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Always On Sunday:An Inside View of Ed Sullivan, the Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra & Ed's Other Guests #2020

Always On Sunday An Inside View of Ed Sullivan the Beatles Elvis Sinatra Ed s Other Guests The Beatles Ed Sullivan and the AuthorEd first learns I have written a book when I hand him a finished manuscript Naively I imagine he ll be flattered but when he reads it he blows his stack and s

  • Title: Always On Sunday:An Inside View of Ed Sullivan, the Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra & Ed's Other Guests
  • Author: Michael David Harris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Always On Sunday:An Inside View of Ed Sullivan, the Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra & Ed's Other Guests By Michael David Harris, The Beatles, Ed Sullivan and the AuthorEd first learns I have written a book when I hand him a finished manuscript Naively, I imagine he ll be flattered, but when he reads it, he blows his stack and stops speaking to me He s furious I am revealing about him, backstage gossip and details about the inner workings of the show than he wants made public.FortuThe Beatles, Ed Sullivan and the AuthorEd first learns I have written a book when I hand him a finished manuscript Naively, I imagine he ll be flattered, but when he reads it, he blows his stack and stops speaking to me He s furious I am revealing about him, backstage gossip and details about the inner workings of the show than he wants made public.Fortunately for me and for Always On Sunday, Ed simmers down eventually and decides my unauthorized biography is magnificent He promotes it in his newspaper column, in interviews and in joint television appearances with me Ed helps turn the book he initially hated into a national bestseller.During my 11 years on the Sullivan show, no one created excitement than the Beatles February 7, 1964 Kennedy Airport Their first trip to the United States The screaming fans The haircuts The sassy answers Welcome to New York The entire country focuses on this place and these young men Including me I am meeting their plane A CBS public relations executive for years Now the network s press representative on The Ed Sullivan Show Ed was warned not to sign the Beatles You re crazy No British group has ever made it big in this country A month before they arrive, they are still unknown in America Every reporter I contact turns down my invitation to go with me to JFK.Two weeks later, I Want To Hold Your Hand rockets to the top of the charts Beatlemania crosses the Atlantic, and I am besieged by thousands of ticket requests Reporters plead to join me at JFK.On February 14, I greet the Beatles again, this time in Miami for a second Sullivan show I do my best to stay out of the way but, thanks to papparazzi determined to cash in on every shot of the Fab Four, I appear in photos published around the world including the NY Post In the captions I am called a Beatle, a case of mistaken identity I still laugh about with my wife, best selling novelist Ruth Harris.When I return to New York, Ed searches for me backstage One stagehand is impressed Ed must really like you, he says You ve only worked for him for four years, and he already knows your name Ed And The Celebrities Who Loved Him Or Not Why did Frank Sinatra take out an ad saying, Ed, you re sick, sick, sick You ll find out in Always On Sunday.Why did Mary Tyler Moore sue The Ed Sullivan Show You ll find out in Always On Sunday.Why did CBS cancel Bob Dylan s appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show against Ed s wishes You ll find out in Always On Sunday.Elvis fans kissed him where Ed was stunned when Elvis explained What did Elvis say You ll find out in Always On SundayReviewers Rave One of the most intriguing show business books to come along in a long time It s great, very well written and tells it like it is I knew Sullivan for years and consider Harris book an accurate sketch of a complex man Well done Chicago Sun Times Honestly told with remarkable frankness and genuine inside knowledge In the field of show business biographies, Always On Sunday has secured a place on the shelf reserved for the very best Pittsburgh Post Gazette Always On Sunday An Inside View And it is inside The book is studded with backstage gossip about showbiz greats.

    • BEST PDF "Ê Always On Sunday:An Inside View of Ed Sullivan, the Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra & Ed's Other Guests" || READ (PDF) ☆
      476 Michael David Harris
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    1 thought on “Always On Sunday:An Inside View of Ed Sullivan, the Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra & Ed's Other Guests

    1. Ed Sullivan s variety show was an American institution, running Sunday nights for twenty three years, from the dawn of television in 1948 until 1971 Even relatively young readers have probably seen clips of Sullivan introducing Elvis Presley, the Beatles, or saying, We ve got a really big shew Always on Sunday gives us a broad view of Sullivan, who turns out much complex than I would have guessed Some stories you might have heard for years are debunked not all of Elvis appearance were from the [...]

