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Five Minutes' Peace #2020

Five Minutes Peace All Mrs Large wants is five minutes peace from her energetic children but chaos follows her all the way from the kitchen to the bath and back again Full color

  • Title: Five Minutes' Peace
  • Author: Jill Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780744513639
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Five Minutes' Peace By Jill Murphy, All Mrs Large wants is five minutes peace from her energetic children, but chaos follows her all the way from the kitchen to the bath and back again Full color.

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      178 Jill Murphy
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      Posted by:Jill Murphy
      Published :2020-03-01T13:19:48+00:00

    1 thought on “Five Minutes' Peace

    1. The story of my life, I almost cried when I saw it.It was really funny when I was trying to read to the kids tonight as I also have three kids and I kept referring to them and they giggled.And then I needed five minutes peace afterwards You would not believe how many times I was interrupted while writing this review.

    2. As a child this was one of my favourite stories I loved reading about the Large family, with its long suffering mother who just needs a break The illustrations are adorable too A firm family favourite.

    3. This is such a fun portrayal of a scenario every mom faces now and again the great need for just five minutes all to herself Of course, the children can t quite understand this and keep wanting to join in on her fun The scene with all of the kids climbing into the bathtub with her is priceless D

    4. I don t know where my copy has gone I simply can t have thrown it out Did it get worn out My first meeting of an adorable great niece who amazingly survived meningitis I ignored her until I reread her copy of this wonderful book Out of all the great books I read to my children this was my favourite Beautifully illustrated, the text is on two levels, so that adults can enjoy a wry smile while reading it to their youngsters.Just can t recommend highly enough

    5. I had forgotten how much I loved this book It used to a childhood favourite of mine and I found it in a charity shop over the weekend so decided to give it a read I would strongly recommend this book to a KS1 class to discuss how hard parents work and the importance of having our own time.

    6. Recently I was visiting my hometown and my mother decided to clean out the attic and purge clutter She discovered a box of my favorite childhood books, and I was flipping through them to decide if I should keep or donate all of them This was one I loved and I definitely enjoy the humor even as an adult A treasure I adore Jill Murphy s work.

    7. As a mother of two young boys who follow me EVERYWHERE I could easily relate with this book Both boys loved the story I m just not sure they took in the subtle message

    8. Five minutes peace is a story involving the Large Family, a family of elephants that consists of Mr Large, Mrs Large, Lester, Laura and Baby Mrs Large stacks a tray with several items she likes and tries to go upstairs for a bath and five minutes peace from the family However, the children have other ideas First Lester comes in to play his mother a tune, this is followed by Laura wanting to read her mother a book and then baby brings in some toys for her to play with The story ends up with all o [...]

    9. Because I want five minutes peace from you lot, said Mrs Large This is a jolly book about a mum who just needs five minutes break Mrs Large mum sneaks away from the messy house and the noisy children and takes refuge in the bath with a cup of tea Mum is no sooner enjoying the peace when one by one the children barge into the bathroom to play instruments and recite stories and just create havoc in general Through all the commotion, all three children end up in the bath with mum and baby elephant [...]

    10. Five Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy, tells the story of a mother elephant who just wants some time alone in the bath, however her three children have other ideas This is a family orientated story that children and parents will be able to relate to, it could be used as part of a families topic or to generate discussion for Mother s Day This is a story I would use with children in the EYFS because of the simple lexis and big, bold pictures.The anthropomorphism present in the story attracts children [...]

    11. I discovered this book many years ago when I was home raising three young children and wondering if I would ever enjoy a hot meal or converse with an adult in full sentences ever again Mrs Large yearns for just 5 minutes peace So she sneaks off to the bathroom to enjoy a soak in the bath with tea and the paperd enjoys about a minute of heaven before, one by one, her three youngsters invade the bathroom, and finally end up in the tub with her She sneaks back down to the kitchen where she enjoys t [...]

    12. This was a book I enjoyed as a child and I was pleased to find it hadn t aged badly at all The story of a mother elephant looking for a bit of peace and quiet on a Saturday morning is funny and very true to life I could hear my own mother s voice in her tone Go on, all of you, off downstairs and then ultimately relenting she listens to her son practice his recorder Twinkle Twinkle three and a half times and her daughter reading All of the characters are very relatable and there are great descrip [...]

