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The Last Hunter: Pursuit #2020

The Last Hunter Pursuit I was thirteen years old when I was kidnapped They took me from my family from my friends from everything I knew and stole my innocence They brought me to a world beneath the surface of Antarctica

  • Title: The Last Hunter: Pursuit
  • Author: Jeremy Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780012476628
  • Page: 410
  • Format: ebook
  • The Last Hunter: Pursuit By Jeremy Robinson, I was thirteen years old when I was kidnapped They took me from my family, from my friends from everything I knew, and stole my innocence They brought me to a world beneath the surface of Antarctica, where I was broken and trained by a hunter named Ninnis He served the ancient Nephilim half human, half demon monsters My personality was buried in my subconscious and rI was thirteen years old when I was kidnapped They took me from my family, from my friends from everything I knew, and stole my innocence They brought me to a world beneath the surface of Antarctica, where I was broken and trained by a hunter named Ninnis He served the ancient Nephilim half human, half demon monsters My personality was buried in my subconscious and replaced by that of Ull, a hunter and killer For a time, I too served the Nephilim As the first and only human born on Antarctica, they believed that I could contain the spirit of their fallen king, Nephil, and lead them to conquer humanity.But I was stronger than they knew and escaped deep into the underworld, where I have been hiding for the past two years I live in a cavern, which is somehow lush with green vegetation, eking out a living and cowering from the confrontation that I know awaits me But the nightmare has found me I can smell them The hunters They have discovered my hideout.The pursuit of Solomon Ull Vincent the last hunter has begun And if they catch me, this is where my story will end.

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      Jeremy Robinson

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    1. If you were hoping for a breather after Jeremy Robinson s The Last Hunter Descent, the sequel will give you no such thing The fast pace continues right where Descent left off And the plot, as they say, only thickens And I m not talking thickens like going from skim to whole milk, I m talking thickens like syrup, molasses, honey, chunky peanut butter What s one of the many remarkable things about Pursuit is that, despite being the second book in the series, its action, intensity, plot development [...]

    2. I cannot say enough good about this series As much as I loved the first book, I enjoyed this one even Now that we know the characters, we have a vested interest in what happens to them I like seeing the progress made by Sol, and it is fun to see him grow and mature I am anxious to start the next book, as the ending left us hanging and I need to know what happens I listened to the audio version of the book, and R.C Bray was brilliant, as usual I love the voices that he used for the various chara [...]

    3. While not as good as its predecessor, The Last Hunter Pursuit is definitely an enjoyable read and an interesting continuance of this series A lot of this book has many of the same strengths as the first, so I won t go over those strengths again in this review If you re reading this review then I will assume that you have already read that book and know what made it great One of the key differences that was a bit of a let down for me, is the lack of strong, likeable, secondary characters in the f [...]

    4. This is the second in what is supposed to be a five book series It is young adult fiction The story is about Solomon, the only human born in Antarctica, and his adventures when at 13 he and his parents make a trip back He is kidnapped, trained and turned into a hunter He learns who he really is and of the powers he has because of his connection to the land He frees himself from the power of the mythical gods who turn out to be real but banished to the underworld of Antarctica In book two, this v [...]

    5. Book 2 of the Antarktos Saga Well, I have just finished reading book 1 and book 2 of the Antarktos Saga and I have to say, I am hooked.Unlike with my last book review The Final Summit , it is imperative that you read the first book in this series before reading the second Trust me.In book 1, Solomon Ull Vincent is a 13 year old boy living in the states who is the only child known to have been born on Antarctica He s always been geeky, small, and awkward, and he has always been obsessed with lear [...]

    6. 3 STARSAUDIOBOOKI m going to talk about books 1 2.Book 1 4 starsBook 2 3 starsI really liked book 1 We watched a brilliant but scared young boy survive in an extremely tough environment He had his memories stollen and was mentally broken down and then built back up to be a fierce fighter, but what he was being groomed to fight was the issue I enjoyed watching Sol become Ull and I wondered how it would all play out.In book two it all started to fall apart for me At the end of book 1 view spoiler [...]

    7. This book is the sequel to Descent To begin I abhor backtracking It s a waste of time I refuse to do much of it in my books If readers are too lazy to read the first book then they deserve to be lost in the second So, keeping that in mind, BRAVO ROBINSON This book is just as awesome as the first with one exception it s half the length I was flabbergasted at how much shorter it was, but still dove into the pages with great expectations I was NOT let down The action, gore, pureness of human spirit [...]

