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Schrijversdagboek: Een keuze uit het dagboek van Virginia Woolf #2020

Schrijversdagboek Een keuze uit het dagboek van Virginia Woolf Uittreksels uit jaar dagboeken van Virginia Woolf verzameld door haar echtgenoot Sommigen gaan over haar werk anderen over mensen en gebeurtenissen of gaan over boeken die ze las

  • Title: Schrijversdagboek: Een keuze uit het dagboek van Virginia Woolf
  • Author: Virginia Woolf Leonard Woolf Joop van Helmond
  • ISBN: 9789045003771
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • Schrijversdagboek: Een keuze uit het dagboek van Virginia Woolf By Virginia Woolf Leonard Woolf Joop van Helmond, Uittreksels uit 27 jaar dagboeken van Virginia Woolf, verzameld door haar echtgenoot Sommigen gaan over haar werk, anderen over mensen en gebeurtenissen , of gaan over boeken die ze las.

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      314 Virginia Woolf Leonard Woolf Joop van Helmond
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    1. These diary entries brim over with life, with hunger, with a passion that cannot be contained, with the conflicted need to absorb it all the lonely walks in the Sussex countryside, the visual and sonorous chaos of life in the city, of incessant travel, mental and otherwise, the unstoppable flow of time, the transience of things, the galloping rhythm of emotions, sensations and the simultaneity of memory, past and present in one s conscience, the tedium of discussions and routine, the truth about [...]

    2. scritch scratch scritch scratch dash scritch scratch scritch scratch semi colon scritch scratch scritch scratch inkblot the trusty nib flounders a moment then wades through the puddle of ink and on to the end of the lineto the end of the pageto the end of that year s diary and though it flounders sometimes along the waythe trusty nib keeps on scratching through the diariesuntil half way though the last it flounders finally_______________________________Now for The Longer Review and apologies in [...]

    3. Virginia WoolfOn January 1, 1953, Leonard Woolf completed his Preface to A Writer s Diary, a compilation of extracts from the 26 volumes of diaries that Virginia Woolf wrote from 1915 until 1941, with the last entry written just four days before her death This book was published before the five volume set of Woolf s diaries that is still in print today Leonard Woolf makes it clear that, especially since so many of the people whom Woolf wrote about were still alive at the point, it was important [...]

    4. A Writer s Diary Being extracts from the diary of Virginia Woolf, Virginia Woolf 2005 1383 295 9643413721 1384 9646976476 1394 305 1882 1941 20 19 1 1 .

    5. I have to wonder at my timing on this one Here I am, picking up one of the most perfect books for spurring the self on to writing during the merry month of NaNoWriMo, only to finish in the midst the most recent surge of action in the great Gr debacle a debacle wholly embittered by the concept of self published authors Now, I d like to go the traditional rout of publishing myself, but still It gives both this review and my dream of writing for a living an air of antagonism, watch your step mince [...]

    6. My copy of A Writer s Diary I tried to post a photo, but just couldn t deal with whatever it was I had to offer has a forest of little tags poking out from the side All the passages I ve marked As a writer, I move between despair and joy on a daily basis A good day of writing leaves me scoured clean and refilled with peace There is some ebb and flow of the tide of life which accounts for it though what produces either ebb or flow I m not sure.but the stress of rejection and of praise is such an [...]

    7. A full review to come.It has arrived However most of the, Likes, below referred to a quote of Woolf s in an update status I entered Then using the magic of my technical skills I lost Sad A period of web mourning, yet it appeared again in the review below.What we have here is a reviewer who has been kidnapped I m sure it will be in tomorrow s papers But how to get out to write the review Is there anything here to use to be resourceful Only words More words They mount threatening to crush me as th [...]

    8. A Writer s Diary, unlike Woolf s fiction beautiful though, is an easy book to read One can see what she has lived through from 1918 to 1941 The book is aptly titled it is primarily about words, mind, books, artists, writing, and how these myriad things at once possess and liberate a sensitive soul like hers There are a few things, among many other, that particularly make me stop and reflect to know her better What one immediately recognizes in her work, even when her work is not really understoo [...]

    9. This was glorious I ve underlined great things on nearly every page If this is what Virginia Woolf could produce when sitting in bed and simply writing an expansive version of a dear diary , it tells us something about her genius she calls it a dialogue of the soul with the soul It is the best I ve read by Woolf so far It is immediate, intimate, relatable than what I ve read by her before It is packed with thoughts and feelings and metaphors and meaning.I m slowly wading my way through Virgin [...]

    10. Virginia Woolf is known to be one of the most prolific and diversified writers of the 20th century Her cardinal importance, repeatedly attested by critics and reinforced by the immense popularity of some of her works, is mostly due to her tireless efforts at redefining the novel Mrs Woolf was a perpetual observer and a majestic philosopher, and into her production she channeled all her spiritual restlessness How, she repeatedly wondered, can language be reinvigorated so as to become responsive t [...]

    11. Woolf I can t say as I get her yet, but I m trying, in fits and starts A Writer s Diary has sat by my bed for a good few months now, at times during the sections on To the Lighthouse, The Waves, The Years leaping into the foreground of my thoughts, but mostly providing a fallback when I wanted to snatch a quick paragraph or two of something that wouldn t get its hooks in me And no, at no point did it really get those hooks in, whether through discussion of craft which I would have loved, but the [...]

