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Highlander for the Holidays #2020

Highlander for the Holidays After a brutal attack Jessie Pringle moved to the small mountain town of Pine Creek Maine to start over But she never expected to meet Ian MacKeage who had seemingly stepped right out of the Scott

  • Title: Highlander for the Holidays
  • Author: Janet Chapman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Highlander for the Holidays By Janet Chapman, After a brutal attack, Jessie Pringle moved to the small mountain town of Pine Creek, Maine, to start over But she never expected to meet Ian MacKeage, who had seemingly stepped right out of the Scottish Highlands As drawn to Ian as he is to her, Jessie finds it and difficult to deny her own desires Then, on one of her long walks through the wilderness, sheAfter a brutal attack, Jessie Pringle moved to the small mountain town of Pine Creek, Maine, to start over But she never expected to meet Ian MacKeage, who had seemingly stepped right out of the Scottish Highlands As drawn to Ian as he is to her, Jessie finds it and difficult to deny her own desires Then, on one of her long walks through the wilderness, she meets a kindly hermit who sells her a walking stick one imbued with a magic that may allow Jessie to finally be rid of the pain of her past, and build a future with Ian.

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    1. Healing one s self is nearly impossible and far less rewarding compared to the magic that s created when two sols combine their strengths and heal together Jess Pringle has moved to the isolated small snowy town of Pine Creek, in Maine, to start over She experienced a terrifying brutal attack four years ago that left her both physically and mentally scarred She is ready to put the past behind her So moving away from the city and living life in the wilds of Maine is just what she thinks she needs [...]

    2. Janet Chapman does it again This is the one author of a very few, that I know will never ever disappoint me Ms Chapman can take an unlikely pairing of people and twine their stories and lives into something delicious and sexy to read Moreover, Highlander for the Holidays is no exception A lovely, sweet, and somewhat surprising love story mixed with a very non taxing rather easy to solve mystery This was just what I need during the holidays This is the story of Jessie Pringle and Ian MacKeage and [...]

    3. This started out as a cute holiday contemporary then ventured off in the the Twilight Zone.First off the hero is Scottish, I totally get that but he s been born and raised in Maine in some small, backwater town and but still has a Scottish accent ala Jamie from Outlander with all the ye s and ochs All his male counterparts talk the same Is it because they have a clan in this town If so, wouldn t they have some sort of Maine accent, not a Scottish one Hero s Scottish ancestor from some past centu [...]

    4. One word describes New York Times bestselling Author Janet Chapman s eighth installment in her highlander series latest release, HIGHLANDER FOR THE HOLIDAYSPhenomenal Released by Pocket Star Books this past October fans have been in desperation for that hottie highlander Ian McKeage and he is now here spreading a magical cherry this holiday season.Jessie Pringle has headed north to the quaint country town of Pine Creek, Maine after seeing the resort brochure After a severe attack has left her sc [...]

    5. I m always wary after a number of books in a series that they can and will start to sound the same, nothing new going on, and everything becomes boring But I have thoroughly enjoyed this series from the beginning Janet Chapman has kept the characters and the storylines fresh and she s kept these brawny Highland heroes true to their ancestry and homeland, though they ve been in the modern day United States for several decades now.What started out as a time travel romance with the first book in th [...]

    6. Let me just begin by saying, there s nothing like starting a series with the very last book Yep, you heard that right It s number 8 in the Highlander Series I gather from a quick browse on Barnes and Noble that our hero is actually a son of one of the couples in the first books of the series So if you re familiar with the series you won t find any comparisons from prior novels in this review Nope Instead I m gonna break down why reading the last book in a series made me hungry to go back to the [...]

    7. I ve always been intrigued by highlanders and time travel so this series has always just clicked for me This installment is no different I really liked Ian MacKeage and his having an affinity for the handicapped and disabled explained his instant attraction to Jessie Pringle And when he heard the whole I lost my boob thing in the woods, he was beyond intrigued On a side note, view spoiler I can totally understand Jessie not having the surgery to fix said boob right away After all, she d just spe [...]

    8. I read the rest of this series a really long time ago so I didn t remember a lot of it but I wanted to finish this last book I should have known when I didn t really remember this series that it wasn t one I really liked This book was just okay I think the most frustrating thing was that the parts of the book with the most meat were all off stage When the heroine finally remembered what happened it was off stage When the hero and his relatives caught the bad guy it was off stage The fact that th [...]

    9. This was a refreshing return to Maine and Mt Tarstone The story focused on Jessie who was drawn to Pine Lake and relocated from Atlanta based on a brochure she had seen First night she meets Ian MacGregor and the rest of the story is how she is instantly adopted into the clan and all the pieces fall into romantic place She gets a little nudge from the mysterious hermit Roger now and then, to help her work thru her past and the danger she and Ian still face These books always end with the HEA and [...]

    10. Wow sooo cool and what a twist though i saw it well before the hero or heroine it was a fun little change Took me so long to figure out who this Ian was since i knew it couldnt be the one i was thinking of Waiting to read it kept me wracking my brain to figure that one out but by the time i was through the first few chapters i had it all figured out We really need a Family tress of all these Wonderful Clans and how they all come together.

    11. Timing worked out really well for this one since I actually got to read it for the holidays I can t recommend her books highly enough if you need a break from the cares of the world and need something with a story that transports you into the story strongly enough that everything around you just goes away and the next thing you know hours have gone by There are not many book that do this for me but all of Janet Chapman s books do Start at the beginning and then just enjoy

    12. This was a bit slow quick There was the hurry up and get to the point and the wait what just happened I loved Toby and Roger I would love to see them in whatever series they might end up

    13. Good story about people who are disfigured in one way or another, good romance between Jessie and Ian, and a little magic from Roger Good peaceful read.

