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Spicy Hot Colors: Colores Picantes #2020

Spicy Hot Colors Colores Picantes Colors explode off the page in this energetic jazzy picture book that introduces young readers to colors in Spanish and English In a rhythmic style reminiscent of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Shahan intr

  • Title: Spicy Hot Colors: Colores Picantes
  • Author: Sherry Shahan Paula Barragán
  • ISBN: 9780874837414
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Spicy Hot Colors: Colores Picantes By Sherry Shahan Paula Barragán, Colors explode off the page in this energetic, jazzy picture book that introduces young readers to colors in Spanish and English In a rhythmic style reminiscent of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Shahan introduces nine colors by interweaving images and dance moves Full color.

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      475 Sherry Shahan Paula Barragán
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    1 thought on “Spicy Hot Colors: Colores Picantes

    1. Caliente Actually, that is about all of the Spanish I remember My five year old son picked this book out from the library this week He likes the colors, and who could blame him This book give the names of color in both English and Spanish, which I liked But what I really like, was how this book used those colors to give us a glimpse into a culture that is different from my own Understanding that the culture is different goes a long way in helping to learn a new language.

    2. As a commercial once said, Yo hablo escargot I m bilateral It comes across as somebody writing Spanish who doesn t actually speak Spanish or know about Mexican or Latin American culture It s a very white person perspective The author lives in central California The last sentence in the book The spicy hot colors sizzle on a Saturday night be bop bolero bim bam la bomba La Cucaracha OL What La bomba actually means BOMB if spelled that way La Bamba is, of course, one of the few Mexican songs that A [...]

    3. Check out picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterNine colors with the Spanish and English words It is quite colorful with many color oriented items for the kids to relate to I was drawn to this book due to the bright colors I wasn t sure how my nephew would feel about the Spanish words even though we live in the south He quite loved them and we practiced saying the Spanish words several times My only real complaint was that the color words were just listed at the end of the sentence, they [...]

    4. I thought this book was great, and so creative The book walks through all the different colors, comparing them to different things in a child s world In addition, the book uses words from the Ecuadoran culture, and even includes the Spanish words for all the different colors The book also rhymes, throughout the whole thing.My favorite part of the book was reading the different cultural words that they use in the Ecuadoran culture and seeing the art from the culture as well.Once a year, we do a c [...]

    5. I ve used this book about colors a few times for both Spanish and bilingual story time The last time I used it was for a goats and chile themed story time since it has chile peppers in it for the pages that focus on the color red I used it as a participation story and had the kids tell me the colors featured and any things they could identify on the page that were the said color I like the pictures in Spicy Hot Colors a WHOLE lot better than those in Cool Cats Counting, which is another bilingua [...]

    6. Orale This book was magnifico This book was a sensory delight, which was a plus for me because I was reading this to my autistic, sensory seeking son This book reads like a slam poetry piece With the use of alliteration, syncopation, and onomatopoeia to boot, you will have just as much fun reading this as your child will have hearing it In addition, I loved the incorporation of Mexican culture as well as listing the names of the colors en espanol living in San Antonio this is a Read this book

    7. This book was perfect for a Spanish English storytime that I did Readers will come across the word pardo as a version of brown None of my Spanish speaking acquaintances knew this word, but from what I could figure out is that it could be Barzillian and referring to a skin tone or it could mean brownish Does anyone know for sure Interesting, nonetheless I changed it to caf for my program.

    8. I liked this book a lot it was a nice departure from the usual color books because it used some atypical objects to illustrate the colors The illustrations are vibrant, bold, and memorable I liked that the color names were provided in Spanish as well I was a little puzzled by the translation of brown into pardo, which I had never heard as a word for brown before Always something new to learn, even from picture books

    9. This was a fun book filled with some simple, made up words that is sure to make your little one giggle It introduces the Spanish words for colors that most adults should be familiar with and, therefore, not have too much trouble pronouncing The book also includes a mini dictionary for some of the additional Spanish words that were used as well as a pronunciation guide so that everyone can read with confidence Great book for early exposure to different language cultures for your little ones.

    10. This story is all about making a big deal of the colors I love the language used on the different colors bringing in different crazy words It has Spanish color words as well as English This book had a lot of pzazz.Wonderful

    11. A colors book with some text mostly the names of the colors in Spanish and English Great, bold, vibrant illustrations.

    12. A beautiful book My kids loved learning the Spanish words they d repeat them after me in their best Spanish accents

    13. I loved this colorful book done with a latino flare incorporating colors, dance moves, and some of the things we hold dear to the hispanic culture.

    14. This was featured on Between the Lions Great a color book Lots of poetic language Also teaches a little about Mexican culture.

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