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SWELL #2020

SWELL Reminiscent of Christopher Moore s Fluke and Neil Gaiman s American Gods this slightly fantastical tale is told from the perspective of ever reluctant Orange Whippey the story of his involvement in

  • Title: SWELL
  • Author: Corwin Ericson
  • ISBN: 9780984428847
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • SWELL By Corwin Ericson, Reminiscent of Christopher Moore s Fluke and Neil Gaiman s American Gods, this slightly fantastical tale is told from the perspective of ever reluctant Orange Whippey, the story of his involvement in the comically unnecessary Whale Network unfolds as rival whaling factions, Korean smugglers ultra tourists storytellers, and a privacy advocating talking head all do theirReminiscent of Christopher Moore s Fluke and Neil Gaiman s American Gods, this slightly fantastical tale is told from the perspective of ever reluctant Orange Whippey, the story of his involvement in the comically unnecessary Whale Network unfolds as rival whaling factions, Korean smugglers ultra tourists storytellers, and a privacy advocating talking head all do their best to keep him from doing what he would ultimately prefer to do Nothing Set on the tiny, fictional island of Bismuth, it moves at a languid pace as Orange is dragged, far too often, to writhing lagoons, rusted ship hulks, hellish saunas, and private islands, creating a subtly farcical, always absurd setting for numerous misadventures.

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    1 thought on “SWELL

    1. To me, this was just okay I had heard some interesting things about this book and I was expecting a lot It fell way short I think the biggest disappointment about this was that I thought it had so much potential, especially in terms of concepts whale cell phone networks deep, weird and unique forms of intercultural understanding a Lebowski esque slacker named Orange as the main character Mostly, though, I felt that all of the great concepts were underdeveloped Maybe I read too fast, but I was al [...]

    2. How can I not read a book with a charactor named Angie Bombardier who is described as fetching and forthright

    3. Based on the cover art and the description Christopher Moore meets Neil Gaiman Sign me up I thought I d enjoy this novel.I was wrong.That s not because of a lack of skill on the author s part, which is why I didn t give it my traditional 1 star rating for a DNF No, the author is skilled enough I just absolutely could NOT get into the book.Basically, if you like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you ll like.Which is to say, it s a rambling, shambling, postmodernist semi farce with a s [...]

    4. I have tried several times ok 3 to read this book I thought it was just my timing that was off However, as interesting as this book seems to be I Can Not Get Into It This time around, I think I give up I think that somehow the writing and character development is too good The main character, Orange, is so apathetic which is the point and its funny when I think about it but I think his apathy is catching in my case and I don t care what happens to him or what the stupid thing is everyone is looki [...]

    5. I loved this book Like, LOVED IT LOVED IT It s the first book I ve read in years that I still think about on a regular basis about a year after I closed it Literally, one year, so sayeth This book is fundamentally a picaresque like Candide, but with less heretic burning and boats I imagine it s sort of an acquired taste it s got too many ways to label it inaccessible if you don t get the jokes Whatever, Dan Brown s gotta eat.If you like the following passage, you will probably like the book Don [...]

    6. This book is what Moby Dick would be if Ishmael were the Big Lebowski Ahab is two characters here a laid back Finlindian with an i whale herder who was married to a bear, and the terrifying and maybe mythical Yankee Circumciser I adored this.

    7. so i was thinking last night about what differentiates a book like this from a book by Kurt Vonnegut or by Tom Sharpe they re all funny Kurt in his deadpan glory, Sharpe wicked and relentless Ericson is funny, but it s like stand up a bunch of what are basically one liners that don t really connect to the larger story.whether there is a larger story here is the big question our protagonist Orange Whippey is an island dwelling slacker, which might be ok if the island were tropical but his is a Ne [...]

    8. The book started off slowly, and I was worried it was just going to be some dull, gray portrait of life on an island off the northeast coast of America However, Orange s the protagonist oyster rant around page 60 detailing the battle between the oyster and the shucker and, eventually, between the oyster and the human digestive system was where the story and storytelling style started to reel me in To say that it s understated would be an understatement Orange s narrations are extremely dry and s [...]

    9. This is about as fictional as fictions get Although the portrayal of island life is interesting but most likely, erroneous I don t trust this writer , the ugly rumors spread about the Finns and Estonians are appalling Sure, yeah, in the book they re called Finlaindians and Estonindians, but if I were Estonian I d be tempted to sue for defamation of character However, this book is, as much as I hate to admit it, a really fun read It s funny, entertaining and plotless not always a good thing, but [...]

