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No Mark Upon Her #2020

No Mark Upon Her New York Times Notable author Deborah Crombie is regularly named among the greats of British set crime fiction P D James Ruth Rendell Elizabeth George et al for her riveting police procedurals featu

  • Title: No Mark Upon Her
  • Author: Deborah Crombie
  • ISBN: 9780061990618
  • Page: 140
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No Mark Upon Her By Deborah Crombie, New York Times Notable author Deborah Crombie is regularly named among the greats of British set crime fiction P.D James, Ruth Rendell, Elizabeth George et al for her riveting police procedurals featuring Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James, Scotland Yard partners as well as devoted life mates.A brilliantly conceived and executed, deeply atmospheric mystery, No Mark Upon HerNew York Times Notable author Deborah Crombie is regularly named among the greats of British set crime fiction P.D James, Ruth Rendell, Elizabeth George et al for her riveting police procedurals featuring Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James, Scotland Yard partners as well as devoted life mates.A brilliantly conceived and executed, deeply atmospheric mystery, No Mark Upon Her embroils Kincaid and James in the case of the puzzling drowning of a rower, a Met detective, on the Thames A finely hued and twisting tale of psychological suspense a story rich in deadly secrets, salacious lies, and unexpected betrayals No Mark Upon Her is everything Crombie s fans have come to expect from this exceptional writer and .

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    1. Onvan No Mark Upon Her Duncan Kincaid Gemma James, 14 Nevisande Deborah Crombie ISBN 023075063X ISBN13 9780230750630 Dar 480 Safhe Saal e Chap 2011

    2. I have read a number of enjoyable mysteries of late, but this one Oh, how I love thee, Deborah Crombie Where have you been all my life and why haven t I read anything by you before No Mark Upon Her is the 14th book in the series, I believe, but my first one by the author It didn t matter that I didn t know the history of the characters although, I am infinitely curious now and must know all The author offers enough background story to give the reader a good feel for the characters and their sit [...]

    3. It s hard to say why but this book just didn t resonate with me I found it hard to care about the story and the murdered Olympic hopeful Also, the family situation with Gemma s family, her and Duncan s home life, and with his cousin Jack and Jack s wife Winnie sort of grated on my nerves Gemma is now married to Duncan but had to go through 3 weddings to satisfy everyone which was stupid beyond belief Apparently they must take in every stray cat, dog or kid they encounter The newest is 2 year old [...]

    4. You would be hard pressed to find an author who can create such a tightly plotted and richly detailed mystery than Deb Crombie No Mark Upon Her is another hit by this fantastic author showing that she s still got plenty of ideas left in her bag of tricks for Duncan, Gemma and company as well as the skills to pull them off.Each one of her novels holds a different flavor This time she combines her well thought out and well told police procedures along with K9 rescue teams and the cherished heritag [...]

    5. A friend order this book for me from , and it was a lovely surprise.First off, I was so amazed that a Texan could write, as if she were a Native, and so well about Leander and Henley Well done Ms Crombie You are a smashing story teller Two of my family members worked at Leander, so I am familiar with the club and also the local area, and of course Sonning on the Thames The authors detailed description of Leander and the area is brilliant in itself She transported me right back there across the p [...]

    6. I was surprised to discover that Deborah Crombie, author of No Mark Upon Her, the 14th in her Duncan Kinkaid Gemma James Scotland Yard detective series, lives in Texas This is the first of her books I have read, I would have bet my bottom dollar that the author was as British as Queen Elizabeth and scones with clotted cream I would have lost that bet.How could any author who peppers her novel with such phrases as taking the mickey out of someone, which means to tease, and dab hand in the kitchen [...]

    7. The story, the fourteenth in the series that Deborah Crombie has spun around Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid and Detective Inspector Gemma James, opens with a compelling piece of writing Heart thumping, she moved across the cottage s shadowy garden and through the gate that led out onto the Thames Path Tendrils of mist were beginning to rise from the water The river had a particular smell in the evenings, damp and alive and somehow primeval The gunmetal surface of the water looked placid [...]

    8. Every time I read one of these books it is as though I am reunited with familyGemma, Duncan, Kit, Toby and now sweet Charlotte It s English, there are lots of pubs and gardens and tea and there is a fascinating complex murder or two figure out I read everything that this author writes Each book has been sheer bliss and joy for me Gemma and Duncan have been in every book that I have read along with their ever evolving family Relationships, children, dogs ,cats, friends, colleaguesl of these are a [...]

