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Finishing Becca: A Story about Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold #2020

Finishing Becca A Story about Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold An independent minded young maid tells the story of social climber Peggy Shippen and how she influenced Benedict Arnold s betrayal of the Patriot forces Revolutionary Philadelphia is brought to life a

  • Title: Finishing Becca: A Story about Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold
  • Author: Ann Rinaldi
  • ISBN: 9780152008796
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • Finishing Becca: A Story about Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold By Ann Rinaldi, An independent minded young maid tells the story of social climber Peggy Shippen and how she influenced Benedict Arnold s betrayal of the Patriot forces Revolutionary Philadelphia is brought to life as Becca seeks to find her missing pieces while exploring the complicated issues of the war between the impoverished independence men and the decadent British Tories ThisAn independent minded young maid tells the story of social climber Peggy Shippen and how she influenced Benedict Arnold s betrayal of the Patriot forces Revolutionary Philadelphia is brought to life as Becca seeks to find her missing pieces while exploring the complicated issues of the war between the impoverished independence men and the decadent British Tories This tale of treachery comes alive under Rinaldi s pen Kirkus Reviews

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      173 Ann Rinaldi
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    1 thought on “Finishing Becca: A Story about Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold

    1. 3.75 STARSI haven t read Rinaldi since my early teens Time Enough for Drums seemed SO thrilling and romantic at the time and I m not sure if this book just wasn t as good as some of those I read back then, or if I wasn t as wowed because I have read some truly great authors since then and Rinaldi just doesn t quite hold up That said, this was still a very enjoyable and fast read that held my interest and she did a fine job of incorporating fact with fiction At times the theme of Becca needing to [...]

    2. am I in love with this novel Yes indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed It s simply an amzaing historical novel Omi bought me the book and I wasn t encouraged to read it as it deals with one of the issues that I hate the most THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION it s not the occasion to tell u how much I hate their talks about their fight for independence when they occupy others But I picked the book and started reading it just cos Omi asked me to do so she did it really kindly and there is the surprise fascinating language [...]

    3. This book has everything I love in Ann Rinaldi s books History, intrigue, interesting characters, and then her author s note telling you what s true or not Really great Will have to reread some others here soon.

    4. I LOVED me some Ann Rinaldi when I was twelve, and I bought this book during that obsession, yet never read it due to my freakish book organization rules I thought that she did a great job of making history accessible to younger readers, without talking down to them she gives a glossary of lesser known historical terms at the end of the book instead Since the main character is always the same age as the intended reader, it makes it easy for us to understand and relate to a person that could seem [...]

    5. Becca Syng is a clever girl on the quest to find her missing pieces When her mother sends her to the Philidelphia home of the Shippens, a wealthy Quaker family, to be finished, Becca begins to think that she is meant to live like they do, surrounded by riches Yet as the servant to Peggy Shippen, a spoiled, pretty daughter of Mr and Mrs Shippen, Becca realizes that the life of the wealthy isn t how it looks on the outside Peggy is constantly manipulating her parents for everything they could poss [...]

    6. Finishing Becca takes place during the American Revolution in Philadelphia The title refers to how Becca s mother sends Becca to be a maid in the Shippen household to help her find her missing peices and become a finished woman While in the household she becomes aquianted with General Benedict Arnold.From elementary school I know who the traitor Benedict Arnold is But while I knew we betrayed the American to the British, I wasn t sure the details of the event By the end of the book I can t send [...]

    7. I wanted to like this book, I bought it at a used bookstore on a whim because my name is similar to the title and I m from PA However, something about the style was just so offputting It didn t flow for me, I was never engaged, it was just a total slog Becca s thoughts were very heavy handed, I feel You know, her doomsday pronouncements and all Like, Peggy thought it would be like ____ and it was It didn t feel like the voice of a rather immature young girl I wasn t invested in Becca, her mother [...]