    13. Five Minutes Peace describes the trials and tribulations of a mother elephant who has three young children She tries to find Five Minutes Peace away from her children but they make sure that she does not have this time alone, as they are in constant search for attention and to better one another The illustrations in the book are excellent and accurately portray what is happening in the story and this would be useful for learners who use english as an additional language, for some children with S [...]

    14. This is a book from a series called the Large family which is about a family of elephants In this one, Mrs Large is trying to get five minutes peace away from the kids so she heads to have a bath However, the kids want to come with her and keep coming in to play music to her, read a book to her or bring her toys to play with Eventually all the kids jump in the bath with her so she heads back to the kitchen to try and get her few minutes peace there The illustrations in the book are excellent and [...]

    15. What a cute idea Five Minutes Peace is about just that, a mom elephant in this case trying to get Five Minutes Peace from her three children.She attempts to enjoy a nice, hot bath But, too soon after she ventures into the tub, the children come.The illustrations are warm and joyful and complement the text.Probably parents will relate to the book than children, but it could be a good book to help teach children about being respectful of other people s needs, space and time.

    16. I discovered this book a while ago, and just read it again, and wanted to write a review As a Mother, and a full time nanny, I can so relate to Mrs Large s wish for five minutes of peace There are days while watching my little ones, I am their nanny that I wonder where they all get the energy to stay up and not nap.When they are sleeping a gift straight from heaven, as most Moms will affirm is when I get my minutes of peace And when I have time to write reviews for.

    17. I didn t really like five minutes peace It just seemed like the mother wanted to get away from her children throughout the entire story She became increasingly frustrated with them and didn t attempt to hide it In the end, Mrs Large never did get her five minutes away This book didn t send a good vibe Not my favorite for sure.

    18. Five Minutes Peace is a story that parents will relate to and enjoy perhaps than the children will Revisiting it with two teenagers, having probably not read it in a dozen years, I don t view it the same as I once did Yes, one can make the case that it s real, but I don t love the message it may give when reading it to one s children.

    19. This one really strikes a chord with me I am SO Mrs Large A book my 6 yr old as well as my twin 3 yr olds loved A solid reading level 1 book, this cute story keeps all ages engaged with the bright colorful pictures and cute story A great addition to any children s library.

    20. So many fond memories as this book My mum used to read it to my siblings and I regularly I think it was a bit of a hint Even as an adult I still enjoy reading this and it s defiantly one I will keep on my bookshelf Beautifully, yet simply written

    21. Genre Modern Fantasy Grade 2This mother is so annoyed with all of the noise so she tries to go to the bathroom and they shortly followed and then she went to the kitchen and they followed shortly after She cannot get any peace at all I love how this mother is dead set on getting peace and she never does kind of makes me wonder if I was that much of a bug when I was younger I bet i was I feel empathy for this mother elephant she needs a vacation and I would gladly pay.

    22. Cute story about a family of elephants where the Mom just wants a little peace Her children keep bugging her with silly requests I read this with a third grade student and they seemed to have an easy enough time following along with the story.

    23. Rasanya Jill Murphy menulis buku ini untuk orang dewasa, lebih tepatnya Ibu ibu Mrs Large si ibu gajah, mendambakan saat tenang di pagi hari Teh diseduh, ditaruh nampan bersama camilan lalu menghilang ke kamar mandi Selagi asyik berendam ketiga anak gajah membuntutinya.

    24. This is one of those children s books that is actually for parents My five year old was perplexed Why would a mother want time away from her children

    25. Five Minutes Peace is a picture book by Jill Murphy It represents family life in an entertaining way, with elephants as the central characters The illustrations are lovely.The story begins at breakfast time, with the children making a lot of mess in the kitchen Mum therefore lays herself a breakfast tray and heads to the bathroom for five minutes peace She faces continual interruptions from the children and therefore doesn t get much peace in the bath With the children in the bath, she sneaks do [...]

    26. The Large Family five Minutes Peace is one of many stories about the family of elephants It is a funny story that many can relate to It is about a day where Mum desires just five minutes to herself However, this goal is constantly thwarted by her children who constantly desired her attention The pictures are bright and engaging and really capture the essence of the story allowing all children to understand and engage Various tasks could be derived from this book The literacy task could be role p [...]

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