    2. NOSTALGIA APLENTY The show premiered as The Toast of the Town at 9 00 o clock, on Sunday, June 20, 1948 From as early as 1949, on a six inch diameter, round screen, television set, Ed Sullivan s Toast of the Town and Milton Berle s Texico Star Theater were primary soundtracks of my youth With the mention of names like Walter Winchell, Jimmy Durante, Dick Haymes, Frankie Fountain, Arthur Godfrey and Julius LaRosa Michael Harris s gossipy insider memoir of Ed Sullivan s glory days, ALWAYS ON SUNDA [...]

    3. I wish i could have given this a better review but i read the e book version Apparently publishers have eliminated an entire set of editors because some pages were a mass of confusion, others had absurd typos It looked unprofessional and certainly unworthy of a major publisher It was, unfortunately, distracting The behind the scenes look at Sullivan, the way in which the show was produced and his many public feuds are fascinating and certainly put that part of show business history into perspect [...]

    4. Learned a bit about Ed Sullivan There are chapters about his life And Many chapters about the Ed Sullivan show Hoping this would be a bit better but pretty informational for someone who would like to read something about Ed Sullivan good or not always good.

    5. Ed Sullivan came into our homes on Sunday night from 1948 through 1971, spanning the childhood of millions of baby boomers In fact, no one older than a baby boomer 1946 1964 can even remember him, though they might have heard of his impact as the master of television entertainment for such a long time In my home filled with 9 baby boomer children, after Sunday dinner and Sunday baths we all lined up in front of the television console and watched the Wonderful World of Disney and The Ed Sullivan [...]

    6. One of the things I try to do is make myself read various genres of literature that I do not normally read Thus, I found Michael David Harris biographical novel Always On Sunday An Inside View of Ed Sullivan offered as a special on for my Kindle Growing up in the 50 s and 60 s, I remembered many nights watching Ed Sullivan in my family s living room with the whole family gathered around Yes, I watched Elvis only shown from the waist up and later, with a group of high school friends, we all watch [...]

    7. Biography of Ed Sullivan and his show, which went on air in 1948 Written by a staffer, I should have guessed from the summary about how Ed hated the book at first but came around, that it was going to be pretty fawning It jumped around in time so much that it got pretty confusing, and it wasn t really well written But there were definitely lots of super interesting bits scattered around I hadn t realized that he was a newspaper writer, which is why he was hired, or that he kept writing his colum [...]

    8. My ThoughtsThis is what I call a vintage book The is 1968, 46 years ago Ed Sullivan s Sunday night show was on TV for some 20 years, Always On Sunday I remember watching a lot of these shows Way back then we had three 3 channels to choose from, and if the wind was blowing right, I could also watch a PBS channel The book had a lot of back stage stories about the live acts, and some of the super stars of that time period Why did Frank Sinatra take out an ad saying, Ed, you re sick, sick, sick Why [...]

    9. My parents got a TV early on like 1948 early on, so I watched a lot of Ed Sullivan over the decades I knew he was a sports and gossip writer and that he was very important to the establishment of TV as a genuine medium I had no idea what a really decent guy he was or that he d been a champion of black entertainment in TV Sullivan was a true showman who knew what the people liked and gave it to them I had no idea that Toast of the Town covered so much territory from acrobats, monkeys to the Beatl [...]

    10. I had expectations from the cover blurb that this would have lots of interesting behind the scenes stories about the shew and the performers Alas not It s much of a general biography of the man, and not particularly compelling Although there are anecdotes, they don t get fleshed out enough to support the statement they are associated with The author obviously liked Ed Sullivan very much, and tells many little stories about Ed s good but unsung deeds He doesn t sugar coat it, though he also rela [...]

    11. This book has a lot of editing problems but I enjoyed most of the content anyway I remember The Ed Sullivan Show as a kid my parents let my sister and me stay up to watch The Beatles so I was hoping for some good dirt There is a lot of interesting, backstage information but I wanted You will find out a lot about Ed Sullivan his childhood, careers and relationships with family, friends, staff and colleagues I love the tidbits about the acts on his Sunday night show But, somehow I wanted This is [...]

    12. The book s premise is interesting and it certainly has lots of anecdotes It is somewhat gossipy and light on biographical info, whether Sullivan or any other of the many personalities in the story I rated the book down one star they all start with a three star potential because the time frame in the story is fragmented Even in the chapters, which are written about people, events or some of Mr Sullivan s complexities, serpentine forward and then backward and then forward again along the timeline [...]

