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Beauty and the Beast #2020

Beauty and the Beast Originally published in this luminous reissue of an all time favorite fairy tale will attract an even wider audience with its romantic new jacket and a shortened text Exquisite illustrations of

  • Title: Beauty and the Beast
  • Author: Jan Brett
  • ISBN: 9780399257315
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Beauty and the Beast By Jan Brett, Originally published in 1989, this luminous reissue of an all time favorite fairy tale will attract an even wider audience with its romantic new jacket and a shortened text Exquisite illustrations of Beauty and her mysterious suitor, the Beast, are set in a magical castle where animals dressed in period costumes serve them Woven into glorious tapestries throughout are hOriginally published in 1989, this luminous reissue of an all time favorite fairy tale will attract an even wider audience with its romantic new jacket and a shortened text Exquisite illustrations of Beauty and her mysterious suitor, the Beast, are set in a magical castle where animals dressed in period costumes serve them Woven into glorious tapestries throughout are hidden clues hinting at the Beast s secrets, setting Brett s version apart from others.
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    1. I found this book through my local library s catalog This version follows the story of a merchant with three daughters One is called Beauty because she is so lovely and kind When the merchant loses everything, the family is forced to go live in a small cottage and do all the work themselves Beauty s sisters only complain about their new situation but are excited to hear their father s fortune may have been recovered The sisters ask for many things but Beauty only wants a rose The merchant learns [...]

    2. Jan Brett s take on the classic Beauty and the Beast hold true to her unique style of illustrations and rich language The plot line stays true to the classic version, with Beauty s father stumbling upon a castle, finds food and clothes to change into, and then takes a rose on his way out to give to Beauty The Beast then becomes upset and the stolen rose and demands the father s life, but agrees to take one of his daughters instead Brett s interpretation of the Beast and his servants are as anima [...]

    3. The story of Beauty and the Beast is a traditional fairy tale and this book is not the same as the Disney version Beauty and her family became poor and had to live in a cottage while her father worked and tried to look for a way to restore his fortune for his daughters Her father decided to look for a lost ship and got lost in the forest The father entered a castle that was in the forest and fell asleep Beauty s father saw a bed of roses and picked one to bring back to Beauty The Beast saw the f [...]

    4. Beauty and the Beast by Jan Brett is a retelling of the classic fairy tale with the young girl named Beauty releasing a handsome prince from a spell by agreeing to marry him despite his ugly beastly appearance.This version retains the mystery, suspense, and romance of the classic tale Brett incorporates some changes to make the servants be different animals The moral about people trusting too much to appearances is made clear The story also reveals the power of love and the emptiness of pursuing [...]

    5. Why I love it The love of course Here instead of the love in the modern fairy tale I spoke of last Friday, love is tested and magic has to occur before a couple can be happily married And of course I just love the art Jan Brett s illustrations are magnificent As the jacket says her roses and peacocks make the story vividly come to life There are tapestries in several of the pages with text of foreshadowing that add a special level to the story I got the book as much for the old fairy tale as for [...]

    6. This is a beautifully rendered retelling of the old French fairytale not the Disney version The art doesn t overpower the story or overwhelm young readers I especially enjoyed the tell tale tapestries that appear on several pages.

    7. I enjoyed this reselling than any other Beauty and the Beast version Not my favorite fairy tale Not only do Brett s illustrations please but there is a gentleness that other versions lack.

    8. Award s N AGrade 2nd 3rd gradeSummary In this version of the classic French fairytale, Beauty s family is very poor and living in a cottage with her father and two sisters One day Beauty s father gets lost in the woods and stumbles upon a castle where he picks a rose for Beauty The Beast of the castle catches him doing this and decides to spare his life in exchange for his daughter Over time Beauty begins to fall in love with the Beast, which breaks the spell that made him into a beast, and he t [...]

    9. Fantasy Science FictionAwards N AAppropriate Grade Levels k 5Summary Jan Brett s Beauty and the Beast is of course a reiteration of the classic fairy tale In this version, Beauty must leave home and live in the palace of the Beast in order to save her father s life The beast is quite scary looking however, Beauty soon discovers his kind nature and eventually falls in love with him.Review I really enjoyed this version of Beauty and the Beast which, is quite different from the Disney movie Most no [...]

    10. Beauty s father went to seek his new fortune, however, on his way home, he encountered a palace that belonged to the Beast The Beast was so enraged that he stole a rose from his garden on the way out that he required either his life or his daughter s So, he brought Beauty to the palace and they became fond of each other and the Beast was so persistent for Beauty to marry him, however she refused every time Finally, she realized that she loved the Beast and wanted to marry him which resulted in t [...]

