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Gad's Hall #2020

Gad s Hall An unutterable secret kept so securely by the women of Gad s Hall a century past creates havoc for its present day occupants

  • Title: Gad's Hall
  • Author: Norah Lofts
  • ISBN: 9780385129886
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Gad's Hall By Norah Lofts, An unutterable secret, kept so securely by the women of Gad s Hall a century past, creates havoc for its present day occupants.

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      282 Norah Lofts
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    1 thought on “Gad's Hall

    1. Oh my, is this a cross over genre that combines deep description of core personality for 5 or 6 main characters, but also at the same time hums a hypnotic mood The platform of the place being one of concrete strong structural base for contentment and good intent belief countered with a dichotomy of constant singular antithesis to all that is normal and of natural wholeness.This is Norah Lofts near the end of her career She is experimenting in somewhat a reversal of her normal chronological order [...]

    2. 4 stars I really liked it though this is no literary masterpiece and I really have no reason to have liked it so well Some books are just like that.The bad It s slow It starts with the story of one modern ish family, then completely drops them to focus on another historical family There s racism era appropriate Probably, but it s never addressed in the narrative Not a lot happens The writing is adequate, but not stellar.The good Despite all of this, I was fascinated by both families in this semi [...]

    3. Boring, boring, BORING I don t expect every haunting novel to stand up against masterworks like Hill House or The Shining, but this was just plain dull No personality to the characters except perhaps the contemporary narrator, who only stands out because she s a prattling, yammering moo , no plot whatsoever unless you count endless minutia re prices of Victorian farming nonstop blabbing about all the damn daughters who they married , bland descriptions of purposeless details, brief spurts of dro [...]

    4. Set in Lofts favorite fictional setting, the environs of her imaginary Baildon, Suffolk, this novel is divided into two parts Part I, set in the author s present, in which a modern family moves into the titular Gad s Hall only to find that there are certain strange manifestations there, connected to a locked attic room with no key and Part II, set in the mid 19th century, in which we learn what exactly went on in that room and why it came to be locked permanently The reason, as Lofts implies, in [...]

    5. When the Spender family Bob, his wife Jill, and their three children are first offered the chance to move into Gad s Hall they are absolutely thrilled The previous owner of this ancient, beautifully kept Tudor style house is a kind hearted elderly gentleman who simply wants someone to protect the family homestead He is actually looking for a family that is capable of caring for the mansion, and of bringing Gad s Hall back to life and he is willing to give the Spenders his home for practically a [...]

    6. I read the combined edition with both stories in one volume Gad s Hall and The Haunting of Gad s Hall This is the first novel or novels by Norah Lofts I ve read and honestly I found it them somewhat disappointing I thought that I was sure to find something spooky between the covers given the title But sadly this story just didn t do much for me in the spooky department The story is about two families There is a contemporary story and an historical one, both center around an old Tudor home in Eng [...]

    7. We see at once whether a book brings the kind of story we anticipated Sometimes, what you get instead, is a masterpiece like Gad s Hall As you are swept up in the lives of each person, it is no disappointment I see that Norah Lofts ruled the gargantuan gift of authoring deeply entrenched historical sagas This pair of novels is as ambitious but stands apart.A 1977 family disbelieves the bargain of a well kept manor, with fruit trees and grounds from whence to make their living Bob Spender s daugh [...]

    8. I had forgotten how good a storyteller this author was This is another book that has been sitting on the shelf for quite awhile and turned out to be great entertainment The Spender family can t believe their good fortune at finding this beautiful Tudor manor for an unbelievably reasonable price Naturally, the house is haunted The majority of the book tells the story of the Thorley family in the mid 1800s and how the strange fortunes of all those involved were affected by the evil of one person A [...]

    9. This is Norah Lofts being creepy and supernatural in a 19th century farming context It wasn t as scary as I remembered it, the evil is very slow burning and it s interesting because of the strong characters and very practical plot how does the widow of a cattle farmer manage to run her late husband s farm in the face of prejudice against women than the Satanic bit of the storyline.I think it didn t quite work for me because the Satanic stuff needed to be fully developed it was too slight for m [...]

