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Missing Mittens #2020

Missing Mittens Farmer Bill has a problem every cow chicken and horse on his farm has losta mitten Readers can help Bill find the culprit and learn about odd and evennumbers in the process Full color illustrations

  • Title: Missing Mittens
  • Author: Stuart J. Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780613314855
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Missing Mittens By Stuart J. Murphy, Farmer Bill has a problem every cow, chicken, and horse on his farm has losta mitten Readers can help Bill find the culprit and learn about odd and evennumbers in the process Full color illustrations.

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      424 Stuart J. Murphy
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    1 thought on “Missing Mittens

    1. Great book for both literacy and math skills Looking at odd and even, addition, even a little multiplication if you felt brave Farmer Bill s looking for a missing mitten, and encounters the animals on his farm We are dealing with how many mittens each animal or group may need, but there s always one less Why Ask the goat at the end 4 stars as the illustration are great, the concept is great, but rhymes are a bit stained, and it might be much for a student to follow along with.

    2. Time Machine Book intro s idea of even and odd numbers, January 4, 2005 We loved Murphy s Henry the Fourth , but we didn t particularly like this book While the artwork is delightful, the rhymes are clumsy, and worse, the premise just is not very interesting At least, finding out what happened to the cow s utter mittens did not engage my kids almost 3 and 5.On the plus side, the book did give my almost 5 y.o and myself a place to start talking about even and odd And the way that the artist showe [...]

    3. I picked out this book because I knew that Stuart Murphy wrote children s books geared towards math concepts, and I love math so I wanted to read at least one This one dealt with odd and even numbers in the form of mittens I thought it did an excellent job of explaining the concept, and the pictures would really help children understand it I also like the section at the end that provides extra information as to how you can reinforce these math concepts in your classroom or at home along with thi [...]

    4. Oh, I loved this one with the old timey, homey feel illustrations of the farmer in his red ling underwear and finnally he and his aimals are gathered roud the old fashioed iron stove keeping warm This title has missingmittens that belong to the various farm animals and the book is teaching the concept of even and odd numberswhich it visually does very well Appropriate for a school or a teachable moment, but not suitable for library storytimes This title receives four stars, just because I person [...]

    5. This book is about a little boy who lost his mitten As he goes in search of his mitten, the farmer realizes that everyone seems to have the same problem This book teaches students about odd and even numbers in the form of mittens The book does a great job by showing the pictures that show one mitten is odd and two are even An extension activity for this book could be to have students draw their own even or odd picture of a missing item.

    6. This book is by Stuart Murphy who is known for his integration of math into his books This book focuses on working with odd and even numbers The students will notice that the animals need mittens to make it an even number When reading this book to the class, the children can act out the story and we could count how many mittens the students need The students can say whether a student has an even amount of mittens or an odd amount.

    7. Missing Mittens deals with odd and even numbers throughout the story It is a cute, rhyming book that counts up to 8, but emphasizes odd and even numbers Children would really enjoy guessing the mystery of what happened to the other mittens There are also fun games and suggestions in the index of the book that a teacher could use to make a lesson out of the book This is one of my favorite math children s books.

    8. This book is suitable for teaching children about odd and even numbers in a non threatening way My son was having a little difficulty learning odd vs even and library books we checked out just overwhelmed him This teaches the concept in a fun way and by the end of the book, my 6 year old understood odds and evens perfectly.

    9. Farmer Bill is on a mitten hunt Everywhere he looks there are animals with odd numbers of mittens Since everyone knows that mittens always come in pairs even numbers, Farmer Bill is determined to find the ones that are missing Nice twist ending.Nice mitten story with an introduction to the idea of odd and even numbers.

    10. I would use this book to teach students the concept of even and odd I will put piles of buttons on the table Students will decide if the pile is even or odd There will be different piles of buttons They will then use the buttons to add and subtract Questions to ask Do you get an even or odd number when you add two even numbers together Two odds How about an odd and an even

    11. This book would be a great teaching tool for even and odd numbers, a concept my students struggled with last year After reading the book out loud, my students could participate in an art activity where they would draw a line down a sheet of paper, label the two sides even and odd , and represent even and odd numbers by drawing pictures of chosen objects buttons, cookies, etc.

    12. This book is about a farmer in the winter time It teaches the importance of even and odd numbers and why we need to knwo the difference It has the actual number and the number word on each page so that students can begin to recognize that they go together.

    13. Really disliked reading this book, I stumbled over the wording, because it just doesn t flow and jumps Honestly I thought pages were missing, they were not Horrible as a counting book for kids too.

    14. This is an introduction to even and odd, but I didn t think it elaborated directly enough on the topic I also thought it wasn t useful to have the words even and odd written in script most early readers aren t going to be able to make sense of that if they re looking at the page.

    15. These are a series of picture books about all sorts of math books Here at our library they are in the E Murphy section and are a fabulous reinforcer compliment to any math topic An awesome resource for the little people.

    16. Every animal on Farmer Bill s farm is missing one mitten Readers can investigate odd and even numbers as they unravel this mitten mystery Subject Counting Juvenile literatureNumbers, Natural Juvenile literatureFoucus skill set odds and evens.

    17. This book is a cute book to teach the concept of odd and even numbers by mittens The pictures are colorful and the story if fun.

    18. didn t love this about a every animal missing one mitten on a farm until the culprit of the missing mittens is found.

    19. Missing Mitten is an interactive book that allows students to investigate mittens using even and odd numbers I would use this book to teach odd and even numbers.

    20. Farmer Bill is searching for his own and the other animals missing mittens and finally spies goat chewing on something.

    21. The story is kind of silly, but I like that this book talks about odd numbers and even numbers I like the visual that it gives for each number.

    22. I would use this book to talk about adjectives I would have the kids identify adjectives used within the book.

    23. Covers odd and even numbers have students bring in mittens and gloves and do a visual hands on demonstration of the book.

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