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Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide #2020

Be Brave Be Strong A Journey Across the Great Divide Jill is an unassuming recreational cyclist who has about as much in common with Lance Armstrong as she does with Michael Jordan But despite her perceived athletic mediocrity the newspaper editor from

  • Title: Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide
  • Author: Jill Homer
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide By Jill Homer, Jill is an unassuming recreational cyclist who has about as much in common with Lance Armstrong as she does with Michael Jordan But despite her perceived athletic mediocrity, the newspaper editor from Alaska harbors an outlandish ambition the world s toughest mountain bike race, a 2,740 mile journey from Canada to Mexico along the rugged spine of the Rocky Mountains AJill is an unassuming recreational cyclist who has about as much in common with Lance Armstrong as she does with Michael Jordan But despite her perceived athletic mediocrity, the newspaper editor from Alaska harbors an outlandish ambition the world s toughest mountain bike race, a 2,740 mile journey from Canada to Mexico along the rugged spine of the Rocky Mountains A race of that magnitude demands a daunting training plan, which Jill aspires to until she literally breaks the ice on a frozen lake in the Alaska wilderness Serious frostbite proves to only be the beginning in a series of setbacks that threaten to change her dream from outlandish to impossible But, as Jill explains to a skeptical friend, The fact that something s impossible has never been a good reason not to try Be Brave, Be Strong, is the true story of an adventure driven relentlessly forward as foundations crumble This is a brutally honest account of one woman s incredible journey and simple discovery to take on the world s toughest mountain bike race, one doesn t have to be the world s toughest woman Not even close.

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    1 thought on “Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide

    1. Be Brave, Be Strong at 421 pages is nonetheless a a quick read memoir by Jill Homer about, as the title states, her journey across the Great Divide by mountain bike Homer is a Utah native living in Alaska at the time she is preparing for this race The story actually begins with the Iditarod, a harsh cross country race that people apparently undertake by bicycle, foot, sled, and perhaps other means of transportation Before this I actually thought the Iditarod was only done by sled During the Idit [...]

    2. With terrific photos of the beauty of landscape and individual and group determination to succeed in their goals, Be Brave, Be Strong is a moving work of one women s tremendous journey to complete a dream after heartbreak Although a memoir of sorts and a detailing her experiences, I appreciated the flowing style that reminded me of the storytelling tradition of my people, not just someone telling their story We re given fascinating views into the internal struggle and psychological influences th [...]

    3. If you want to read a book on inspiration and reaching your goals, this is definitely the one that you should pick up I felt so bad initially for not having started on this sooner, since it s a first reads book, but I wasn t able to start it until about 3 months after initially getting it due to the hard semester I ve had So I picked it up right away as soon as my break started, and now after finishing it I feel even worse for not having reviewed it earlier It was really good and so much credit [...]

    4. Won on First Reads Giveaway As an avid mountian biker I am so excited to read this one.Jill is my new hero This is less a book about mountain biking than self discovery and life In three and a half weeks Jill rides through than a race course but all that is good and bad in life As a biker I loved the book and will give it to family and friends to read During graduate school at the University of Utah I lived in Sandy and rode Corner Canyon, Millcreek, and in the Cottonwoods regularly places wher [...]

    5. 3.5 stars actually, but gr doesn t let me do thatI am in awe of this woman not only can she write a good yarn, but her story is amazing I mean how many of us would ride a mountain bike from Canada to Mexico in rain and over 11,000 foot mountains in just 24 days With only two outfits and a bag of junk food and a sleeping bag Jill Homer did It s called the Tour Divide and she did it in 2009 first try Her narrative begins in Alaska with her long time boyfriend suddenly calling it quits and whereas [...]

