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Heroes of 9/11 #2020

Heroes of The first responders on September firefighters police officers emergency medical technicians paramedics military officers and even many civilians risked their lives to save people they di

  • Title: Heroes of 9/11
  • Author: Allan Zullo
  • ISBN: 9780545255066
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heroes of 9/11 By Allan Zullo, The first responders on September 11, 2001 firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, military officers and even many civilians risked their lives to save people they didn t know Every one of them is a hero This book features ten gripping stories that reflect the countless breathtaking acts of heroism that occurred inside the World TradThe first responders on September 11, 2001 firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, military officers and even many civilians risked their lives to save people they didn t know Every one of them is a hero This book features ten gripping stories that reflect the countless breathtaking acts of heroism that occurred inside the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a hijacked plane Among other amazing true accounts, you will read about the miraculous survival of the fire captain and his men who were buried alive when the north tower collapsed the cop who dodged death twice to help save others and the two navy officers who ran into a burning, crumbling section of the Pentagon to rescue a trapped worker From Allan Zullo s website

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      411 Allan Zullo
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    1 thought on “Heroes of 9/11

    1. Wow, where do I begin Zullo did an amazing job bringing 9 11 to life with his retellings of several surviving heroes of 9 11 It made me proud to be an American, even though my heart cried for all of the lives lost Not only does Zullo explore men who helped during the Twin Towers, but there were also stories of a several men at the Pentagon, and the heartrending reports from the hijacked plane that crashed in the field.This would be a great book for teens to read, to inform them of what happened [...]

    2. Why did you pick this book The reason i decided to read this book is because i needed a nonfiction book to read Also I really find history about 9 11 and books like that interesting to read.What is the significance of the title My book is called Heroes of 9 11 and the significance of this title i would say is that it resembles and honors those fallen soldiers from the 9 11 attacks.What is the purpose of this book I think that the purpose Allan Zullo wrote this book is for two reason the first to [...]

    3. This book is quite sad It deals with terror attacks which can be very emotional for people, so I don t recommend this to someone who might be scared by reading this book For the other people, I say this is a great book It talks about all the people who in some cases sacrificed their lives to protect others This gives me hope and faith in our country and shows me that there are good people in our world.

    4. Personal Response I liked the bookHeroes of 9 11 It had very detailed information about how every person felt throughout each story It had great detail about all of the thoughts and emotions running through everybody s minds PlotThe book,Heroes of 9 11 , by Allan Zullo was very interesting It gave great detail through each of the stories about how everybody reacted to the attack In each story, there was a different perspective about how people saw the planes hit the building Other stories mainly [...]

    5. Personal The book Heroes of 9 11 was a great book I liked this book because of the stories ten individuals had shared who were actually in the 9 11 attacks In my mind, Heroes are not people with capes, they are people who run into danger without thinking twice This book was a must read because it blew me away.Plot The plot of this book consist of ten people who risked their lives to save the helpless civilians who were trapped in the burning building On September 11, 2001, a terrorist group call [...]

    6. This book Heroes of 9 11 by Allan Zullo shows us how brave first responders were and even civilians to probably go back inside a tower they almost died in to save others lives I recommend this book to people who like nonfiction.

    7. Heroes of 9 11by Allan ZulloReview by Cole P age 12 Permian BasinA true story of bravery Heroes of 9 11 is a short non fiction collection of 10 heroes from the attacks on 9 11 From firefighters at the World Trade Centers to the brave passengers on United Flight 93, this book keeps account of the bravery and hard work these people had while saving tons of peoples lives Firefighters, police, EMTs, and just plain civilians go into the burning buildings and help people escape Getting trapped in the [...]

    8. I would rate the book Heroes of 9 11 by Allan Zullo 5 stars out of 5 This story was about a sequence of events that happened on 9 11 All these miniature stories inside this book shows of the horrifying events that people faced on 9 11 When the captain of the fire department Jay Jonas from New York here s the ringing of the emergency radio, he does not know what he s about to Indore He never expected anything this great, it was one of the most destructive things in history When the firefighters a [...]

    9. I read the book called Heroes of 9 11 by Allan Zullo Its about the first responders on September11th.The book talks about the firefighters,policeman,paramedics,medical technicions and military officers stories on September 11th It talks about what they experienced during that day.It also tells us what the civilians had to go through.

    10. This was one of the quicker but interesting books I ve read in terms of nonfiction, but it was worth my time The way the author brings out the stories of these individuals is very satisfactory and makes it a book you can t put down No spoilers

    11. Of all the stories of all the people involved in 9 11 helping others, I would expect a portion of these to highlight women, but no Ten true tales of men only.

    12. There was too much blasphemy in this book which was too bad because the stories are important and must be shared.

    13. This book is about ten true tales of people who unselfishly put their own lives at risk to save the lives of others The beginning of the book explains the World Trade Center and the Pentagon The rest of the books explains the heroic people that impacted the lives of others by the choices that they made Being a New Yorker reading this book was the hardest most rewarding book I have ever read I will read this book to my children Depending on the age of my students I will also have them read it aro [...]