    14. AwesomeGreat find Great twist and great ending First book I have reads of writer Chapman s and won t be the last I have developed a special place for Highlanders

    15. I want an Ian for my own, hehehe Seriously though, this one was good I don t mind reading about the old fashion men in Janet s books because they are just like my husband.

    16. Author Janet ChapmanFirst published 2011 Length 4354 kindle locationsSetting Contemporary Pine Creek, Maine.Sex Reasonably explicit.Hero Works at family Mountain resort.Heroine Recovering from traumatic event.Paranormal Time travel, and an odd relationship with a mountain.Trigger Violence Heroine is badly injured during a home invasion, her husband was killed.Includes Excerpt from Spellbound FallsRecovering from a violent home invasion, Jessie moves to Pine Creek to start over First night in tow [...]

    17. I find it difficult to put into words what exactly it is about this novel that endeared it so greatly to my heart Perhaps if it had not provided a much needed escape for me this week, I would not have been left with such a profound, satisfied glow upon completion I will never know the why of my immense enjoyment I suppose, but neither do I feel it matters.I have found much to appreciate in each of Janet Chapman s novels the Midnight Bay trilogy resides amongst my all time favorites yet this is o [...]

    18. Four years after an home invasion left her husban of three months dead and her fighting for her life, Jessie Pringle decides it is time to take over her life and stop feeling like a victim Along with her service dog, a rottweiler named Toby, Jessie moves from Georgia to Pine Creek Maine to get away from her well meaning family When Jessie was on the internet looking at ski resorts as far away north as you can get, she sent away for a brochure from TarStone Mountain Ski Resort She dismisses the r [...]

    19. Story good Series is getting and convoluted First there were 5 men and a wizard Pendaar Then there were 5 men, Pendaar, and an owl Later there were 5 men, Pendaar, an owl, a wolf and was one of those 5 men possessing powers himself Then there were 5 men, Pendaar, an owl and the baby all grown up who appeared to be able to circumvent Pendaard bring back a panther cub.Then there were 5 men, Pendaar, the panther, the grown up kid and the prophesied replacement for Pendaar, plus a new wizard and a [...]

    20. Disclaimer I won this book in a contest Thanks I have always enjoyed Janet Chapman s Highlander series You are guaranteed a sweet romance Highlander for the Holidays is no different This is a good feel put a smile on your face sweet romance story.I liked how the author introduced us to the heroine, Jessie She is shrouded in mystery and you learn about her and her background in bits and pieces yet just enough to keep you interested She is funny, quirky, resilient, and she talks to her dog like he [...]

    21. After a terrible event and four years later, Jessie is looking for a fresh start and a place to be herself once .a magical place and when she comes across a brochure for a mountain town in Maine, she heads there as soon as she can knowing its exactly the place that she needs On her first day she meets Ian, who reminds her of a conan the scottish highlander only way sexy, and ever though her body is scarred and feels like less of a woman, he makes her feel feminine and sensual than she has ever [...]

    22. I am a fan of anything that relates to highlander as you can notice by my preferred reading material This is one of those books and is one as well that you ll want to finish in one seating and relish the warmth and cozy feeling it provides Jessie is moving from the City in Georgia to a small town called Pine Creek in Maine She is confident that this is the change she needs, even if family and friends believe that she has lost her mind and try to convince her to abort the plans Something that she [...]

    23. I was looking at my list and noticed the word Highlander on a lot of the books I ve read That being said, when I picked this up, I wondered if it would still be fresh, if it was reworking an old theme and if I was still going to to love this series That s a main concern when you re a reading junkie like meyou want your favorite authors to write 6 books a year and all be fabulous stories and plot linesAnyway, I dug inholding my breath, hoping this would live up to her past achievements, and much [...]

    24. Oh god I m so embarrassed but yes, this is the SECOND terrible Janet Chapman time travel vaguely medieval Scottish dudes in kilts make the best lovers I ve inhaled in recent weeks What s even terrible is that if another comes my way I will totally hole up and read it until it is done They re they re what are they, exactly I have no idea When you have vaguely very vaguely Janet Chapman doesn t seem to be one of those historic romance writers who does her research medieval Scottish dudes who hav [...]

    25. OK I m having a problem with this story already In the beginning of the story, it says Help me Toby her working dog I lost my boob Sooo this is what I am thinking Prior to her attack, she had a job that does have insurance Big corps it is a law to offer it, plus her husband had money Umm people with breast cancer have mastectomys killed the spelling on that get to have boobs replaced It is covered SOOO with her attack, why would she not have one No girl with psycological issues would live with o [...]

    26. A fun magical story.I received this book as an ARC from and enjoyed it immensely This is the eighth in the Highlander series so I was worried I would be lost I have this series on a TBR list however just have not started it I was not lost at all Although the story is about a large highland family from the past and present I was able to enjoy this story without all the backstory.Jessie is a scared and scarred women who has selected Pine Creek as her healing place The magical community helps her c [...]

    27. Another top notch book from Janet Chapman I have loved her blatantly alpha males from the beginning From his first meeting with Jessie, Ian knew that she was something special He could see the shadows in her eyes, and when he witness one of her seizures he went into full protection mode He could also see that she was a capable and independent woman who didn t want to be coddled At the same time, Jessie couldn t believe that she was so immediately attracted to Ian Her exposure to the rest of the [...]

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