    9. In the opening pages of Deborah Crombie s 14th novel, DCI Rebecca Becca Meredith, an Olympic contender and a senior officer in West London s Major Crimes unit, is found dead in the waters of the Thames near her home in the town of Henley, 35 miles from London The events that follow take place, amazingly, over a period of about a week I say amazingly because so much happens, in a terrifically plotted novel The case falls to Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid, of Scotland Yard s Murder Invest [...]

    10. Although this is the 14th in the Kincaid James police procedural series by this author, I had not read any of the previous books The author does a nice job of providing background on the series, as well as on setting her stories in Britain in spite of being an American , with the married protagonists both having jobs in Scotland Yard.Duncan Kincaid, a Detective Superintendent, and Detective Inspector Gemma James are married, and trying to juggle the responsibilities of their jobs with raising tw [...]

    11. The problem with the books in this series, is once I start, I cannot stop Another excellent Gemma James Duncan Kincaid I was a bit doubtful at the beginning, since I m not particularly keen on rowing, but I was soon completely taken in On to the next episode.Just finished reading for the second time I stopped the reading while I was away on holiday with a friend As I listened to the audiobook, it wouldn t have been really friendly to keep on listening and ignore the company Again, such an intere [...]

    12. First Sentence A glance at the sky made her swear aloud Police Det Chief Inspector Rebecca Meredith, also an Olympic rowing contender, has gone missing When a K9 team locates her body, it is clear her rowing accident was no accident Pressure in brought to bear on Det Super Duncan Kincaid to solve the case quickly and quietly but things are not as simple as they appear On a personal level, one thing I enjoyed about this particular book is the setting it s one of the few areas of England I ve been [...]

    13. 3.5Es ist wohl immer ein bisschen kritisch mit Band 14 einer Reihe anzufangen, aber manchmal kann man es sich nicht aussuchen, was einem im ffentlichen B cherregal vor die F e f llt In dem Fall wurde die Vorgeschichte in knappen S tzen miterz hlt, sodass man nicht den Eindruck hatte, man w rde etwas f r die Story grundlegendes verpassen.Die Story an sich war spannend, wenn auch nicht episch zumindest kann ich jetzt mit Fachwissen ber den Rudersport angeben Die Autorin und ihr Stil gefallen mir a [...]

    14. Wonderful I love Deborah Crombie s plots Even though I m not interested in rowing or boat races, and even though this book took a bit of time in the beginning to build up my interest, I can only give it 5 stars because it is beautifully written and kept me guessing until a new name cropped up at about 80% And with Duncan and Gemma s family thread intertwined, and the other now familiar characters appearing here and there, it is pure enjoyment.2nd read audiobook version, just wonderful If I could [...]

    15. A London Metropolitan Police officer is found dead in the Thames, the victim of a rowing accident Or is she Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James are on the case Which turns out to be one of the most convoluted and intricate plots I ve read in a while.Well written with interesting characters with read depth, No Mark Upon Her is the first Deborah Crombie novel I ve read It won t be the last Kincaid and James are interesting characters, and the supporting characters are also interesting.Highly recommende [...]

    16. 4.5 With only 3 books until I read the latest in the series, I m at the point of wanting to go slow to savor every word and yet wanting to read every minute of the day because I can not get enough of Duncan and Gemma I thoroughly enjoy the way Ms Crombie combines an engrossing mystery police procedural in which I learned a boatload about rowing tee hee and K 9 rescue with the evolving lives of Duncan, Gemma and their family, friends and colleagues I also appreciate reading the strong female fri [...]

    17. Really excellent I love Deborah Crombie s mysteries She is one of three mystery writers whose series I have read and keep reading, the others being Louise Penny and Jacqueline Winspear Crombie is American, with her setting and characters being very British Louise Penny is Canadian and Jacqueline Winspear is English living in America, with her books primarily set in England For me, these writers strike the right balance of having engaging characters, intriguing plots, and interesting settings, wi [...]

    18. PROTAGONIST Supt Duncan Kincaid and DI Gemma JamesSETTING UKSERIES 12 of 12RATING 3.75Rebecca Becca Meredith is a hard charging detective chief inspector who is also an accomplished rower Although she is older than is optimal, she has begun rigorous training to qualify for the Olympics When she doesn t return from an evening practice, her ex husband, Freddie Atterton, reports her missing Shortly thereafter, her boat is found capsized with evidence of foul play A local search and rescue team usin [...]

    19. Duncan Kincaid Superintendent at Scotland Yard and his now thrice married wife Detective Inspector Gemma James have sustained many changes lately personal as well as professional Along with his son Kit and her son Toby they ve recently taken a foster daughter Charlotte whom they hope soon to adopt, but she needs special care because of the circumstance of her becoming orphaned so Gemma and Duncan agree to each take family leave to care for her, Gemma s is just about over and Duncan s is just abo [...]

