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Charlie M #2020

Charlie M One of the best spy novels ever written Charlie Muffin a British spy finds himself shot at and missed and then shot at and hit by his own employers in this truly excellent novel of double crosses in

  • Title: Charlie M
  • Author: Brian Freemantle
  • ISBN: 9780385130219
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Charlie M By Brian Freemantle, One of the best spy novels ever written Charlie Muffin, a British spy, finds himself shot at and missed and then shot at and hit by his own employers in this truly excellent novel of double crosses in the spy game A must read for fans of le Carre or Deighton.

    • [EPUB] ✓ Charlie M | By ✓ Brian Freemantle
      496 Brian Freemantle
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    1 thought on “Charlie M

    1. Despite being rather dated at this point, I thought the book was right up there with the classic Cold War thrillers of LeCarre and company Charlie Muffin is a wonderful creation, and the other characters are well sketched interesting Really glad that I reached back to read this oldie but goody.

    2. As a long standing devotee of spy fiction, I had always assumed that I had at least heard of all the established British writers of the genre even if, in some cases, I had not read any of their work So, I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up a battered thirty year old paperback copy of Charlie M recently in my local charity shop The writer, Brian Freemantle, and the principal character, Charlie Muffin, were completely new to me Yet a quick online search reveals that Freemantle has apparentl [...]

    3. Synopsis blurb A cagey British spy fights enemies from without and withinCharlie Muffin is an anachronism He came into the intelligence service in the early 1950s, when the government, desperate for foot soldiers in the impending Cold War, dipped into the middle class for the first time.Despite a lack of upper class bearing, Charlie survived twenty five years on the espionage battle s front line Berlin But times have changed The boys from Oxford and Cambridge are running the shop again, and they [...]

    4. I learned of this series courtesy of Shane Whaley of the excellent Spybrary podcast and man I m glad that I did To avoid spoilers I ll simply say that I didn t see the beginning twist or the ending twist coming and that I really enjoyed this book It reminded me of a less clinical Le Carre, highly recommended I ll be sprinkling the rest of the books throughout the rest of my constant backlog throughout the year.

    5. An old favourite Loved this series from when it was first published in the late 70s and have long worn out the original paperbacks and their multiple replacements over the last four decades, so pleased to now have an electronic version that should prove resilient Cold War British spy thrillers are a favourite and the antithesis of Bond in the character of the irascible Charlie Muffin is always a favourite go to read He s a flawed individual not a superhero by any stretch of the imagination and [...]

    6. Charlie Muffin is a spy that I hadn t heard of until very recently Having heard a number of recommendations I decided to check this series out, and I don t think that I could have enjoyed the first novel any It s a quick read, briskly paced and relentless in its page turning build of suspense The prose is uncomplicated and easy reading, but highly effective Even though I was told to anticipate a major twist at the end, I still couldn t see what was coming Charlie is definitely a spy to keep a c [...]

    7. I read this many years ago but picked it up when it was on sale for Kindle I had forgotten how much I liked it.The story takes place decades ago, when East Germany was still behind the wall and there were no cell phones The Cold War was still in full swing and spies were constantly going in and out, luring in defectors, sniffing out molesBritish agent Charlie Muffin has worked for the shop for a quarter of a century Recruited from the working class, he s learned his trade and flourished.But now [...]

    8. I have just discovered the Charlie Muffin series that starts with this one I had been longing for a spy series that includes The Cold War environment, the old school spycraft with zero technology and 100% brainwork, messages delivered with what s left unsaid, the information in the hidden layers of innuendos and suggestions, betrayals after betrayals, revenge, an underdog agent, the KGB vs the West, twists and turns, ambiguous personal attachments for deception leverage, etc Mr Freemantle s, Cha [...]

    9. I ve never ever read anything by Brian Freemantle A couple weeke ago I saw the movie Charlie Muffin with David Hemmings, and I just got plain curious I just had to get my hands on the book When I finally did, I almost read it in just one sitting Sometimes I just burst out laughing The book is tremendously funny There s a scene where Charlie takes off his socks complaining that his feet are wet What ensues is out and out hilarious I can t tell the rest without spoilers If Lt Columbo had been a sp [...]

    10. A very good read I read spy novels occasionally and enjoyed Charlie M It was nice to read about the less than well dressed Charlie who dislikes his superiors and is mistrusted b hem in turn Taking place during he Cold War years at the height of espionage times Charlie seems to be one of the few people who know what they should be doing, he honours good spies and feels disgust for the many bad ones Well written, interesting book.

    11. I always have problems with English writing and this was no exception I wanted to try this novel and being a series I thought maybe I d find a new group of books to read I thought the story was short on trade craft spy trade craft that is and the story itself short on substance But it did have one HELL of an ending I suppose I ll have to read at least one in the series to see where it goes fromt he ending of this book.

    12. It is the ordinary seeming, carelessly, even scruffily, dressed people you have to look out for, not the debonairly dressed fops Charlie Muffin echoes this warning in this brilliantly engrossing tale of double cross and double double cross and tables turned and re turned Almost like a parable about the perils of disregarding the ordinary, and the common place and then being dumbfounded as you are trapped Can t wait to catch the rest

    13. I was made aware of this book, actually what I now know to be a series of books about the Charlie Muffin character, from a film adaption of this first in the series I saw years ago If you like John le Carr s novels you will probably enjoy this book A realistic look at Cold War espionage through the hero, Charlie Muffin a career spy in British intelligence, who often has to worry from his own arrogant and incompetent supervisors than from his Russian adversaries.

    14. Charlie Muffin has been favorably compared to George Smiley Now I understand why This is a terrific cold war thriller based on planning, deceit, and calculation There s no real action here, but the plotting is terrific While Freemantle lays all the information before you, I was caught totally at the end I didn t see it coming.

    15. This book suffers because it is now than 40 years old and the old Soviet Union is long gone The story involves the delivery of a Soviet operative to the West It probably had much appeal when it was written.

    16. 4.5 stars The beginning of an addicting series about a disheveled but highly effective spy from humble origins who abhors his betters and is equally disliked by them One of the best crafted and compelling spy stories, at least equal to Deighton and LeCarre in plot and characters.

    17. Can t believe it took me this long to find this series Good spy stuff, not quite as serious as LeCarre, but I ll take it Loved this one, although the ending shocked me a little bit and seemed unrealistic Already reading number 2 in the series.

    18. Another re read And just as good as the first one back in the good old days of the Cold War Would that the meaning of events be that clear nowadays Freemantle is peerless, obviously a player in the game Damn shame this is the only one of his books in the Durham County library system.

    19. Very fast moving spy thriller to rival Deighton, LeCarre and a touch of Fleming Always twisting plot, very believable characters, a real delight with surprises and ironic twists Freemantle is under appreciated in the USA, deservedly enormously popular in Britain and the Commonwealth.

    20. Glad to see this excellent series coming back in popularity Books are now being released in audio versions with an first rate narrator If you can get a copy of the movie adaptation of this first in series starring David Hemming, you re in for a treat.

    21. Very enjoyable read Something along the lines of Lecarre Light although there is a twist at the end that will make you go back and re read bits to see how you could have missed it.

    22. Who doesn t love a little Cold War nostalgia Definitely a period piece originally published 1977 , but always worth digging out for a re read.

    23. I love that Charlie is in it for the right reasons but also is not perfect and not annoying patriotic which makes him so much interesting

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