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To Win His Wayward Wife #2020

To Win His Wayward Wife Not to be outdone by her sisters marriage producing scandals quiet and withdrawn Madison Banks quickly finds herself walking down the aisle to a man who has secretly loved her for years Her groom ho

  • Title: To Win His Wayward Wife
  • Author: Rose Gordon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • To Win His Wayward Wife By Rose Gordon, Not to be outdone by her sisters marriage producing scandals, quiet and withdrawn Madison Banks quickly finds herself walking down the aisle to a man who has secretly loved her for years Her groom, however, has no idea how to show his new bride that he truly loves her and following a bungled wedding night, finds himself in a position to either win his wife once and for aNot to be outdone by her sisters marriage producing scandals, quiet and withdrawn Madison Banks quickly finds herself walking down the aisle to a man who has secretly loved her for years Her groom, however, has no idea how to show his new bride that he truly loves her and following a bungled wedding night, finds himself in a position to either win his wife once and for all or lose her forever Can he prove himself worthy of her Will she accept his love Or will jealousy and past insecurities tear the pair apart This is a full length novel of 96,000 words.

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      260 Rose Gordon
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    1. 3.5 Bleeding love stars We might die here,you know NonsenseAnd if it does take that long for you to learn to swim,I ll die a happy man And why is that Because I ll die with you I ve got to say,I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued by the direction the plot took in this readEven though,this book was filled with its share of witty banters and gunshot woundsYes,Gunshot wounds More than falling into the light romance or suspect genreThis book seemed to stand out as an memorable Angst romance genr [...]

    2. Poor Adherence to the Setting This story takes place during the Regency, the era in which propriety and high morals are supposedly enforced with an iron fist So much so that marriages are often forced for nothing than being caught alone with a man Yet, the characters in this book say, routinely, things that are so inappropriate and downright crass that they make the MODERN reader shudder, mostly from their poor timing In this sense, much of the dialogue is fantastically unrealistic Even today, [...]

    3. I really enjoyed the first two books, and to be honest, I can t remember the last time I had so much fun reading romances There s something about Rose Gordon s style and humor that pulls you in and makes you care so much about the characters that you wait in expectation for that magic moment where they confess their love to each other I ve enjoyed all of the characters in these books, but what made this one my favorite of the three was the hero and his great love for Madison The hero in this boo [...]

    4. Loved it, loved it, loved it Fantastic ending to a great series If you ve read Courtney Milan s Un series, you should definitely pick this one up too.A

    5. ENJOYABLE ROMANCEI ve not read any of the other books in this series, but it wasn t too difficult to pick up on what had gone before Although this is a period romance it does tend to feel rather modern in the way the story is presented There are some scenes, and one in particular where even in the present day overt sexual conversations I m sure would not take place with your mother at the dining table There are misunderstandings aplenty as well But then the path to true love is not always smooth [...]

    6. I very much disliked this book He knows that she is not a virgin on their wedding night, but he calls her a whore But he has loved her for over six year, If that love s then, who needs it She knows someone is trying to kill her husband whom she loved, but she get s mad at him for trying to protect him and her Stupid him takes her to a remote place This book has problems It waste of time to trying and tell you all This book is stupid I deleted all the books I had downloaded from this author

    7. To Win His Wayward Wife by Rose Gordon Book 3 of the Scandalous SistersMadison Banks was the quiet one She often stared out the window and daydreamed She was the most beautiful of the girls but despised being adored for only her beauty She wanted to be liked for herself as a person not only her outward appearance Robbie Swift had broken her heart and most people thought that was the reason for her deep sadness.Years ago she had believed herself in love with Robbie s cousin, Leo He was a scruffy [...]

    8. I m so sorry for those who like this but I m going to say my piece.I m torn between love and hatred Here s why I like Madison because she participates in helping the poor and by poor it is teaching those illiterate bastards from her own words I hate Madison because of all the obvious reason why she took the risk of giving everything to that asshole Robbie I like her because she gave Ben a chance, I hate her because she s afraid of telling the truth to Ben and thus hurt him in the most hurtful wa [...]

