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Practical Magic #2020

Practical Magic The newest novel by the author of Turtle Moon reveals what happens when magic competes with real love At the heart of this tantalizing novel are Gillian and Sally Owens whose conjuring spinster aunts

  • Title: Practical Magic
  • Author: Alice Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9780399140556
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Practical Magic By Alice Hoffman, The newest novel by the author of Turtle Moon reveals what happens when magic competes with real love At the heart of this tantalizing novel are Gillian and Sally Owens, whose conjuring spinster aunts raised them not with square meals and curfews but with magic spells and respect for the powers of nature.

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      411 Alice Hoffman
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    1 thought on “Practical Magic

    1. 3.75 stars I m a little embarrassed to admit it wasn t until I read my first Alice Hoffman novel last year The Museum of Extraordinary Things that I realized Practical Magic was than just a swoon worthy movie I d watched a dozen times over it s also a book With numerous viewings under my belt and the upcoming release of the prequel, The Rules of Magic, I figured now was as good of a time as any to dive in and give this a read I mean how could I not, the book is always better than the movie, rig [...]

    2. I guess I have changed I have my little paperback copy I got and read years ago And of course I found it after I bought the one with the cool boot on the front Anyway, I loved the book so much back then and now it s just meh I still love the movie but something just didn t get me as pulled in as before Oh well It s still good Mel

    3. During the last few months of last year I had been eagerly awaiting Alice Hoffman s new book Rules of Magic I had read new books by some of my go to authors for magical realism, which had left a bitter taste in my mouth because these books were contemporary and devoid of magical occurrences Rules of Magic, while not necessarily magical realism, was simply magical As soon as I finished reading the tale of Frances and Jet Owens, I reserved the story where it all began, Practical Magic Much to my d [...]

    4. This one is a hard one to review I think most know the movie Practical Magic I love this movie as I m sure that most do Everytime it s on, I watch it Does not matter at what time I catch it, I watch till the end and swoon When I started watching the movie, initially, I had no idea it was based on a book So for years now I ve been wanting to read this one But then I see the movie is on and watch it But the prequel is coming out and I have a copy and figured it s time I read it.Let me just saye bo [...]

    5. The lesson Sally had learned so long ago in the kitchen to be careful what you wish for was so far and so faded it had turned to yellow dust But it was the sort of dust that can never be swept up, and instead waits in the corner and blows into the eyes of those you love when a draft moves through your house It s only recently that I left Hoffman s world in The Rules of Magic, and so I returned to that world of the Owens family, to pick up where I d left off, with a return to the home of the aunt [...]

    6. This is one of those rare examples of the movie being better than the book Yeah I somehow managed to get through it, but this book was like one never ending series of mood setting lists An example Sally thought long and hard each time she hung up the phone She thought about the girl in the drugstore and the sound of Antonia s footsteps on the stairs when she went to bed without a good night hug She thought about Michael s life and his death, and about every second they had spent together She con [...]

    7. Review written by my high school self I used to love the movie for this book, and I didn t even know until after I had seen it that it was originally in book form After finally getting a copy of the book and reading it, something magical happened I didn t know which one I liked better Usually, having to decide favorites between the book and the movie is very easy Except in the case of Grisham s The Pelican Brief, I almost always prefer the book versions In some cases as with Gone with the Wind a [...]

    8. Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman is 2003 Penguin publication Originally published in 1995 When I heard Hoffman was releasing a prequel to Practical Magic, this past year, I knew I wanted to read it, but before I did, I needed to reacquaint myself with this book I read this book a long, long time ago, even before the movie was released But, the book was something entirely different from the movie, which is a very charming and delightful adaptation, in my opinion You put the lime in the coconut on [...]

    9. My fear about this was I wouldn t get on with the magical realism element However that wasn t a problem The problem was my feeling that it lacked a raison d etre For a long time it felt like a story was continually being set up but never quite happening I ve never seen the film but have a hunch it might be better than the novel because there s a lot of padding in the book, lots of asides Essentially a light and fun read, intelligent chick lit every male character in this book is a lover with so [...]

