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Holy Terror #2020

Holy Terror There s a deadly menace somewhere in Empire City and The Fixer only has until dawn to save his town and civilization as we know it This title features the desperate and brutal quest of a hero as he i

  • Title: Holy Terror
  • Author: Frank Miller
  • ISBN: 9781937278007
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Holy Terror By Frank Miller, There s a deadly menace somewhere in Empire City, and The Fixer only has until dawn to save his town and civilization as we know it This title features the desperate and brutal quest of a hero as he is forced to run down an army of murderous zealots in order to stop a crime against humanity.

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      185 Frank Miller
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    1 thought on “Holy Terror

    1. Holy Terror Try Holy Sh t, that was horrible What the phuck was this garbage This is what Frank Miller spent all his time writing, not writing, writing, not writing, changing the character from Batman to The Fixer Mr Miller just outdid himself here He made me forget the abysmal Batman The Dark Knight Strikes Again I didn t think that was even a remote possibility I stand corrected Now about this pile of dung First off, the art is horrible It s a lazy man s, bastardization of his Sin City style S [...]

    2. Gosh, Batman Fixer People really don t like this comic bookI can t think of another book I ve seen on with this many one star reviews People hate this I didn t hate it, I didn t feel anything for it I didn t know it was supposed to be Batman versus Al Queda and that DC decided not to go with it, but I did think, wow these characters are an awful lot like Batman and Catwoman But then I also thought they were also a bit like a really angry Daredevil and Elektra, which I guess is sort of the same t [...]

    3. Holy shit, I had my suspicions that Frank Miller was a right wing, racist, misogynist wingnut, but this book just confirmed it I spent the first half of this just trying to figure out what the fuck was up and down and whether or not the stylized disorientation was an effective story telling device Hint my conclusion was a resounding NO The second half just made me ashamed that I was reading this trash in public Holy Terror is a shiny turd serving only as a platform for Miller to scream at anyone [...]

    4. Credit to Miller for doing what he wants, at least To some people, I guess, the world is completely black and white Or black and white with occasional spot colors here and there, like on shoes, or peoples faces and stuff I had a hard time following some of the plot until I realized Empire City and The Fixer were metaphors For Gotham City and Batman A very visceral, emotional reaction to 9 11 and terrorists, but unfortunately lacks any nuance or the ability to see how complex situations and motiv [...]

    5. This book was originally a Batman story and it s easy to see how as the book opens with Cat Burglar being chased by the Fixer across rooftops a la just about every Catwoman Batman story there s been, and it s equally easy to see why DC turned Frank Miller down for the use of the goddamn Batman Explosions rock the city and buildings fall down Cat Burglar and Fixer witness this and immediately chase up suspects, all of them al Qaeda terrorists there is some real world input throughout via the Poli [...]

    6. Holy Terror ism , Batman Biff Bam Pow to Islam This is a Batman book Miller wrote that DC rejected, so Miller changed it and made it The Fixer, an enraged post 9 11 pro American and anti Islam attack that makes Miller seem racist and misogynist and shallow, a right wing nut job This is one of a few that may permanently turn people against him, those that he might still have supporting him I mean, the second Sin City is getting a lot of viewers, so he s not hurting for support from those able to [...]

    7. I dont tend to buy in to controversy surrounding books and films and I like to make my own mind up regarding the matter in my own time That being said I have to say that even if you put the blatant and utterly offensive content and not in a good way because I am far from one of the PC brigade you are still left with the most poorly written graphic novel I have ever read, in fact make that the worst book There is little to no character building, a shoddy romance that as a reader I couldnt have gi [...]

    8. Listen, this is shitty in exactly the way all the shitty parts of Frank Miller s non shitty comix e.g Elektra Assassin, Ronin, Batman Year One are shitty retarded telegraphic speech, lack of attention to details of human behaviour, video game villains, and a heavy dose of nerd sex that will help impressionable boys dry girls vaginas for years to come but I m not here to shoot barrel fish Miller s simpleminded politics and psychology aside, the book s a rip off ultra thin storytelling for 100 pag [...]

    9. And 27 minutes later, I emerge, bleary eyed and wondering what the hell I just read.Don t get me wrong, I m not part of the legion that automatically shits on anything that Frank Miller puts out these days He has produced some of the most entertaining comics out there Sin City, Batman Year One He s also produced some of the funniest comics out there All Star Batman Robin This, however This is just bad It isn t even entertainingly bad It is vile, poorly written, poorly drawn, and ill conceived cr [...]

    10. I once naively thought that Batman The Dark Knight Strikes Again was the worst comic that Frank Miller had written I also declared it to be the worst comic I had ever read That was only a couple weeks ago, and I had not yet read Holy Terror This book makes think back fondly to The Dark Knight Strikes Again Holy Terror was announced some years ago as a Batman book that would portray Batman fighting Al Qaeda After years of writing, Miller declared that it wasn t actually about Batman after all and [...]

    11. I re read this tonight just to see if it was as terrible as I remember I didn t even finish it the first time I read this book before I promptly gave it a one star Having read of Miller s work in the interim, I think I understand Miller s stance thoroughly This comic is pretty much a Sin City story substituting the protagonist for Batman and the enemy for the Al Qaeda And, like how Sin City is over the top and stereotypical, this comic is as well I didn t like it because the stereotypes in thi [...]

    12. A complete f ing mess Miller referred to this as unabashed propaganda, but that certainly doesn t excuse this waste of paper It would be one thing if this actually told a coherent story, but the writing and art are incomprehensible For instance, Miller will often take breaks from the story to include caricatures of well known political figures for no discernible purpose, or, in one case, cut away to a panel of a woman being stoned to death Bear in mind that this last thing has absolutely no bear [...]

