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Denkwürdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken #2020

Denkw rdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken Daniel Paul Schreber began Memoirs of my Nervous Illness in February while confined in an asylum as part of an appeal for release Schreber second son the first committed suicide of an abusive f

  • Title: Denkwürdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken
  • Author: Daniel Paul Schreber
  • ISBN: 9783931659509
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Paperback
  • Denkwürdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken By Daniel Paul Schreber, Daniel Paul Schreber began Memoirs of my Nervous Illness in February 1900 while confined in an asylum, as part of an appeal for release Schreber, second son the first committed suicide of an abusive father, was at the peak of a brilliant career in Leipzig when he was appointed Presiding Judge of the Saxon High Court of Appeals Alas, the stress of his new job proved tooDaniel Paul Schreber began Memoirs of my Nervous Illness in February 1900 while confined in an asylum, as part of an appeal for release Schreber, second son the first committed suicide of an abusive father, was at the peak of a brilliant career in Leipzig when he was appointed Presiding Judge of the Saxon High Court of Appeals Alas, the stress of his new job proved too much for him, and before long he was hearing voices and feeling suicidal Within weeks he was committed, having rapidly descended into madness, and was placed under the care of Dr Paul Emil Flechsig From the start, Schreber struggled to make sense of what he was seeing and hearing, and in fact Memoirs is so lucid and self aware, so internally consistent and insightful, that he was released on its strength Still, reading this man s prose is a lesson in subjective reality, by turns funny and terrifying.I existed frequently without a stomach In the case of any other human being this would have resulted in natural pus formation with an inevitably fatal outcome but the food pulp could not damage my body because all impure matter in it was soaked up again by the rays.As Christianity alone could not explain what seemed to be happening to him, Schreber pieced together a complex theology involving a divided God with dark and light incarnations, whose rays and nerves interacted in various ways with humans God was also his personal tormentor, in league with Flechsig to commit soul murder by manipulating his nerves Further, Schreber believed that he was being literally unmanned so that God could sexually violate him and conceive a new human race But as soon as I am alone with God I must continually or at least at certain times strive to give divine rays the impression of a woman in the height of sexual delight Schreber had a hard time believing in the fleeting improvised men who flitted in and out of his life, and grew convinced that he was the only human left in a world of shadows But he did know that something was wrong He would hear the birds in the asylum s garden ask him, over and over, Are you not ashamed And he was aware that his bellowing, banging on the piano, and other bodily manifestations of God s manipulation of his nerves or miracles were startling to others, to say the least Many of Schreber s delusions had to do with escaping his body the constant babble of thousands of voices in his head were infuriating, as was his inability to cease thinking The sound which reaches my own ear hundreds of times every day is so definite that it cannot be a hallucination The genuine cries of help are always instantly followed by the phrase which has been learnt by rote If only the cursed cries of help would stop Memoirs of My Nervous Illness succeeds on many levels as a memoir, as imaginative literature, and as a serious work of mythology Flechsig makes a menacing and inscrutable villain, representing materialistic thinking and conventional reality no help at all Schreber, meanwhile, is the classic hero, struggling to stay sane in a cruel and capricious universe Therese Littleton

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      Daniel Paul Schreber

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    1. Here are the memoirs of the life of Daniel Paul Schreber In his time, he was regarded as a brilliant legal mind with a promising career In 1884, at the age of 42, Schreber had a minor nervous breakdown after a failed election campaign This was not unexpected for a man with stress and long exposure in the public eye, so he took a year long vacation In 1893, after being appointed to the highest legal position in the state of Saxony, he had yet another nervous breakdown, and was placed under tutela [...]

    2. Se volete sapere cosa passa e succede nella testa di uno psicotico dovete leggere questo libro perch ve lo descrive minuziosamente Schizofrenia paranoide dispercezioni corporeee delirio mistico allucinazioni visive e uditive, tattili e gustative e olfattive delirio paranoide e di persecuzione tutto strutturato magnificamente e scritto in maniera chiara e concisa da una persona estremamente intelligente e con un ottima cultura classica e non solo.Notevole, da usare come libro di testo per futuri [...]