    14. Heros of 9 11 by Allen Zullo proclaims stories about heroes and how the survived Also it shows their story and how their day went There are 10 stories and each was filled was so much action Each story had a different character which things had worked at a certain way, they survived Each of these stories had so much power behind them and when you realize that each of the stories actually happened and the people that saved all those lives, they might still be alive today The first section of this [...]

    15. Heroes Of 9 11By Allan ZulloInformationalThis book tells ten amazing tales that have surfaced from the wreckage of a horrific day in American history This book tells the stories of the true heroes of 9 11 It gives information that can only be given by those who were there at ground zero on that day It shows ten different points of view from ten different people from all three of the impact zones The book shares the stories of the first responders, the civilians, and all the other people who risk [...]

    16. The Heroes of 9 11This book really kept me entertained and I enjoyed it by the events that happened on this special day that changed the world completely I really liked this book, it really made me realize a lot, made me think of all those people that lost love ones on that horrible day but also remembering what some fire fighters did just to save the victims But also there was something that I really didn t like, I didn t like it because it was just sad, but how one fire fighter was scared to g [...]

    17. This book was about people who acted like heroes during 9 11 It tells you about how brave some people were and how they were willing to risk their lives in order to save someone else s live The story that was the most fascinating was the story of what people did in United Flight 93 This plane was going to strike the white house or another important monument but the people in the plane all worked together to stop the terrorist from hitting the white house or an important monument even if lives we [...]

    18. The book Heroes of 9 11 is a non fiction book about the terrorist attack on 9 11 It has 10 little stories about people who risked their lives to save other people Most of the people are firefighters, police officers, and the army but there is a short story about how the passengers and the crew prevent 4 hijackers from crashing into the center of the American government Unfortunately, some of the crew and passengers were killed by the hijackers.The point of view it is told from is third person li [...]

    19. This books was a great book as well as a stressful book It was one of those books that you can read in two days but when you get halfway through it you are going to want to put it down and read something else for a while because of the stress and sadness of the story and 9 11 in general The story that I liked the most was the one called Okay, Let s Roll and that is the one about the Passengers and Crew of the hijacked United Flight 93 plane because it really showed how much a someone, a regular [...]

    20. This book was amazing to say the least I really liked how the story was told from the rescuers point of view The characters were just normal people that were either in the buildings or outside the buildings and they made heroic efforts to try to save people from the falling building and the flames One situation that really stood out to me was when there was a guy stuck under a desk and two guys that didn t know each other worked together to move objects out of the way to free the guy and all thr [...]

    21. Heroes of 9 11 Allan Zullononfiction181 pagesOctober 23, 2012This book is about true heroes One morning tragedy struck America In New York It was a normal day but then it happened Two planes crashed into the twin towers Many people went out of their way to save people They saved many people On that same morning at the Pentagon lots of heroes also risked their life to save people They were very brave Flight 93 passengers on that terrible morning took their own life to make sure that one plane did [...]

    22. There were many characters in the book but there wasn t any main characters The characters were mostly first responders and military officials The setting of the book was the twin towers area and the pentagon The plot of the story is when the first responders and military officials were saving all of their coworkers and innocent people I thought it was exciting when the author described how and what happened to the first responders and military officials when they were saving of of those innocen [...]

    23. I initially bought this book for my 8 year old son but I decided to read it first to see if it was appropriate reading for an 8 year old I couldn t put the book down It was written for a younger audience but I still found it very interesting to hear the accounts of those who helped others survive on 9 11 It covers not only the WTC but also the Pentagon and United 93 While I am not sure I am ready for my 8 year old to read this one, it is a very good read for my 14 year old The reason I say this [...]

    24. What will happen In the book Heroes of 9 11 by Allan Zullo, there are really no main characters but the firefighters who are talking about what they are doing The events in the book is from the time the planes it the twain towers to the pentagon getting hit to the flight 93 The book also goes into detail about the men and women who risked their lives to rescue people on 9 11 My favorite part of the book is when the firefighters go into save the people If you like books about people risking their [...]

    25. Really good book because I could easily could connect with it but the only part about it that to me that it wasn t to descriptive like with the explosion noises to signal the WTC word trate center is on fire or even it is going down and the sounds of the sirens on some parts of the book But over all the book was amazing I liked how the author had the different location where it happened and how it all went down.But other wise Allan did really good at describing the book as if i can see it in my [...]

    26. Wow This book was amazing Heroes Of 9 11 is a true story of what happened in 2001 This book is about how America got changed forever There were terrorists that hit the North Tower and the South Tower World Trade Center 1, and 2 The planes also hit the Pentagon in Pennsylvania I would recommend this book to 5th graders and through when you are an adult Also in this book it can get a little bit violent and disgusting, like I did If younger kids want to read this book I would strongly recommend to [...]

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