    8. Hiding out and making friends.Solomon has been hiding underground since his escape from his captors He is being hunted and has to be very careful He is making friends with the creature who live underground He is found by those hunting him and heads for the surface of the continent On the surface he finds other escapees, a small family who adopts him The evil Ninnis is right on his trail though He is determined to bring Solomon back so he can continue to hide his same at losing one of his hunters [...]

    9. I figured I should leave a review before I tear into book 3 like a dog left alone in a room with a pound of bacon watching me read has turned stomachs in the past, so its a legitimate analogy I read the first two books back to back, as if they were one novel, so it s hard to be specific about this, when all I want to do right now is start on book three of the series Ascent , and ignore all society until I am finished.I have missed so much sleep over this series, because when I weighed the benefi [...]

    10. Our fleeing Solomon, is now coexisting if not peacefully with his other half ULL, in this case his other personality Again we discover his struggles as he travels and hunts, one can guess that the repossession of Solomon body would spell certain disaster for the human race, thus our young character irons his will, so when he meets other inconvenience for Nephilim, of whom will steel his nerve for the coming confrontations.As done before, the depths does not lack, and the dangers are all too rea [...]

    11. The Last Hunter and it s companion yet stand alone novel, Antarktos Rising are now among my favorite books series of any type of media books, movies, video games, etc If you are reading this, unsure of whether you should read this, be assured, buy it It s got action, dinosaurs, intense fight and flight scenes, like able characters, awesome storytelling, some hair raising scariness all you could want in an awesome epic For an added experience, read Antarktos Rising in between part 2 Pursuit and p [...]

    12. When I found out about these books, it didn t interest me as much as previous books of Robinson s had, I held off on getting it till I was finished with the others Got the first one and immediately got the rest This series blew me away, I loved it What I thought was going to be of a young adult series was one of the best I have ever read It sucked me in, I loved each character and couldn t wait for Antarktos Rising was the first book of Robinson s I read and what got me hooked, this series sea [...]

    13. While I can t tell you exactly what it was about this instalment that I liked even than the first one, I can indeed tell you that I enjoyed this one much Just enough action to keep the pages turning, some happiness for poor Sol after some years of terror, and an ending that made me want to cry and get straight into the next in the series Very very good Listened to on Audible 17 07 2014 RC Bray has an amazing talent at bringing Sol and all the other characters to life The supernatural voices ar [...]

    14. Outstanding bookThis book really turned up the action The Nephili are poised to take their war to the surface world But don t count Sol Little Ull out yet He s stronger than anyone believes I just know he ll he back As always the writing was outstanding The characters were so believable that they visited my nightmares last night and that rarely happens Highly recommended.

    15. Sol is in Antarctica, the land of his birth so far this series is nail biting adventure Sol is fighting his own demons as will as the demons of others This wonderful reading is full of gods, demi gods and creatures that I would never have imagined The stuff nightmares are made of I am looking forward to reading the next book I hate cliff hangers and having to wait, but this one is worth it

    16. Interesting Tantalizing Keeps you wondering and yet you almost know what will happen Forgiveness is something that comes hard to most people yet it can be the most cathartic Love, hope and forgiveness will always win out.

    17. This was an interesting book taking up where book 1 left off and the introduction of new characters that added further mystery to the final conclusion and left you feeling sated in your constant exploration of the world below Antarctica.

    18. The Last Hunter Pursuit by Jeremy Robinson They captured him again and intend to break him to their will Will Solomon give in since he s been captured and broken by them before His story continues

    19. Interesting parallels in this second iteration to Drizzt s journey through the underdark As we follow Ull who begins to understand his powers and tries to make friends we see some new characters come into the picture The past and present are nicely integrated and the finale pretty smart Onward

    20. Jeremy Robinson pursuits excellence in a narrative with an extraordinary pace and filled with creativity I m discovering this story as being all about the essential values that make us human Now it s time to witness Antarktos rising

    21. I am reading the whole collection of this series honestly, it s so good that I immediately started the next book when I finished this one If you like adventure stories, mixed mythology some supernatural creatures abilities, then you will love this book

    22. Really liked this book found it even better then the first one and started the next one right away I liked how the story was brought full circle and what had happened to some of the other people that had been introduced in the first one.

    23. The characters are so well written that it is hard not to like or hate them I enjoyed it and intend to read the next one right now.

    24. I Love Love Love Jeremys books but I am really getting into Ull s story and how it is being woven into Antarkos RisingGet on with the next one Jeremy

    25. This series just gets better better The visualizations in this book are amazing I think this would be a really cool movie.

    26. I only got halfway through before my loan expired I m so sad because I read really fast but haven t had time to read Guess I ll have to wait a while before I can finish it.

    27. I liked the first book of the series far better, but it is still a good continuation of the story and a decent read.

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