    3. this book is pretty good if you have an interest in severe mental illness it s a personal account of years spent in a mental institution a legit review from brainwashed is below In 1893, after having served as a judge, he fell ill at the age of 51 Diagnosed as a paranoiac, he spent the next seven years in an asylum, early on mute before the assaults of his hallucinations and only gradually returning to speech with revelations of his bizarre and overwhelming religious experiences Memoirs of My N [...]

    4. Okay, it s weird that I reread this book in bed It s on my nightstand book shelf It s a huge chunk of eerily sensible ramblings by a man confined to an insane asylum in nineteenth century german, studied by Freud the book that launched a thousand psychoanalysts into Eames chairs I was drawn to it because I have a compulsive interest in the history of medicine and the history of insanity I was fed too much Foucault and Zoloft as a child I read it in bed because, for its size, it s immensely pick [...]

    5. In 1975, having just been elected leader of the Conservative Party, Margaret Thatcher interrupted a fellow party member who was speaking on the virtues of a middle way for the Tories Mrs Thatcher pulled a book from her briefcase and slammed it on the table This is what we believe, she declared.The book, Friedrich Hayek s The Road to Serfdom, is a treatise on the perils socialism poses to both prosperity and freedom It formed the ideological fulcrum of her time in power, a reaction to and indictm [...]

    6. Wow, this one took a little longer than I anticipated Memoirs is simultaneously one of the most amazing books I ve ever read and one of the most grueling feats of mental fortitude I ve ever subjected myself to To read a first person account of a prominent man s fall into schizophrenia and ensuing lifestyle is spellbinding, but to do so in a translation of German written in an archaic 1900 ish style is mind numbing This book, for the curious individual, is equal parts enlightenment and torture It [...]

    7. I ve had a much up close and personal look at schizophrenia than a lot of people, and hearing Herr Schreber a man who tried to organize all of his psychotic experiences into a coherent theological and philosophical system explain his experiences this icily has a dual effect On the one hand, I certainly don t feel like I understand his condition much better, and while the connections he makes are rather interesting, a lot of the miracles he describes are a little like hearing someone else s drea [...]

    8. Chilling esp the scene in the yard where he sees a 100 ghosts hovering around trying to slit his throat

    9. Too schizophrenically and religiously insane to persevere with sad to read a great intellect wrestling with its own insanity and trying to make sense of it all.

    10. Great book about what it s actually like to go crazy I love this book Essential if you have ever experienced anything like this, neurotic, psychotic, or otherwise Check out the book by Kurt Vonnegut s son too along the same lines Eden Express Can t think of any others like this offhand.Although at the time people Mark Vonnegut had schizophrenia, his illness looks like some sort of manic psychosis as part of a psychotic bipolar disorder Much of what was formerly schizophrenia has gone over to psy [...]

    11. This is pretty much unreadable, although I surprised myself by making it through 170 pages before finally giving up There is a certain depressing fascination about it For example, take an incident where Schreber has a Divine Vision in the garden of his asylum, whilst accompanied by an attendant To his surprise, the attendant does not register that anything out of the ordinary has occurred Now Schreber is intelligent enough to realise that this means one of two things A the experience he has had [...]

    12. Interesting to see a logical judicial mind dealing with it s own insanity, however, not a great read, like hearing about other peoples dreams.

    13. No hay otra manera de definirlo Memorias de un enfermo de nervios es un libro que posee la extra a cualidad de arrinconar al lector hacia un estado de estupor constante, en el que es capaz de presenciar, no sin un inconfesable escalofr o de inquietud, una batalla de dimensiones c smicas que llevar a la salvaci n y purificaci n del mundo, y s lo muy tarde se percata de que asiste a la pirotecnia egoc ntrica de un demente, a los delirios de un paranoico, no digamos ya de grandeza, sino de divinida [...]

    14. Schreber is one of the biggest personalities of the psychoanalytical world, he was analyzed by their founder, Freud, and his biggest follower, Lacan, but unfortunately, they never met him Their source material was Schreber memories, that he wrote with the intention of enlighting the world of what he learned from his conversations with God It s not an easy book to read, it s clearly written by a perturbed mind and that s what makes this book so hard to read.

