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No Proper Lady #2020

No Proper Lady When a half naked woman suddenly appears on his country estate Simon Grenville doesn t have time to be shocked Demonic beasts are hot on his heels until the beautiful stranger unsheathes several kniv

  • Title: No Proper Lady
  • Author: Isabel Cooper
  • ISBN: 9781402259524
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • No Proper Lady By Isabel Cooper, When a half naked woman suddenly appears on his country estate, Simon Grenville doesn t have time to be shocked Demonic beasts are hot on his heels until the beautiful stranger unsheathes several knives strapped to her skin tight trousers and kills them As he stares at her fierce, heart stopping face, Simon knows he s in a hell of a lot of troubleJoan is from a time wWhen a half naked woman suddenly appears on his country estate, Simon Grenville doesn t have time to be shocked Demonic beasts are hot on his heels until the beautiful stranger unsheathes several knives strapped to her skin tight trousers and kills them As he stares at her fierce, heart stopping face, Simon knows he s in a hell of a lot of troubleJoan is from a time where demons run rampant and humanity is fighting for its existence To prevent this terrible future, she is sent back to Victorian England to kill the magician responsible for unleashing the dark forces But Joan is a soldier used to sparring than dancing To get close to her target, she ll need Simon to teach her how to fit into polite society Joan doesn t mind practicing proper flirtation on Simon, but she can t allow herself to be distracted by his gentle hands or devilish smile the very future depends on it.

    • UNLIMITED AUDIOBOOK ☆ No Proper Lady - by Isabel Cooper
      225 Isabel Cooper
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    1 thought on “No Proper Lady

    1. I really enjoyed this Which is odd because it s got a number of aspects that usually send me running screaming Historical romance with English setting but the characters talk like modern Americans a nominally late Victorian setting but the social interaction appears to be Jane Austen via Avon romance also a misunderstanding trope However, what we also have is magic, demon summoning, and a kickass heroine sent back from the future to kill an evil wizard, but who has to learn to pose as a proper l [...]

    2. No Proper Lady is the hands down, weirdest historical romance I have read If you take all perceived notions of historical romance and mix in a weird helping of Victorian occult, tentacle wielding rulers of the universe, a manuscript that houses the mysteries of the Dark Ones bent on destroying life as we know it, and an unusual but kickass heroine whom literally wears weapons as body parts well, I think you get the idea No Proper Lady is not your average Victorian era smut I can t believe how en [...]

    3. RATING almost 2.5 stars No Proper Lady was an impulse buy I know I have a lot of those, gah I wanted to read an historical romance, but somehow I also wanted a bit of paranormal So when I read the synopsis for this book, I thought it was exactly what I was looking for.And it was, in a way The idea is still pretty good The execution yes, you read right, it s one of those sigh , howeverI was okay with time travel and Joan being a though female Very good I did not like the way her first encounter w [...]

    4. I forgot this book on my Kindle and the cover certainly just seems like it s a traditional oh woe is me please marry me I m a spinster at 21 Historical romance so I didn t pick it up until vacation HOWEVER it is NOT that at all, much to my surprise appreciation A post apocalyptic woman goes back in time to the 1880 s to stop her society from becoming the horrible place it becomes because of a magic user from the time Yeah, nutty but kind of amazing in the beginning especially My favorite part of [...]

    5. illekitap 2017Veee bir zamanda yolculuk kitab bir historical romance bir fantastik kitap kelimenin tam anlam yla 3 bir aradayd.Size bir ey ifade edeyim mi san r m okudu um ilk zamanda yolculuk kitab md u anda bir tane daha okuyorum ama bu ilkti Bir ba lang t benim i in Ve olduk a g zel bir t rm zamanda yolculuk di er bir de i le time travel t r sabel Cooper, lkemizde yeni tan nan yazarlardan lk kitab da Englefield Serisi nin ba lang kitab Uyumsuz Leydi Zaman zaman durgun ilerleyen bir kurgu olsa [...]

    6. I picked this book up on a whim That night I jumped into the prologue and thought, ah hell not my kinda story Closed it right back up.A couple of days later I received a notice that another book I requested was in, so I took this book and headed back to the library Since I was too early, I sat outside and read the 1st chapter till the doors opened This book came right back home with me.4.5 This is a time travel which I liked futuristic urban fantasy which I ve read once or twice and found I didn [...]

