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That Darn Cat #2020

That Darn Cat DC short for Darn Cat Randall is always in trouble But this time it s really big He s followed his nose to a salmon and it belongs to some bank robbers Suddenly D C is the F B I s favorite feline He s

  • Title: That Darn Cat
  • Author: The Gordons
  • ISBN: 9780590086134
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • That Darn Cat By The Gordons, DC short for Darn Cat Randall is always in trouble But this time it s really big He s followed his nose to a salmon and it belongs to some bank robbers Suddenly D.C is the F.B.I s favorite feline He s the only undercover agent who knows where the suspects are and he s not talking

    • [AZW] É That Darn Cat | By Å The Gordons
      381 The Gordons
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    1 thought on “That Darn Cat

    1. This is one book I purchased because of the movie The Disney movie That Darn Cat was, I think, the first English movie I saw and enjoyed even though my mum had do a running translation for me, as I didn t know English then But I fell in love with D C Darn Cat Randall, and Patti and Zeke Kelso too The villains were sufficiently frightening a departure from the usual Disney style, where they are also played for laughs And there was real suspense.The book is very different from the movie not in the [...]

    2. This book is a favorite of mine I loved the original 1965 Disney film The dialogue is very snappy and the villains are unlike the villains in any other Disney flick These criminals are real serious and scary They re planning to kill someone Pit this situation against a neighborhood of crazy characters and you have a delightfully dangerous romp.The fact that the screenplay was written by the authors of the original novel helped a lot Very little was lost in the translation Gordon and Mildred Gord [...]

    3. My cat Damion enjoyed this book a lot.He likes stories that show how they are smarter than people.When two bank robbers steal money and kidnap a teller ,the FBI becomes involved.The G Men need help after a week passes and no clues.Just in time comes informant X 14.Also known as D.C Darn Cat,maybe who lives with Patti Randall, her younger sister Ingrid and younger brother Mike Orphans as they call themselves, while their parents are vacationing in Europe.Mike finds a watch around D.C s neck and a [...]

    4. D.C Darn Cat is an unusually large black cat who lives with the adoring Randall family, and habitually prowls the neighbourhood at night being given food by various admirers One night he surprises the Randalls by coming home with a woman s watch around his neck The watch is identified as one belonging to bank cashier Helen Jenkins, kidnapped during a recent bank robbery The FBI are called in to follow the cat on his nightly rounds in the hope that he will lead them to the bank robbers But it doe [...]

    5. Came across this book at the library and decided to give it a chance Interesting to read a piece of literature published 53 years ago Loved it I ended up reading to page 80 before I even left the library or checked it out I would definitely recommend to cat lovers out there The story involves many characters, but mainly focuses on Damn Cat also known as D.C and his role in finding two burglars and their hostage The characters are all lovable, view spoiler Except perhaps Sammy, Dan, and Mrs Macdo [...]

    6. That Darn Cat was That DAMN Cat in the original 1963 1st edition Before the Disney censors got their paws on it A fun and enjoyable read, if a bit dated In this edition, there is mention of having lunch with President Kennedy at the White House I wonder if this was revised in later editions

    7. It was alright I found that some details were unnecessary Two paragraphs in particular, When Patti is falling in love with the Zeke, the FBI guy, were especially irritating to me I just skipped them Language was sometimes wanting, but the fact that D.C stands for Damn Cat and not Darn Cat I found funny and did not feel it crude It did make it hard to read aloud Now, mind you, I feel that woman should never use crude language and men should not torture them with fact that they can and woman can t [...]

    8. It s fun reading my Mom s Uncle s old books The original title was Undercover Cat , and was the source material for the film, which I also own a VHS copy of The wording in the book was weird, but on par with the film.

    9. The book is quite funny for those who are aware about the eccentric behavior and moods of cats So no surprise that it s been made into a movie twice It s a sure entertainer though a bit slow towards the end.

    10. Talk about bringing back memories I ve always hoped I would find a copy of the novel that was the basis for the Disney movie, but never dreamed it would actually happen.

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