    15. Les M moires d un n vropathe de Daniel Paul Schreber se m ritent seulement deux toiles sur cinq du fait de la m diocrit de leur qualit litt raire Ce texte est le produit d une imagination maladive, et il n chappera pas un seul instant quiconque en fera la lecture que l auteur a l esprit d rang M moires, p 533 C est pr cis ment cela qui rend sa lecture p nible Pour en r sumer rapidement le propos, l auteur se croit investi d une relation privil gi e Dieu, qui serait selon lui un tre faillible, v [...]

    16. This is an astounding document A schizophrenic man writes in detail about the events that have happened to him since he first became mentally ill The author appears to have a great deal of attachment to a self conception of himself as a rational, intelligent, eloquent thinker, and makes every effort to convince the reader that despite his illness, this is still the case He constantly fails in the most tragic way it is obvious to the reader that while the author is making a truly heroic effort to [...]

    17. Daniel Paul Schreber s Memoirs of My Nervous Illness is pretty fascinating It is by no means an easy read, but I found it worthwhile and interesting.Schreber, a well respected judge, had a nervous breakdown, which has all the hallmarks of schizophrenia Memoirs follows his time in the asylum and he vividly describes his hallucinations and delusions He believes God talks to him and nerves or souls continually enter his body in an attempt to turn him into a woman He is clearly logical and intellige [...]

    18. Written by the world s most sensible psychotic, Dr Schreber describes his own powerful place within an infinitely complex cosmic hierarchy of malevolent deities In this account, God oversees a world of corpses showered with remnants of souls rays As Schreber s nervous illness exacerbates, his body s magnetic force increases, thus rendering him vulnerable to painful experiments, mind control, and possession by various rays including but not limited to his doctors, a troupe of 400 young men, and a [...]

    19. I was fascinated by this for about the first twenty pages but was under the false impression that it would develop and become conventional However it is a book written by a man suffering from delusions about the world and his own place in it The fact that someone can write in a comprehensible manner whilst expressing such bizarre delusions is instructional but not very entertaining I felt sorry that he was unable to gain any real remedy from the institutions that he was committed to Bizarre but [...]

    20. This is a haunting, first hand account of the experiences of a man torn between two realities the one he experiences, and the one experienced by everyone else For those of us who sometimes dream vividly enough to forget which of our experiences belong to us alone and which are shared with others, it is an indispensable reminder of the humanity which is preserved beneath the surface of insanity and the insanity which lies somewhere in us all For those who feel firmly grounded in reality, well it [...]

    21. Sehr sehr anstrengend zu lesen So viele Wiederholungen in einem Buch habe ich seltenst gelesen.Aber ansonsten interessante Gottes Jenseitsansichten eines Nervenkranken Im Anhang wird es eigentlich erst spannend, man kann sowohl das Empfinden des Nervenkranken nachlesen wie auch die Perspektive des Arztes auf dieses Schlie lich noch einige Akten, die zur Entlassung des Kranken f hrten Denn wer mag schon zu beurteilen, ab wann ein Geisteskranker f r sich oder andere zur Gefahr wird und ob er es ta [...]

    22. This was interesting diary of a man who struggled with mental illness in the 19th century schizophrenia and gender identity disorder Considered the first true self documentation of delusional schizophrenia, its a moving narrative that looks at the impact that mental illness had on family and the system in which mental illness was handled This, I think, is a great compliment to Foucault s Madness and Civilization.

    23. I am reading this for the third time Radically certain of his delusions, Schreber writes his story and quite aptly develops his theory of a nerve language Amazing stuff For added entertainment, read all the nonsense written about the book in the.Com reviews section Classic Comedy.

    24. Fascinating journey into the mind of Dr Schreber Provides enlightenment on what it means to be mentally ill and leads the reader to an interesting metaphysical realm that was reality for Dr Schreber The level of detail and obvious intelligence of the author leads one to reconsider the difference between being mentally impaired and being healthy.

    25. A fascinating trip into the mind of a man logically interpreting what, to him, are sensations as real as anything perceived by a sane person Rather than label him insane for believing his hallucinations to be based in reality, I came away believing that anyone perceiving such powerful phenomena would be mad to ignore them.

    26. the divine nerve language is telling me to finish this laterthe divine twitch nerve language is telling me to read of this or i will become a woman

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