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The Goat Woman of Largo Bay: A Novel #2020

The Goat Woman of Largo Bay A Novel The Goat Woman of Largo Bay begins the detective series featuring Shad a bartender in a fishing village in Jamaica who is the community problem solver and right hand of Eric an American who owns th

  • Title: The Goat Woman of Largo Bay: A Novel
  • Author: Gillian Royes
  • ISBN: 9781451627411
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Goat Woman of Largo Bay: A Novel By Gillian Royes, The Goat Woman of Largo Bay begins the detective series featuring Shad, a bartender in a fishing village in Jamaica, who is the community problem solver and right hand of Eric, an American who owns the bar and a hotel left in ruins by a hurricane When Shad sees movement on the island offshore, he thinks it s just a goat But it turns out to be Simone, an American who hasThe Goat Woman of Largo Bay begins the detective series featuring Shad, a bartender in a fishing village in Jamaica, who is the community problem solver and right hand of Eric, an American who owns the bar and a hotel left in ruins by a hurricane When Shad sees movement on the island offshore, he thinks it s just a goat But it turns out to be Simone, an American who has run away from her professional and personal life in the U.S an intriguing woman who captures Eric s heart Always keeping his ear to the ground, Shad discovers that a gunshot heard near Simone s place late one night isn t exactly friendly fire, but tied to a plot to harm Simone and ultimately manipulate local elections But why does someone want to harm Simone And what does she have to do with the elections Only Shad can find out An irresistible character is born in The Goat Woman of Largo Bay and Royes wonderfully blends suspense and the soul of the islands in this smart debut.

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      352 Gillian Royes
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    1. In Gillian Royes s the Goat Woman of Largo Bay, the first installment in the Shadrack Myers mystery series, this tale will welcome you to the island coastline of Jamaica For Shad Myers, he s a bartender and problem solver for his boss Eric Keller, an American who owns the restaurant he works for When Eric and Shad check out an islet off from the island, they thought they saw a goat in a former hotel that was wiped away from the hurricane It was a woman named Simone who came there to hide from he [...]

    2. The Goat Woman of Largo Bay wants to be the first book in a mystery series when it grows up I m not sure it s quite there yet There really isn t a lot of mystery in this book The mystery plot is quite predictable and was really not much of a mystery Although the goat woman didn t turn out to be what I had initially envisioned when I read the title of this novel.That said, there is much to like about this novel The setting of Jamaica is unusual in a main stream novel It also happens to be one of [...]

    3. This was a great Caribbean book It gives the reader a good sense of what modern life on Jamaica is like while enjoying an amateur detective in the character of native bartender, Shad Added to that is the poignant emotional journey of Simone, long ago native changed by growing up in the states and by the tragedy that sends her back to Jamaica An intriguing cast of characters fills out the village of Largo while various island values are explored from both the native and ex patriot sides The writi [...]

    4. I was intrigued by the title and had to read this debut book A little meandering and the mystery isn t about a murder like usual This one is along the lines of politics and missing people in a wee Jamaican town I loved Shad, the bartender, who is the amateur sleuth and assistant to the bar owner, Eric Eric is a bit forlorn as he lost his retirement plan island hotel to a storm Then built his new bar almost directly across from it on the shore He can gaze at the ruins and mourn his loss Shad is [...]

    5. In the middle of an early start to our winter, The Goat Woman of Largo Bay brought me right to the tropics and the warmth I felt like a visitor at the bar, who returned each day to sit on a stool, sip on a coconutty rum drink and absorb this story as it unfolded The unique language, the colorful island characters, the descriptions of their culture, and their relationships all captured me The story itself was of an American who after suffering an unbearable loss, makes an pit stop at this Jamaica [...]

    6. This was an amazing book that left me with a deeper understanding of live, love and relationships It was a page turner story of a woman who chosen to live alone on an island of Largo Bay This book had a lot of twist, turns and enlightenment something I appreciate while reading any novel Pearl Cleage is one of my favorite authors and her protege Gillian Royes is just as awesome Must read

    7. A fun mystery set in a small town in Jamaica San, the bartender and his employer, Eric, are trying to keep their business afloat after Eric loses his resort hotel in a hurricane Then, a mysterious woman appears on a small island Simone is hiding in the deserted island in hopes of healing a personal trauma But when local thugs and dirty politics target Simone and threaten to stir up Shad s past, the two men become amateur detectives.

    8. It was the title that appealed to me Unusual and interested But, I Found the language in this book quite difficult to get to grips with The sentence construction was difficult not just in using native tongue which took me a while to buy into the story Although, once I was captivated I wanted to see it through to the end Not so much of a MYSTERY in my opinion However, I liked the setting and characters and I would like to see where they go to in future stories.

    9. 3.75 this was a very nice visit to Jamaica with well drawn characters It s also a well done no crime mystery novel.

    10. I picked this up partly because I m always on the lookout for mysteries set in other cultures, but also because I just finished Ian Thomson s dense nonfiction book about Jamaica, The Dead Yard It seems pretty clear that the author was heavily inspired by Alexander McCall Smith s gentle No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series in crafting this first of a projected 10 book series Like McCall Smith s series, this debut features a developing world landscape quite alien to most potential readers, and a wa [...]

    11. This, the author s first novel, introduces the reader to a new detective Shad is a barman come amateur sleuth trying to keep his community safe Set in Jamaica, Shad works for American bar owner Eric The story begins when they spot something on an island owned by Eric First mistaken for a goat they soon realise a woman has moved in Simone is a woman looking for solitude after personal tragedy, but she gets in the way of a pair of bumbling gangster wannabes This puts Shad on the trail of corruptio [...]

