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Nel cuore della tormenta #2020

Nel cuore della tormenta In uno sperduto gelido angolo del New Hampshire in corso una dura seduta di addestramento tra le truppe speciali d assalto dei Navy SEAL americani e gli esperti di una societ specializzata nel setto

  • Title: Nel cuore della tormenta
  • Author: Suzanne Brockmann
  • ISBN: 9788834713495
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nel cuore della tormenta By Suzanne Brockmann, In uno sperduto, gelido angolo del New Hampshire, in corso una dura seduta di addestramento tra le truppe speciali d assalto dei Navy SEAL americani e gli esperti di una societ specializzata nel settore sicurezza Tra il sottufficiale Mark Jenkins e la bellissima agente speciale Lindsey Fontaine nasce una passione nascosta che potrebbe andare ben al di l di una semplicIn uno sperduto, gelido angolo del New Hampshire, in corso una dura seduta di addestramento tra le truppe speciali d assalto dei Navy SEAL americani e gli esperti di una societ specializzata nel settore sicurezza Tra il sottufficiale Mark Jenkins e la bellissima agente speciale Lindsey Fontaine nasce una passione nascosta che potrebbe andare ben al di l di una semplice notte d a Ma quando Tracy Shapiro, una giovane e inesperta segretaria che stava recitando il ruolo di ostaggio durante un esercitazione, svanisce nel nulla, i due dovranno mettere da parte il loro controverso rapporto per ritrovarla e metterla in salvo, mentre una terribile tempesta minaccia l incolumit di tutti Tutta la squadra, alle prese con un serial killer imprevedibile, sar duramente messa alla prova dalle avverse condizioni metereologiche, e si trover a dover superare ostilit e incomprensioni sentimentali per portare in salvo uno dei suoi membri.

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      436 Suzanne Brockmann
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    1. I gave this audiobook a B for the story and B for the narration at AudioGalsNarrated by Patrick Lawlor and Melanie EwbankLovers of romantic suspense titles are surely familiar with Suzanne Brockmann s Troubleshooters series With over 16 titles, not counting novellas, this is one of the longest running SEAL private, elite security experts romantic suspense series around However, I had not yet had a chance to experience the magic of this series, so when I saw the Blackstone Audio released a new ve [...]

    2. Fair Warning There is a psych killer inside this bookd please know.ere are harsh scenes embedded within the pages, and the killer Well, she will have to view spoiler Kill him I loved that Lindsey was 100% alpha fem with a beautiful persona inside and out I also loved that she was NEVER a damsel in distress And that she all by herselflled the psycho killer hide spoiler What I loved was that, view spoiler there are also a few survivors hide spoiler And I will admit, I wanted to skim, but the story [...]

    3. Finally What s the 1 thing Wendy F loves in her reading material Romance, check What s the 2 thing Wendy F loves in her reading material Comedy Check Finally, check check check Don t get me wrong, there were some chuckle moments in the other Troubleshooter books, but this one had the one liners all over the place Lindsay and Izzy brought this one to life Many times I found myself literally laughing outloud and that is a first in these books Lindsey is a former LAPD agent who now works for Troubl [...]

    4. This book had it all Suspense, love, funny characters and hot sex Now that s a good book if you ask me If you haven t tried the Troubleshooter Series then you re missing out This is the 10th book in the series and Into the Storm does not disappoint I don t know how Ms Brockmann is able to write such amazing, flawed, deeply relatable characters for Navy SEALS and FBI agents But she does and it s so very fun to readInto the Storm is the story of Mike Jenk Jenkins and Lindsay finding their way toge [...]

    5. 2.5 starsInto the Storm, the 10th installment of the Troubleshooters series, seems to have taken a turn from the prior books What I ve always liked about Brockmanns s writing is her ability to weave together different storylines in a seamless fashion, mixing suspense and romance wonderfully In this case, I felt like the story was a bit of a patchwork quilt different stories put together, but not necessarily integrated as fluidly as I d like There were two areas that seemed most disconnected Firs [...]

    6. The Troubleshooter Security Team has joined the Navy SEALs on a joint training session in New Hampshire Security Expert Lindsey Fontaine is reluctant to attend the training when she discovers that SEAL Petty Officer Mark Jenkins will be there After a one night stand, the two have been keeping their distance from each other But they must put their differences aside when the training mission turns into a search and rescue when one of their team disappears.Another enjoyable addition to Suzanne Broc [...]

    7. Muchas cosas pasan en este libro y ninguna me termina de cuajar.Tenemos un grupo de personajes nuevos, toda presentaci n se hace un poco pesada y aqu tambi n pasa.La pareja protagonista, Lindsey y Jenk, es meh, sobre todo ella, a ratos insufrible.El psic pata, personalmente, no me gustan y odio leer sobre torturas Esa parte la tuve que leer por encima.Y finalmente, tenemos l os amorosos entre diferentes personajes ya conocidos supongo que se resolver n en libros posteriores pero la sensaci n que [...]

    8. Nota para m misma No continues con esta serie, si la descartaste la primera vez, fue por algo, no te hagas esto a ti misma.Despu s de mucho tiempo sin leer a Brockmann, he visto este libro pululando en mi reader Solo he le do dos libros de esta serie, porque de forma lamentable no fue publicada en espa ol en correcto orden Lo cual es una terrible desventaja para el lector ESTOS LIBROS TIENEN HISTORIAS SECUNDARIAS que retoman personajes anteriores, hechos acontecidos hace siglos de otros libros d [...]

