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De que são Feitos os Sonhos #2020

De que s o Feitos os Sonhos Quando Holly Maguire herda a Camilla s Cucinotta a escola de cozinha italiana da av dezasseis alunos inscritos no curso de culin ria desistem Afinal Holly n o Camilla conhecida por ser a deusa d

  • Title: De que são Feitos os Sonhos
  • Author: Melissa Senate
  • ISBN: 9789899711648
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • De que são Feitos os Sonhos By Melissa Senate, Quando Holly Maguire herda a Camilla s Cucinotta , a escola de cozinha italiana da av , dezasseis alunos inscritos no curso de culin ria desistem Afinal, Holly n o Camilla, conhecida por ser a deusa do amor , cujos molhos secretos possuem propriedades afrodis acas e cujas adivinha es t m o poder de mudar a vida dos seus alunos Holly uma mulher de trinta e dois anoQuando Holly Maguire herda a Camilla s Cucinotta , a escola de cozinha italiana da av , dezasseis alunos inscritos no curso de culin ria desistem Afinal, Holly n o Camilla, conhecida por ser a deusa do amor , cujos molhos secretos possuem propriedades afrodis acas e cujas adivinha es t m o poder de mudar a vida dos seus alunos Holly uma mulher de trinta e dois anos, desencantada com a vida, que nem sequer sabe cozinhar Mas depois da morte da av , decide manter vivo o seu legado Armada do caderno de receitas de Camilla, Holly acolhe os novos alunos Mia, uma menina desesperada por aprender a cozinhar para impedir o pai de casar com a namorada imbecil Juliet que chora a filha perdida Simon, que se esfor a por ser um pai presente para a filha depois do div rcio e Tamara, que anseia pelo verdadeiro amor Todas as receitas de Camilla incluem desejos e mem rias, tristes ou doces Misturando desejos ardentes e mem rias agridoces com molhos apetitosos e deliciosos pratos italianos, Holly e os seus alunos acabam por criar as suas pr prias receitas para a felicidade e descobrir que, afinal, o futuro pode se bem doce

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      Melissa Senate

    1 thought on “De que são Feitos os Sonhos

    1. I read this a few years ago and I guess this is like the Hallmark Channel version of Practical Magic the movie version, not the book That is to say that it has elements of magical realism and cooking but there s something too soft, too milquetoast about it Everything seems to wrap up too neatly in the end, and despite being about cooking none on the characters have much flavor to them The magic here comes from coincidences and the grandmother s fortune telling stones, but again it was really lac [...]

    2. I always have a hard time reading romances because they tend to be plot driven instead of character driven This is not one of those occasions The Love Goddess Cooking School is a wonderful, romantic Food Lit and I can t wait to share it I think Melissa Senate s writing is much like Sarah Addison Allen without the magical realism and you all know how much I love Sarah Addison Allen.Melissa Senate has created characters that are incredibly easy to identify with flawed but redeemable It s been a lo [...]

    3. There is a genre of books where a group of people usually women with one lone guy thrown into the mix gather together in some sort of club or class knitting, quilting, Jane Austen books or in this case, cooking and by the end of the book, they have formed close friendships and had a major problem in their lives resolved through the magic of whatever interest had drawn them together in the first place Sometimes, this genre can produce a good book or even a good series of books for example The Elm [...]

    4. Good Chick Lit1 lost character named Holly Dash of magical realismAt least one hot guySeveral interesting charactersSecrets, angst and a fun plot to keep readers interestedDelicious recipes to make your mouth water1 wish

    5. A friend sent me this book in exchange for the Cookbook Collector which I lent to her Warning this is extreme chick lit Not the least bit literary Very formulaic and presses all the comfort, female fantasy buttons romantic guy, very nice, self deprecating woman without a penny to her name who inherits house and business on the coast of Maine, lots of hot baths, good food and wine, nurturing, loneliness blossoming into friendship Good read for rainy November Sunday afternoon Watch the number of t [...]

    6. I have to admit that The Love Goddess Cooking School was the first book by Melissa Senate I ve read since See Jane Date back in 2002 , which I loved I have her other books but haven t had a chance to read them yet I don t think anything was keeping me from reading them, but now that I ve finished this book, I definitely will be reading from Ms Senate The Love Goddess Cooking School is about Holly, a woman who loses a serious relationship, gets fired from her job and is kicked out of her apartme [...]

