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Burning Tigress #2020

Burning Tigress When a young Englishwoman in Shanghai China decides to learn the secrets of the East will she learn the secret of true love

  • Title: Burning Tigress
  • Author: Jade Lee
  • ISBN: 9780843956887
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Burning Tigress By Jade Lee, When a young Englishwoman in Shanghai, China, decides to learn the secrets of the East, will she learn the secret of true love

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      Jade Lee

    1 thought on “Burning Tigress

    1. Filled with sex with little emotion We are told their is emotion but it is not there The sex is cold The pair are two dimensional The first part is slow Then toward the end we get a little true emotion, but it about the past not the present I will not bother to read this series again I was so intriqued by the Chinese philosphy and having an Asia hero I really wanted to love this series It just did not delivery.

    2. The fourth in the Tigress series, all set in the exotic locale of China, namely Shanghai.I haven t read these in order, which is why I am occasionally confused about the characters, but for the most part it s a self contained, straight forward story This particular installment deals with Charlotte Wicks, a boisterous young woman living in Shanghai, and the household s First Boy, Ken Jin.Charlotte, frustrated by the constraints of being an Englishwoman, wants to receive an education no one of her [...]

    3. I m sorry, I just didn t like this one at all I actually read it quite awhile ago but then it went to the back of the review pile.It s set in Shanghai, China in the late 1880s Charlotte is English and the daughter of a wealthy family who is living there for business Ken Jin is Chinese and a servant to Charlotte s father.The first page has Charlotte accidentally walking in on Ken Jin using acupuncture needles on himself and her remarking on what a large penis he has What Charlotte goes to visit h [...]

    4. 2 of 6 books356p Can sex be the gateway to an ancient mystical realm unheard of in the West According to Chinese Tantrics, the answer is YES.In Jade Lee s award winning Tigress series, western women discover that sex is not simply for pleasure, but for religious ecstasy Who will come out on top The Western Tigress or the Chinese Dragon And is the new erotic realm they discover LOVE BURNING TIGRESS The Way of the Tigress, Book 4 A Chinese seducer s only hope is to lure a western woman into his da [...]

    5. If you are keeping up with this series, its book 4 Its about a spoiled white woman Charlotte who has a handicap brother, a fanatically religious mother, a cheating, low life father and a Chinese servant which all live in China Her best friend has just run off with another Chinese man In book 2 and left her some sacred scrolls that depict different sexual poses Not understanding the poses, she goes to her servant and ask him to explain and show her how to perform each step He shows her some of th [...]

    6. I like the idea of a forbidden love Inter racial romances always incites conflict, disapproval, ostracism and sometime hatred The writer could have gone into detail with the difficulties such a romance would have experienced Especially white society s response to an Oriental Man of that class touching a White Woman This crossed not only the class barrier but also the colour barrier during a time when society was less tolerant than they are today I like the idea that they still ended up together [...]

    7. While I was reading this book, I started freaking out After a while I wasn t quite sure if I wanted to finish the book because I didn t have a good feeling about it I thought for sure he was going to lose his dragon and his dragon pearls I am so happy he didn t and he and Char ended up together with a cub, as they put it, on the way I was so relieved and I have ended been afraid to finish a book before.

    8. I liked it because it had an Asian male as hero and was in a culture time period unusual for me in romance But at times I thought the heroine s attitude was kind of imperialistic The plot jumped around quite a bit But love scenes were excellent Both hero and heroine were alive Some great insights into a new culture Also kudos, for having a secondary character who was handicapped.

    9. DNF What can I say They both sounded like idiots The spiritual talk was way less interesting and spiritual than in other books in this series and the social and cultural implications seem to have disappeared entirely.

    10. Jade Lee never disappoints with her stories The characters were engaging and the Chinese culture was woven in perfectly I love learning about China s history with Jade s books The steamy love scenes kept me riveted to my e reader It was hard to put down.

    11. the idea of Taoist method of going to heaven doesn t go down well with me i find it too fantastical a bit far fetched i like the subplot written in epistolary style, through.

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