    13. There was a lot to like about this book My take away is a deep respect for one aspect of Ed Sullivan It being that he cared what the whole family watched than he cared that sensationalism raised rating I wish we still have shows with actors who cared Still, this book gets a 2 for execution paragraphs missing, names changed but maybe that was paragraphs missing and me getting dropped into a new section before the old section finished.I didn t need the rave reviews.I didn t need dirt, either, but [...]

    14. Although this book is nostolgic for someone who grew up in this error, it is not well written I felt like I was reading a combination old social column and gossip column from yesteryear Example The Sullivans bedroom has a Frenc feel The colors are muted off white with touches of blue and green The den, which used to be theiri daughter Betty s room, has Chnese chests with a red laquer finish There were a lot of these moments in this book The book was originally publishesd in 1968 It is not ageles [...]

    15. Not great by any means but it might be fun for people who remember the show, the acts, and the era This book originally came out in 1968 Ed had been on forever and seemed like he d continue forever an assumption shared by the author so it s strange reading this, knowing that in three short years it would all be over in 1971 CBS purged its rural themed shows and those favored by an aging demographic.

    16. Flattering 1969 biography of the host of the long running Sunday night television variety show that bore his name until being cancelled in 1971 Apparently cobbled together from a variety of sources, it also includes what purports to be the real inside scoop of how he spends his day not very eventfully and how he treats those he meets kindly Not hugely revealing and now very dated Was estate sale find.

    17. All I ever knew about the Ed Sullivan show was the short clips I had seen on TV This book was an interesting read about the man behind the show and also the friendships, feuds and acts that he booked Ed as he liked to be called NOT Mr Sullivan had a knack for keeping the show interesting and keeping people tuned in This may be an old book published in 1968 but it gives you an insight into the show and the man who s name is synonymous with it.

    18. A Great Sunday EveningAn Inside View of Ed Sullivan took me back to many Sunday evenings watching all the great acts on the show It was years ago but this book took me back, back to a time rich with wonderful personalities doing their best to entertain and a inside look at the man that made it happen.

    19. Unfortunately, the book was very dated Still, it was an interesting read about a very different time and place Ed Sullivan was on every Sunday night at my grandparents house and usually at my parents house It was the place that I first saw a lot of artists perform Sullivan certainly lived an interesting lifestyle, but I don t feel that I know him better for reading the book.

    20. Not particularly well written The ebook version had a bunch of editing errors Seemed to be a puff piece, but it s hard to really tell Might be worth the 99 cents I paid for it, but not worth the time I spent reading it.

    21. This was a book about a show that I remember a bit from my childhood I didn t watch it a lot, but it was always there.I m giving it 2 stars because it did bring up interesting snippets from time to time, but on the whole, not a very well written book.

    22. Eye opening.I truly found this bok very interesting and informative I was surprised how much I loved looking back at Ed Sullivan and his lifeI would enjoy reading the rest of his story

    23. I grew up watching The Ed Sullivan Show every Sunday night and this is an interesting look at Ed Sullivan, the man, and behind the scenes at The Ed Sullivan Show However, I have to mention that I read this book on my Kindle and the number of typos and other errors were very distracting.

    24. Pretty entertaining except for some lengthy parts that got bogged down with petty Hollywood feuding Also, there were a number of mistakes in my Kindle iPad version faulty editing But there were still lots of good anecdotes to keep me interested for most of the book.

    25. Couldn t Finish ItTried but couldnt finish it Rambling, sometimes not sure who was talking, author or Mr Sullivan Some details about Mr Sullivan were interesting but couldn t save the book.

    26. Certainly brought back memories of growing up our family watched The Ed Sullivan Show EVERY Sunday night I remember when Elvis made his debut the Beatles in February of 1964 and on, and on I think they should have had a little bit about Topo Geejo Really enjoyed the trip back

    27. This was a good read It took me nostalgically back to my childhood, especially The Beatles There are some very interesting reveals and insights in this book that were refreshing.

    28. One must remember this was written in 1968 while reading this The spelling and grammatical errors were insane It was interesting learning about Ed Sullivan though Overall, I enjoyed it.

    29. Book club titleVery nostalgic for those who remember the Ed Sullivan show, just as Gail Collins When Everything Changed is still maddening for those who went through the women s movement.

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