    10. Ok, the cover of my book has A Novel of the Supernatural Gad s Hall To anyone that has read this book where was the supernatural There were 2 pages of eerie feelings at the beginning of the book and then nothing relating to the supernatural until page 200 Sooo disappointing.Don t get me wrong, Gad s Hall was a very good read The story essentially covers the history of a of two families living farm house in rural England I won t go into any detail than that because many other reviewers did such [...]

    11. I loved the intertwining of stories, the present mixing with the past I found myself admiring Jill s tenacity and resourcefulness And I admired Mrs Thorley for the same reason, both women were strong, even in the face of heartbreaking events, and both decided it was best to continue than to dwell on their misfortunes Both women were portrayed as flawed and that only made them human, realistic I enjoy reading and rereading this book, it calls to me every so often, inviting me back to Gad s Hall [...]

    12. I was looking for a haunted house book, and this is on several lists under that topic, but it s not a haunted house book at all It was well enough written, I suppose, but right on the cover it says a novel of the supernatural, and unless you count two people having vague uneasiness about a new house, there s nothing of the sort in here.

    13. A good read, but not earth shattering It s less creative than some of the Norah Lofts I ve read, though it follows a similar pattern I never really got into the characters and I found the plot a bit predictable I love some of her other books about old houses and the psychic connections between past present owners, but this one isn t her best.A house is inhabited by a malevolent spirit and we go back in time to generations before to uncover the secret of the haunting There s another in the series [...]

    14. Norah Lofts has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to historical fiction Her deft hand at characterization kept me reading this through to the end, but as a ghost story, it fell quite short Still, I will read the sequel, if for no other reason to at least find out what happens to the characters.

    15. This was another holiday read I ve been meaning to read this book for over 20 years It has been on the bookshelves at my parent s house since before i was born I was always about to read it I think I was a little wary due to the spooky cover Keeping myself awake because of a book happened too often This is the tale of how a couple come to own the titular Gad s Hall Partway into the book it steps back in time to an earlier part of the history of Gad s Hall It tells the tale of the family that liv [...]

    16. Three stars is actually half a star too much Can t help but wonder if Lofts intended the two novels to actually be one long one I m reading the edition that pairs the two, which makes it quite easy to go from one right into the other, especially as the first novel GAD S HALL simply peters out as though Lofts had lost interest Anyone who read it before the sequel was published must surely have thought Lofts very much off form.That said, I have to say that in both novels I ve had a great problem k [...]

    17. Norah Lofts, the author, developed the main female character, Isabel Thorley, with a brick strong will Ms Thorley raised two daughters and two step daughters, making no difference with the girls, ironically calling upon one of the stepdaughters in time of dire need Ms Thorley managed the Victorian Age farm as a widow Ms Thorley went to all extremes to hide one of her daughter s mental illness.

    18. I was expecting this to be a typical haunted house story and instead, the haunting is of a frame for the backstory It was oddly delightful and the backstory was well written and made me wish it was a miniseries I could easily see it on screen It s not at all scary, but still manages to be compelling and the characters were all interesting Really well done.

    19. Starts out excellently, but loses steam towards the end, it s obviously the first half of a longer story By itself the ending is not satisfactory but I m optimistic that book 2 The Haunting of Gads Hall will pick up momentum again A good read if you know what to expect

    20. Really What happened to Lucinda What happened during the delivery of her baby What was so Devilish and Evil What happened during the Exorcism Did my book have pages removed I have to admit, the book was a page turner only to find out absolutely nothing

    21. Prequel to The Haunting of Gad s Hall Excellent psychological portraits within a very interesting story.

    22. This book is not scary, starts off like it is going to be, builds for a while, hangs in there and then just ends I suppose if I read the sequels I might get the whole story, but I doubt I will.

    23. My favorite by this author I own the set of Gad s Hall The Haunting of Gad s hall Really keeps me engrossed even when I ve read it multiple times

    24. Fantastic ghost story complete with all the ingredients and told so convincingly you can t help but believe it Highly recommended.

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