    6. An interesting and detailed read about a grueling race I appreciated the personal details Jill included in this book, though her use of similes isdistracting is the nicest way I can put it And she uses a lot of them They just don t add to the story and go way off into left field, putting the attention onto the strange comparison rather than the thing that is being described, such as comparing mud to a greedy child eating peanut butter sandwiches huh

    7. The first few chapters were painful as she just makes some really poor choices but once she started the actual race, I loved the writing and the adventure I understand that the first few chapters set a necessary back drop but she did seem pretty stupid and whiny there for a bit A great adventure though and a well told tale of an amazing race.

    8. I downloaded this book on a whim and I m so glad I did A great read if you re into cycling, the outdoors, or endurance sports

    9. Highly recommended for someone wanting to read about solo adventures May be better suited for female readers, but some males might like it.

    10. One woman s challenge to complete the world s longest off pavement cycling route The Great Divide Mountain Bike Race, travelling from Banff in Alberta to the Mexican Border a total of 2,740 miles.This is a story of sheer endurance and perseverance Jill Homer describes her journey beautifully, with all of its psychological and physical ups and downs The writing is elegantly crafted and is an inspiring and motivational tale for anyone, though it will probably have deeper meaning for cyclists, and [...]

    11. This is a really cool story of Jill Homer s race in the 2009 Tour Divide, a self supported mountain bike race that starts in Banff, travels across a planned route along the Continental divide and ends at the Mexican border She starts out by describing the events that lead up to the race frostbite that forced her to drop out of the Iditarod Trail Invitational, breaking up with her partner of 8 years, and the decision to leave her job Then, the meat of the book is the story of her journey in the T [...]

    12. The story was told simply, without unnecessary details The reader will endure Jill s struggles with Ultrasport, the possibility of leaving her job as a newspaper editor and her home in Juneau Her boyfriend of eight years will break off the relationship The author gives the reader the straight forward facts, revealing all and hiding nothing The reader will be impressed that the author is willing to share some tough choices and events in her life This comprises the first part of the story The seco [...]

    13. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book I had a hard time putting it down Jill is a remarkable young woman that dreams big and does everything to make it come true While racing the 2700 miles on a mountain bike she beautifully describes the scenery, the weather, conditions of the trail and the very nice people that gave her a place to sleep and fed her warm meals She writes about sleeping in her bivy sack along side the road as the sleep monster took over She has very little fear I felt like I was riding [...]

    14. I actually liked large parts of this book quite a lot There were many instances where I could almost imagine myself in her position, stuck facing a near impossible task Her descriptions of those situations, how she powered through them, were mostly well done However, there were some parts wherein I found the author s discussion of personal relationships with real people to be a little uncomfortable Maybe that s what an autobiography is but, somehow, these people were a little too close to real l [...]

    15. I thoroughly enjoyed this book At the beginning I felt the chapters ended and began a bit choppy but by mid book I felt the flow going from one chapter to the next Jill did a wonderful job of detailing her adventure to include her emotions, human interaction and progress At times I did skim details of elevation, terrain and trail conditions but mostly because I am not a cyclist an it felt tedious to me I appreciated how she didn t bog down the book with her exact words everytime she had a rough [...]

    16. Frost bite, crutches, the end of a relationship and an uncertain future don t deter journalist Jill Homer from undertaking The Tour Divide bicycle race from Banff, Alberta to the Mexican border at Antelope Wells Brit Paul Howard s account of the the same 2009 event is Eat Sleep Ride As with her earlier book about racing the Iditarod Trail Invitational in Alaska, Ghost Trails, Homer brings a lot of emotion and reflection to overwhelmingly male dominated events Both books would make great gifts to [...]

    17. I m a little than halfway through this book I m trying to savor it because it s really good and not just read it in a few epic sittings as I did Ghost Trails, the author s other book So far I m really enjoying this story about the author s experiences leading up to and riding the Tour Divide Mountain Bike Race An added bonus is that reading a little bit of this book every evening has been a great motivator for actual bike riding during the day eta I finished this book I really loved it If anyon [...]

