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The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove: First Edition #2020

The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove First Edition Charleston beauty Natalie Hargrove has been dreaming for years of being crowned senior class prom queen When her ex threatens to ruin her flawless plan Natalie sets into motion a chain of events mean

  • Title: The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove: First Edition
  • Author: Lauren Kate
  • ISBN: 9781595145178
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove: First Edition By Lauren Kate, Charleston beauty Natalie Hargrove has been dreaming for years of being crowned senior class prom queen When her ex threatens to ruin her flawless plan, Natalie sets into motion a chain of events meant to regain control But she s made one fatal mistake Published shortly before Lauren Kate s international bestseller Fallen, The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove is her meCharleston beauty Natalie Hargrove has been dreaming for years of being crowned senior class prom queen When her ex threatens to ruin her flawless plan, Natalie sets into motion a chain of events meant to regain control But she s made one fatal mistake Published shortly before Lauren Kate s international bestseller Fallen, The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove is her memorable debut reissued now for the first time with a dazzling new cover look A contemporary story based on the enduring classic Macbeth, this grounded, realistic novel has what it takes to backlist forever.Book Details Format PaperbackPublication Date 6 14 2011Pages 235Reading Level Age 14 and Up
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      136 Lauren Kate
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    1. I was drawn to this book because I liked the Fallen series and Lauren Kate s style of writing I started this book optimisticallyThe style of writing and mean, popular girl protagonist was full of promise that had me intrigued.But about a quarter of the way through I began to realize things just weren t going anywhereThen after a whole lot shit that made me struggle through this bookI have one conclusion that describes everything in this book from the plot to the protagonistANNOYED Was this mean [...]

    2. I do not respect Lauren Kate as an author.She is a chameleon type, mimicing whatever style seems to be selling With Fallen, her writing was bland, as were the characters and premise, all wrapped up with a pretty cover Just like all the other Twilight knockoffs This one was clearly written before she realized that rewriting Twilight was where the money is It has that I wanna be trendy feel to it, like the Alphas series, or Private The main character, Natalie, was a firm character, unlike Fallen s [...]

    3. I got this ages ago when I was at the coast with my Mum and her friend and my two younger sisters and their two friends My friend who was supposed to come had bailed on me she was sick so I was in for a week of spending time with 4 kids under the age of 11 It was a painful experience We were in Big W and I was bored, as a normal person would be We were looking for something and my mum kept finding stuff she liked So I convinced my mum to buy a few books for me This was one of them I think I am g [...]

    4. The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove is Lauren Kate s debut novel prior to Fallen by about a month, if is anything to go by I took it out of the library because well, honestly, I don t know why I took it out.Sorry I lie I m in my exam period and I needed something to counterbalance all the academic texts I was reading.Given how much I liked her other books, you might imagine what expectations I had when I went into this one Well, dear readers, my reaction at the beginning, the middle, the end and th [...]

    5. I m one of those people that, once I discover an author that has a great book, I like to read what ever else they have available I had read Fallen a while back, and looked up on Lauren s website to see if she had any other books available When I saw The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove and read the blurb I hesitated.I m not a huge fan of the popular people, or people that do harmful things to get ahead in life it s never been my thing So, I guess it was a blessing in disguise when I won an ARC of Th [...]

    6. Quanti di voi hanno visto film che trattavano di reginette della scuola super stronze passatemi il termine con tutti, con addosso sempre un aria di superiorit Questo libro dovrebbe parlare di questo Ma Natalie Hargrove, il personaggio creato da Lauren Kate, autrice di Fallen, non fa la stronza con nessuno perch sa di essere superiore L unica cosa che Natalie non tollera che, al suo fianco, rischi di vincere il titolo di Principe del ballo non il fidanzato Mike, bens Justin un ragazzo a cui sono [...]

    7. Want to see bookish things from me Check out my Youtube channel youtube channel UCferNatalie Hargrove is the most popular girl at her highchool She has dreamed of becoming Palmetto Princess for years and her long time boyfriend, Mike King is supposed to be crowned Prince beside her When Justin Balmer threatens her boyfriend s crown, Natalie decides to take matters into her own hands to ensure this doesn t happen The book was entertaining at times, but often got on my nerves Most of the time it [...]

