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The Education of a Poker Player (High Stakes Classic) #2020

The Education of a Poker Player High Stakes Classic None

  • Title: The Education of a Poker Player (High Stakes Classic)
  • Author: Herbert O. Yardley
  • ISBN: 9781843440017
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Education of a Poker Player (High Stakes Classic) By Herbert O. Yardley, None

    • [☆ The Education of a Poker Player (High Stakes Classic) || ↠ PDF Download by ✓ Herbert O. Yardley]
      174 Herbert O. Yardley
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      Posted by:Herbert O. Yardley
      Published :2019-09-08T03:29:16+00:00

    1 thought on “The Education of a Poker Player (High Stakes Classic)

    1. This book is bar none, the best poker book ever written It is such an unknown treasure, I laugh every time I ask if someone has read it, and they say they ve never heard of Herbert Yardley This is the memoir of the man that created MI 8 And, he ll teach you how to withstand a table full of card sharps chomping at your wallet.

    2. I first became interested in poker in high school My father gave me this book to read illustrating how to play hands, when to hold em, when to fold em When I played in high school, I often brought 50% of my net worth to the table, say about 30 dollars I continued playing in law school and have played off and on for the past twenty years I still bring about 30 40 dollars to a game.Yardley got his education when he started playing in a town in Indiana when his parents died when he was age 17 The o [...]

    3. This book is widely heralded as the first treatise on poker It is an interesting read, filled with interesting stories by a man who has, by all accounts, led an interesting life But I suspect most are not here to read about Yardley s exploits in life Yardley died in 1958, just before the onslaught of Texas Hold em on the poker world Today, the games described by Yardley have all but been displaced by Texas Hold em Players of Texas Hold em would, I suspect, not find much useful reading in this bo [...]

    4. Favorite Quotes The next morning we were on our way to the tailor s, where I had ordered several suits of clothes The tailor, while fitting me, began to jabber to Ling What does he say I asked.Ling spat judiciously, Western style He wants to know what side of your trousers you wear your waterspout Well, I ll be a son of a bitch, I said, imitating Monty after all these years Tell the bastard he flatters me p71 Tags funnyAll officialdom becomes involved in red tape and suffocates under its own doc [...]

    5. I ve had this in my backlog of poker books and forgot about it The author had a pretty interesting life seriously, look him up on and this book gets in to the two main parts of his life with regard to gaming.The first part is as a youth in Indiana who learned to play various poker games at a gambling hall in his home town He eventually becomes a type of house dealer and shill when the owner takes him under his wing and starts tutoring him.There are some pretty interesting stories that are told h [...]

    6. I have no idea how or where I got this book but it s been in the bookcase for several years now So far the technical language is too far beyond my rudimentary knowledge of the game for me to enjoy the book I may or may not finish it before I pass it on to a poker playing friend So after a little research I learned what the poker terms meant which helped rather a lot The book is largely divided into chapters based on different games draw, stud, hi lo, etc and gives tips on which hands to fold on, [...]

    7. Much of Yardley s technical advice has been surpassed by a new generation of thinking and computer simulations but his human observations and advice on how to understand what is happening at a poker table are timeless An added benefit is to see into the mind of someone who was highly successful in other interesting endeavors.Judging the book for what it was and when it was written, it was a technical masterpiece that provided reliable information than anything before it

    8. Read it in no time good fun.Bit of an odd format but compelling unfortunately completely overtaken by history, especially Internet gambling But nice that he had such good stories to tell.A novelty, now, rather than a contribution.

    9. Fun, serious, evokes a former time Yardley mixes stories of learning to play poker as a kid with serious advice on how to play, and adds colorful reminicenses of play during his career as an international codebreaking U.S spy in the 1920s and 30s.

    10. Excellent mix of poker strategy and anecdote of learning the game in early twentieth century Indiana from the local master, and teaching and playing while working as a code breaker in China.

    11. I enjoyed it for the told over poker stories than for the actual poker advice, which mainly relates to games there are seldom played any.

    12. Poker strategies and stories from an American spy who grew up playing cards in Midwest saloons in the early 1900s and mainland China on the precipice of WWII.

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