    9. 3.5 out of 5 Stars You may or may not interpret there to be spoilers below.I don t feel the need to give great detail about the story considering others have done that, and there is the synopsis I will disclaim that I could have maybe rated the book a 4 out of 5 stars, but reading the previous Scandalous Sisters book, I had this one very built up in my head Therefore, I may have had higher expectations for this story When reading the first book in the series I immediately fell in love with the h [...]

    10. I was looking forward to this book since it s about a pining husband who s loved his wife for the last 6 years Mind you, I did not read the previous 2 books First the good parts Love learning about Benjamin and his thoughts and openness to her I enjoyed the courtship part with them just talking and sharing waffle moments.The Bad Another reviewer mentioned my biggest problem to this it felt too one sided Not balanced I rooted for him but at the same time it also felt rather contrived and she, und [...]

    11. Rose Gordon s style is telling than showing but entertaining and her characters are well formed To avoid a scandal, Madison marries the Duke of Gateway who was the antagonist in the first installment We find out why Gateway wanted Andrew to cause a scandal and Madison s past is revealed The Gateway in this book feels like a different character from the Gateway in the first book Perhaps, watching the sisters get married changed him The first chapters are filled with character history stalling th [...]

    12. I think I said pretty much the same in my review of the first book of this series, but when an author doesn t seem to understand the particulars of proper address even upon its surface, it distracts me mightily from the story That and misused words are two of the things that can most easily disrupt my ability to focus on and enjoy a story If you want to write a historical piece, you absolutely need to understand the basics The only reason you should call a woman Duchess is if that is her given n [...]

    13. I was excited to come across a new author, who appeared to be well appreciated with generally high ratings However, I found myself unable to finish this book It was quite poorly written, characters and their actions were inconsistent and the dialogue contrived and cringe worthy a times The narration was dreadful in places and the intended humorous banter between the couple were forced and fell flat The language was often quite inappropriate for the period Very disappointed.

    14. This is easily my favorite Rose Gordon historical I loved the whole concept of the hero who s identity I will not spoil being in love with heroine and trying so hard to get her to love him The messed up wedding night was an interesting twist that caused some valid drama for the couple I definitely recommend this for fans of unconventional historical romance though I would also suggest you read the first two books in the series to get the full effect.

    15. It was an ok read, but tiresome I loved the hero, and was glad to see that he was indeed savable after meeting him in the first book in this series and that he saved himself.I m just not entirely satisfied that the heroine was worthy of him.Not money well spent.

    16. I m actually embarrassed that I thought this series was so good last time I read the books This time around, I can see the clumsy writing, the lackadaisical plot and the stupidity of the characters I have started to actively dislike romance novels where the source of conflict is inane arguments and the main characters not bothering to speak to each other.It s lazy shows no imagination when an author uses misunderstandings to carry the entire book.I doubt I ll be reading them again which is a sha [...]

    17. To Win His Wayward Wife is book three of the Scandalous Sisters by Rose Gordon Like the previous two books, Intentions of the Earl and Liberty for Paul, I really enjoyed this read Out of the three, Liberty for Paul is my absolute favorite.The author, Rose Gordon, did a fantastic job with this story Like her previous two in this series, it was full of witty remarks and clever dialogue I must admit that in Intentions of the Earl, I was not very fond of Gateway By Liberty for Paul, I liked him a lo [...]

    18. I can t fathom that anyone could read the first two books and not automatically know who the hero of the third one is, but I gathered from reading some of the reviews on Barnes and Noble that a lot of folks really were surprised by the reveal in Chapter 2 I guessed in book 1 that it would go this way, and in book 2, I knew for sure But enough of my own horn tooting Anyway, to preserve the surprise for anyone who might want to read this book and I do recommend it , I ll avoid being a great big sp [...]

