between Kirk and Uhura.Now we need a Next Generation one Babyface Riker Bearded Riker.

    15. My daughter s godparents bought her the Star Wars ABC s, so I had to counteract it somehow The only reason I didn t give five stars is there are a few aliens that scared her when I read this to her when she was about two, so they should have chosen others Also, there are some opposites that are involved than what is normally taught to a toddler.

    16. Toddlers in Space A board book for the youngest crowd introducing them to some opposites by way of still photos some of them iconic images taken from the original Star Trek series If you re a Trekkie or just a Trekker you ll find this book funny and cute the name of the publishing company sums up the book quite well.

    17. This has been my sons favorite book since he was 6 months It maybe because his father it to him early, either way, this is the book he take off the shelf himself and flip through For me, I wished they used a diverse selection of images and common words Then again, the book isn t for me.

    18. This was a lot heftier than I thought it would be Nice and big, not like those little board books that your kid could probably swallow Great glossy pages of Star Trek stills Bright colors and just all around fun I d love to see like this ABC s Numbers Colors Also a great change from the standard images found in these kinds of children s books.

    19. This looks awesome Trekkie fans, be sure to click over to and then Search inside the book for some really fun pics Star Trek Oppos

    20. As a book for small children, this is only 2 stars the concepts are too advanced and the pictures hold no meaning for them.As a novelty book for grownups, it s nearer 5 stars, eliciting chuckles from anyone who s ever watched TOS.Make of that what you will

    21. Of course Kirk and Spock are emotional opposites in a board book I was hoping for something a bit unexpected, but still a fairly satisfying read Needs Tranya Buy this title from Powell s Books.

    22. Saw this on the shelf and had to check it out For Star Trek fans this is a must have for your library even though it is a toddler style book Even if your not a great fan of the original series, it s still a hoot to look at LOL way too much

    23. A highly entertaining board book of opposites to raise your kids right I loved it, though in terms of learning, this is funny than informative and it takes some previous knowledge of the show to make it fully worthwhile Perfect for trekkies.

    24. Simple concept of opposites Great Trek imagery including a shot of the Gorn I will be merciful and quick.

    25. This has the makings of an essential board book for future sci fi readers, except that the mean page would give real children nightmares.

    26. Okay, so I read this in a few seconds while at MicroCenter, but I had to enter it here as a great gift idea for expectant Trekkers Way cute photos all from original Trek.

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