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Eternal Knight #2020

Eternal Knight Trees die crops wither wombs are barren the Wasting is devastating the world And now cannibal raiders have struck the forest refuge of Long Meadow A huntress Hadde of Landomere bears the impossib

  • Title: Eternal Knight
  • Author: Matt Heppe
  • ISBN: 9781461009832
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eternal Knight By Matt Heppe, Trees die, crops wither, wombs are barren the Wasting is devastating the world And now, cannibal raiders have struck the forest refuge of Long Meadow A huntress, Hadde of Landomere, bears the impossible burden of protecting and providing for her people With no hope remaining for the survival of Long Meadow, Hadde sets off to seek aid from the distant kingdom of SaladorTrees die, crops wither, wombs are barren the Wasting is devastating the world And now, cannibal raiders have struck the forest refuge of Long Meadow A huntress, Hadde of Landomere, bears the impossible burden of protecting and providing for her people With no hope remaining for the survival of Long Meadow, Hadde sets off to seek aid from the distant kingdom of Salador.Unlike Hadde s egalitarian homeland, Salador is a highly stratified, male dominated world of politics, war, and deceit, teeming with its own problems When King Boradin comes to believe Hadde is part of a prophecy that will end the Wasting, he refuses her request for aid and bars her from returning home Hadde s only ally is the king s brother and political rival, Morin When scheming turns to violence, Hadde and Morin flee the king in a desperate quest to end the Wasting before it is too late.
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    1 thought on “Eternal Knight

    1. 3.5 stars rounded up because there is no cliffhanger and the main lead is realistic and interesting.This is a pleasant indie book, it s straightforward quest epic fantasy with adult characters and features several hallmarks of the genre a prophecy, magical artifacts, lore, a little romance and worldwide stakes.There is nothing particularly original and it s usually predictable, also the side characters are a bit stereotyped, but taken as a whole the tale is truly refreshing, well written and wel [...]

    2. So, finally getting around to writing a review of this book I really had to let it sink in a bit because I was worried I was getting a little to fan girlish and my review would be little, overly gushy.I found this book on in the free section, it had one of the highest ratings in the fantasy listings, so I figured, what the hell, not much risk in giving it a shot I was pleasently surprised by the story I enjoyed it very much, the main character was instantly compelling for me and I didn t want to [...]

    3. This started off at 3 stars for me but as so often it got better and better while reading I definitely loved the last third and so I ll end up at 4 stars overall.This books has quite a bit of archery in it, so of course I enjoyed that very much I also liked the main character who is not like any other I read before It was a joy to get to know her and live through so many adventures with at her side I liked the different cultures that met in the story, and how different people can see the world, [...]

    4. Engaging and enjoyable.The story is a relatively simple, standard fantasy tale, but with some key differences that, for me, set it apart The realistic medieval setting, and the incorporation of a strong heroine within that, is really well done The clash of cultures as Hadde encounters the Saladorians is the type of thing fantasy novels all too often choose to ignore, with their generic, multicultural, homogenised worlds The action is well done and, again, realistic, and the plot twists here and [...]

    5. Hadde is a very unique and intriguing woman She isn t afraid to be herself, even if she is different from those around her She is proud of who she is, with good reason Hadde is an awesome heroine you can easily root for I was a bit disappointed that she seemed to become a little less unique after being in Salador for a while, but I guess it is to be expected Put a person in a stranger land and they will eventually begin to assimilate.Morin was also a great character I m not sure if he was a good [...]

    6. Each part of the story connects and intertwines with the rest of the story so incredibly well that I was blown away at the cleverness of it This storyline could have easily been confusing and annoying if done by a less skilled writer, yet Heppe pleased me immensely in keeping me surprised at every twist and turn This is not your typical indie fantasy novel To understate it, I was pleasantly surprised by a story that I wasn t expecting to enjoy I highly recommend fantasy lovers read this story, i [...]

    7. Wonderful beginning for a new fantasy series My only complaint is that I cannot get the next one right now, tragedy This book is one the great ones and I look forward to reading work from this gifted author You don t want to miss out on this one

    8. An excellent fantasy tale that leaves you guessing right up to the end as to who to trust Only criticism is the use of arrow lengths for distance Obviously this distance is variable depending on the strength of the archer and the draw weight of the bow.