    7. This is such a fun and charming book It s the story of Holly, who moves back into her grandmother s home after a bad breakup, and then has to find a new direction in life when her beloved nonna dies Fortunately, Holly learns to love cooking and is able to take over her grandmother s Italian cooking class.I don t read much modern chick lit, but I m glad I gave this one a try I could see this book being turned into a delightful movie And if you like romantic comedies or stories about food, you ll [...]

    8. Once again I am won over by a book that transcends its genre and makes me think I should be broadminded about that genre chick lit I ve pretty much hated every chick lit book I ve ever read So much of it is about women who care most about shopping, getting into the latest hot new club, their weight, their makeup, and snagging that enormous diamond ring and great big expensive wedding These characters tend to be so shallow and the books tend to be so thinly written that I end up loathing them On [...]

    9. What a lovely novel I treated myself to THE LOVE GODDESS COOKING SCHOOL after a crazy deadline Then my cat got sick, which didn t exactly alleviate the stress So I was very grateful for Melissa Senate s new book, which like those old Calgon commericals , took me away for awhile It was a pleasure meeting Holly Maguire and learning about her relationship with her Italian grandmother Camilla Holly just broke up with a man she thought she was in love with and flew to Maine to see Camilla before her [...]

    10. Holly Maguire gets her heartbroken and moves from California to Maine into her grandmother s house and kitchen Her grandmother, Camilla, is known in town as the Italian cooking teacher and even so, as a fortune teller When her grandmother passes away and leaves her house and kitchen to Holly, she decides to continue with the cooking classes although she is not as gifted with cooking, or fortune telling, as her nonna.I wanted to read something fun and got something boring instead Everything was [...]

    11. Di er kitab kadar ok sevdim bu kitab da.A k vard ama ondan da te dostluk vard.Hem Holly nin b y kannesinin g nl klerini okumakta g zeldi.Her karakteri ok sevdim.Simon ile Tamara birlikte olsun diye dua ettim okurken ve sonunda beraber olduklar n g r nce ok sevindim tabi DHolly ile Liam da ok tatl yd ,ger i Liam a bir konuda k zd m ama neyse sonu tatl ya ba land.

    12. I liked this as a nice and easy read that just makes you feel good But I don t enjoy the references to current pop culture It dates it No matter what, in ten plus however many years, someone reading this book will say Edward Cullen Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana who.

    13. Holly Maguire s grandmother Camilla was the Love Goddess of Blue Crab Island, Maine a Milanese fortune teller who could predict the right man for you, and whose Italian cooking was rud to save marriages Holly has been waiting years for her unlikely fortune her true love will like sa cordula, an unappetizing old world delicacy But Holly can t make a decent marinara sauce, let alone sa cordula Maybe that s why the man she hopes to marry breaks her heart So when Holly inherits Camilla s Cucinotta, [...]

    14. I must confess I have a thing for books that are somehow related to Italy And when it s through food Even better Oh, the wonders of testing a recipe you have read about Reading a Melissa Senate book is like sitting down for a long conversation with a best friend We talk about everything and nothing There are ups and downs, smiles and tears, laughs and silences that long ago stopped being awkward.Some might call it a light reading, an easy escape, but I believe The Love Goddess Cooking School is [...]

    15. Esta uma leitura deliciosa e por isso devorei o livro num abrir e fechar de olhos Centra se em Holly e na heran a que a av lhe deixou a Camilla s Cucinotta, uma loja de Pasta, a casa e o dossier com todas as receitas da av , usadas nas aulas de cozinha do curso de culin ria que a av sempre deu E agora esse legado passa para Holly que aceita o desafio, mesmo sem ser um s na cozinha.A hist ria muito engra ada Os que decidiram arriscar fazer o curso t m objectivos muito definidos para tal e a pouco [...]

    16. Do not read on an empty stomach This is such an enchanting story I love Camilla s memories via her diary and the tales of her many thriving businesses The granddaughter that inherits her home, store and cooking school is Holly She is such a great character to follow as she makes her own discoveries and conquers the kitchen I love the different, quirky students that attend her class and the way they find their own paths while they discuss their wishes, regrets and memories It was a super quick re [...]

    17. This is actually of a 3 1 2 stars book but I went with 4 because I like the genre and the story sucked me in so that I did nothing else but read all day It reminds me of The School of Essential Ingredients in a lot of ways I loved the recipes and really want to try some as the author added them at the end of the book Great cast of characters and message Holly is looking for love but finding that it is harder to find because of the fortune her Italian grandmother told her when she was 16 Now 30, [...]