    8. This review can also be found on Leopard Kitty Books, leopardkittybooks The day I bought this book was one of those days that I kept staring and staring at the YA section of the bookstore and every book looked the same and none of them interesting Usually I just can t get enough of YA books but that day I was looking for something new, something different from the books that I usually read Well I was right This book was certainly different from most of the books I have read in my YA obsessed yea [...]

    9. The book is based on historical events and written in two parts, first the British occupation of Philadelphia when Peggy Shippen a local beauty becomes close friends with the British commander John Andr , and second, when the Patriots retake the city and Peggy meets and marries Benedict Arnold, and then Arnold s ultimate betrayal of the patriots with Andr hung as a spy for helping Arnold in his attempt to surrender West Point to the British If this is a spoiler for you than, I m sorry, but you w [...]

    10. A fascinating story, told from Becca s point of view, a maid to Peggy Shippenedestined wife of Benedict Arnold, the traitor to the United States of America during the American War for Independence I LOVE this book Here s a Snopsis that I found on by Bethany Fourteen year old Becca Syng feels like pieces of her are missing So when her mother secures her a job as a maidservant in return for lessons in french, dancing, and needlepoint, she believes that it will help her find herself She starts work [...]

    11. This is subtitled A Story about Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold, as told from Becca s viewpoint The book has 25 chapter and an epilogue, but the first 14 chapters have nothing to do with Benedict Arnold They are the story of how Becca left her farm and began working as a maid companion for Peggy Shippen, a very spoiled, very selfish, very demanding girl with other sisters.The story is taking place during the Revolutionary War and shows how there were differences of opinion in the towns about t [...]

    12. This was uneven It started out OK, about Becca who lives on a farm outside Philadelphia in 1776 and is sent to become a servant for spoiled brat Peggy Shippen Once she s in the Shippen house, though, Becca slowly disappears and it becomes clear that the author has used her as a tool to show us Peggy Shippen s nasty behavior Passages become spottily described, and it s hard to keep track of who is on the Patriots side, who is on the British side, who is spying for whom, and who is a double agent [...]

    13. This is another excellent YA novel of Historical Fiction by Ann Rinaldi She once again weaves a believable story about Becca who becomes a maid for the Philadephia belle Peggy Shippen The Shippen family were Quakers but Loyalists to the Crown She dallies with Major John Andre of the British army but once he tires of her she meets the man of the hour, Benedict Arnold, her future husband.I love the way Ann Rinaldi uses Becca who is partially at the Shippen residence to become finished But she is a [...]

    14. I just finished reading the book Finishing Becca A story about Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold by Ann Rinaldi, for my Women s History Month project Finishing Becca takes place during the Revolutionary War It is about a fourteen year old girl named Becca Syng who becomes a maidservant for Peggy Shippen, a beautiful, wealthy and spoiled Quaker daughter Her mom sends her to work for Peggy Shippen in hopes that Becca will receive a finishing education and find her missing pieces Peggy Shippen fall [...]

    15. When my 5th grade son brought this book home as his reading group assignment, I found the story so interesting that I asked to borrow a copy so that I could read along Initially, I found fictionalized story of Becca Syng, a lady s maid to Peggy Shippen during the American Revolutionary War, to be fairly compelling But after awhile, about the time that Peggy turned coat to court Benedict Arnold, the story seemed to fall flat, with little historical detail and even less insight into Becca s inner [...]

    16. Becca Syng goes into the Quaker Shippen household as Peggy Shippen s lady s maid to escape her harsh stepfather and to be finished, to learn the graces befitting a lady She also wants to finish herself, since she feels like part of her is missing, an important part She is embroiled in Peggy s life, from her tumultuous romance with a British officer to her courtship, then marriage to Benedict Arnold Becca witnesses the results of the marriage, momentous to American history, and to Becca s own sto [...]

    17. I don t always enjoy Ann Rinaldi s writing, but this one I really enjoyed it wasn t as good as GIRL IN BLUE, of course I even had a favorite quote And at night, just before I close my eyes, when I am in that limbo of half sleep, I see Peggy I hear her gown rustling And I hear her voice Well, you ve finished yourself now, Becca, haven t you And even half asleep, I murmur, No, Peggy, no Because there s one thing I ve learned above all No one is ever finished Are you Of course, you have to read the [...]

