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The Ancient One #2020

The Ancient One When Kate travels to Blade Oregon to spend a quiet vacation with her Aunt Melanie she has no idea of the adventures that lie ahead Blade Oregon is home of the magical Lost Crater in which a grove

  • Title: The Ancient One
  • Author: T.A. Barron
  • ISBN: 9780812536546
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Ancient One By T.A. Barron, When Kate travels to Blade, Oregon, to spend a quiet vacation with her Aunt Melanie, she has no idea of the adventures that lie ahead Blade, Oregon is home of the magical Lost Crater, in which a grove of giant readwood trees has remained untouched for thousands of years Now the ancient grove has become the center of a major dispute between those who wish to save this rarWhen Kate travels to Blade, Oregon, to spend a quiet vacation with her Aunt Melanie, she has no idea of the adventures that lie ahead Blade, Oregon is home of the magical Lost Crater, in which a grove of giant readwood trees has remained untouched for thousands of years Now the ancient grove has become the center of a major dispute between those who wish to save this rare sanctuary and the local loggers who see Lost Crater as their last hope to rejuvenate their dying mill town Caught up in the struggle, Kate feels compelled to learn and decides to follow a trail into the crater, which, as legend has it, was made by the ancient Halami people believed to have once lived in the region But for Kate, what starts out as a day s discovery soon turns intor a life s journey With the help of an ancient walking stick, Kate is thrust back in time five hundred years Quickly befriended by a young Halami girl, Laioni, Kate learns that not much as changed in five centuries as she is caught in the middle of a battle for the same wilderness Confronted by a myrid of strange and frightening creatures, including the trickster Kandeldandel and the evil Gashra, who is bend on destroying everything he cannot control, Kate must complete her quest and return to her own time But to do so, she must not only discover the truth behind her own beliefs, but also unravel an ancient and wondrous riddle bearing the knowledge of life s intricate and fragile balance.

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    1 thought on “The Ancient One

    1. I have read this book several times I tend to wait until I have forgotten the end or at least parts of the middle before reading it again Since I ve probably read it 4 times now over a 15 year span , it probably merits stars That being said, its probably close to 3.25 stars in terms of writing and creativity for an adult However, the twist with the Native American culture and the time travel adventure make the book quite enjoyable Further, its written for young adults and I think I read it for [...]

    2. I ve been meaning to read this book for probably ten years, and I am happy I finally did Fortunately, it is a stand alone book as I don t remember much about the first book in the trilogy It s a good story of magic, time travel and lost cultures with a prominent but not obnoxiously so environmental message.

    3. This book was one of my favorite books in middle school I took it with me to college, and I really enjoy revisiting it The plot is engaging, magical, and it makes you think about the life you lead.

    4. A fantastic read for all ages I first read this in grade school or junior high and loved it then Kate is a strong, female protagonist and a great person for a young girl to read about I appreciated that even with the strong environmental themes, Barron still recognized the challenge of people needing jobs and valuing the individuals who do cut down trees by making some of the loggers human rather than completely evil like one After just rereading Heartlight, however, Kate s development seems so [...]

    5. Well written but it suffers a bit from being a little dated, formulaic, and simplistic.I m a tree hugger, but Barron s brushing off of the townsfolk s economic concerns just rubbed me the wrong way Well, it s your own fault that you don t have any trees to cut down any might be completely true, but it s not really a productive thing to say when you re trying to persuade people This would only delay the inevitable for about a year is a little productive there s substance to it but really, unemp [...]

    6. A teen and her great aunt try to save an untouched forest from destruction at the hands of loggers desperate for work in a weak economy Also, she travels through time, meets a bunch of supernatural creatures, and fights a demon dinosaur The Ancient One is exactly the kind book I devoured when I was in elementary middle school The magical elements remind me of The Neverending Story a little, and I liked Kate s pluck and courage The moral is hammered home perhaps a little bit too heavy handedly at [...]

    7. Can t resist those books set in Oregon A teenager has to move in with her Grandma in a little logging town There, she is caught up in the debate over logging the last remaining forest but people think it is in a crater lake like natural fortress which no one has been able to get into The loggers are determined to blast a way in and the grandma is determined to stop them.Meanwhile, the teenager is transported back in time to when the native people s of the area lived in the crater Events in the f [...]

    8. Honestly, I ve not read this book for a very long time I believe I read it when I was in second or third grade, after my sister told me it was good It made such a lasting impression on us both that for years we tried to find it again I m nearly 30 now and I still think about how much I enjoyed it way back when I think it says a lot about a book if it can stick with someone for most of their lives like that Got a young reader in the house Give them this and feed their mind holes, it ll be with it [...]

    9. I loved this book I cried at the end of it.The emotion that this book managed to evoke was brilliant I hadn t read the first one in the series, hadn t even heard of it, but I picked this one up because I enjoyed the other books this author writes It is one of those books that makes a home in your heart and never leaves.

    10. I don t like to rate something by T.A Baron so low, but this book, being plot driven rather than character driven, was not to my taste The characters were simple and flat, but likable The plot was simple but not entirely predictable There was plenty of rich setting description which sometimes grew dry In spite of those things, the ideas and the sense of hope which the book left me with are still lingering in my mind.

    11. Like many of the other reviewers, I read this in middle school It remains one of my favorite books It has a message I feel that we all need to hear and in a sea of fantasy novels, the story still stands out to me This is one to read.

    12. This is the book that inspired my desire to visit the Pacific Northwest all those many years ago Enjoyable to read it again.

