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Wish Upon a Star #2020

Wish Upon a Star It s hard for Lucy being the sister of supermodel Tracy Gleeson Tracy is gorgeous and famous Lucy feels distinctly average Facing life as a single mother living in a tiny house with a daughter who w

  • Title: Wish Upon a Star
  • Author: Martina Reilly
  • ISBN: 9780751537925
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Wish Upon a Star By Martina Reilly, It s hard for Lucy being the sister of supermodel Tracy Gleeson Tracy is gorgeous and famous, Lucy feels distinctly average Facing life as a single mother living in a tiny house, with a daughter who wants to know who her father is, Lucy begins the search for the man she would rather forget.

    • [PDF] ê Unlimited ☆ Wish Upon a Star : by Martina Reilly ↠
      Martina Reilly

    1 thought on “Wish Upon a Star

    1. i made the mistake of judging this book by the cover so when i picked it up to read it i thought it was going to be frothy and silly,it is neither of those things.i really enjoyed this book,even if it does have a predictable love story element to it, it deals with so many other relatable issues,starring a woman who has difficult relationships with her mother and sister and who is trying to raise a young girl alone it manages to deal with these issues in a really funny way, i thought it was hilar [...]

    2. I started reading this book a few years ago and after the first few pages, I was bored of it So I put it down and read a few other books Recently, I decided I wanted to finish it and once I got through the first few chapters, I really enjoyed it It is a very light read, easy, funny and has some heart wrenching moments.WARNING Do not read other reviews on here, as I did and the biggest plot twist was revealed and NOT labelled as a spoiler.

    3. I devoured this fantastic read , Lucy, Gray and Maddie have been friends forever , the story starts in the past with a 19 year old Lucy giving birth to her daughter, Jason the father has done a runner and doesn t realise he has a daughter The novel then flits between present day and Lucy s teenage years explaining how things have evolved to her current situation She is an aspiring actress with a drama qualification so why is she working as a receptionist at the local vets And how come her sister [...]

    4. I read this book thinking it would be some kind of chick lit book but it s so much better I cried so hard when I found out that Jason died.It was so romantic in the end when Doug and Lucy end up together.I was very dissapointed when Lucy wanted to get out of her big role in a movie Well, I understand that she didn t want that kind of life but still,she s a actress and she deserves to be in a movie.That s the only thing I hate about this book but overall it was so emotional and romantic.This book [...]

    5. Really enjoyed this book Sibling rivalry was a core topic here Something I don t have to deal with as the perk of being the odd one out of 3 children My other two sisters fight like cats and dogs but they are closer Loved Lucy as a character and her daughter came across as very adorable Last couple of chapters had me in floods of tears but it all wrapped up nicely at the end I m a sucker for happy endings

    6. This is my first book by Martina Reilly and I loved it It captured me from page one and I couldn t put it down until I finished The flashbacks were inspired and it helped to understand why Lucy and everyone around her was so upset with her decision to find Jason All the characters are easy to relate to and they re complex, so you can understand connect with all of them I am really looking forward to picking up of her back list and reading from her in the future.

    7. One of those books that moved me to tears.I keep seeing this chick lit thing I don t have a clue what that is, but as I have seen Alexandra Potter and Reilly categorized as it, it must be good.If you are a single mum, you ll love this book.I did.

    8. Have read previous books by this author and have always enjoyed This one didn t disappoint Laugh out loud parts, lump in throat parts and parts where you can totally sympathise with main character Really enjoyed this

    9. Wish Upon A Star is definitely a dream come true for anyone interested in reading a really good book It s had me reading on and on because I couldn t manage to shut the book.

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