    9. Many thanks to Judy and Shelley Meier for lending and recommending this awesome, couldn t put it down book Matt Heppe wove a compelling tale of Hadde very strong female protagonist who is a Huntress from Landomere and must venture out to another kingdom, Salador, to save her people from The Wasting Her people won t survive the winter without her help once she finds a orb that will bring much needed money to her starving, dying people, she sets off What I enjoyed about this book was the differenc [...]

    10. I have to say that I m a bit baffled by the high ratings this novel received I understand that there is plenty to like, but there are some very noticeable flaws as well As for the good, Eternal Knight has a quick moving plot with plenty of action, and a likeable female protagonist, Hadde The worldbuilding is okay, with some nice nuances, but not very rich or complex The plotline helps the story along nicely, but also lacks depth and complexity And that brings me to my main complaints, the lack o [...]

    11. Way better than I expected For some reason, it s become a thing to cast women in masculine roles, even when it seems forced, and I rolled my eyes at the beginning, thinking it was going to be another one of those Quickly transcended that, though The story revolves around a normal woman finding herself in a backward, sexist society where everyone seems shocked by her appearance and behavior There s actually a lot going on a quest epic, the effects of social inequality, romance, trust, betrayal, [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed Matt s first novel first published novel, anyway Eternal Knight, and I eagerly await the next I hope I won t spoil the action for anyone in saying that I like a good fight scene and I m very judgmental about them Matt writes them beautifully First, he avoids the pitfalls all too common to the genre he knows how the equipment works His heroic protagonist has all the limitations of a woman and a trained archer and his exploration of her abilities and limitations is excellent I [...]

    13. excellent bookHadde is a huntress from Landomere The forest is dying and her people are starving Finding a necklace in the forest, she sets off in search of aid for her people and enters the strange world of the saladorans where she finds love and war Can she accomplish the task she was destined for I love Hadde She is an awesome lead character and I fell in love with her dying world.

    14. Downloaded this to my kindle on friends recommendatation Once I started reading I couldn t put it down the day was gone I know no higher recommendation than that for a fantasy novel.

    15. Article first published as Book Review Eternal Knight by Matt Heppe on Blogcritics.Times of great trouble seem to be tantamount in every time and place, a time of great peace often followed by a time of peril and so it goes, time after time, in place after place In Eternal Knight by Matt Heppe, we meet a young huntress of Landomere Sworn to protect her people and her land, Hadde holds little hope due to the wasting Many are ill and dying, the land is parched and food is hard to find There is bit [...]

    16. Hadde, the huntress for her village of Long Meadow, struggles to find enough food to feed everyone The forest is dying, the animals have disappeared and the Wasting continues its relentless march through the province of Landomere During a hunting trip, she comes upon a golden token in the Spiridus Glade and hope blooms in her heart Along with a friend, she embarks on quest to sell the token and buy food and supplies for the starving villagers What she doesn t realize is that the token is one of [...]

    17. One of my favorite things about this book is that it starts with action, allowing the reader to experience the rich, dynamic world the author has created while learning about the characters and their history as the story unfolds.Hadde is a willful and charming main character who stays true to herself throughout the story She s not the type to sit back and let others take care of things On occasion, her stubbornness and naivety of life outside the forest get her into trouble, but her instincts an [...]

    18. Kinda abandoned reading fantasy, because it felt like reading lord of the rings and the hobbit over and over again and worse with some slight variantions to that theme be it dragons or the coming of age theme Matt heppe brought me back again OK, there s also a world to save, and of course you have the epic battle in the end, but the story is really good with a magnificent heroine, hadde the huntress, firmly imbued with a healthy dose of woodland native american tribal practical down to earth men [...]

    19. For a first novel and self published at that , Eternal Knight was surprisingly very well written and organized Everything from the map of Landomere and Salador the lands that the main character, Hadde, traveled through during the course of the story on the first page to the reflections in the epilogue was detailed and planned carefully The characters were mostly believable and the underlying message was pretty powerful that the notions of good and evil are subjective and that villains often see [...]

