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Cassandra by Chance #2020

Cassandra by Chance Four heartwarming novels by the beloved Betty Neels the Harlequin Romance bestselling author of all time are reissued as part of Harlequin s Best of Betty Neels program Reissue

  • Title: Cassandra by Chance
  • Author: Betty Neels
  • ISBN: 9780373811342
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cassandra by Chance By Betty Neels, Four heartwarming novels by the beloved Betty Neels the 1 Harlequin Romance bestselling author of all time are reissued as part of Harlequin s Best of Betty Neels program Reissue.

    • [E-Book] ☆ Cassandra by Chance | BY ☆ Betty Neels
      401 Betty Neels
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      Posted by:Betty Neels
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    1 thought on “Cassandra by Chance

    1. 4.5 stars Wow Betty Neels really stepped outside her box for this one I loved it First off, the hero isblind And very much a grizzly bear But he is a doctor The heroine is NOT ordinary looking She s hot Smoking And what else, with a name like Cassandra Darling No Ermentrudes here But she is a nurse The setting isScotland, on the island of Mull But halfway through, we move to Betty land Holland The manservant butler experienced an actual historical war horror I felt for him His story felt real.Qu [...]

    2. For some reason, I ve always thought of Betty Neels in the same a bridge too far category as Barbara Cartland But since two of my favorite book buddies really like her, I decided to give her a try Like them, I was charmed by the old fashioned Englishness of the book it was like reading one of the British favorites of my childhood with added romance, what could be nicer Quiet, dry wit, teatime and puddings, a plain, sensible heroine who speaks her mind The central relationship is between the clas [...]

    3. The heroine meets the ogre while she s staying for a month with her niece and nephew during their parents vacation Pollyanna ish, she feels sorry for the grouchy man, rendered temporarily blind, that she ingratiates herself by bringing cakes and reading to him He asks her to accompany him back to Holland for a corrective surgery as his nurse and she agrees What I liked about the heroine is that she s not mealy mouthed and not given to baby him for his injury What is unusual about this hero when [...]

    4. As several other reviewers have pointed out this is really two books The first half, set on the island of Mull, Scotland is just marvelous Cassandra Darling, a nurse between jobs, is babysitting her sister s children while sister and hubby go on vacation The kids tell her all about the ogre who lives nearby Well, Cassandra, tender heart that she is, goes visiting, bearing cake and discovers a very cranky doctor who is temporarily blind And they proceed to strike sparks off each other just lovely [...]

    5. Possibly my favorite Neels Cassandra and Benedict have a great chemistry and relationship, and that is why I forgive a lot of sins in this book, there are quite a few plot threads that are silly and don t go anywhere and in the case of Jan, may actually contradict themselves I am very forgiving of a book that makes many mistakes provided that you are so invested or enthralled in the story that you don t notice the mistakes until long afterward The only thing that does bother me is that Cassandra [...]

    6. 4 Stars Cassandra s on a break in her nurses training having recently achieved her qualifications, she s chosen to train further as a midwife She travels to Scotland where she is going to look after her niece and nephew while her sister and brother in law take an extended holiday in Greece It s a small Scottish island where all the towns people know each other very well and gossip is very active Cassandra learns from the children that there is an ogre living in a cottage in the hills, he is blin [...]

    7. Cassandra Darling is a newly qualified nurse who has agreed to care for her sister s children while her sister and brother in law, Rachel and Tom, go on holiday Rachel and Tom live on the Isle of Mull, on the south west side in a village with a church This means it s probably either Craignure or Lochbuie Anyway, Cassandra settles in and the children tell her about a cottage where an ogre lives It turns out the ogre is Benedict van Manfeld, a Dutch ear, nose and throat specialist who recently sus [...]

    8. This was another one that I couldn t put down There ought to be a law against that The story involves Cassandra, a girl who is ready to take the test to get her nursing degree, and a renowned surgeon who has gone blind, named Benedict van Manfeld Cassandra agrees to watch her niece and nephew while her sister and her husband, a prolific author, take a six week holiday She s happy to leave crowded London and come to their small town and stay with her beloved sister s children on the small island [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this story and if we hadn t dropped into Other Woman mode which seems to involve the heroine becoming TSTL and falling apart I might have given this a fiver.Cassandra is a practical, average looking girl having just finished her nursing training While babysitting her sister s children she meets the ogre who is living in a cottage in Scotland while his eye injury heals It was rather cute that the children called the cottage Ogres Relish because they overheard someone saying he re [...]

