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Small Medium at Large #2020

Small Medium at Large After she s hit by lightning at a wedding twelve year old Lilah Bloom develops a new talent she can hear dead people Among them there s her overopinionated Bubby Dora a prissy fashion designer and a

  • Title: Small Medium at Large
  • Author: Joanne Levy
  • ISBN: 9781599908366
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Small Medium at Large By Joanne Levy, After she s hit by lightning at a wedding, twelve year old Lilah Bloom develops a new talent she can hear dead people Among them, there s her overopinionated Bubby Dora a prissy fashion designer and an approval seeking clown who livens up a s ance With Bubby Dora leading the way, these and other sweetly imperfect ghosts haunt Lilah through seventh grade, and help herAfter she s hit by lightning at a wedding, twelve year old Lilah Bloom develops a new talent she can hear dead people Among them, there s her overopinionated Bubby Dora a prissy fashion designer and an approval seeking clown who livens up a s ance With Bubby Dora leading the way, these and other sweetly imperfect ghosts haunt Lilah through seventh grade, and help her face her one big fear talking to and possibly going to the seventh grade dance with her crush, Andrew Finkel.

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      241 Joanne Levy
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    1. This book is a funny, sweet paranormal with a touch of romance, perfect for the YA paranormal lover s little sister.

    2. One recently divorced Dad whose dating prospects are slim to none A cute boy crush who doesn t know she exists And did we mention Know It All eight grader Dolly Madison Seventh grader Lilah Bloom thought she already had enough problems Then at her mother s wedding, she s struck by lightning But it s after she wakes up that the real trouble starts Suddenly Lilah can communicate with ghosts The good news Her late Bubby Dora reappears in her life The bad news Bubby brings a troupe of often meddleso [...]

    3. SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE by Joanne Levy Bloomsbury 7 3 12 SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE SMaL first caught my eye when I was reading through the Publisher s Marketplace New Deals several months ago the title is just so brilliant so I was thrilled when Joanne Levy joined the Class of 2k12 debut authors group I am the lucky first Class of 2k12 author to read the ARC of SMaL and since I have a 7th grade daughter like M C Lilah , I asked my daughter if she would like to read it before I did.My daughter is a fin [...]

    4. Adorable, quirky and oh so funny This charming middle grade book is a surefire winner with a premise that lives up to its fabulous title Not only is its depiction of 12 year old girl woes spot on, but the ghosts that haunt small medium Lilah are hilariously delightful I predict many, many readers will simply adore this book this one already does.

    5. I absolutely loved this book even though my 10 year old daughter swiped it from me when I was halfway through, so she could read it a second time s that kind of book The premise is great middle school kid Lilah is struck by lightning and can suddenly hear ghosts, including her dead grandmother and a famous, long departed fashionista who team up to tkae Lilah bra shopping Best Scene, Ever This book is exactly what it promises to be warm, wonderful, hilarious, and so much fun Highly, highly recomm [...]

    6. Not sure why there s a comparison to Judy Blume I didn t notice anything about menstruation or bullying or anything and the paranormal bit focuses on the loving Bubby, is not the least satanic except if it s meant that the girl is Jewish Light, quick, and often very funny And clever I love that, for once, the girl is not an outsider, does not have issues, has plenty of friends and a good relationship with her parents Even the fact that her parents are divorced seems to be contrived in support of [...]

    7. I love books featuring ghosts in a positive, happy light and Small Medium at Large is no exception Each of the spirits in this story, reminiscent of TV shows like Are You Afraid of the Dark and Eerie Indiana, are flawed yet lovable in their own way.

    8. Small Medium at Large, apart from having a clever title and a wonderful premise, is also hilarious and probably the least scary ghost story ever written for middle graders Lilah Bloom gets hit by lightning, then she starts to hear people talking to her Which is fine, except they aren t actually living people After her brush with death, Lilah can hear ghosts She starts to have conversations, loud and clear conversations, with her grandmother, her teacher s ex band mate, a fashion maven, a dead bo [...]

    9. I thought that Small Medium at Large by Joanne Levy was a very fun book about a 12 year old girl who starts to hear dead people The book was so well written, when you start be prepared to sit there and read all of it There were some laugh out loud moments I think any young girl would love the book and even adults as well, I know I did.The characters we all very well described and it was easy to get pulled into the story.

    10. Such a fun book I devoured it in a single afternoon, and now I just wish I knew middle grade kids to recommend it to I can totally see a series out of this I d love to hear about Lilah s other escapades with her voices Fingers crossed that Levy decides to keep us updated on Lilah.

    11. This review is from my book review blog trythisbookonforsizeIt has been a while since I read a middle grade novel at least a few months My first thoughts on Small Medium at Large were kid friendly, a delight to read, fun and funny, well written in a great age appropriate voice and, well FUN It bears repeating.Lilah Bloom is 12 She comes from a broken family that term really needs to be refreshed a lot of families these days are not so much broken, as they are realigned As the story opens, we are [...]

    12. Review originally posted at Y.A LoveIn all honesty, I m really picky about middle grade novels I don t know if it s just that I m a high school English teacher and therefore interested in young adult novels, or what, but I don t always like middle grade novels I have a really difficult time connecting with them and enjoying them, so when I find one that I like I want to spread the word all over the place I didn t just like Small Medium at Large by Joanne Levy, I loved it.Small Medium at Large r [...]