    11. There were so many things I loved about this book It is one of my favourite fairy tales for starters The peacock on the title page is beautiful I loved how the tapestries hanging on the walls in the background of the pages showed the true form of the enchanted people The quotes on the tapestries were lovely All the illustrations are beautiful Well done

    12. Usually I find retellings to be fairly dull and forced I love what Brett has done with the tale, especially the idea of the castle s staff being turned into animals although knowing me, I d want to keep them that way and the Beast into a boar There s something sympathetic about the Beast simply being a large animal rather than a non specific monster.

    13. The retold tale of a merchant whose life is spared after he plucks a rose from the garden of the Beast In return, one of his daughters must return in his place With this the Beauty meets the Beast and gets to know him As time goes by she finds herself falling in love with him, and its that love that ends up saving his life and freeing him from the spell that made him the beast he was.

    14. Having read a bajillion versions of the story, I have to have some unusual elements to get excited about the retelling This was the standard telling, including the ring and evil sisters A perfectly good into version.The best part was that some of the scenes of the Beast s castle had background tapestries of the same scene but with the attendants in their human forms Clever.

    15. This book is very different from the Disney version I m familiar with because it doesn t have the talking candlestick or teapot or teacup Also, in the Disney version Beast isn t really depicted as a certain creature but in this version Beast looks pretty much like a human like warthog Even though there are some differences, the plot is pretty much the same but I still prefer the Disney version Extraordinary illustrations of the palace rooms and an abundance of roses and wandering peacocks in the [...]

    16. Awards N AGrade 2ndSummary Beauty s family becomes broke and they end up living in a cottage with her father and two greedy sisters Beauty s Father the merchant gets lost on his ship and finds a castle in which he enters, returns with a rose for Beauty The beast of the castle demanded for his daughter and the two end up falling in love.Review This is a different version that what I am used to, and note that I am a huge fan of beauty and the beast one of my favorite Disney films This version was [...]

    17. I read this for week 9 Fairy TalesJan Brett is a well known author in my school We use her books for all primary grades so when I saw this one I decided to choose Beauty and the Beast to read for this week This adaptation is very charming It portrays Beauty as the hard working compassionate daughter with 2 sisters that are self serving When the father goes to meet the merchant ship he gets lost in the forest and finds the palace He is treated so well at the palace but when he leaves he picks a [...]

    18. We have read a lot of books by Jan Brett and we are always fascinated by her detailed illustrations Normally we look for her Scandinavian themed stories, but I found this book on display at our local library and just knew we were in for a treat I noticed that there was a small author s note on the verso page mentioning the various versions of this story she read in preparing this retelling She credits the 1910 version by Sir Arthur Quiller Couch as especially helpful This is no Disney version of [...]

    19. I love this retelling of a classic fairy tale and the illustrations are absolutely beautiful The story puts a slight twist on the classic story Beauty s family became very poor and her father goes to work to try to bring back their fortune Her father goes to the castle and gets caught by the Beast and is ordered to bring back a daughter to the castle or be killed Beauty decides to go to the castle to save her father After building a relationship the Beast asks Beauty to marry him, but she said b [...]

    20. I absolutely loved this version of The Beaty and the Beast This story is a classic too and the illustation that Jan Bree did is really good The story is about a father who had three daughters and he lost everything One day he went to town to only find out that he had lost his last ship Going back home to his daughters poorer than ever he remembered that his doughters wanted horses, clothes and a rose As the man walked throught the dark forest coming back home he saw a garden full of roses Since [...]

    21. This is one of my traditional fairy tale picture books retold and illustrated by Jan Brett This 1989 version is very similar to the original fairy tale and it is absolutely stunning In this story, the merchant had three daughters, one of which was very kind and lovely, therefore everyone called her Beauty The merchant loses his wealth, and the family is required to flee to their country cottage While, the merchant goes to see if he can recover one of his ships, he rides through a deep forest He [...]

    22. As always, Brett s illustrations are lush and incredibly rich in detail In particular, I enjoyed this rendition of the folk tale of Beauty and the Beast.A rich merchant spoils his three daughters, two of whom are selfish, the other daughter, different than the other two, is other directed and lovely When the merchant looses his fortune, it is Beauty who stays with him In search of finding a means of living, on a snowy night he is lost and stumbles upon an intricate, lovely castle He is provided [...]

    23. This is a classic version 1949 of a classic fairy tale The pictures are ornate and beautiful and have that European feel that s so welcoming and familiar Of course, the key to this is the lesson, that if you love and aren t judgmental, about appearance, then good things will come to you.Compelling passages and illustrations On page 7, Beauty asks only for a rose because she misses the gardens rather than something selfish.Page 10, when the merchant picks a rose from another man s garden, even t [...]

    24. This is my first book for Traditional Tale Beauty and the Beast is a wonderful tale that has been retold and illustrated by Jan Brett I have enjoyed reading this tale that has been retold in so many different ways However, Beauty and the Beast by Jan Brett beautifully illustrated as well as the story that offers romantic relationship between Beauty and the Beast So, in the Jan Brett s story Beauty leaves home to live in a palace of the Beast in order to save her father s life After some time Bea [...]

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