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Biochemical Individuality #2020

Biochemical Individuality There is no such thing as an average person we are all genetically and biologically unique But when sperm meets egg our characteristics are not locked in stone This work argues that bad genes do not

  • Title: Biochemical Individuality
  • Author: Roger J. Williams
  • ISBN: 9780879838935
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Biochemical Individuality By Roger J. Williams, There is no such thing as an average person, we are all genetically and biologically unique But when sperm meets egg, our characteristics are not locked in stone This work argues that bad genes do not necessarily cause disease by themselves, and nutrition and environment can alter the outcome.

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      407 Roger J. Williams
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    1 thought on “Biochemical Individuality

    1. Conventional Wisdom often seeks to dole out a one size fits all approach to nutrition This books does the opposite It does not advocate that you blindly follow any one specific diet that the so called experts set before you Instead, it encourages you to consider the extent to which your own genetic, anatomical, and metabolic differences determine the best diet for you as an individual Biochemical Individuality explores the why behind the idea that one man s medicine may be another man s poison.I [...]

    2. This book is a classic and an essential read for all doctors, and also patients, if possible.Biochemical individuality is the concept that the nutritional and chemical make up of each person is unique and that dietary and other needs therefore vary from person to person People have unique biochemical profiles based upon their own genetic structure, nutrition, and environment Some of these variables can also change over time.The book Biochemical Individuality was first published by Dr Roger J Wil [...]

    3. For my catalog, this one is a classic One of those oldies but goodies that could be interesting in reread in the era of DNA bodytyping Review copied from KIRKUS REVIEWBiochemist Williams Nutrition in a Nutshell, The Human Frontier, Biochemical Individuality, Free and Unequal pursues a favorite theme inborn individuality and what it means to man He promises here new information about real people of universal applicability, and with the assertion that the proper study of mankind is not man but men [...]

    4. This book covers differences that are found in humans at all levels It also helps to explain why there is really no such thing as an average person It helps to explain why the concept of bad genes are not in and of themselves the cause of human disease It does a great job also of showing individual differences in human anatomy It shows how the myths of many High School text books are presenting accidentally that all stomachs, hearts, and other organs are shaped exactly alike when in fact they ar [...]

    5. Absolutely, positively, one of the most informative books I own Roger J Williams, PhD, has an amazing background and his diversity in life helped make this book what it is It is technically written so I really had to get into this frame of mind and keep clear my intentions of reading however, the committment to myself in finishing the material informed and clarified pertinent information that I had not yet been privy to I consider this book a blessing and gift to me from an amazing mind.

    6. Book could have been condensed into 3 or so paragraphs He clearly made a point to identify all possible instances and case studies where we all have different sized livers, stomachs, pain intolerances, etc etc It was a longer read than was comfortable However, he made a very good point about the genetotrophic principle and how we need to consider biochemical and physiological differences in determining possible variations in how diseases manifest in different people Worth the read amazing author [...]

    7. A forgotten classic, the implications of which, arguments and reported view of which about how much a biochemical snowflake we REALLY are, will continue to ripple down through the coming years, framing our views about medicine, mediucal research, nutrition and all things biochemical everything by the past President of the AZmerican biochemical Society.Related book Williams Nutrition in a Nutshell jhc

    8. Based on pioneering research, Biochemical Individuality presents the theory that not all human beings are the same on anatomical, physical, or chemical levels This is an amazing book, a classic Would be worthy of five stars, but the writing style is very dry and uninteresting If you can get past that, a wealth of amazing information awaits.

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