    20. First Line A glance at the sky made her swear aloud.The Kincaid and James household is still getting used to the new addition to their family Gemma s leave is almost over, and when she returns to work, Duncan will be the one staying at home with the children However, when a search and rescue team discovers a woman s body in debris along the banks of the Thames, their plans may go up in smoke The dead woman, Rebecca Meredith, not only was a rower training to compete in the Olympics, she was a hig [...]

    21. I knew Deborah Crombie s name and was aware that she wrote a British based detective series, but she was an author I hadn t experienced until I raced my way through her latest book No Mark Upon Her And I m kicking myself I truly wish I had picked her up earlier I really, really enjoyed this book It s the 14th book to feature her recurring characters Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James, both who work for Scotland Yard.I did feel slightly lost in the first few opening chapters as there are many charact [...]

    22. Deborah Crombie is the remarkable author from McKinney TX who writes a perfectly British murder mystery, and to prove it s not a fluke, she does it over and over and over This time Scotland Yard Superintendent Duncan Kinkaid and his long time partner and newly minted wife Gemma James must resolve the mysterious death of long odds Olympic hopeful Rebecca Meredith Ms Meredith is a world class rower who missed her first shot at an Olympic medal when a skiing accident resulted in a broken wrist Now [...]

    23. I never, ever read a book in a series out of sequence, but I d never heard of this author or this series I started reading it before I knew any background info on it so I was stuck I was in the right mood for a thriller mystery story so I couldn t put this down to go look for the first book in the series though it doesn t seem to matter much as the books can stand alone from what I gather Still, I did feel sometimes that I was missing something, the way the characters were mentioned or talked ab [...]

    24. In Deborah Crombie s 14th outing, Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid of Scotland Yard s Murder Investigation Team is called to a scene when it is determined that the dead woman is a senior member of the Metropolitan Police department s West London s Major Crimes unit and an accomplished rower and aspiring Olympiad It soon becomes evident that Becca Meredith had been killed But why And how Crombie takes her time in spinning this story If you are looking for a fast pace story, look elsewhere [...]

    25. Received for ReviewChallenge 2012 Mystery Thriller ChallengeOverall Rating 4.25Story Rating 4.50Character Rating 4.00First thought when finished I really like Deborah Crombie s writing and didn t feel lost once even though this is the first book I have read by her.What I Loved Deborah Crombie was excellent at making a series book easy enough to read as a stand alone I imagine that fans of the series will pick up on some of the character things than I did However, it was the mystery itself that [...]

    26. Deborah Crombie lives up to her reputation as one of the modern day masters of British police procedurals with another Gemma James Duncan Kincaid book in this continuing series Gemma is on family leave as she and Duncan are in the process of adopting a three year old whose parents were murdered But she just can t quite keep away from the lure of police work when Duncan gets involved in a homicide investigation of another member of the force The murdered police officer is a world class rower and [...]

    27. After reading Sounds of Broken Glass, I had to go back and try to catch up on the Crombie mysteries I ve missed even though it was just one Surely one day there will be world enough and time In this, Gemma Jones is on family leave after she and Duncan gained custody of a young girl from an earlier case, which I also seem not to have read So it s Duncan who gets the case of the rower found tangled in weeds on the Thames a suspicious death And the fact that she was also on the police force means a [...]

    28. This mystery abounds with complications and reversals With a spooky opening, difficult politics within Scotland Yard, and a killer apparently intent on striking again, it is a relentless page turner As ever with Crombie s work, even the secondary characters are lively and 3 D, the twists and their solutions feel natural no plot pretzels to make it work, as we sometimes see with other authors , and the thrilling ending kept me guessing all the way Kincaid and James, now married, continue their er [...]

    29. It is amazing the amount of information Deborah Crombie knows about England considering she lives in Texas In this novel she delves ineto the4 rowing scene on the Y fgvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv cccccccccccccccccccccccccccccchames Of course, no Crombie novel would be complete without Gemma James and Duncan Kincaid Gemma has just been promoted Detective Inspector and starts working on a series of rapes within the department Duncan is called in from Scotland Yard to investigate the [...]

    30. I m half afraid when a new story comes out in a favorite series No reason to worry with the latest from Deborah Crombie I m a little past half way through and refuse to rush to the end, although I am tempted I want my visit with Duncan and Gemma to last as long as possible I am so enjoying working another case with them and visiting with them and their family and co workers It has been too long, but the wait has been worth it Worth the wait, indeed What a completely satisfactory read Although a [...]

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