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Stop Thief! #2020

Stop Thief When Randall discovered a thief making off with his favorite stuffed animal Mr Pigglesworth he did what any big boy would do He set of on a chase to save his friend Kids will love tracking Randall a

  • Title: Stop Thief!
  • Author: Adam J.B. Lane
  • ISBN: 9781596436930
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stop Thief! By Adam J.B. Lane, When Randall discovered a thief making off with his favorite stuffed animal, Mr Pigglesworth, he did what any big boy would do He set of on a chase to save his friend Kids will love tracking Randall and the robber as they run out of the house and off to the zoo past the alligator pool and through the bat caves then on through the chocolate factory, the city museum, thWhen Randall discovered a thief making off with his favorite stuffed animal, Mr Pigglesworth, he did what any big boy would do He set of on a chase to save his friend Kids will love tracking Randall and the robber as they run out of the house and off to the zoo past the alligator pool and through the bat caves then on through the chocolate factory, the city museum, the fair, and even way up high in a hot air balloon And they ll love yelling, along with Randall, STOP THIEF

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    1 thought on “Stop Thief!

    1. I m going to sound like a broken record here, but I love adventure books This time, the adventure lead us through a city trying to stop a thief How could a thief just steal a cute pig like that Follow Randall for a fun ride that won t disappoint

    2. A very fun book which is too busy on the page to work in a storytime However, what a fabulous lap read or read alone I enjoyed following along the trails in the different settings I liked recognizing the clues from the constellations I loved the little hints at other well known things Kids won t really get that, but adults may The ending is perfect for a child who loves to sleep with a particular toy.

    3. What do you do when someone steals your favorite stuffed animal you yell STOP THIEF and go after him A very empowering story for young children.

    4. A little boy decides that he is too old to be tucked in with his stuffed animal, Mr Pigglesworth Soon he finds that he needs him after all, but when he goes to retrieve him he discovers a thief stealing the pig Randall gives chase throughout the city The reader is able to follow his and the thief s path with a dotted line a la The Family Circus, but less annoying that goes through the zoo, an amusement park, and a chocolate factory among other places It s a simple story, but lots of fun.

    5. Such a fun, interactive book The one thing that could have mad this book better is if there was a splash illustration at the end showing toys from Randall s adventure It would add another layer of did he dream this or really do it Because as the book reads, all the events actually happened It s good It s fun It will keep you entertained for a while following Randall and the Thief everywhere But it lacks that depth that you find in the picturebook greats that would make this book, well, great.

    6. I think this is a really adorable book about a little boy who proclaims himself to be all grown up now When a thief snatches his Mr Pigglesworth, he follows him all over town, and eventually saves him from falling to his death He is certainly a big boy now, but all he wants to to go to sleep Fun cartoon drawings will keep kids looking at each spread for a long time It would make a great introduction to setting.

    7. I ll add this to my collection of stories for my Mischievous storytime along with Twenty Four Robbers and This is Not My Hat Kids will love tracing the thief s journey and the brave little boy following him.

    8. A little boy chases a thief from his house in hopes of recovering his stuffed animals Little does he realize that the strange stars above give clues to how his evening chase will end up.Fun illustrations.

    9. What a fun book The boys had a great time following the path of the boy and the thief It offered great discussion moments of the things the kids were seeing as the boy chased after the man Excellent read, and definitely not your typical book

    10. This is a fun read aloud There are a few vocab words thief, constellation and kids get to yell with the main character, stop, thief It s also a great intro to blended reading with storytelling done both in pictures and in word.

    11. Stop Thief is a fun story about a boy proving that he is no longer a little boy, but a grown up Randall abruptly tells his parents that he is not a little boy any and whishes to not be treated like a little kid any Randall even goes as far as telling his parents that he doesn t need to sleep with Mr Pigglesworth, his stuffed pig, any However, Randall can t fall asleep at night and when he goes to get Mr Pigglesworth, he catches a robber in the act of stealing him The robber leads Randall in a ch [...]

    12. Randall decides and announces to his parents that he is a big boy now This includes not needing to sleep with Mr Pigglesworth, his stuffed pig, any But when I thief steals Mr Pigglesworth, Randall realizes how special he still is and chases the thief all over town to get Mr Pigglesworth back This story includes some great chase scenes through a zoo, a chocolate factory, and In the end Randall catches the thief, becomes a hero, but most importantly gets Mr Pigglesworth back.The illustrations in [...]

    13. When young Randall McCoy decides that he s too big for childish things, he leaves behind being tucked into bed and being kissed goodnight He also leaves behind his favorite bedtime companion, his stuffed pink Mr Pigglesworth Unable to sleep, he goes in search of the toy, and finds a thief in the act of taking the stuffed animal Off they go, through the town s streets, into a chocolate factory, through a museum, and on to a fair where they take to the air, with Randall clinging to a rope In the e [...]

    14. This is such a fun book about a boy named Randall who chooses to give up everything that goes along with being a kid, and claims that he is a big boy When he goes to bed without his stuffed pig, he can t fall asleep and decides to go downstairs and get him However, he encounters a thief and chases him all around town, even into a hot air balloon The air balloon crashes, and Randall saves the thief from falling off of a skyscraper Randall gets his pig back and the thief is arrested In the end, Ra [...]

    15. Randall declares himself a big boy and therefore doesn t need his favorite stuffed friend Mr Pigglesworth any All that changes though when his beloved toy is stolen by a burglar Randall chases the burglar all through 2 page spreads yelling Stop Thief In the end all is righted and the self proclaimed big boy maintains his status in the company of his favorite toy Illustrations are full color and cartoony They reminded me of Dav Pilkey s work I liked how the constellations in the sky laid out a ma [...]

    16. Stop ThiefBrief summary A little boy says he is all grown up and doesn t need his pig, Mr Pigglesworth but changes his mind and finds a thief stealing Mr Pigglesworth.Annotation This story is pretty good, the following of the thief through his adventures may be interesting to children Age appropriateness 2 5 year oldsConnection to six early literacy skills Print Motivation This book has a dotted line for children to follow the thief which makes it pretty fun.Opinion This book is just okay I thin [...]

    17. 1.Randall has officially decided that he is a big boy No need for vegetables or to be tucked in by mom and dad And no need for his favorite stuffed animal, Mr Pigglesworth But when he can t fall asleep and goes to get him he finds a thief taking his favorite pig Like a big boy Randall chases the thief through town to get his pig back Does Randall every catch him Does the thief give Mr Pigglesworth back 2.Have the children rewrite the ending how they would have done it 3.Lane, A 2012 Stop thief [...]

    18. My students LOVED this read aloud The liked seeing Randall chase the thief through the zoo, chocolate factory, museum, and fair What really captured their attention was that the constellations presented early in the book represent events from the story It was a great way to review the story and many of my students asked about real constellations as a follow up A fun choice for any elementary school group Suggested activities create your own chase picture, design your own constellation, learn abo [...]

    19. When Randall declares that as a big boy he no longer needs his stuffed pig, he has difficulty sleeping and heads downstairs to retrieve him He sees a thief stealing the pig and yells the first of many stop thief declarations The robber runs while he pursues him and his toy Certain aspects of the book split and highly detailed illustrations make it a challenging yet not impossible storytime read yet children will enjoy pouring over this title on their own or on an adult s lap.

    20. The author used Pittsburgh as the setting for the story Look for the incline, it is super cute

    21. This has been in the backseat of my car for the past week and the boys have been loving it and fighting over itI didn t quite see the appeal but they sure seem to enjoy it

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