    13. Feb 12, 2014 I thought this book couldn t possibly be as bad as I had heard But now that I have finally tackled it It s easily the worst comic by a major creative name that I ve ever read Frank Miller doesn t bother me, usually Heck, I liked All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, Vol 1 But this book is ugly, sloppy, confusing, racist, paranoid, stupid, and lazy Worst of all, it s boring It took me about 15 minutes to read it maybe and I was saying, When will this finally end the whole time M [...]

    14. Frank Miller s new work is so bad that it s actually beginning to color my opinion of his previous work While Batman Year One is one of my favorite graphic novels, looking back with Batman The Dark Knight Strikes Again and Holy Terror behind me I can definitely see the beginnings of Miller s downward spiral in works I enjoy, like Year One and 300 Holy Terror carries all the hallmarks of Miller s descent into abject mediocrity The dialogue is laughably bad and the art is even worse The first half [...]

    15. Holy Terror is a propaganda comic in which Frank Miller finally loses the grip on reality he s been threatening to completely dispense with for such a long time Here, Islam is equated wholesale with Al Qaeda in an us or them war of cultures The plot is quite thin terrorists explode nail bombs in New York, and a Batman figure tortures and kills those responsible and all subtlety is jettisoned in reducing humans from characters to simply propaganda symbols for example a character has the star of D [...]

    16. Frank Miller s most recent, and somewhat anticipated Holy Terror surprised me with its form factor immediately Landscape comics are decidedly uncommon, but a clever way to have books stick out on the shelf Miller has been working on this conceptually since 9 11 Partly a tribute to the Cap punching Hitler days, this work pits a superhero against a real world terrorist threat Unfortunately, the master cartoonist, storyteller, and artist has missed the target.Storytelling was awkward, abstractions [...]

    17. I am torn I liked this book on the grounds that it had allot of the same ambiance of his earlier Sin City stories and I am a big fan of that noir storytelling Where the confliction enters in is the piece s EXTREME Islamophobic and anti Arab sentiments The scene in which they torture and maim a terrorist and taunt him with patronizing dialogue, such as generically calling him Mohammad really sat badly with me.Analyzing the duality between my liking and disliking of the book is eerily telling That [...]

    18. If this was actually a parody of Frank Miller s later work and his political and cultural xenophobia, it might actually be kind of clever As an actual work from a formerly great comics creator, it s disturbing, depressing, and shitty.

    19. Frank Miller prost nem e ud lat patn komiks s touto my lenkou jsem do rukou bral autorovu eskou novinku Teror ve jm nu v ry, kterou za t tilo nakladatelstv Comics centrum Mus m se hned na za tku p iznat, e jsem byl pln o ek v n v dy se jedn o komiks, kter prov zej bou liv reakce, rozporupln n zory a hesla jako kontroverzn , xenofobn , antimuslimsk Prost v c, kterou by si m l p e st ka d , a ka d by si na ni m l ud lat sv j vlastn n zor.Kniha Teror ve jm nu v ry nem la jednoduch zrod Frank Miller [...]

    20. I read this because a friend asked me to and bought me a copy Let me just say that if I could give it zero stars, I would One star is too many Plot summary nasty muslims kill lots of obviously innocent Americans and so our hero and heroine go on an Islamophobic rampage because there s killing to be done The end This was originally intended as a Batman story, and one can see clear signs of that the heroine is clearly Catwoman, and there s a clear reference to Commissioner Gordon But, my, I can se [...]

    21. I needed to read this I needed to see how Frank Miller would write a comic with Al Qaeda as the villains to see if he would treat the complex subject matter with his trademark subtlety, sensitivity, delicacy and tastefulness Also, when Frank Miller is good, he s really, really good When he s not, he is balls out, bat shit, lunatic crazy The moment he announced he was writing a comic in which Batman fights Al Qaeda I knew this was going to be the latter So, five years later I find out that NOT ON [...]

    22. Dicen que a Frank Miller se le fue el pan el famoso 11 de septiembre de 2001 Aquel tipo que nos dio el Born Again , Regreso del Se or de la Noche , Ronin o 300 , ya no existe Fue perdi ndose por una pendiente de pensamiento fascistoide y de darse as mismo la raz n en todo y agravado con un caso claro de automasaje de huevos permanente Con la misma vagancia y autocomplacencia que se ha tirado 10 a os para hacer este bodrio, se permite llamar perroflautas y recomendar que se metan al ej rcito, a l [...]

    23. Purchased and read this earlier tonight, before I had a chance to add it to my currently reading shelf I m of the opinion that there s no such thing as racist art It always irks me, for instance, to hear people say Quentin Tarantino is a racist because his movies Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown have extensive uses of the N word If it works within the context of the story, then it shouldn t be applied to real life So color me shocked when, about a third of the way into this, I sit it back in my lap [...]

    24. Hay dos aproximamientos b sicos al comic.La primera es la que acepta las limitaciones del medio y las usa a su favor para entretener, creando una historia que define lo que es el comic, como Franklen Castle, el run de Claremont en los X Men y casi cualquier cosa escrita por Mark Millar.La segunda es la que se salta esas limitaciones y aprovecha todas las posibilidades del medio y crea nuevas, como Daytripper, Asterios Polyp e inclusive Watchmen.Pero esto no es ninguna de las dos.Es un comic que [...]

    25. This was a weird one on several levels Frank s always vacillated between being brilliantly insane and just being insane, and Holy Terror is mostly on the wrong end of that spectrum He himself describes it as a work of propaganda, akin to Adolf taking it on the jaw from Superman or Cap But unlike those early comics, which were the dashed off labors of artists living hand to mouth, Holy Terror is the work of a man influential enough to do whatever he wants and get it published And the result is th [...]

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