    18. Another Ann Rinaldi that didn t quite hold up as well as it did when I was a kid In retrospect, this one suffers from some weird pacing issues and a lack of cohesion, but most of all, the classic Tell, Don t Show The historical parts are pretty spot on, except for a couple very minor nitpicks, but it reads like a textbook trying to be thrilling than a great story begging to be told but including historical information For my full review including spoilers, check out Young Adult Historical Vault [...]

    19. Still a great book It does a good job of showing the Revolutionary War from the Mid Atlantic states point of view The best part is before Peggy Shippen marries Arnold In this section, Rinaldi creates a complicated and interesting cast of characters However, in the second section Becca, the servant girl for Peggy, starts oddly telling the future and what not She has a feeling that Arnold is evil etc Still, a great book reccomended for the high school or even college aged in order to get a differe [...]

    20. Another excellent historical YA fiction from Rinaldi I think the ending was a bit abrupt contrived though with Becca essentially summarising the conclusion in her chat to the milk cow It would have been nice to draw out the final chapter of this into a longer section when she returns to learn the running of the farm, digest her time in town, a bit about the wider war going on, and how she grows to love Frazor.

    21. Another book on the revolution war I love this time period It makes for great stories This book focused on the life of Peggy and the part in the betrayal of Benedict Arnold, through the eye s of Becca, Peggy s personal maid I really loved Becca, and was really shocked at learning how the high class of the 1700 s acted Peggy was a brat, but a smart one.So, my rating is like 4.5 Almost five stars, but not quite five stars.

    22. I just love, love, love this book I definitely consider it one of Ann Rinaldi s best I feel like I m in the story, walking the stairs and running my fingers through the satin dresses Rinaldi does an amazing job of tying actual events into the life of an imaginary girl, and in the end, the reader is left wishing that she were real.Warnings The shameful act of kissing a girl in the middle of the street, in broad daylight.

    23. I love Ann Rinaldi s books Her historical afterwords are always interesting and contain further information on the non fictional subjects Her stories are well written and plotted I selected this one to add to my reads first since it s set in Philadelphia I love how the contrast is shown between Peggy Shippen s life during the British occupation and after, and her struggle to maintain her social standing.

    24. I found this in my daughter s room while cleaning out her book case and thought I would read it A sweet read about a girl, whose mother sent her to live with a wealthy family because they were too poor to send Becca to a finishing school It is her story as she became educated by the family in so many ways than her mother had anticipated.

    25. Ann Rinaldi is the one to read for early American historical fiction She is very good with her research, and is very prolific Choose a person or subject Did Thomas Jefferson father a child by one of his slaves to The Salem Witch trials and she has probably written a book about it Most of them can be found in the teen section, but don t let that turn you off.

    26. I liked this book A nice, light read, filled with Peggy Shippen s delicious cattiness and general ignorance about the suffering world around her Very interesting as Ann Rinaldi explores yet another side of the Revolution, the side seemingly left unaffected by the war, a side which inspires to feelings, one of near sympathy and one of disgust.

    27. i found this book rather hard to follow, yet quite compelling It was interesting and gave you a sense of both Becca and Peggy s personalities I love this book over all, it makes you feel like you are Becca Syng I dont understand why Becca s mother married Henry though, he s a double agent and is almost never sober or at least sane.

    28. since i am related to benedict i really wanted to see what made him tick and of course it was his heart and peggy shippen interesting to read about them i have an arnold line in my fam tree luckily he is not my direct ancestor ha but he is definitely in the family 0

    29. I had a rather venemous outlook on Benedict Arnold He seemed to be a great asset to the American side, until his head was perhaps poisoned It seems near nothing can explain the disarray of his betrayal, and the occupation of Philedelphia.

    30. Enjoyable Fast reading Made me want to read up on Peggy and Benedict Arnold I especially liked that the author clearly separated the truth from the fiction at the end of the story and even went on to tell how their real life story ended.

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