    12. Camera con vista correva l anno 2008 Cosa dire di nuovo oltre tutto quello che abbiamo gi detto nel gruppo di lettura In questo diario c tutta Virginia Woolf, nonostante i tagli effettuati dal marito Leonard rispetto alla vita privata, quella pi intima e quella pubblica C la Virginia Woolf scrittrice, sempre in cerca di approvazione e recensioni ai suoi scritti ma anche orgogliosamente disinteressata alle critiche e ai giudizi negativi , c la Virginia Woolf critica letteraria, spietata, attenta, [...]

    13. this isn t exactly prying leonard woolf presents a very distilled version of her mind for the public, for her readers and fans, with a clear focus on anything literary, her criticisms, fears, disappointments, perpetual feelings of failure all in relation to her writing but, as with all her autobiographical works, there is the impending date of doom at the end of March, 1941.

    14. Guarda per l ultima volta tutto ci che belloHo in programma un estate woolfiana trovo che i tempi siano maturi per l esplorazione di una scrittrice che ho tanto amato in passato e che poi ho perso per strada Faccio ritorno nei suoi luoghi col cuore gonfio, ritrovando le cose esattamente come le lasciai, un po impolverate ma bellissime Questo diario, che ha rappresentato a lungo l unico disponibile per i lettori, in realt un bel lavoro di taglia e cuci sul retro della lettera di suicidio lasciata [...]

    15. Full of Virginia Woolf s typical incredible insights, also a really interesting look at the books she was both reading and writing, her process as a writer, and her reaction to the reactions her books received.

    16. Diario de una escritora, publicado por vez primera en 1953, re ne aquellas entradas de los diarios de Virginia Woolf escritos entre 1915 y 1941 que se ocupan de la literatura el proceso creativo, la preocupaci n constante por la cr tica, la dificultad para poder conjugar la vida cotidiana y la escritura, las lecturas que adora y las que le provocan cierto rechazo La selecci n la realiz el marido de Virginia, Leonard Woolf, tal como informa l mismo en el pr logo Compagin esta lectura con la de Di [...]

    17. Ah, Virginia I feel that I know you, although I know that I do not I like reading about your struggles and realizing just how much you leave out this book is excerpts from a much longer diary I like that you are human, worried, fallible I want to jump though the pages of time to reassure you that your writing, your reputation and your beautiful works of art will survive I love you Virginia How very presumptuous of me.

    18. La parola scritta permette agli uomini, ai loro gesti, di non morire Che sia letta o meno, congela atti, pensieri, e li rivitalizza al tempo stesso a ogni richiesta E una lettura piacevole e molto stimolante, questa, durante la quale partecipare alle emozioni, cos come a una confidenza Rende un idea esatta non potrebbe essere altrimenti del calibro della scrittrice e della donna della sua sensibilit paradossale del travaglio di ogni creazione del sollievo di ogni vittoria dell umanit di ogni pic [...]

    19. Loved, loved, loved this I highly recommend this book for writers.cially those who think that they might be struggling in vain After all, Woolf is now listed as one of the greats and this book is packed with information on her process, her concerns, her self doubts, and her triumphs It s inspiring.The reader does have to keep in mind that this is a diary, and therefore doesn t have a particular design The emotional ups and downs can be tiring especially regarding her concern about critical opini [...]

    20. Strano come la forza creativa rimette subito in sesto l universo intero Bisogna armarsi di passione e di pazienza per entrare nell Io inespresso della Woolf, e salire sulle impalcature di quelle sue lente e pur sempre operose costruzioni letterarie Leggere il suo diario dare uno sguardo attento dapprima alla planimetria e poi al vero e proprio progetto, portato avanti con impegno e minuziosit , nell esercizio della scrittura, nell esercizio del vivere partecipare direttamente alla formazione del [...]

    21. I enjoy almost everything Yet I have some restless searcher in me Why is there not a discovery in life Something one can lay hands on and say This is it My depression is a harassed feeling I m looking but that s not it that s not it What is it And shall I die before I find it What can I say to a person s diary which consist of something so raw and honest.I only have read one of Virginia Woolf writing which is Orlando, so I think when I finish reading all her collections of her books will I rerea [...]

    22. non rende onore a WoolfPenso che Virginia Woolf non avrebbe mai pubblicato questo diario, visibilmente un iniziativa di suo marito che taglia il testo come gli pare il risultato una serie di pagine ripetitive sul libro in corso, il libro da pubblicare, le recensioni del libro Non fa onore alla grande scrittrice che lei , e rimane Solo qua e l balena la penna di Virgina, come in quest ultima annotazione, poco prima della fine Tenersi occupati essenziale E ora, con un certo piacere, mi accorgo che [...]

    23. I found this book interesting to read, yet this was maybe the hardest Woolf book I have read This contains samples from Woolf s dairy selected by her husband after her death that dealt with her writing process If you are looking for entries about her personal life you won t really find them here maybe a few here and there.Maybe the hardest part about reading this for me was at times you could tell she had mental illness Some entries seemed to be all over the place You would have to read some day [...]

    24. There are few writers who write their diaries in a fashion of self talking Just to clear one s mind from all the wandering thoughts I think, that one of the sole purpose of keeping a diary While reading A Writer s Diary, one has to keep in mind that diaries does not have a specific design by which they are written It s diary, it can be tedious, and full of blissful thoughts at the same time It can be an account of one s daily musings, or be a thoughts keeper from time to time Virginia Woolf s A [...]

    25. I don t really know much about the relationship between Leonard and Virginia Woolf, but this book was lovingly edited Excerpted from her unabridged diaries, Leonard Woolf culled the bits that he thought to be most about writing the process, exercises, etc These entries detail her exhaustive writing and revision process, as well as the relationship between her own reading and writing She often sets herself schedules and tasks here, which were interesting to read Reading this book has re invigorat [...]

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