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Mysterious: This Magic Moment / Search for Love / The Right Path #2020

Mysterious This Magic Moment Search for Love The Right Path A trio of full length novels brimming with desire danger and decadence from the best selling author includes Search for Love in which Serenity Smith engages in a battle of wits with mysterious ar

  • Title: Mysterious: This Magic Moment / Search for Love / The Right Path
  • Author: Nora Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780373218127
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mysterious: This Magic Moment / Search for Love / The Right Path By Nora Roberts, A trio of full length novels, brimming with desire, danger, and decadence, from the best selling author includes Search for Love, in which Serenity Smith engages in a battle of wits with mysterious aristocrat Christophe de Kergallen, as well as This Magic Moment and The Right Path Original.

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    1 thought on “Mysterious: This Magic Moment / Search for Love / The Right Path

    1. God, it felt like I was reading that forever I should have flounced the last two books but I wanted to see how the mystery elements would be resolved Lamely, if you re asking It s a good thing Nora Roberts s stories have improved immensely in the last 20 30 years.This Magic Moment I generally liked the characters in this book Pierce did a couple of things that had me side eyeing him but he wasn t bad Ryan s name continually confused me I just couldn t get used to it being a female name I liked t [...]

    2. Reprints of books from the 80s are often hit or miss propositions This one was mostly a miss The first of the 3 was odd but amusing.The other two featured men who took over, women who let them, and almost rape but it s not rape if she is coerced to change her mind partway through, right BLEAH

    3. This book really wasn t some of her best work I don t enjoy having three stories in one book, because it all seems rushed I definitely prefer Nora Roberts recent stuff Also, why can t the characters admit they are attracted to one another They don t have to do anything about it, but they keep finding excuses This Magic Moment 3 StarsAfter a short reading hiatus, this wasn t exactly the best story to start with Pierce and Ryan annoyed me even though Ryan is one of my favourite girl s names , but [...]

    4. This is the first book I have ever DNF I just couldn t get attached to any of the character or find interest in the stories This book was broken up into three small stories I read the first called This Magic Moment I thought it was alright but I had to force myself to finish it The second story Search for Love is probably what made me quite reading I found that I didn t like the characters at all and didn t want to continue wasting my time on something I was enjoying I tried the first chapter of [...]

    5. For those who like Nora Roberts books filled with romance and mystery, this book is a treasure trove since it contains three full length novels Romance and suspense kept me turning the pages All so different, yet so good, the novels kept me guessing The only thing I skipped while reading were the excessive sex scenes.

    6. This was rather lame, assault romance with big, tough, grabby men, and svelte beauties who must be carried through life s difficulties These stories should have been left in the vault and never reissued, they are most definitely dated and will turn the casual reader off from picking up a romance book every again.

    7. I m a sucker for romance and even though the situations regarding falling in love with someone after only a few days is nonexistent, I was along for the ride and I loved it I will say that it did seem rushed at times seeing as how each story was only 200 pages but I still liked them and my favorite was the second story about the long lost grandmother because I like the whole opposites attract element.

    8. This Magic Moment 3 5 Ryan Swan is planning on producing a magic show for television with the very talented and very enigmatic magician, Pierce Atkins From the start, the chemistry between them is riveting, but neither is willing to trust very easily And as much as Ryan is willing to put her heart on the line, she s not sure she can put up with the risks that Pierce takes and that risk of losing him This was a bit too short to be really developed Pierce felt too mysterious and given how little h [...]

    9. was not my favorite story by her some of her other were way bateer and seem to have me hooked and interested in the others

    10. This novel consists of three stories This Magic Moment, Search for Love, and The Right Path All three stories are considered romance and yes, it was indeed very romantic I loved it and would read it again.This Magic Moment is about a woman named Ryan Swan, daughter of the Swan Productions, who couldn t trust others especially Pierce Atkins who was a magician They did not start out great because Ryan was all business however, Pierce works otherwise She was even scared of him But slowly, Ryan fell [...]

    11. Not my favorite Nora Roberts These didn t age very well and most have very alpha read here dominating males who run roughshod over the females who immediately fall in love Still, love the author.This Magic MomentRyan Swan has spent her whole life trying to show her father that she is just as good as having a son She even made herself into the perfect employee in his production company But she s up against her hardest obstacle yet, Pierce Atkins, a magician they ve booked to do a television speci [...]

    12. This book is three separate stories This Magic Moment was about an illusionist and Ryan Swan who is battling Daddy issues It was an ok story 3 out of 5 The second was Search For Love and was about Serenity Smith, artist and daughter of two people whose decision and actions changed the course of many people s lives It was good The chemistry between Serenity and Christophe was palpable The mystery was better than in the third So 4 out of 5 The Right Path was about Morgan James, on vacation in Gree [...]

    13. This Magic Moment I now know that at least one writer at Arrested Development was a secret Nora Roberts fan The hero is totally GOB he even says illusions, not tricks , which made my day except you re supposed to take him seriously.Search for Love mehThe Right Path Kind of interesting because my expectation that the hero was totally innocent and in fact an investigator of smugglers of course assumed by heroine to be a smuggler was only mostly right Morally the story makes no sense the innocent l [...]