    18. Similar to The school of essential ingredients Look forward to it.This was a charming book, similar, but yet very different from The School of Essential Ingredients After her grandmother passes away, Holly moves into her cottage cooking school on an island off the coast of Maine With her grandmothers recipe binder she learns to cook and registers students They all are experiencing some kind of life trauma The recipes they learn all have one Final Ingredient A wish, a memory, or a true statement [...]

    19. It took me a little while to get into this book I don t know if it was the actual book or if I just had too much on my mind Anyway, after I was about a third through it, I found myself engrossed in the book FYI, if you like italian food, this book will make you hungry The plot was good and I really liked the character, especially Camilla When you re looking for a good romance to curl up with on the couch, this is the book you re looking for Just make sure you have some pasta on hand.

    20. A charming book about discovering where you belong I liked the characters, especially the lovely Camilla as well as the plot Some of the outcomes were quite predictable, still it is a very sweet story It rekindled my passion for trying out new recipies, making little variations to get them just right and sharing with my loved ones 3.5

    21. I can t believe I m going to write this but this plot line was too much out of a romance novel for my liking I wasn t really surprised with anything and I can t say that the drama was dramatic Very predictable but no follow through I would have rather read of the fortune telling Italian grandmother s diary That was interesting The rest of the story Meh I can t recommend this one.

    22. 3.5 stars A light, sweet and quick read The only thing that drove me nuts were the grammar mistakes There were SO many I found it distracting at times.

    23. The concept was great I would have liked to have seen the characters developed a bit A good light read but beware of the typos And the continuity with the grandmother s diary.

    24. What a comfortable book to read over a long weekend I loved the main characters of Holly, Mia, and Liam and the secondary characters were certainly people I would enjoy meeting I picked up this book because it fit a requirement for a reading challenge it is a book that I will be keeping and not donating anytime soon Go Cards L1C4

    25. labirinto livros 2 Melissa Senate faz finalmente a sua estreia em Portugal, cortesia da editora Noites Brancas, uma chancela do grupo Clube do Autor Quero aproveitar, antes de mais, para felicitar a editora pelo seu trabalho esta edi o est muito bonita e o cuidado com a tradu o, not vel Esta obra, que foi apelidada de romance m gico do ano, eleva assim as expectativas do p blico de uma maneira exponencial As cr ticas da imprensa s o igualmente lisonjeadoras e assim, imposs vel resistir leitura d [...]

    26. A word of caution for those picking up Melissa Senate s new novel, The Love Goddess Cooking School don t read on an empty stomach I ve issued this caution before, I know, but trust me this one time, friends Since beginning this warm and engaging novel, I ve been dreaming of tiramisu, spaghetti with Bolognese sauce, lasagna and ricotta cheese As someone who feels she must have been Italian in another life pasta, I love pasta , the odd stains scarring the pages of my copy may or may not be drool T [...]

    27. Bello, bello, bello Non posso dire altro di questo libro Mi ha veramente conquistata Lo so che potrei essere condizionata dalla mia grande passione per la cucina, ma credetemi, poche volte ho trovato un libro cos coinvolgente da fare una grandissima fatica a staccare gli occhi dalle pagine.Melissa Senate ha un grande dono, quello di saper raccontare in modo semplice sentimenti enormemente complessi In pi lo fa con una saggezza che fa spiccare il libro e non puoi leggerlo pensando che sia solo un [...]

    28. Everything you need to know about the novel can be surmised from the synopsis The Love Goddess s Cooking School makes one reader very, very hungry for some decent Italian cuisine Thank God that there are recipes readers can follow at the back of the novel or I might have taken a bite of the novel Yum.The Love Goddess Cooking School was a delicious novel that held different layers like a lasagna with various textures, aromas, and tastes The novel does not completely focus on cooking and many of t [...]

    29. This one is akin to Sarah Addison Allen writings somehow without the magic.Melissa Senate weaves a wonderful story filled with Italian cookings, hopes, life, loves, despair.Holly inherited her grandmother s home and suddenly she was thrown into the role of being a cooking class instructor Four students stayed with her while other dropped out Simon, Tamara, Juliet and 12 year old Mia.Thus, begin a self discovery journey for each character Holly, who was never a cook finally fitting in her role Le [...]

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