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George Shrinks #2020

George Shrinks George has adventures than James Bond Only three inches tall he can ski down mountains of dishes swim with goldfish and take rides in his new toy airplane But taking care of his giant baby brother

  • Title: George Shrinks
  • Author: William Joyce
  • ISBN: 9780064431293
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • George Shrinks By William Joyce, George has adventures than James Bond Only three inches tall, he can ski down mountains of dishes, swim with goldfish, and take rides in his new toy airplane But taking care of his giant baby brother and brushing his teeth can be real challenges for the mouse sized George.Ages 3 7

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      251 William Joyce
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    1 thought on “George Shrinks

    1. I like how the cover copy for this one is just george shrinks , and it s totally accurate I think I like the tv show better Heretic, I know, I m sorry.

    2. One day George dreams that he s shrunk and when he wakes up his dream has come true His parents are gone for the morning, so they leave him a list of things to do with his younger brother Now that he s barely 6 inches high, George has to get creative to complete his chores George is having a terrific game of cat and mouse with an actual cat when his parents come home Just as his parents walk into the room, George finds he s become his regular size again, just in time.The brief text is made up of [...]

    3. George Shrinks is a story about a young boy who wakes up extremely tiny one morning The story walks the reader through the day of George as a tiny person I think the illustrations are wonderful because they add detail and humor to what the text has to say The pictures also add to the theme of perspective by showing the world through George s eyes This book would be appropriate for younger grade levels, possibly Kindergarten or first grade, because the text is short and easy to read The students [...]

    4. Title Author Publication Date George Shrinks William Joyce 2003Genre Fiction, FantasyFormat HardcoverPlot summary Only three inches tall, he can ski down mountains of dishes, swim with goldfish, and take rides in his new toy airplane But taking care of his giant baby brother and brushing his teeth can be real challenges for the mouse sized George.Considerations or precautions for readers advisory N AReview citation Dooley, P 1985 George shrinks Book Review School Library Journal, 32156 Section s [...]

    5. This a great book for little kids This book is an easy read and short This book is good for boys and girls because the book doesn t target just one gender George has a dream that he was tiny and when he woke up he was actually tiny He finds a note from his parents The note tells him the chores he should do before his parents get home When his parents get home he becomes his normal size.

    6. George dreams that he shrinks and wakes up to find it is true His parents have gone out and left him a list of normal chores to do, but given George s new size, the ordinary chores become grand adventures from his new perspective It s fun to revisit childhood reads and see if they ve changed from an adult perspective This one is just as fun now as it was when I was in elementary school It s a picture book that exemplifies the way words and illustrations work together to make the story that much [...]

    7. Miss 3 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library, sometimes around particular topics or themes We try to get different ones out every week or so it s fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new favourite authors.It s fun seeing George magically and imaginatively become small which makes looking after his little brother and doing chores interesting.

    8. This is a reprint of Joyce s book about a little boy who wakes up to find he is tiny The reader follows him as he goes about his day, trying to accomplish the list of chores left to him in a note by his parents The illustrations tell the story completely and perfectly, and are as entertaining and kid friendly as the day the book was first published in 1985 The endpapers show George s footprints as he changes size This is an essential title for any children s collection.

    9. A little boy George wakes up to find that he has shrunk to a couple of inches.Nevertheless he valiantly accomplishes all the chores his parents have left him to do on a note they have left him while he s out.The illustrations are wonderful Great book

    10. The picture of the story is full of imagination, very awesome The word is relatively simpler than the pictures I like the pictures, however I feel kids who is just ready to read the words may not enjoy the picture than much.

    11. Just a light hearted, random story about a boy named George who wakes up to find he has shrunk Great illustrations.

    12. George wakes up three inches tall, but makes sure that he does all of his chores and takes are of his younger, but bigger, brother.

    13. Yet another book from my childhood that I just had to share with my child The story of a little boy who shrinks will take your imagination to so many fun places.

    14. The first thing that caught my eye for thi book was the enormous print for the name George On the cover is a picture of George, and he is the same size as the letter G in his name His name is also not capitalized, which I found a little confusing I am not sure why the author decided not to capitalize his name The word shrinks is in significantly smally font, almost drawing the attention to the small letters with the drastic change The first endpapers have white footprints that seem to be walking [...]

    15. George Shrinks 1987 is a picture book by William Joyce where a young boy dreams that he is very small, then wakes up and discovers that it is true His parents have left him a simple note, typical of what a child might receive if he was home alone for a day The note instructs George to complete various tasks, such as cleaning his room, taking a bath, and putting the garbage out.George obediently completes each of his assignments, but everything is complicated by his new miniature size As the text [...]

    16. George Shrinks is a simple yet imaginative book Compact in size, this little gem tells the adventure of George, who dreams that he is as tiny as a mouse and to his surprise upon waking up his dreams have become a reality The story follows George as he attempts to complete the list of chores his parents left by his bedside It is not so easy for an itty bitty boy to brush his teeth or wash the dishes, but George manages to make an adventure out of it as he skis down dirty dishes and takes a wild r [...]

    17. The title of this story is playful The word george is in very large print and shrinks is in print much smaller I also find it interesting that there are no capitals in the title, including the boy s name This gives the reader a clue that this book will be about a boy smaller than the average size The end pages of this book are very creative If you took all the pages out you would see George s foot prints starting at the average size for a boy his age and then gradually getting smaller and smalle [...]

    18. The first thing I noticed when I opened this picturebook was that the footprints on the endpapers looked gigantic or, likely, normal sized and the footprints on the title page looked tiny I later found out this was an allusion to the fact that George shrinks in the picturebook.Another thing I noticed was that the font at the beginning of the story, before George shrinks, is quite large, and then it gets smaller once George shrinks The majority of the text is a note left by George s mom and dad [...]

    19. George Shrinks is a book that allows the reader to escape reality by following the story of George who went to sleep dreaming that he was small, and woke up with his dream coming true The cover of the book shows a small George and his size relation is comparison to things that would be seen on a desk Looking at George he is noticed to be scared because he looks like he is hiding behind the books on the desk and his eyes look as though they are bulging out The title is typed in basic writing and [...]

    20. George Shrinks is an adventuresome book It tell the story of a little boy whose parents give him a long list of things to do when he wakes up I believe he saw himself as a small boy with huge tasks all around The way he did everything was fun and typical of a kid He baths in the sea of his bathtub, he ate a wonderful breakfast of cake and soda, he slid on dishes to get them clean, he dressed his brother as an elephant to take the garbage out The most interesting task was when he fed the fish He [...]

    21. George Shrinks is a work of fantasy and is intended for primary readers George the main character wakes up to find that he has shrunk His parents left a list of things for George to do while they are gone George has to complete all of these things while his is small George has fun completing his chores because he can do fun things like ride on top of the sponge while he does the dishes I gave George Shrinks three stars because there was not much to the plot George didn t have trouble doing any o [...]

    22. George Shrinks is a creative story of a little boy who dreamt that he was as small as a mouse and wakes up to discover that his dream is reality George s parents leave him a note full of chores that he needs to complete while they are gone George finds innovative ways to do the dishes and take out the trash George is having quite the adventure as a tiny little person in this thrilling story of a young boy trying to fulfill his parents expectations The illustration of George holding the blue cray [...]

    23. I had never heard of the author William Joyce before but I m sure I would have loved this book as a kid The story line was simple, but nothing like something I remember reading when I was younger This book definitely fits in the genre of Fantasy Although George didn t go to another land, it would help the kids escape their own reality by wishing they could do the things George did When he shrunk, he was left with a list of chores he needed to do before his parents got home and he did these thing [...]

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