    8. The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove is, in a word, awful Literally the only redeeming feature for me was the beautiful cover I want that dress so badly Firstly, Natalie was utterly unlikeable by anyone s standards and gets right on your nerves from the very first page, even when you learn of her background, which I assume is supposed to make you sympathetic towards her but fails utterly in that respect Natalie is utterly selfish, manipulative, unbelievably vain and ruthlessly ambitious, but with no [...]

    9. This was a seriously twisted story Natalie Hargrove is the most popular girl at her school and is practically a shoe in for Palmetto Princess aka prom queen As she and her longtime boyfriend Mike prepare to become high school royalty, something goes terribly, terribly wrong and Natalie flounders to fix it.Natalie is a deplorable character she s selfish to the core, but that s what drew me into the story When something goes wrong of Natalie, she doesn t fess up and move on, she tries to fix an wr [...]

    10. How did I come about to read this book Being on Kaua i facing 2 flights and a 3 hr lay over prompted a last minute purchase in poorly stocked Walmart, that s how The beautiful cover of this book lured me, the story sounded ok and the fact that there was nothing else I wanted to read lead me to purchasing this book First of all, this book is trashy not too many swear words but so much teen sex, drug and alcohol abuse Very imoral I WOULD NEVER let my kids read a book like this Books like these tea [...]

    11. For me this was about a one and a half stars I really did not like the main character Natalie or any of her friends The only person I semi liked was Mike King Natalie s trust fund boyfriend While I was reading this book I felt like I was watching a bad life time movie I didn t really like anything about this book The characters were shallow, vein, rude, self righteous, I could go on and on but I will stop there I was really disappointed with the ending For Natalie to die because Mike pushed her [...]

    12. I m a big fan of Fallen and Torment but this book really left a bad taste Once I got about halfway through I skimmed to the end, and it ended just as badly as I thought it would.

    13. My review is split in to five sections Writing, Plot, Worldbuilding, Characters, and X Factor Each section comprises of either half or one star, except X Factor which can utilise two whole stars.For anyone who is confused as to why I would read a book by an author I didn t particularly trust and whose other books I d hated with a loathing passion suck on my 4 star rating You can NEVER know if you ll enjoy a book before reading it.Writing.5The writing overall was pretty decent I can t help but co [...]

    14. Si ripreso un po sul finale, ma non basta.Non posso amare un libro del genere Nat di una antipatia non quantificabile, e il finale mi ha lasciata molto soddisfatta view spoiler quando Nat muore perch Mike la spinge per sbaglio gi da un dirupo hide spoiler Se questo non un segnaleGli altri personaggi sono tutti molto piatti, e le vicende inverosimili Non capisco che genere di libro sia, visto che sono presenti anche veggenti hippy, profezie, fantasmi e quant altro.La saga Fallen della Kate mi era [...]

    15. Natalie Hargrove wasn t always Queen bee at Palmetto high At one point in time she was on the wrong side of the tracks in this small Southern town When her father went away and her mom moved them over the tracks and into a new life, Natalie took control She had everything, the perfect boyfriend, the power, and a past she tries so hard to forget Now Natalie and her boyfriend running for Palmetto Prince and Princess and there is only one person standing in their way to the top At a Mardi Gras part [...]

    16. I m one of those readers that, if I really like an author, feels the need to get my hands on anything and everything they re written Enter Lauren Kate I fell in love with Daniel Luce s story when I read Torment Fallen a few months ago When I meet Lauren for an interview tomorrow, I can t go in there without having done my homework Natalie was annoying, yet relatable No, I never played a trick on someone where it got them hurt or killed, and I was never as provocative or manipulative as she was, [...]

    17. I ve heard so many bad things about this book But I loved it I read something like When the book back to the past in the final chapter is like wanting to make you feel sad for Nat and understand her I didn t see it like that I love the last chapter because it doesn t make me feel sad about anything, it just make me see farther, make me see how much stuff can be behind the scene of every single story I didn t see or expected a Nat cruel and all bad girl, I could see a lost little girl who grow up [...]

    18. Oh god this book I don t even know where I should begin.My Aunt got this book after she had read Fallen, another book by Lauren Kate She wasn t really a fan of Fallen but decided to give this book a chance as it was completely different and a one off book, not a series.I don t think I liked anything about this book apart from finishing the last page and closing the book forever If you have a strong dislike for the main character then you ll have a hard time enjoying the book I couldn t stand Nat [...]