    13. This was one of my favorites when I was younger I remember buying a copy at my 7th grade book fair I read it so many times I finally had to get rid of it because pages were falling out of it I was ecstatic to find it at the library I work at A wonderful story that is than just about magic and time traveling A deeper theme of taking care of our earth runs through the book I loved rereading this as an adult I recently shared this book in a book talk I hope a whole new generation can come to appre [...]

    14. Barron, T A The Ancient One New York Puffin , 2016 Print.Genre Science Fiction FantasySummary and Analysis Kate is a young girl who travels to Oregon to visit her Aunt Melanie, who is a descendant of the fictional but historically drawn from Halami Indian nation She gets caught up in the struggle between Aunt Melanie and her logger neighbors, who fight over whether or not to cut down the previously untouched grove of redwoods in what is known as Lost Crater When Kate and her aunt hike deep into [...]

    15. I ve been reading the Kate series in reverse order having started with The Merlin Effect The second book doesn t disappoint and Kate remains courageous and compassionate Now I m off to read Book 1 Highly recommended as a fun read if you like adventure with a bit of fantasy and time travel thrown in.

    16. I enjoyed reading Barron s first two books in his Atlantis series, so I was than willing to take a look at this book when the opportunity arose The Ancient One has been re released to celebrate its 25th anniversary, featuring a female protagonist during a time when few books were writing strong female main characters Overall this was a fun and enjoyable read in spite of its few flaws.The main character, Kate, is the sort of main character you can admire and cheer for She is a bright spot in the [...]

    17. I remember reading this for a book report when I was maybe in the 5th grade I thought I would revisit it, because I remember liking it Wowzers, how the times change.It s a heroine, so that s cool But she s a white heroine, here to save the natives She actually ended up helping out view spoiler the owl people hide spoiler than the natives, but it was still weird and The white girl will save us all tropey.The writing is can I put this Inane Immature Terms such as Suddenly or At that moment are us [...]

    18. Picked this up because of the rave review on the back from Madeleine L Engle I m not surprised they solicited her for a blurb, as it s a quite similar story to her An Acceptable Time young girl and a problematic young man travel back in time to meet a Native American tribe This book however, takes a typical quest story format, has fantastic elements, and has a blatant but well done environmentalist message The main plot element has to do with saving a lost stand of ancient redwoods from the s [...]

    19. The book was entertaining a points It was just a tad preachy for a book that offered no viable opportunities to its hard working loggers, though In fact, it sorts of escapes the whole dying town debacle with a plot hole At points it reminded me of Zelda, strangely Kate and her quest for Touchstone is not unlike Link and his quest for the Triforce Both of these things are sort of like King Arthur and his quest for the Grail, I d imagine These are adventure stories, and if you like those sorts of [...]

    20. Just read this book because it happened to be at the top of a pile of books that my student group was preparing for a fundraiser It is essentially a fantasy with an environmental theme I could see where it would capture the interest of a younger reader but for me it was too simplistic If the reader can get through the first third of the book which is difficult to do if one is looking for a strong hook , the time travel and subsequent adventures will hold interest for those with good imaginations [...]

    21. I can t count how many times I ve read this book and it will always be one of my my favorites But this was the first time I read this with my children ages 10 12 I am so glad I got to share this with them, even if we ended the book in a big sobbing heap together It is amazing to me the connection Barron builds between human and tree Who knew one could feel so personally connected to a tree This is such a fantastic book for any budding environmentalists, or those seeking a deeper connection to th [...]

    22. An interesting mix of environmental advocacy, time travel, native American culture, adventure and fantasy Though I wasn t that satisfied with the message in the ending because the characters somehow lack action towards environmental preservation I wished they still did something to continue advocating the Ancient One s plea But glad to stumble upon this in a local library I think it would be great if this is adapted to film especially now that environmental awareness is very rampant and signific [...]

    23. I didn t think this was a bad book it just didn t make me care enough to finish it There were a couple of scenes that were very well done but nothing else worked for me This young girl just wasn t very young She doesn t freak out even when coming face to face with creatures that are clearly not human not to mention the time travel For someone who supposedly didn t believe in magic this isn t very credible When I bought this book, I didn t know that it was young adult or a book two Neither of the [...]

    24. Tom Barron is a really good writer, and I enjoyed this novel, although I did think the environmentalist issue came across just a tiny bit too strong I had thought the book was going to be of a fantasy than it was Don t get me wrong there were fantastical elements time travel, talking owls, other unusual beings , but the story didn t really fit the pattern of true fantasy as I m familiar with it.

    25. My son recommended this book and since it took place in my home state, I bought it and read it It s an interesting time travel book which draws upon several Oregon Native American cultures, both ancient and modern It takes place in a misplaced Crater Lake, but that s the author s privilege to move things around to suit their story If given a choice, I would have rated it slightly under 4 stars, but it was definitely worth than 3 stars.

    26. This is the first book that ever made me cry I distinctly remember sitting on our couch one afternoon, finishing the last bit, with tears streaming down my face I didn t think about it again for a long time, until I found it on eBay Yay I bought it, reread it, and enjoyed it almost as much as the first time It didn t make me cry again, but I loved it It is a fantasy, which isn t really a genre I normally get into Nevertheless, it is a sweet tale and an easy read I highly recommend it

    27. This is an old friend from middle school give or take I love it forever, and not just because the protagonist almost shares my name.This is the middle of three Kate books, but they each stand alone and are very different tales This one is time travel and environmentalism and magic and owl people It was always my favorite of the three, so it s been comforting to have on my night stand for the last few months.

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