    7. You might have noticed that I did not give a rating for how I felt about this book To be honest I have no clue, I didn t hate it and I didn t love it There was nothing in it that made me think this is horrible and painful and yet it was a struggle to finish and I almost gave up a few times Perhaps I just was not in the right mood for it because the synopsis was great Talk about a Terminator sort of story mixed with romance So please bear with me as I ramble through my feelings about this book.I [...]

    8. This was my first time reading a book officially titled a romance novel, although let s be honest, the majority of the books I read probably should be , and I will say that it was hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable 10 10 will read romance again.

    9. Tarihi a k romanlar na kar ayr bir zaaf m var Kurgu ilerleyi i merak uyand ran ve beni i ine ekmeyi ba aran her kitaba a md r Uyumsuz Leydi, bas lmadan nce tan t m okudu um zaman benim olmas n istemi tim nk beni ona eken bir eyler vard Hem tarihi hem aksiyon hem de fantastik bak n buraya dikkat ekiyorum benim yine en sevdi im olgular i inde bar nd r rken benim merak m cezbetmemesi imkans z olurdu.Simon Grenville k sa bir gezinti yapmak istedi, yaz n ba lang c nda her yer yemye iken iste i biraz [...]

    10. Well, that was GOOD FUN Also definitely my catnip Competent heroine has a difficult job and does it well supportive hero is supportive and learns a lot lady friendships TIME TRAVEL Also I liked the villain is the hero s former lover thing it had going on, that was some Xena level subtext apparently I no longer have a recommended by a patron tag, but this one was

    11. Fish out of water time travel stories are incredibly overdone, but I still like them anyway Joan was prepped for her mission, so she s not completely ignorant, but her future is so shattered that they didn t have much good information to give her So her clothes are horrifying and her manners not much better But because she s a soldier with a mission and enough sense not to let her pride get in the way, her no nonsense approach to learning skills she thinks are silly is refreshing Also refreshing [...]

    12. I wanted to like this book than I did The plot, the premise, everything about the set up works better in theory than in practice, unfortunately.No Proper Lady tells the story of Joan, daughter of Arthur and Leia, a warrior from the future travelling two hundred years back in time to save the world and humanity from otherworldly beasts She meets Simon Grenville and ends up in a slow paced historical romance instead.So far, I like it I like the fact that this woman has a real reason to act modern [...]

    13. I wanted to like this book I really, really wanted to like this book And Publishers Weekly put it on their top books of 2011 list But.The premise is original Joan, daughter of Arthur and Leia and I loved the author s explanation that in the dystopian future, people named themselves after legendary heroes, even though every time I saw Leia it completely threw me out of the story is a warrior from a time when dark demons and black magic have enslaved most of the planet Joan is the Free Humans best [...]

    14. eBook was auto returned to the library at 82% and I found myselfunbothered I loved the idea behind the plot, but couldn t work out why I was feeling so ridiculously frustrated for the majority of it I think it may have something to do with the usually fast passed action of a kickass paranormal romance that did not quite gel with the slow building yet repressed sexual tension of a good old Victorian romance Each work brilliantly on their own, but together sadly not so much.The main characters are [...]

    15. 2,5 i inde yok yok olan bir hikaye tasarlam yazar ,, fantastik eler , topik bir d nya sonra hopp 1800 l y llar n ngilteresi ok da sevemedim , en az ndan merak m ld rd m

    16. I ve heard NO PROPER LADY described as Eliza Dolittle meets the Terminator I d agree with the second half, certainly although she s a fantasy Terminator on oh so many levels rather than a sci fi one , but the Eliza Dolittle half, which I d rather been looking forward to, was rather skimpy I d call this The Terminator and the Golden Dawn vs Aleister Crowley I went back and forth between two and three stars for this one The plot was an intriguing enough concept sometime in the future, a very evi [...]

    17. You may also read my review here mybookishways 2011 12 When Joan travels back 200 years and lands in 1888 England, a la Terminator, she s immediately greeted by snarling cerberi and an English Gentleman by the name of Simon Grenville Joan is in search of the man that s at fault for causing the fall of civilization, and the horrid world she lives in, and plans to destroy him, in hopes of saving mankind Turns out that Simon has his own agenda involving the evil Alex Raynell, and he agrees to help [...]

    18. drey s thoughts Every time I look at this cover, I wonder why the girl has a tattoo it s so not in keeping with historical romances Then I realize duh she s not from the times, she s just in the times Or there wouldn t be a story Joan comes from our world, but a version of our world that I wouldn t wish on my worst enemies Or yours Demonic hordes are systematically wiping out humanity, and the last survivors are flagging and running out of options Their last ditch effort Sending Joan back in tim [...]