    10. I always like a bit of magic so I enjoyed this book very much, my only disappointment being that Sally and Gillian did not embrace their powers and use them At least the aunts knew how to mix up a really good potion and cast an appropriate spell when necessary.I enjoy the way Hoffman writes Her characters are well rounded and likable, and her descriptions of things like the rampant lilac and hordes of toads in the garden are gorgeous Altogether a very readable, entertaining piece of nonsense If [...]

    11. Remember being addicted to dark fairytales like Aesop s Grimm s as a kid Then at around ten figuring it s time you grew up, setting them aside heading over to the library teen section Have you missed them all these years Check out magical realism Hey, the same twisted supernatural tales, riddled with conflict hidden meanings repackaged for grownups Practical Magic was published long before another of this genre I just read Garden Spells they re both good and pretty similar Quirky feature a coupl [...]

    12. The first clue that this was going to be a slog was the two audio versions Unabridged, the running time is 9 hours 12 minutes The abridged version is a mere 3 hours 6 minutes As a general rule, if you can cut 70% of your book and it s still coherent, that s not a good sign.Unfortunately the purist in me had to listen to the unabridged version Now that it s over, I can confirm that 70% could easily be cut Probably .That s not to say the entire experience was terrible Hoffman is clearly a talented [...]

    13. Full review now posted Rating 3.5 5 starsSome people love Halloween, but don t enjoy being frightened This book is perfect for them its magical and uncanny and feels perfect for fall There are ghosts, supposed witches, magical gardens, and lots of black cats And the entire story revolves around the women of the Owens family, their unusual attractiveness and their troubles with love Even though the story transpires over years and every season, it feels quintessentially autumnal There is a pretty [...]

    14. This is the first time in my reading life that I can say that the movie is better than the book I honestly wish that I d read the book first, because the monumental let down of reading the book after the movie has been something I cannot reconcile The movie is beautiful, the storyline is engaging and witty, and the characters draw you in and make you laugh and cry Yet the book is so far removed from the movie, they are hardly relatable at all, with such flimsy linkages, you could actually see th [...]

    15. This is one of my all time favorite movies, I constantly asked myself, How have I never read this book Finally, I gave in to the Owens womenOh, this book was all that I wanted from this story Completely different from the movie and a strong focus on the two main ladies Sally and Gillian Two sisters quickly orphaned and raised by their Aunts two of my very favorite characters in this book The neighborhood in Massachusetts took every opportunity to make fun of these sisters as they had a spooky au [...]

    16. I was a little hesitant about the rating to give this book There are what I would call, good moments Mostly I don t care for it There is an odd streak of amorality underlying it I can just hear someone asking who s morals are you talking about You have the two old ladies referred to as the aunts who raise a young girl to be selfish, obstinate, and rebellious treating these as the best of good desirable traits and then wondering that tragedy follows There are shifting personalities in the charact [...]

    17. This is a really good book I couldn t put it down It s good as many genres, coming of age, romance, fantasy, family drama, all of the above It s so well written and the language is beautiful and affecting The words painted an image that was vivid and alive in my mind Strangely enough, I pictured Sandra Bullock, who plays her in the movie, as Sally I loved the extended narrative about Sally s daughters, which was missing from the movie It seems as though they are going to repeat the pattern of Sa [...]

    18. 2007 reviewI just love this book, really It makes me smile just to think about it I ve read it twice now, and in a year or so will be ready for a re read The movie is good, too, but I love the book best, An Utterly Delightful novel about the magic of life.From the PublisherPractical Magic is a tale of two sisters, Gillian and Sally Owens, brought up by their two elderly guardian aunts in a world of spells and exotica from which they eventually escape one by running away, the other by marrying bu [...]