    14. It s what all Nora Roberts love stories are good but forgettable I love her writing and it gives me the escape that I need Will I remember this book in a few years Probably not.So here s the rundown for my future benefit This magic moment hard headed woman with daddy issues falls for enigmatic magician with a death wish All works out in the end.Search for Love parents die young woman finds out about mysterious past meets love of life in process Grandma is a great character All works out in the e [...]

    15. J.D Robb is Nora Roberts pseudonym for the ____ in Death series, one of my favorite book series I thought I d check out some of her earlier work, writting under her own name I picked up this book because it contained three short novels, so I thought it would be the quickest read In hindsight, this probably wasn t the best idea, since the short novels in the _____ in Death series are radically different from the full length novels In any case, I decided that I don t enjoy the romance genre These [...]

    16. I am so happy to finally have had the time recently to read this book I have had it for quite a few years It was copyrighted in 2003 Mysterious is a collection of previously written and published novels by Nora Roberts There are 3 books in this collection, each different from each other Many writers and publishing companies re release previously published books and this is like that I enjoyed all three of the stories The characters are interesting, the plot interesting, and the sets certainly in [...]

    17. This is the fifth time I have read the first book in the pack This Magic Moment and the last one The Right Path I never really cared for the 2nd book, the first one is okay I love the way she fell in love with before she kneew about his past and still acceted him as he was for who he was after she knew The Right Path I love that it takes place in Greece, and the way she twines illegal and legal attributes to the story, having Morgan a completely straight arrowand falling in love even though she [...]

    18. Reprints of three earlier books, which I was delighted to have, two are set in foreign climes, one in France and one in Greece, the other here in America I wasn t thrilled with any of them, but mostly because they reflected the times they were written in when women were looking for masterful men Translated, this means men who don t listen to what women are telling them but go ahead with what they themselves want In this day and age, this attitude is a little disturbing so I rated the books two s [...]

    19. This book is full of 3 really enjoyable storiesI think I liked the first one best This Magic Moment about Pierce and illusionist and Ryan an agent working for her father and the battle of wills that ensuesI loved both characters Search for Love shows the battle between kissing cousins.ough not true family members these two start out hating each other and later find out that perhaps they understand each other better than they realize The Right Path Is incredibly fast paced and intriguing starts y [...]

    20. Mysterious includes 3 novels This Magic Moment , Search for Love , and The Right Path Normally a historical romance fan, I was not sure about stories of romantic suspense To my suprise, I found the stories very entertaining I thought the characters and stories were well written and found myself wanting to finish the stories quickly to see how they would end In addition to the above, I found myself pleasantly suprised to find these stories still had the romance and charm of historical romances I [...]

    21. Three stories in typical Nora Roberts fashion In each story, girl meets mysterious guy, falls in love within a day or two and fights feelings while whining about it but not confiding in friends Each girl allows the leading man to kiss them, etc losing all sense of control and melting into their arms It is kind of annoying that these otherwise rational, intelligent women cannot keep control of themselves This book would have received 2 stars but the last story was suspensful and interesting than [...]

    22. Three books in one The Magic Moment Not too in love with the endingBut I love the way that Nora Roberts weaves together her stories and gives her characters sass and character Ryan s character shows the multi facets of women and their willingness to please Pierce is a cocky illusionist that doesnt love easily but when he does its with his whole heart and with an unending commitment Will these two compromise or will one give of herself himself then the other Search for Love still readingThe Righ [...]

    23. I don t usually read romance but I got this from a donate pile from my parents and I just finished the book I brought, sooo yeah I do not want to read a romance after this one The lack of the male characters respecting the female character was astounding The first wasn t too bad but the other two were jerks and in some instances, what they did was borderline rape Lack of consent was a major issue and how people find domineering, violent men romantic is beyond me I do not understand how she is a [...]

    24. Since I have found Nora Roberts novels very appealing and satisfying I was totally surprised and disappointed with these three short stories The first was a total waste the second a bit better and the last was a fairly interesting love story Not what I expected from this author but I was able to get through the three stories Hopefully the next novel I choose by her will not be disappointing.

    25. This Magic Moment I could not get through this book But I am not a fan for books that deal with magicSearch For Love Good but love story but uneventful and not the romance that every girl dreams forThe Right Path EXCELLENT It is an easy read that you will not want to but down I love the fact that it was a mystery as well as a love story.

    26. I fought my way through to finish this book Of the three stories I half way enjoyed the 3rd story I was disappointed in Ms Roberts writing and I usually enjoy her writings, even the books she has 3 stories in After reading this one though I probably will not be reading any of her three stories in one book Thankfully her later books are much better than this one

    27. THIS MAGIC MOMENT Ryan Swan meets magician Pirce Atkins as a producer for his new tv live show Sparks happen SEARCH FOR LOVE Serenity Smith searches for her heritage roots meets the arrogant Count de Kergallen Attraction THE RIGHT PATH Morgan James goes to vacation on the Greek Isle of Lesbos meets neighbour Nicholas Gregoras the lazy days turn turbulant

    28. This collection was one of the first works I read by Nora Roberts I very much enjoyed all of the stories, but This Magic Moment was my favorite I couldn t get enough of the mysteriously sexy Pierce Atkins Individually, I d give This Magic Moment 5 Stars, Search for Love 3 Stars, and The Right Path 4 Stars.

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