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De held van onze tijd #2020

De held van onze tijd De held de vijfentwintig jaar oude Petsjorin is een knappe aantrekkelijke magnetiserende maar nihilistische jonge legerofficier verveeld door het leven en onverschillig tegenover zijn vele seksue

  • Title: De held van onze tijd
  • Author: Mikhail Lermontov Hans Boland
  • ISBN: 9789041708458
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • De held van onze tijd By Mikhail Lermontov Hans Boland, De held, de vijfentwintig jaar oude Petsjorin, is een knappe, aantrekkelijke, magnetiserende maar nihilistische jonge legerofficier, verveeld door het leven en onverschillig tegenover zijn vele seksuele veroveringen Het verhaal vertelt over zijn onvergetelijke avonturen in de Kaukasus met bandieten, smokkelaars, militairen, rivalen en minnaressen Dit klassieke verhaal vaDe held, de vijfentwintig jaar oude Petsjorin, is een knappe, aantrekkelijke, magnetiserende maar nihilistische jonge legerofficier, verveeld door het leven en onverschillig tegenover zijn vele seksuele veroveringen Het verhaal vertelt over zijn onvergetelijke avonturen in de Kaukasus met bandieten, smokkelaars, militairen, rivalen en minnaressen Dit klassieke verhaal van vervreemding dat Tolstoj, Dostojevski en Tsjechov be nvloedde, houdt ons een spiegel voor, niet alleen van Lermontov s tijd, maar ook van de onze.

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      Mikhail Lermontov Hans Boland

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    1. And now Childe Harold was sore sick at heart,And from his fellow bacchanals would flee Tis said, at times the sullen tear would start,But pride congealed the drop within his e e Lord Byron, Childe Harold s Pilgrimage Canto I, Stanza VI Another life that vanished too soon Mikhail Lermontov was only 26 years old when he was killed in a duel Same fate as another Russian genius, Alexander Pushkin, to whom he dedicated his poem Death of the Poet And thus he died for vengeance vainly thirsting Secretl [...]

    2. I sing whatever comes into my head It ll be heard by who it s meant for, and who isn t meant to hear won t understand Free will is the ability to chooseNo I would like to believe so But there are countless limitations and restrictions which make me wonder why we have been granted with it, if we are going to be judged and chastised for our choices This is such an argument of a man, Pechorin, who is often alienated for his nullifying philosophical and vilifying romantic views.There is something su [...]

    3. One of the most interesting, eye opening books I ve read I m not that familiar with Russian literature, but the I read, the I m falling in love with them This book has got to be one of the most extended, sustained meditation on the egotistical mind of a young casanova But strangely, the novel doesn t make me despise its protagonist There is something intriguing, almost refreshing about the calculated cruelty yet disarming honesty of the protagonist He knows he can t commit and says so Then he [...]

    4. I ve been meaning to read this one for a while It s one of those Russian classics that s always on those lists A Hero of Our Time has an interesting format It s split into sections but these sections are all very different and sometimes don t even involve our hero Pechorin This is all well and good but for a novel that s under 200 pages you d think that Lermontov would have actually focused on some sort of plot instead of piss arseing around with the structure Not to mention that this novel is b [...]

    5. Sadece 27 y l ya am Lermontov un tek roman Zaman m z n Bir Kahraman , unutulmaz Pe orin karakteriyle insan ruhunun bir ok karanl k yan na k tutuyor Klasik bir k t karakter de il Pe orin, birka yerde i ini d kerek ni in b yle oldu unu da samimiyetle izah ediyor Kitapta Kafkas havas n da soluyorsunuz, do a tasvirleri harika Kad nlarla ilgili baz iddial tespitler rahats z edici bulunabilir, ama kitab n 1840 da yay nland n dikkate alarak bunu anlay la kar layabiliriz.Kitab n ba nda Lermontov un bir [...]

    6. Heros de notretemps A Hero of Our Time, Mikhail Lermontov A Hero of Our Time Russian , Geroy nashego vremeni is a novel by Mikhail Lermontov, written in 1839, published in 1840, and revised in 1841.It is an example of the superfluous man novel, noted for its compelling Byronic hero or antihero Pechorin and for the beautiful descriptions of the Caucasus There are several English translations, including one by Vladimir Nabokov and Dmitri Nabokov in 1958 1982 1331 246 1388 9789643516000 224 1391 19 [...]