    13. Small Medium at Large by Joanne Levy was one of the 10 Red Maple fiction picks for 2014 This is a really girly book so in my opinion it shouldn t have been picked as a Red maple To enjoy this book you would really have to have an interest for hearing voices or for problems that Lilah Bloom the protagonist is going through After the survival of being struck by lightning, 12 year old Lilah Bloom has a new talent she can hear dead people and surely are they real annoying She can hear her over opini [...]

    14. So I just finished Small Medium At Large and after reading the book I finally understand the title I never really understood them before but now I do Small Medium At Large is a story about a girl named Lilah who while attending her mothers wedding she gets hit by lighting When she wakes up in the hospital she starts hearing voices and she s confused because only her parents are in the room but neither of them are speaking The voice finally reveals itself to us as Lilah s dead grandmother Bubby B [...]

    15. I enjoyed this fun and interesting book very much What urged me to read it was the title, Small Medium at Large, because I have never heard of such an original name for a book When I did start reading it, I realized that it was a good book for girls who are about the main character s age, because it helped those young developing girls not to feel ashamed or nervous about having to do something different than usual with their body Small Medium at Large was about a 12 year old girl named Lilah Del [...]

    16. Small Medium at Large was a funny middle grade novel After finishing the book, I understand what the title means I love the humor in the title Once starting the book, the reader finds the same humor throughout the pages The book made me laugh quite a bit I don t think a chapter went by without me at least chuckling The plot was well written There weren t any plot holes The story flowed well from beginning to end It was entertaining I stayed up late to finish the book because I wanted to find out [...]

    17. A simple book about a young girl with young girl issues like dating and fashion who has a big secret predictable there really isn t annything new or unexspected in this book, and is sometimes even pianfully boring at times there was nothing that interested me to keep reading maybe this book just isn t ot my taste, becuase admititly i don t really like this genre to begin with, but it s still way to predictable also the main characters seem to have 1 dimentional personalities that give no denpth [...]

    18. 12 year old Lilah gets struck by lightning at her mom s wedding, and suddenly she can hear dead people s voices in her head This is a cute, tender, quick read for girls if you like dances, the thought of hearing dead people and all the issues that could pose , and cutesy romances, you ll enjoy this book

    19. i thought that this book was reallly good At the beginning it was kinda boaring but as i kept reading it got pretty good In this book a girl is hit by lightning After this she is able to talk to people that have passed including her grandma when ever anything gets tough or she doesnt know what to do her grrandma is there to help her.

    20. I liked this book because it had points where it was serious but there were also parts that were funny and it s a book that you can enjoy I liked how she helped the girl out with the fashion show and I think that showed a good side to her personality I like her friend because she is what every good friend should be I think this is a really girly book and might turn guys away.

    21. I thought Small Medium at Large was a very cheesy book that was over dramatic and unrealistic I believe the target audience should be people younger than those who read the red maple category It was an easy read but not one that I enjoyed.

    22. Good story Fast read, done in 4 hours Book is for teenagers but I really enjoyed it I wish I was able to talk to the dead like the main character I would like to hear about what happens to the main character as she grows up Is there another book on the way

    23. This book is sweet and fun and super cute The perfect book for upper elementary aged girls who want a book with some romance And ghosts

    24. Amazing MG book, SMALL MEDIUM AT LARGE unique, funny, kid friendly book with a few twists Loved the main charater of Lilah a real kid with an amazing gift

    25. Read all my reviews at flyleafreviewI adore Middle Grade books Well let me rephrase, I adore GOOD Middle Grade books If you have read my About Me page on the blog, you ll know that once I read Judy Blume, Wylly Folk St John and Beverly Cleary, my life was never the same It is always exciting to me to discover a book or author that falls into this specific age group because I firmly believe, based on my own experience, that these books act as a springboard and can encourage a life long love of re [...]

    26. Cover Gushing Worthiness I adore this cover and I think John Candell the Jacket Designer did a great job The colours are beautiful and the font of the title is perfect because it adds a spooky feeling to it I also like the girl s smile Overall it s a great cover for this book Review I have to admit that it was the cover that drew me to read Small Medium At Large I mean how can anyone resist such a great cover I first saw this book on and after reading the synopsis of the book I decided to give t [...]

    27. GUYS, Small Medium at Large is every bit as frickin adorable as the puntastic title implies, and I am so happy to be able to say that I had extremely high hopes for Joanne Levy s debut, since we ve bonded over Twitter, but experience has shown that just because I love an author, I won t necessarily be impressed by their novels Thankfully, Joanne s was a little ray of middle grade sunshine that made me say AWWWW out loud multiple times.From the very beginning, I knew I would love this, because Li [...]

    28. For children, at any age divorces can be stressful, sad, and confusing Instead, for Lilah Bloom, it becomes a mission Her parents recently just got a divorce, and It sure didn t take long for her mother to find the one , again On the other hand is her dad Sad, lonely, and lost in a world of isolation Likewise, lilah wants to help her dad guide his way out of that place, and live a happy life with the help of Bubby Dora,who is Lilah s dead grandmother Hold up, I forgot to mention Lilah can hear G [...]

    29. I received a copy from the author as a part of her street team giveaway Thanks so much Small Medium At Large tells the story of Lilah and how a chance encounter with a bolt of lightning changed her world forever After being hit while at her mother s wedding, Lilah discovers that she had a new talent she can talk to ghosts The ghosts she talks to range from the famous to the everyday, and helping them deliver their messages to their still living friends and family is a real challenge Especially w [...]

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