    19. Madison Banks, middle sister to Liberty and Brooklyn One night at a ball her past flame comes strolling into the ballroom and suddenly Madison wants to be anywhere but near him When she finds herself in the dark with a stranger rather than dealing with Robbie Swift all she wants is to know who it is and to see his face, what she doesn t expect is for the biggest busy body in London to find her in the dark corner with Andrew, Brooks husband, this leads to the mystery man to come forward with talk [...]

    20. This has been my absolute favorite of Rose Gordon s regencies So, I know the hero was supposed to be a surprise, but I ended up reading these out of order so I had a basic idea of who Madison ended up with and how their story went But I love how Gordon reveals the groom in chapter two I think I might ve even squealed.Madison has definitely been through a lot, so it was wonderful seeing her with someone who loved her SO much even if he had a tough time expressing it Like I said, I read these out [...]

    21. Much, much better I gave only one star to Intentions of the Earl, the first book of this series, and chose not to buy the second one after reading a sample which seemed to show the style was just as bad and the premise was even improbable But the sample for this one seemed much improved, so I bought it and I don t regret it The style is SO much better Not perfect, there are still a couple repetitions names and pronouns mostly and awkward sentences, but really not that many and not disturbing en [...]

    22. I received a review copy from the author in exchange for my honest review Madison, oh how I love thee I adore Brooke and even cranky Liberty, but it s spunky Madison who stole my heart and made me wish that her story would go on and on and onMadison is all the things you love and even dislike about Brooke and Liberty She s stubborn, feisty, sweet, compassionate, crude, blunt, pigheaded and the funniest of the three sisters Her husband annoyed me during Brooke s story, but you learn fully what ha [...]

    23. Unarguably the best in the trilogy Gordon s writing capabilities have evidently grown leaps and bounds from books 1 2 Even the editing of the eBook has significantly improved Even if you were to take all the improved writing away, Madison and her groom I won t say who it is, because it s a surprise are the most fascinating of the three couples Madison s past is heartbreaking The one man she thought she could love rejected her, leaving her in the clutches of a boy she used to be infatuated with B [...]

    24. After seeing both her of her sisters marry due to scandal, Madison Banks soon finds herself walking down the aisle in response to yet another scandal Her groom, though, has secretly loved her for years Madison has been hurt in the past and is afraid to trust Can her titled groom gently court her and win her heart forever Or will his enthusiasm push her away Rose Gordon has become one of my favorite secular authors I ve found that each of her books are filled with humor, a true storyline and plot [...]

    25. Just like the other sisters in this trilogy, I thought I was not going to like Madison s story.Yeah, I admit that it took me weeks to finish reading her story, but towards the end I could say that I liked it Probably because of the hero, Benjamin I was glad that his character was redeemed I just find the heroine a tad bit annoying Madison likes Benjamin the second, then next she don t I know girls are fickle minded and they can t make up their own mind faster than a guy but what the hell All the [...]

    26. I am loving Ms Gordon s book covers so far and that includes this one Love it Okay on with the book I felt for Madison She has had to live with the consequences of her actions Madison has secrets from her husband and it is partly due to trust issues I enjoyed watching Madison s husband assume things Typical man.It was great to see Madison learn to trust and heal from her past This story touches on some heartache But it has it s funny moments as well I was cracking up when Madison s husband carri [...]

    27. This was by far my favorite of the Scandalous sisters series I love Madison and Benjamin redeemed himself from his behavior in the other two books I found the real reason why he wanted the Banks shamed and sent back to America heartwrenchingly sweet and the ultimate show of true love Robbie is a scoundrel of the worst sort and got what he deserved in the end though not before terrorizing poor Benjamin and Madison When Benjamin was finally able to get Madison to listen to why he wanted her family [...]

    28. A really fine historical romance that begins with the marriage and then goes downhill from there Two people who have met before but whose past didn t bring them together now find themselves married The hero is an arrogant and elitist aristocrat who has not taken the time to really get to know this woman he has loved for six years and as a result manages to completely destroy his bride s sense of security about herself as well as a new wife and an important member of society The novel is how thes [...]

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