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Very Far Away #2020

Very Far Away First published in Very Far Away is the second book Sendak both wrote and illustrated In this story a young boy with a new baby sibling must learn to cope with his sudden lack of attention He

  • Title: Very Far Away
  • Author: Maurice Sendak
  • ISBN: 9780060297237
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Very Far Away By Maurice Sendak, First published in 1957, Very Far Away is the second book Sendak both wrote and illustrated.In this story, a young boy with a new baby sibling, must learn to cope with his sudden lack of attention He goes out searching for very far away.

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      Maurice Sendak

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    1. Where is way far away This two part picturebook has characters trying to figure out where way far away is because nobody answers his questions due to his mother paying attention to the new baby in the family Martin met a horse, a sparrow, and a cat trying to figure out where way far away is, but each have a different envision of very far away I noticed that the visual images are all on the recto side, while the texts are on the verso side I like the language usage, old horse and an English sparr [...]

    2. Martin is a small boy who is frustrated his mom doesn t answer his questions while she is washing the baby so he decides to leave home and go very far away where people will answer his questions What child has not experienced this feeling Reading this book is worth it just for the adorable illustrations of the main character in his cowboy suit and fake mustache that he wears so no one will recognize him when he goes away He is joined in his adventures by a sparrow, horse, and cat, each frustrate [...]

    3. The local library here in Japan has quite a few of Sendak s books Very Far Away had a wonderful setup, great humor, and some memorable lines like, So I ll go away, thought Martin Somewhere even very far away where somebody will answer my questions And he packed his bag.There is such a strong sense of audience, voice and fun here that I look forward to reading this tale aloud A story told in two parts, some may find the ending a bit abrupt, but when I think about childhood generally, I think the [...]

    4. I did not enjoy this book very much, mostly because I felt as if the author forgot an ending While reading it, I did not find myself very interested in the story and I felt I wanted to skip over pages and just get to the end At the end, I felt like the whole story was just left hanging for the audience I did not feel closure in the ending I also did not enjoy the illustrations very much It was an OK read, but I wouldn t choose it again.

    5. A little boy learns to handle not being the center of attention after getting a sibling by going on a journey

    6. In this two part picture book, Maurice Sendak, paints an original story about a little boy named Martin who decides to go Very Far Away , where somebody will answer his questions because his mother is too busy washing the baby to listen to him Then, in one of my favorite illustrations in the book, Martin packs his bags and dons a cowboy suit and a fake mustache so no one would recognize him and he went looking for very far away.During his journey Martin meets a horse, a cat, and finally a bird, [...]

    7. Maurice Sendak does an excellent job of capturing the desires of children In his book Very Far Away he addresses the desire that most kids have to run far away from everything Martin feels like he is not appreciated at home because no one will answer his questions He leaves and finds others that want to find a place far away from everything They imagine a place where everything is perfect and they all have what they want They all run off to far away together until they grow sick of each other Ev [...]

    8. I loved this book, as I have virtually all Maurice Sendak s books This one continues in his typical stylesparsely worded in general, but with great sketched illustrations that enhance the story It is quite a similar story to Where the Wild Things Are, but in a conventional setting, and with animals rather than the monster like wild things For kids who have issues with monsters and other scary creatures, this book provides the same themes and experiences without the scary elements I will make th [...]

    9. This story is told in two books If you end with book one, well it seems that everything ends happily ever after However in book two, things get real and Sendak hits you with a truth about happiness and the delusion that if you were somewhere else, happiness would be yours This is early Sendak with a very different style of illustration Still incredibly thoughtful for a children s book.

    10. I think that I would give one and a half stars to this book Very Far Away is something of an early version of Where the Wild Things Are , and my liking for the two books is essentially equal The main assets of the plot are its simplicity and truly whimsical illustrations.

    11. wonderful sparse and strange tale by the author of Where the Wild Things Are similar plot, though this time much closer to home.

    12. Mama s washing the baby and Martin is unhappy because she can t answer all his questions, so he decides he will go very far away as soon as he figures out where that is

    13. Very Far Away is a cute little story about a boy who runs away because his mother won t answer his questions It s also very funny not just laugh out loud but in subtle ways.

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