    19. My reaction before reading the book My reaction after reading the book This book was OK.Sadly it wasn t what I had in mind and what I had expected especially when the book has all my favorite genre in it with a kick ass heroine, time travelling back to the past to change the future and save humanity It is a paranormal romance book with magic, fantasy and historical romance but I find the lack of explanations of somethings quite disturbing Most of ALL the supposed to be antagonist that was suppos [...]

    20. I m quite happy I read Lessons After Dark, the second book in this series, first I wouldn t have bought it otherwise.No Proper Lady is as boring as the proper lady she isn t The idea behind the story was an intriguing one, but I would have liked it a lot better if it had action and less training on how to be a lady Both book and characters are dull Only Joan has some moments of vitality in an otherwise dead world But she should be a kick ass assassin from the future, clearly some vitality doesn [...]

    21. Ebook is currently.99 for Nook and Kindle No Proper Lady turns genre convention on its head, as it sends a warrior woman from a paranormal post apocalyptic future back in time, where she meets an aristocratic magician in Victorian England I loved the idea, and Joan and Simon are great characters However, the story suffers from a pacing problem Despite all the danger and the high stakes Joan is from a future where the humans are losing the fight against creatures from vaguely described other real [...]

    22. Fascinating book combining a dystopia future Earth only at the beginning though and in the thoughts of Joan and Victorian England and magic Joan has come back in time to save the Earth from Alex Reynell, the man who will end up destroying it with his Dark Magic and demons Simon stumbles upon her when she arrives and befriends her He used to be best friends with Alex, until Alex took the turn towards power and darkness This review is not doing the book any justice, sorry There is definitely Roma [...]

    23. I somehow missed from the reviews that there would be a lot of sex in this book I don t like to read that, but the story somewhat interested me I tried to just skip those parts to find out what happened I still wasn t impressed as the action at the end seemed really drawn out and too easily overcome.Also, love scenes can be skipped However, random and unnecessary MBtion and the guy s obsession with his arousal slapped me in the face in a disgusting way and totally frustrated me.I don t even want [...]

    24. This book was AMAZING All I want to talk about right now was how great this book was The characters are amazing, especially Joan, who is so strong and tough and liberated and when she cried and said she wanted her mother I got all choked up The worldbuilding is wonderful The way she sets up the time travel elements and shows someone from the future reacting to the Victorian Era was fantastic I ve always loved time travel stories but this might be the best one I ve read And the writing was just b [...]

    25. The start is catchy and I am saying that, Okay, this is gonna be good Alright, I assumed much I wsas expecting to be exciting but it turned out to be quite well, dull.I really tried to enjoy it bht you knowe part where I m near at the middle of the book I became bored So for the sake of reading I finished it.It didn t go well for me Don t get me wrong the theme is great and also the characters well, a bit In general that s why I gave it 3 1 2 stars

    26. Terminator meets My Fair Lady Yes please Unfortunately this one didn t meet my expectations I like genre blending in general, but this felt like a contemporary paranormal romance shoe horned into an historical Joan was the best character, but she didn t get to do a lot of ass kicking The villain could have been a lot scarier, too he basically had no idea what was going on until the last few pages So basically, great concept but the execution wasn t what I was expecting.

    27. I was re reading old The Toast articles as one does and came upon some comments from Isabel Cooper, and someone else said they loved this book, so I picked it up I probably wouldn t have otherwise, because the cover is a bit off putting to me But I m glad I did This is NOT the book the cover would lead you to believe it is There s sex in it, yes, and well written sex, if you ask me but it s not a bodice ripper There are relationships and romance in it as there is in almost every book, if you re [...]

    28. This was not at all what I expected and could have been a really bad book in the wrong hands Thankfully, Isabel Cooper does a good job of making the absolute bizarre seem matter of fact, and this was a fun, entertaining read The combination of magic and demons in a regency romance combined with a warrior woman who s traveled back 200 years to save the future was too unique to resist The interactions between the main characters are funny, but also sincere the clash of future manners, speech, and [...]

    29. I loved pretty much everything about this book and didn t think I would when I started it To me, magic is tricky to write about and books with it rarely live up to my expectations There was a lot happening but the author blended so much together so well time travel to save the world learning Victorian etiquette magic without overexplaining strong, interesting characters all of them sadness romance and humor The balance was perfect to me Even the cover was perfect I get bored with too much world [...]

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