    20. Matt Heppe has a couple of places you can reach him One is his blog and the other is on facebook.Hadde and the rest of her village, Long Meadow, live within the area of The Wasting The Wasting is a mysterious condition that seems to afflict all life plants and animals For some reason the world is wasting away, leaving the land barren While out hunting one day Hadde and her two companions discover an impending raid upon their village They manage to send warning and thwart the invaders One of the [...]

    21. Eternal Knight is old school fantasy novel set in medieval magic world There are all things we could expect from such fiction fast paced action, complicate plot and intricate intrigues, magic creatures and threatening the world evil, brave heroes and ugly villains And at the same time Eternal Knight give some experience usually negleted by fantasy authors, such as post apocaliptic world of desolated by mistery Wasting I like those abandoned fort and savage serfs , plausible medieval characters o [...]

    22. Overall, Eternal Knight is one of my favorite books to date Eternal Knight offered a complex plot that was pretty easy to follow but at the same time had twists and turns that I would have never expected The setting that Heppe put you in was fantastic and was clearly written with immense thought No matter where you went the danger and the unexpectedness of The Wasting kept you on your toes, but did not overpower the feelings of compassion or malevolence of other characters.The problem with many [...]

    23. I liked this story a lot Most of the characters were really well written and you connect with them It also had a good story line and wasn t rushed in its telling Great elements and other fun things However, I give this book 3 stars because of the ending It felt unfulfilled and I wished there was a sequel or something to it Hadde saves the world and the wasting is destroyed which is great We don t get to see the child of Marget born and some hopefulness for the future It doesn t include the re [...]

    24. Finally A female in a fantasy fiction novel who doesn t slay her enemies with the poof of a wand or the whisper of magical words Hadde of Landomere is exciting, adventurous and heroic yet flawed and so very human The story starts with a hunt that sets the stage for how a young woman must roam from her home, adjust to other people s perceptions and her own disappointments At no time does the author wander off on tangential characters Eternal Knight is all Hadde, all the time.There is magic There [...]

    25. I did something with this book that I haven t done in quite a while I read it cover to cover in one sitting The author quickly brings you into his world through the eyes of Hadde, and you don t so much follow the story, as you do share her journey I actually felt emotion for her, her losses and her accomplishments.Matt Heppe paints this book with words, rather than simply writing it The imagery is so thorough that at times I found my other senses trying to smell the everbloom in the air, hear th [...]

    26. One of my favorite things about George R.R Martin s Fire and Ice series is the high degree of realism for a traditional fantasy It seems to be a new buzzword and fantasy book jackets are bragging about gritty realism Well, I m not so that most of them accomplish it, but Eternal Knight does Seldom do you find a female protagonist who doesn t kick everyone s butt like Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Xena the Warrior Princess and yet she s still a compelling character Seldom do you find a system of m [...]

    27. Potential trigger warning As far as world And character building goes, the book does a fairly good job The beginning of the story is reminiscent of a medieval version of The Road However, the flow of the story was fairly awkward in my opinion I m not sure exactly what it was, but the way events unfolded and the way the characters reacted didn t feel natural to me I could ve still recommended this book despite all that, except for one thing There are at least two scenes with attempted rape Toward [...]

    28. I started off really enjoying it, and then it just tanked towards the end I didn t enjoy some of the plot developments, ie what happens to Morin , and I think in the second half of the book the shift in tone to a supernatural story just wasn t as successful for me, but my real qualm with the book rests in the fact there was description of near rape than there was the consensual sex scene And that can be taken to the bank since the consensual sex scene was off the page If only writers would ple [...]

    29. This was an interesting book with a decent plot, but when the villain was revealed and the action sped up, it just felt choppy and rushed There wasn t sufficient background on the villain, I think, and it seems like all of the sudden emotionless traitors abounded and the kingdom rushed into war One of the main characters also didn t behave consistently, which is one of those things that always niggles at me So, first 2 3rds of the book, fun enough, last 1 3, choppy, rushed, and somewhat unsatisf [...]

    30. I really enjoyed this book The plot was confusing in a good way, which might be strange, but the character is meant to be confused by the allegiances of the people around her Hadde and the other characters are all a little different from what you expect The writing was generally strong and I happily picked up the next one in the series

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