    7. Este de fapt un microroman pe care ai s l cite ti n c teva ceasuri, primul roman psihologic din literatura rus , o construc ie minimalist i vioaie, n contrast cu scrierile masive i dense ale autorilor vremii precum Tolstoi sau Dostoievski.Lermontov strecoar voluntar n biografia lui Peciorin c teva elemente din biografia proprie dar, dup cum se va dovedi mai t rziu, nsu i destinul urmeaz s strecoare n roman un detaliu esen ial din biografia autorului rezerv ndu i acestuia, la v rsta de 27 de ani, [...]

    8. There is something in A Hero of Our Time that even time is powerless to destroy The novel is full of everlasting feelings and motives that ruled human beings in ancient times and keep ruling now I was so delighted to be so high above the world it was a childlike feeling, I won t deny it, but withdrawing from the demands of society, and drawing near to nature, we become children without meaning to, and everything that has been acquired falls away from the soul and it becomes as it once was, and p [...]

    9. A true literary masterpiece, well worth the hype Well, that would be my opinion in as little words as possible If you want to read , why you know what to do continue reading this review.1 What kind of novel is this Hero of Our Time is often describes as a predecessor to a psychological Russian novel It could also be considered a turning work, a literary mix of some sort, in it that it contains elements of both romanticism and realism It is an interestingly structured little wonder, it reads almo [...]

    10. The shade of Byron, or perhaps accurately of the Byronic hero that petulant and brooding vampiric pretty boy that has fascinated us since the days of the famous celebrity poet , looms large, though in a decidedly ironic fashion, in Lermontov s _A Hero of Our Time_ The titular hero Grigory Alexandrovich Pechorin, seen both from the outside and from within, displays from every angle the nearly perfect vision of the tragic Byronic douche bag From his ability to sway any woman with little than a g [...]

    11. Lermontov was a Russian army officer, an artist and a writer, principally of poetry but also some prose including this work A Hero of Our Time was eventually published as a novel although it is five short stories linked by the central character Pechorin and told by two different narrators Two of the stories were previously published as stand alone works.The book starts with an introduction by Neil Cornwell which I found very useful to explain the make up of the book and the nature of Russian pop [...]

    12. I have been dipping my toes into the waters of Russian Literature this year so when I needed to choose a title for my October Literary Birthday Challenge, I thought that A Hero of Our Time would make an interesting read.I was wrong It was not interesting, it was extremely annoying At first I did not know who was supposed to be the hero There was a nameless narrator who meets a soldier on the road and listens to his stories about another soldier So which of the three was our hero Turned out to be [...]

    13. A hero of our time is Russian classics, written by Mikhail Lermontov He was a Russian Romantic writer, poet and painter His prose founded the tradition of the Russian psychological novel The reason I chose this book is that the main character has a lot of similarities with the author They both were talented, noble, served in military, had sharp wit, enjoyed harsh humor, the story in the book has some similarities to the life of the author It s a strange type of diary Nature, customs, people of d [...]

    14. And how often is a deception of the senses or an error of the reason accepted as a conviction I prefer to doubt everything Of two friends, one is always the slave of the other, although frequently neither acknowledges the fact to himself Now, the slave I could not be and to be the master would be a wearisome trouble, because, at the same time, deception would be required After all this, is life worth the trouble And yet we live out of curiosity We expect something new How absurd, and yet how ve [...]

    15. Relectura noviembre 2016 Al principio no me convenc a, pero termin mejor de lo que esperaba Tiene sus vueltas y varios pasajes que me sacaron de quicio M s all de eso,Un h roe de nuestro tiempoes un libro respetable, din mico por momentos y tiene una estructura fragmentaria que lo vuelve menos convencional Literariamente, es otra de las obras cuyo centro es un protagonista decepcionado y aburrido, predispuesto a vengarse de la vida por no encontrarle el sentido y porque tampoco nadie se lo encon [...]

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