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Catch Me When I Fall #2020

Catch Me When I Fall Holly Krauss lives life in a whirlwind her husband Charlie her business partner Meg and her colleagues at KS Associates are left breathless by her energy But sometimes her wild behaviour leads to rec

  • Title: Catch Me When I Fall
  • Author: Nicci French
  • ISBN: 9780141006529
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • Catch Me When I Fall By Nicci French, Holly Krauss lives life in a whirlwind her husband Charlie, her business partner Meg and her colleagues at KS Associates are left breathless by her energy But sometimes her wild behaviour leads to reckless mistakes Mistakes which soon leave her life spiralling out of control.

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      243 Nicci French
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    1 thought on “Catch Me When I Fall

    1. It was hard to read this novel because I did not like the main character, but after a while the reader will realize we probably don t like her because she s mentally ill the reason for her ridiculous decision making but then the book changes narrators and gives you an completely different feel I would have to say this novel was an un even read at times I was sucked in but for 70% of the novel I was waiting for it to be over.

    2. Description A successful, happily married businesswoman, Holly Krauss is loved and admired by everyone she meets But that s only one side of Holly the other takes regular walks on the wild side When the two sides of Holly s life collide, her world spirals out of control .

    3. Ako mislite da je ovo jo jedan triler bra nog para Gerrard French u stilu Olovnog ponedjeljka , odmah vas moram razuvjeriti Onaj prvi je te no klizio mojim itala kim vijugama a ovaj se svako tol ko spotaknuo u njima.Nakon ovog slikovitog prikaza, re i u vam da je ovdje rije o psiholo koj drami koju pro ivljava glavna junakinja Holly Krauss, uspje na poslovna ena koja voli zaru iti nakon posla Ali, nakon jedne takve pijane no i, budi se u nepoznatom krevetu s nepoznatim mu karcem Sve je moglo ost [...]

    4. Inspired to read a novel that showed the reader multiple perspectives, be it either points of view, different timelines, or different stories weaved together to form a broad single narrative after having read PLEASE DON T LEAVE ME HERE, the new Aussie crime novel by Tania Chandler, CATCH ME WHEN I FALL fit the bill, though I didn t delve in without some apprehension I recall really liking the first half of this novel only to be let down by the drab second stanza Not the case this time around The [...]

    5. I m a big fan of Nicci French For those of you who don t know Nicci French is actually the married couple Nicci Gerrard and Sean French I first discovered them with the book Killing Me Softly, which I absolutely loved Since then I have read several of their books, plus two others written by Nicci Gerrard on her own So I am a fan Together as Nicci French, they write a really great sort of psychological fiction filled with menace and surprises and shadowy figures Page turners.Catch Me When I Fall [...]

    6. I didn t expect to like this but I really did It s tautly plotted, well written and kept me gripped There s a prologue which I found was unnecessary and rather abstract, and felt it had probably been put there only to provide a mysterious beginning A character talks about dying twice and a lot of other stuff that makes no sense because we don t know who she is or what anyone s been doing It seriously put me off But once we got into the opening scene, I was quickly hooked The characters are craze [...]

    7. A fantastic study of bi polar disorder as well as a good suspenseful read Read in a day and well recommended.

    8. I first saw a Nicci French book at the bookshop a few years back I can t remember which book it was What I remember was that when I read the plot summary on the back cover, I found it quite gripping and I wanted to read the book For some reason I didn t get the book, but I made a mental note to read a Nicci French book when I was in the mood for a gripping thriller Sometime back I was in a book sale and out of the rows and rows of books, out popped a Nicci French book trying to catch my attentio [...]

    9. A competent fast paced thriller with the usual high concept hook and facile TVish feel of the genre but a cut above most in one respect, at least, which is that the authors did the necessary work so that the plot all fits together and runs smoothly Look at the bit of business with the note at the end that s the sort of story component that good writing demands, but that the reader probably doesn t even notice.

    10. Nice book, the first I have read from this author and I absolutely loved the relationship between Holly and Meg Meg definitely knows what being a friend means I also enjoyed the two different point of views in the two parts of it Worth reading it and sooner or later I will read from this author.

    11. A friend of mine recommended this to me Knowing her taste I was eager to read it as her recommendations have never disappointed However this one was a tad too boring for my taste I didn t relate to or like any of the characters and I didn t have the feeling anything really happened Definitely not a page turner for me Not bad, just not my style.

    12. The story in brief is simple Holly is a manic depressive, bipolar disorder and one comment states the symptons are described accrutely Not made any verification.Holly is an extrovert and in a job she is in many ways suited A partnership business with her best friend, Meg in events promotion and organising They have a growing number of staff and a growing client base.Story starts with life of the party Holly caught in her real one night epic craziness Irresponsible that had events of voilence, br [...]