    12. Our book club chose to read this book out of sequence bumping the scheduled book It happened because the author was coming to Chicago and we were able to invite her to our Brunch Book Club She graciously accepted the invitation and we were so thrilled to enjoy her Jamaican lilt as we learned her journey to becoming a published author Our small group had researched recipes and sources of authentic Jamaican foods with some additional,suggestions from Gillian, herself It was a treasured day for our [...]

    13. I really wish I could mark this as 2 1 2 stars as it was better than a 2 It was a fun read but not a great read I m not sure why this is called a mystery While I really liked the character Shad, I really did not see his role as that of detective He is definitely a problem solver, and the go to man in his community He is a loyal friend, employee and a loving husband and father However, I m still trying to figure out what the big mystery was The mystery may have been what it was about Simone that [...]

    14. Eric is the owner of a bar and hotel in Key Largo Bay, in Jamaica His hotel was damaged in a hurricane and is now separated from the mainland by water.Shad is Eric s bartender and right hand man He sees what he thinks is a goat on Eric s island Eric rows out and sees that it is a woman, Simone, who needs peach and quiet She offers to pay Eric if she can stay there and if he ll arrange for groceries to be delivered.Shad is the person that people confide in The people in the village make Simone a [...]

    15. This was a good book which does not have graphic violence, sex or strong language I liked the fact that it shows what the Jamaicans think of the expatriates and how the foreigners adapt to living in a different country While I was reading the book it reminded me a little of the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith with Shade taking on the role of Precious Ramotswe It had the same slow revealing of life in the community as well as the mystery which has to be solved by the [...]

    16. This was a refreshing book I think it has however suffered from misleading advertisement It has been described as the first in a detective series, and though there is certainly a bit of mystery in it, it does not follow the age old standard for detective fiction, and may come as a let down for readers expecting such It does however have its merits as a new voice I would suggest you go into this book not expecting the traditional detective genre, and rather take it for what it is, an insightful l [...]

    17. This was a 4 5 star book, for me Royes writes with a sure hand, which belies the fact that it is her first novel Jamaica is an unusual setting for a book and I loved the island feel I thought she did a good job with the give and take that is island life Classifying it as a mystery seems a bit of a stretch Shad is trying to avoid past connections and stabilize his commitments Eric is trying to find a way to continue his life in Jamaica, after losing his hotel to the hurricane There is a bit of my [...]

    18. I am not sure I would classify this novel as a mystery There is a small investigation that takes place, but the center of the story is a mysterious woman who takes up residence on an island near the village of Largo, Jamaica Her appearance upsets and then intrigues the island s owner, an American expatriate.The cast of characters also includes a local bartender, the woman s concerned brother, an Obeah man with a degree in psychology , and some shady thugs in cahoots with a factory owner I really [...]

    19. Shad is the fix it man of his little community on Largo Bay Shad works as a bartender in Eric s bar, but he keeps close watch on the happenings around him Eric, an American, left the bitter cold of winters in the north for the warm breezes and deep blue waters of Jamaica, living out his dream in the sunshine Or at least until a Hurricane flattens his hotel and turns his peninsula into an island The arrival of a strange woman on Eric s now uninhabited island turns everything upside down Shad and [...]

    20. Not really much mystery, just an interesting and very different society which has problems that have to be solved Bartender Shad Myers is a bit of a problem solver Two problems in the book are who is the woman on the island why is she there and is she crazy , and what s going on with the upcoming election.I like the main characters Their problems are real life ones One interesting aspect of this book is the Jamaican patois that many of the characters speak It gives the book a specific character [...]

    21. I liked this quirky book which takes place in Jamaica It is one of those books where the characters and settings are interesting than any crime or mystery that happens A goat is spotted on the small island that once was a penisula to the mainland The goat turns out to be a woman who wants to have some time to reflect on her life Of course, that sets the local population into a spin to find out about this strange woman It also sets up the series for the reader to learn about the various people [...]

    22. This story is set in a area in Jamaica that is little known to us tourist types It s not the Kingston of the travel posters It is, though, filled with some interesting characters I enjoyed the way the story progressed and the start of the tale of the woman who was mistaken for a goat when seen on an island across the bay from a local bar Picked up the book for the title, but will return for the author.

    23. Lovely I was surprised by this book I don t know what I was expecting, but it for sure tickled me in the right place I loved the characters and how the book isn t written from any one view point Several passages had me grinning Especially the Obeah man And the storyline around the elections rings true for anyone living in the Caribbean A very amusing read And yet many serious things came out Will look forward to from Gillian Royes.

    24. New mystery series Royes shows Jamaica and its people warts and all in this first book introducing bartender and amateur detective Shad Myers Anyone who has been to Jamaica especially Ocho Rios will be taken there again reading this book I ll be following Shad, Eric, and the other residents of Largo Bay in the future.

    25. An interesting novel that explores culture and the how the decisions we make can impact our happiness, and how we can help each other learn The descriptions of the island are so rich it s like a free Caribbean vacation while improving your mind There were 2 scenes a little too explicit for my taste.

    26. While I was mislead bythe cover to believe that this was a detective novel it was still enjoyable The story is about a woman finding herself, a bit of political intrigue in a poverty stricken, hurricane ravaged area and about second chances for all the characters of the book in one way or another.

    27. Delightful Loved the character Chad Reading about rampant government corruption makes one appreciate our own government, however imperfect Last paragraph in Chap 25 And she d know there d be no meditation today There d be only the chatter of the memories and a nausea of the heart.

    28. I wouldn t call this a mystery series.But i loved it anyway.The author really brought these characters and the location alive.I finished this book in one day because I could not put it down

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