    19. Practical Magic, by Alice Hoffman, narrated by Christina Moore, Simon and Schuster Audio BooksImagine for a moment, a steaming cauldron, and some ancient woman in a black coat pouring in a huge heaping of Alice Hoffman and stirring in a little Stephen King Do you think one might get Practical Magic as the result What a great story about a family of 2 aunts who live in an ancient family home in Massachusetts, with windows no one can see in or see out, 2 adopted nieces, one when grown has 2 little [...]

    20. I have seen the movie Practical Magical several times, the last time was actually today, the day after I finished the book for the first time Well, I did start watching the movie before I started the book However, I decided to read the book before I finished the movie I had a very good reason for that I have a copy of the prequel to the Practical Magic book The Rules of Magic and I wanted to read Practical Magical before I started the new book This is one of those times when the book is nothing [...]

    21. This was first book to read by Alice Hoffman and now I suspect I will read all of her books in one quick, furious reading marathon Her rhythm and cadence allows the reader to feel as though she is speaking directly to you, telling you a long, wonderful story, rather than you the reader plowing through a book Hoffman is delightful, her characters full of quirk and charm You want to know them, to be them and never let them go when you are finished What can a reader ask of an author or from a book [...]

    22. Gillian and Sally had been in the care of their aunts since they were quite young the Owens family had had a reputation for over two hundred years As they grew up, Gillian and Sally would watch their aunts from the staircase as they administered potions to lovelorn women they pinky vowed never to fall in love ever School was horrid teased, taunted children and adults would cross to the other side of the road if they encountered the sisters But then the day came that Gillian ran away She found he [...]

    23. This week s headline Call the cornersWhy this book break for fictionWhich book format used first editionPrimary reading environment on the couchAny preconceived notions love the movieIdentify most with right now, SallyThree word quote years of practice Goes well with vegan ice creamFans of the Sandra Bullock movie will be pleased to know that, although there are many disparities between the novel and the screenplay, margaritas are definitely present in the book.Granted, they re not called Midnig [...]

    24. I have always loved fairy tales Call it clinging to childhood, Peter Pan syndrome,whatever The magical realm has seen me through from the dreams of childhood to the wishful thinking of adolescence to the often harsh realities that are part and parcel of being an adult Practical Magic is the story of three generations of the Owens women.The aunts, elderly sisters who take in and raise their orphaned nieces Feared and often publicly shunned,but furtively sought after in the gloaming of the day by [...]

    25. I freely admit that I saw Griffin Dunne s film adaptation before reading the novel itself, so I had high expectations What I m about to say next is rare for me I was actually very disappointed with this book Yes, it delved nicely into the intricate relationships between the sisters, their aunts, the psychotic boyfriend, etc but the fact of the two sisters being witches was barely mentioned, much less any detail regarding their magical abilities This was one of if not THE main reasons I adored th [...]

    26. I totally loved the beginning Really enjoyed her writing my first Hoffman novel and the magical realism aspects of this, but then it became a little too far fetched for me I d classify this as a fun beach read, but I was looking for from this author, so I m a bit disappointed in this one I am looking forward to seeing the film, though, which I will probably like better than the book in this case.

    27. As a big fan of the movie based on this book it was interesting to see what was kept and what was adapted This book rolls out and envelops you now interested in reading the sequel or prequel

    28. So I read this book again It s way better than the movie I like this book even though it has things I hate like instalove Like some dude sees a chick and is all like oooo And she s all like ooooo and they are all like IT S TRUE LOVE WE ARE IN LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Which is a bit annoying.But, in this somewhat magical book it works and it s not as if you have someone who stays in love with someone terrible They soon learn they can do better and deserve .This book centers around witchy women Th [...]

    29. In anticipation of THE RULES OF MAGIC, a book about the Aunts, I decide to grab this on audio and listen I am so delighted that I did The story was delightful with its magical realism, lively characters and those aunts had me laughing.The story was just as charming as I remember with its magical realism, animated characters, and suspenseful story Fans of Sarah Addison Allen s Garden Spell will enjoy Hoffman s writing If you ve only watched the movie, the basic story and characters are there, but [...]

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