    10. I started out not knowing how to feel about this novel I wanted to give it a good review, but I just can t Part Melville, part Christopher Moore, and part Douglas Adams, it starts out funny and quirky but lacks the follow through to make it a fully developed novel It is as if the author picked up a portion of a story and dumped in on the page without giving it a coherent beginning and ending The vocabulary makes it even disconcerting because the main character, a preeminent slacker, has a bette [...]

    11. If I am a fourth of the way through your book and I still don t know what it s about, if every single one of your sentences is close to a paragraph long, and you write like you re pretentiously puking a thesaurus, I cannot finish your book.Flowery sentences and big words do not a good writer make.Good grief Yes, I found this significant enough to temporarily break my internet hiatus I just about never, ever, ever give up on books and this is the second in a week I m kind of than a little irked [...]

    12. I was mostly entertained, but I was also just waiting for it to be over so I could get to the next book on my list I see the comparisons to Christopher Moore, and they re valid but it s a comparison to Moore s earliest work, and it wasn t quite as good as that I might have given it stars, but the ending just spiraled out of control and then stopped I kept thinking how is he going to wrap up the brand new weird thing in only this many pages But it didn t, it just handwaved and then ended on a ma [...]

    13. Swell is a book about a charismatic loser named Orange Whippey living on an island in New England who may or may not be able to talk to whales While I appreciated the Christopher Moore style humor and nutty characters, there was a tad rambling whale mythology than I usually prefer Orange s inner monologue and description of his world and life were amusing enough, but I never felt any of the events really mattered or built to anything, and it s hard to care about even the funniest characters if [...]

    14. 4.5 a near perfect romp reminded me a bit of Confederacy of Dunces a little Smart, funny, pathetic and just a pleasure to read The language was near pitch perfect some reviewers classify this as young adult I say sure but that young adult should carry a dictionary Delightful read It s not a 5 simply because at times I had to suspend a little bit of belief but really that s no reason to not read this book.

    15. This frequently hilarious novel set on a fictitious island off the coast of Maine reminded me a pit of Thomas Pynchon, with a higher degree of snark The final act meanders a bit too much, but if you like the postmodern satirical prose Pynchon, Walker Percy, Vonnegut and others you will probably enjoy this book If you like that style AND live or have ever lived in coastal New England, you will probably LOVE this book.

    16. A swell little adventure see what I did there about an island slacker named Orange who gets caught up in a controversial WhaleNet phone network, in which whales are fitted with mobile phone antennae Orange reminded me a lot of Fry from Futurama Not AS ridiculous of course but definitely similar All in all it was a very quick and enjoyable read Lots of funny stuff to chuckle over P.S this book has fantastic artwork and design.

    17. I really wanted to like this book And after the first third I thought it was going to be great The middle third was rather ho hum and the final third was an absolute stinker I felt very disappointed after the blazingly fantastic start hence the two lonely stars This is Ericson s first novel and I think he has a very bright future I m very much looking forward to his next work I just hope it s much tighter and he has a better editor.

    18. I m not sure how far into this book I got before I gave up looking for a plot I m all about character development, world creation, and historical context, but only if it accompanies an actual storyline I don t know if maybe later on the author actually gets to the story, but I m not sure I want to wade through any to find out.

    19. I started this book, but couldn t continue It really feels like the author went through the text and used the thesaurus function to change as many of the normal words into 5 words as possible What resulted wasn t high brow or intelligent as much as clunky and ridiculous not in a good way I ve given up on this one and I m not sure I ll pick it back up.

    20. This is a good looking book, obviously painstakingly crafted Sometimes, it is awesome and really funny and well done Sometimes, I think it is too much I don t like the main character s name it keeps throwing me Orange Whippey , and the plot IS pretty aimless albeit VERY creative , but the playful language is a sight to behold, even if this book is sort of insane.

    21. I think I m paraphrasing a couple other reviews here, but take Douglas Adams, substitute New England for English humor and you ve kind of got the feel for this book A real page turner despite how long it took me to finish I ve been busy I really wanted to know what was going to happen to Orange next.

    22. My first review and I will resist the urge to say it was Swell It was a crazy, trippy, and strange story that I found very amusing and extremely entertaining Wonderful characters throughout the novel and a bizarre plot that reminded of many odd ball stories, but still retained it s complete originality Highly recommended if you re on acid or seagum.

    23. This started off strong for me then foundered a bit I d like to revisit it at some point it definitely wasn t helped by the fact that I put it down to read another book so there was a two week gap between reading the first third of it reading the rest.

    24. I m not going to create a tag of near future cetacean magical realism Interesting concept, funny, rollicking writing and sufficiently swashbuckly I think it just didn t catch me in the right mood.

    25. It reminded me a lot of Christopher Moore s Fluke, except instead of being set in Hawaii it takes place on a thinly veiled Nantucket Entertaining, but gets tiresome after a few hundred pages.

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