    10. Absolutely one of my favorite Betty Neels book.Cassandra believed she wasn t pretty after being rejected by a registrar at the hospital She goes to Scotland to care for her niece and nephew while her sister and brother in law go on a six week vacation Cassandra feels sorry for the man in the cottage the children have told her about She finds out he is blind and after several meetings they become friends and she helps him by reading medical journals to him The children adore him and his man that [...]

    11. I indeed love the first half of this book too The needy Doc was a little way away from other Ms Neels hero, even though he s a doctor But as opposed to the general rule of the damsel in distress heroine of BN novels, I love that Benedict Van Manfield the Ogre was the one in distress and our dear Cassandra was as feisty as can be, especially on the Island The other half wasn t as compelling, it went back to the typical BN prose, but having said that, I m still a sucker for anything BN

    12. I love how this book shows a proper ending with Benedict and Cassandra returning to her home and getting married Betty Neels stories frequently end with the reader not really seeing th happily ever after This story is kind of fun because Cassandra never backs down from Benedict Here the leading man meets his match.

    13. A very nice read Since it was written in 1973, WW2 sheds a darker shadow over the culture and time period than it does today, and she touched on that lightly, but not in too dark a way view spoiler The heroine s misconception at the end was completely out of left field and not quite believable, but the hero using it in an attempt to spare her unhappiness was good hide spoiler Good ending.

    14. Cassandra journeys to Ogre s Relish to face the ogre head on Benedict had been blinded in an accident putting his work as a surgeon in to jeopardy Bad tempered and ornery, he met his match in the loving care Cassandra provides.An excellent story.

    15. Sweet simple romance Fast evening read First half of book was particularly good 2nd half your standard Betty Neels.

    16. 4 I really love this 90s books of BN The ending was satisfying, not just a love declaration and kisses and The End The first half of the story we were in Oban Mull, an island in Scotland where our heroine Cassandra Darling met our hero, Benedict van Manfeld The settings are as always beautifully described, and Cassandra had lovely family members The kids were adorable and funny Gosh the things they blurted out It s like an episode of Kids Say The Darndest Things, they had no filter but it sure [...]

    17. I thought I d read most of Betty Neels catalogue years ago, but certainly not this one And it might be one of my favorites Plot wise, the first half is very strong, as other readers note The interplay of angry surgeon, exuberant children, tender hearted aunt and awkward minister works really well Some stories set in fairly small, remote villages can feel faintly claustrophobic, but this one hums with life In a strange way, the second half seems hampered perhaps most by the growing and unusual fo [...]

    18. Cassandra is informed by her niece and nephew that an ogre lives up the hill It turns out that a brilliant Dutch surgeon who is damaged his sight He asks her to go with him to Holland as his nurse Will he recover his sight and recognize his need for Cassandra Maybe of a 3.5, but I enjoyed the characters.

    19. DelightfulIn a way very different than a lot of her so I have read so far Still the English nurse and Dutch surgeon but much less of a hospital setting specially in the beginning Loved the story

    20. I buyVery good as all Betty Neels books are I enjoyed reading this a lot.Her books are riveting and the plots are brilliant and Holland is one of my favourite countries

    21. I guess I m just going to have to accept that I will never understand what Betty Neels fans see in her writing I ve read two or three of her books now, and I have yet to enjoy one They all seem to have the same formula large, irascible, rich, Dutch hero usually a doctor meets small, unattractive, poor, English heroine usually a nurse and tepid, mismatched romance ensues There s little characterization, little basis for the romance, and not much plot beyond medical details.In this book, the heroi [...]

    22. One of the first Harlequin authors I remember reading I was completely enthralled by the exotic locales in her book when I was 14 Now reading these books are of a way of remembering the aunt who got me started on them I ll probably always love them due to the nostalgia factor her books will always be some of my favorites to re read.

    23. I enjoyed the Scotland half, but I couldn t get into the Holland half and wound up skimming the last 25% of the book Cassandra was likable but a bit bland Benedict was unnecessarily rude I plan to read a few of her novels before making a concrete judgment on her writing skills, but alas, I was not impressed with my first Betty Neels.

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