    18. It is easier to give up than to success in an arduous mountain bicycle ride along the spine of the rocking mountains The 2,740 mile trip is not for the faint hearted and not the speediest when you think about pedaling one s self that distance There are pictures that highlight the beauty and the obstacles author Homer faced on her 24 day record setting journey on the 2009 Tour Divide Reader will discover the toil this type of commitment takes on the body, emotions, relationships, and of course, a [...]

    19. I very much enjoyed Jill Homer s simple writing style this felt like a diary than anything else But I found some aspects of the book frustrating She introduced a couple of relationships into the book but didn t really resolve what was happening with either which I realize this book is about a race but don t introduce something you don t want to talk about I was mostly curious about what happened after the race I would assume that an event like this can change you and I was frustrated that she e [...]

    20. Interesting read, although a bit soap opera in parts where author describes her relationship break up Some great descriptions of bicycling the Tour Divide event If you are a fan of wilderness racing which in my mind is a contradiction in terms then this is a good book It would have been better in my mind if the author was riding the route on her own, rather than as part of an event But the descriptions of the landscape, and the sights, smells, sounds, and feeling of rugged, long distance mountai [...]

    21. This book is definitely a worthwhile read Ms Homer eloquently touches upon heavy life themes, but also manages to keep things light and humorous enough to make the novel an enjoyable read I m not a woman or a cyclist, and yet I found this book to be engaging, interesting, and relatable, as it mostly focuses on physical and mental adversity, and a person s ability to overcome such I would highly recommend this book to just about anyone, but especially those who appreciate the outdoors and complex [...]

    22. At about 3 4 through I was starting to think about what I would give this book in regards to a rating it was going to be a 4 Then came the last chapter I sobbed Full on sobbed, multiple times I have no idea where it came from Obviously it s a 5 with that kind of psychological response This book tugs at your core because each and every one of us can relate it may not be biking, but we have each had some sort of struggle that we had to fight to the bitter end to finish I have to say, Eat, Love, Pr [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book I read it pretty quickly I know a number of other reviewers complained about her focusing a lot on the dissolution of her relationship I found that to be both interesting and engaging It provided solid background to her motivations and put everything in context Toward the end the descriptions became all too familiar and I found myself skimming Other than that it was a great read I particularly loved the beginning on the iditarod.

    24. I ve done some single day endurance road riding, and a few casual multi day tours, but nothing like this mountain bike adventure I loved this book and found it to be very motivational I think that even non cyclists would find this a good read and would be able to take something away from the book This book shows what a person can accomplish just by refusing to give up and by pushing themselves beyond what should seem possible.

    25. I hate doing half ratings, but this was of a 3.5 for me Enjoyed reading it, and loved her ability to fully embrace the grandeur of the challenge, beauty, perspectives, and life changing moments she experienced through the book Fascinating especially since members of my family rode the great divide a few years ago and this gave me insight into what they experienced.

    26. Jill brings the strong heroine to a higher level in this book She fights the pain and the sadness, she fights the weakness of the human condition This book is captivating, thrilling, emotional, comedic and inspiring I could hardly put it down and am trying to get every adventurer I know to read it so we can dissect and savor each word she has written.

    27. I enjoyed this memoir tremendously I am a regular reader of Jill s blog Reading her blog entry about wiping out in Marin was like getting punched in the gut Jill brings that same emotion to the page in Be Brave, Be Strong Even though it sometimes discusses deeply personal events, this book is truly a joy to read both in terms of its emotional depth, and descriptive power.

    28. A fantastic personal narrative about an incredible bike ride I really enjoyed the read and was completely inspired to do a few short segments of the ride There were some fantastic one liners My favorite I pedaled because pedaling was the most natural course of action.

    29. Thank you I have been wanting a book like this to read for quite some time now It had everything I want in a good travel ultra athlete journal.It walked the line between personal and technical Great stuff.

    30. Wow What an emotionally charged adventure story Jill works through her emotions from the ending of an 8 year relationship on the ride Not sure which was harder Well written, great details and insight on the trail as well as beautiful descriptive language Loved it

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