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Pirates Go to School #2020

Pirates Go to School A funny rhyming story about the silly things pirates do when they go to school Pirates and their parrots go to school and it s time to hang up their swords and have fun They learn reading and math a

  • Title: Pirates Go to School
  • Author: Corinne Demas John Manders
  • ISBN: 9780545206297
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pirates Go to School By Corinne Demas John Manders, A funny rhyming story about the silly things pirates do when they go to school.Pirates and their parrots go to school, and it s time to hang up their swords and have fun They learn reading and math, and they bring pirate treasure for show and tell For pirates, going to school is as much fun as a game of walk the plank

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      Corinne Demas John Manders

    1 thought on “Pirates Go to School

    1. I bought this book at our school s book fair this year and was not disappointed I will definitely be reading this one in my future classrooms to come because no matter how old, students need a good reminder about good classroom behavior Pirates Go to School has to be one of the cutest back to school books in the last ten years This adorable picture book shows children just what pirates do when they go to school Only they might not be the most welcome visitors Pirates snore at nap time, swear at [...]

    2. Funny book about pirate boys who go to school They are obnoxious pirates who are loud but they love going to school, sleep during nap time and listen during story time This can encourage the students that even pirates listen and like the different things done at school Guided Reading MLexile AD680L6 1 Traits Voice

    3. Who would have ever thought pirates would like to go to school They themselves sing, Yo ho ho, we are so cool We are pirates and we love school I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this book, as did my kids It s a fun read with rhyming words and great illustrations I m a fan of any book that is not only hilarious, but one that receives a lot non stop laughs from my kids Best of all, these pirates are FUN, enjoy learning and will make your kids wish they could go to school with pira [...]

    4. Pirates Go to School is a fun book for young readers I would use this book in the classroom by using it in the class library as a book to be read independently This book will keep the children s attention while also working on their rhyming skills while also enhancing their ability to recognize and comprehend concepts of print.

    5. This is a fun, rhyming tale about young pirates going to school The story is of a short ditty and the illustrations are very colorful and entertaining This book is probably best suited for young children who are just beginning school It was a bit young for our girls, but we enjoyed reading it together anyway.

    6. This was a cute, fantastical book that young students enjoy thoroughly It is filled with school humor, led by a band of pirates thirsting for educational knowledge The outcome of course is funny, and kids have a great time seeing what mischief the pirates will get into next during their school day.

    7. Summary Pirates Go to School is a book that talks about how Pirate children act at school each day The book describes in detail how they do math, what they make in art, and what their parrots like for snack Evaluation This is a fun story that also uses rhyming words on every page This could be a useful and fun way to teach students rhyming words and how they be used in creative ways Teaching Ideas Using this story within a lesson could involve rhyming words The teacher could the story page by pa [...]

    8. I like Corinne Demas in the pirate genre This is another fun, rhyming read aloud featuring pirates going to school It s humorous with lively photos that will certainly generate some interest from kids My kids enjoyed this one a lot

    9. Very cute illustrations and text tell about how pirates might go to school with their parrots and swords.

    10. This book has a good set of vocabulary words that can be presented to students I didn t really like this book I would ise it for vocabulary only.

    11. Pirates Go To School is an absolutely adorable rhyme book about what a pirate looks like going to school When pirates walk into school, they greet their teacherd so does their parrot They hang their book bags and swords on the coatrack, and then they are seated for math where they count skulls Warning do no sit too close to pirates They smell like rotten fish Pirates paint cannonballs and bring cool, old stuff to show and tell They even snore at naptime At recess, they play walk the plank and ge [...]

    12. This is a very fun book to read It brings laughter and joy to those who read it The book shows the silly things pirates do when go to school and try to become involved in the classroom The book most resonates with me when the pirates come into school and are in their pirate gear The most powerful transaction in the story is when the illustrator shows the pirates in the classroom with the other students It is very apparent who are the pirate students I will carry with me the humor from this book [...]

    13. This is a fun rhyme book about what it is like for pirates to go to school They take their parrots to school with them and the parrots constantly mimic what the pirates say The other students like the pirates and think they are cool but the pirates are rambunctious, smelly, and use skills to help them learn math Even though the pirate kids seem so different they really are very similar to the other kids The pirates go to school and take part in normal, everyday activities They love show and tell [...]

    14. Interest Level Grade Kindergarten Grade Level Equivalent 2.8 Genre Comedy and Humor, Rhyming Story a cute book that tells the story of some pirates who go to school and have a hard time adjusting their pirate behavior as to fit in From having their teacher walk the sea saw plank to stashing their swords and maps in cubbies this story takes us into the fantasy world where pirates go to school showing readers what they would see should this ever happen.

    15. I really liked this book I think it s a good book for first graders The book is about what a classroom would be like if pirates were in it I think it would be a good writing prompt for students to think about if something fictional was in their classroom Pre writing questions about what would happen would help.

    16. Super cute read aloud with brightly colored fun illustrations Elementary kids of all ages will love this book Teachers and librarians could enjoy a great qa with the kids after sharing Questions such as Would you think it would be fun to attend school with a pirate Do you think their parrots would be a distraction The possibilities are endless

    17. This book is very funny and I really enjoyed it Unfortunately I had to explain some parts to my students because they just did not get it It is probably not a good first week of school book, but one I will try again after they have had exposure to English.

    18. This is a fun book that shows lots of things that kindergarteners do at school The situations are humorous and there is plenty for the reader to point out in addition to what is including in the rhyming text Very fun I purchased this for my grandson s birthday.

    19. This one is pretty fun, and a good read aloud book, what with the pirate talk and parrot repeats Great illustrations as well, and the text has a nice rhythm to it There s definitely some humor here, as well as a message that school can be pretty fun.

    20. i thought the book was humorous in most parts but it was bland and kind of followed a rhythmic rhyme scheme comparable to a taylor swift song but my favorite part within the whole book is where they plotted mutiny on their teacher because isn t that what being a pirate is all about

    21. While I found this book to be clever and fun, it was a flop for my pre k group Perhaps it is a bit too long and wordy for that age group I would like to try it again with some kindergartners Not great for pre k storytime.

    22. Argh Even pirates need to go to school Why How else will they learn geography, navigation, and counting comes in handy when tallying up the loot

    23. It is such a cute picture book I loved it It made me wish I could teach pirates argggghhhh Next year, just maybe my kids will get a surprise

    24. This is a good book The verse helps it flow quickly and the illustrations are interesting and keep kids turning the pages.

    25. Loved this book The illustrations were amazing It is a rhyming tale The story is shows the difference to what an average student goes at school, and how a pirate student goes at school.

    26. Short rhymy text describing how pirates react to activities in school Great illustrations Smaller amount of text should be good for little kids story time.

    27. I would share this during a story time about pirates for sure, especially with primary school children A litte gimmicky, but with hilarious illustrations and nice rhyming scheme.

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