    19. Arrebatado Por mais incr vel que pare a e acreditem em mim, estou realmente surpreso com isto , este o sentimento que consigo canalizar e externar ao finalizar a minha leitura de A Trai o de Natalie Hargrove Este foi o primeiro livro escrito e publicado por Lauren Kate, e quem me conhece sabe que n o sou um f de sua saga mais famosa muito pelo contr rio Entretanto, algo me impeliu a dar uma segunda chance para a autora Foi como um mpeto Mesmo que, no momento em que fiz a solicita o do romance pa [...]

    20. I picked this book up as I was eager to sample Lauren Kate s writing but didn t want to dive into Fallen The story centres around Natalie Hargrove and her need to be crowned Palmetto Princess the whole story takes place in such a relatively short time for so much to happen Natalie sees it as the defining moment of her transformation from Cawdor trailer park to Palmetto Queen Bee Her boyfriend Mike King doesn t take it as seriously and it is paramount that they be crowned together as the alternat [...]

    21. Reviewed by Samantha Clanton aka Harlequin Twilight for TeensReadTooThere are a few things that Natalie Hargrove wants out of her time at Palmetto High School, but the big one is becoming Palmetto Princess and her boyfriend, Mike, to be Palmetto Prince And Natalie Hargrove will do anything she has to do to make sure this happens.When Natalie finds that Mike is at major risk of losing the battle for the crown to the one person Natalie hates, Justin Balmer, we find out just what she will do to mak [...]

    22. POSSIBILI SPOILERPer me un NO enorme quanto un grattacielo.L idea poteva anche essere buona ma il modo in cui stata sviluppata cos superficiale, senza senso, confusionario che ho odiato questo libro.Nat e Mike stanno insieme e, sostanzialmente, lei cos superficiale e frivola che lo scopo massimo della sua vita diventare reginetta del ballo della scuola.Per farlo, per , vuole a tutti i costi avere al suo fianco il suo ragazzo, Mike, povera vittima delle sue macchinazioni.In ogni caso, Mike deve r [...]

    23. THIS BOOK DESERVES 0 STARS I usually don t write reviews of the books I ve read but I ll make this one an exemption Damn, this book is such a drag I was actually forcing myself to turn each page and get it over with It was just such a disappointing read Let me write a few reasons as to why this book was just a waste of my time.1 Flat characters Natalie, I get it, is a manipulating, selfish and cunning bitch but she was just that There was no personality and she cares for the most trivial things [...]

    24. I absolutely loved the fallen series so when I heard this was recently published I went and bought it straight away without ever reading the back cover.Another beautiful front cover on this book, really helps you when picturing Natalie.Very Americanized for most of the book, talk of juniors, softs and seniors and being from the uk I don t understand many of these terms.Most of the book was basically about Natalie being a social climber really Which for most of use is hard to relate to whereas th [...]

    25. I love this book and even though it s it s, it always makes a good read I know some people don t like it, but i love this book.

    26. If you ve been reading much Young Adult fiction lately, you ll be familiar with love triangles You might even be sick of them But The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove , a standalone contemporary novel by Fallen series author Lauren Kate, deals with that problem in an unusual way the secondary love interest, green eyed Justin, is dead Not zombie dead or vampire dead In the ground, exit stage left dead This doesn t stop him haunting every corner of the book, completely outshining Natalie s own boyfrie [...]

    27. I hadn t ever heard of this book until I saw it for only 6 at a local bookstore The cover looked interesting as well as the plot synopsis on the back of the book, and I decided to give it a try.The story was better than I thought it would be Yes it s still high school drama, but the main characters were intriguing and well developed and the story sucked me in a few chapters into the story The basic plot is this Natalie Hargrove is the Queen Bee of the very wealthy Palmetto High School in Charles [...]

    28. Easy read, filled with all the reasons we need to remember that the grass only looks greener on the other side because they use paint.Natalie grew up on the wrong side of the tracks Her childhood was riddled with abuse and as such she grew up much too quickly She learned grown up lessons, and the wrong ones at that, from a mother who was immature and would rather be besties First, I want to say that everyone who has been so disturbed or put off by the fact that Natalie was obsessed with becoming [...]

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