    13. Zo blij dat ik binnenkort Zondag E.I.N.D.E.L.I.J.K kan lezen Het zevende boek over de psychologe Frieda Klein en alle personages rondom haar Het duo Nicci French heeft al veel thrillers samen geschreven Ik ben gezond jaloers Tussendoor lees ik even 3 andere verhalen van hun hand.Schrijversechtpaar Nicci FrenchOne writer Two minds Het koppel Nicci Gerard en Sean French pent bestsellers Miljoenen boeken gaan over de toonbank of reizen virtueel naar de e reader Ik kijk zuchtend naar een foto van di [...]

    14. Whoa, what have I just read Seriously, my mind is a like jumbled zoo of words from a story that started out making no sense I had no idea where the story was going, no indication of any drama that would occur, and no possible way of knowing anything like THAT ending was going to happen I m actually rather speechless It goes into so much detail about mental health, including the symptoms, that I felt I learn stuff quite new to me also The characters were phenomenal and really touched me, especial [...]

    15. This book was really hard for me to initially get into, namely because I couldn t get behind the main character s behavior Then it started picking up, and once it became clear she suffered a mental disorder, it was understandable The second half is from Meg s perspective, which sheds a ton of light through the craziness of Holly s.Overall a good read, and my first from this author.

    16. A gripping story about Holly Kraus, a wild successful business woman who shows no fear and parties hard or does she The story starts out as Holly s version of events, but as the plot thickens her best friend and business partner tells the story The reader is kept guessing right up until the last 40 pages when the plot is revealed Well written and a real page turner.

    17. This was an unusual story I read it I was interested, but I did not enjoy this book.I guess it is a sombre story and tell the story of Holly, who is the main character in the first part of the book The second part of the book, tells the story from the perspective of Meg, who is her best friend, confidant and work colleague It gives you some insight into a situation, that many of us may never have to experience with a family member or friend.

    18. DNF 10%The writhing or precisely the format is so crowded that you do not know when it is dialogue or narrative so I felt very confused.

    19. Great readFirst book I ve read in ages and actually been really stuck into Well written and very emotionally relatable Will be reading from Nicci French

    20. So it was okay I mean, I guess I m not sure what I was expecting but I was feeling pretty annoyed with Holly, even though I picked up really early on that she had Bipolar Disorder And it s not that I was annoyed with her for having Bipolar, I just wasn t seeing where the story was going It felt like maybe it was just supposed to be fiction about what it s like to live with someone with Bipolar Perhaps because of my field behavioral health , that is why it didn t really strike a chord in me.I wa [...]

    21. The story starts with a main character who seems not to win the sympathy or compassion from its readers The turbulent life of the main character is living can be categorized as rampaging through life As the story progresses, life of people surrounding the main character is affected greatly in a negative way.The roller coaster continue on a highway to hell for the main character as well as for the people around her It is definitely pushing them away and far up to the wall It is definitely intrigu [...]

    22. After that, there are things I remember and don t remember at the same time, like something happening to someone else, in a film or in a dream you know you re having but can t wake up from Or, rather, it was like something happening to me, but I was someone else This book was recommended by a friend, my first Nicci French The book talks about a businesswomanHolly Kraussand her family and friends in her life The book is divided into two parts Dying Once,which takes up majority of the book andDyin [...]

    23. The blurb on the cover of this book led me to think it was a murder mystery but this novel is far from being that but it is interesting and enjoyable.Where is the line that defines the difference between spontaneity, impulsiveness and mania When the main character is first met she has just crossed that line although neither we, the reader, nor she recognise it at the time Holly has always been the life and soul of the party, the person who lights up the room when entering, the one with wild idea [...]

    24. Holly Krauss s life is a calamity She is having a mid life crisis and hasn t even reached mid life A one night stand that is better forgotten grows ominously and portentously out of proportion and soon threatens her already precarious life The life of newly marital bliss is threatened for what she considers an aberration, never to be repeated Holly, normally a cool, assertive and active business woman is suddenly faced with the helpless horrors of being stalked and threatened by an act she had p [...]

    25. There are some spoilers in this review I like Nicci French a lot, and have read most of their books now I ve been going back and finding their old ones to read, as I missed most of them when they came out However, I think that this one didn t quite come up to their usual standard It s not really a crime novel, for a start There is some violence and bad behaviour throughout the book, as the main character has bipolar disorder and her life gets out of control when she s on a high She gets into fig [...]

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