    9. Very clever dialogue that was laugh out loud in many places It was appreciated with such dark subject matter Another excellent book in this gripping series

    10. Yay I finally was able to get this book from my local library I just love this series Brockmann has created such a fabulous continuity with SEAL Team 16 and Troubleshooters Inc Books with recurring characters are my absolute fav.Into The Storm was a great read I really enjoyed it Lots of different dynamics in this story Though the series is military security based, this book has a general plotline Brockmann always has a nice variety of plots in the series Some are purely military, others are g [...]

    11. Really 4.5starsDuring a combined training exercise in a freak snowstorm, TSI receptionist Tracy is kidnapped by a particularly brutal and elusive serial killer As the team searches for Tracy, relationships form, blossom and solidify for the series future The alpha hotties of SEAL Team 16 and the alpha hotties of Trouble Shooters Inc in one great read and for me one of the better ones of the series possibly because I wasn t a fan of the last outing This installment has the teams merging for train [...]

    12. Into the Storm In which Suzanne Brockmann has finally managed to work her way through pretty much all of Seal Team Sixteen and suddenly realizes that maybe she needs a new schtick to hang her hat and her series on, and thus we move from terrorists foreign and domestic to serial killers, which don t require such a Naval response.To be fair, this transition is sort of a work in progress, having started in Hot Target and continuing on for another book or two after Into the Storm, but this is where [...]

    13. I loved a lot of things about this book A lot There are 2 things I didn t love one is the horrible serial killer I admit, I skipped the most of the scenes with him because it was too horrible for me to read the second one was Tracy Shapiro Troubleshooters Incorporated s remarkably inept new receptionist citing I hate women whose whole thinking process revolves only about shoes and bags And this person was a sort of wonderful empty space between her ears But she got some revenge and, even if I ca [...]

    14. Another great read in this series Suspense romance at its best I m running out of good things to say about these books Love the multiple plot lines, the depth of the characters, and the way this author flawlessly weaves it all together Jenk is just solid strong, steady, protectivebut blind as a bat about his feelings for Lindsey in the beginning He s got a plan all laid out can see his future unfolding just with the wrong woman Lindsey is no fainting flower in need of a big, bad SEAL to rescue h [...]

    15. The beginning of the story is definitely worth a 5 star rating I really liked the scenes when I could read into one character s sarcastic thoughts about what was going on one of the best was the Tracy Jenk dating pre mating ritual, seen through Izzie s eyes, that had me laugh.I usually like when the hero believes a very wrong woman is his perfect mate, while being attracted unconsciously to another I found it quite funny that Lindsey was in fact so similar to Izzie, whom Jenks spend quite a lot [...]

    16. I read Into the Storm fast and found I liked it MUCH better than Hot Target This one at least kept the focus mostly on the two main protagonists.I suppose I got through it fast because I skimmed the psycho killer stuff When people ask what plot themes in Romance are getting tired, I have a difficult time coming up with an answer If it s done well, I don t mind reading the same plot over and over The psycho killer plot however, is wearing thin Linda Howard did it best with Dream Man time to lay i [...]

    17. If you love the SEAL Team Sixteen and Troubleshooters, Inc stories of past, you WILL NOT be disappointed by INTO THE STORM Suzanne Brockmann continues to deliver romantic, action adventure packed stories that feature our favorite characters from previous releases, along with new characters that will pull at your emotions I loved Lindsay and Mark s story, and can t wait for to come in the future Especially what will happen between Sophia and Decker, when Jules will find true love, and, of course [...]

    18. This book kept me up until the wee hours to find out what happened The last half of the book was pure thriller I loved the group atmosphere and tension Brockmann writes such diverse and intelligent characters One of the reasons I love reading bingeing on long series is for charater development, and she is the master of character arcs.

    19. Bueno la novela m s extra a de la serie, los protas no ten an mucha qu mica y bueno el tema a lo criminal minds como dir an los espa oles, no mola Ahhh y extra e sobremanera a Jules, mi dolo amado Ya me voy a leer la que sigue.

    20. So, I apparently missed a lot of Brockmanns back when they were first released so I m going back to catch up I m really glad I finally read this one in particular because I loved Jenk and Lindsey together Not only was it refreshing to read a short hero for a change, but I also just loved him as a character And Lindsey was kick ass and fun too Of course there was also a lot of background on the Decker Sophia Dave triangle and I can see why the shippers were ultimately disappointed But, I can also [...]

    21. This was actually pretty good The characters were three dimensional, I quite liked both the female and male protagonists, there was witty banter hell, there was even discussion of using a pick up line about seeing someone s Star Wars action figure collection there was a decent amount of geekiness throughout, which I found rather endearing , the plot was fairly engaging, and people had real problems instead of fake plot device problems I might actually consider picking up one of the other books i [...]

    22. While not a humorous book, Into the Storm is filled with LOL comments and moments and a lot of guy humor that is so funny Izzy is just wonderful as the SEAL Team 16 comedian There must have been some really dark experiences for him It is a great book and has a terrifying suspense and a great romance.Into the Storm is the love story of Jenk and Lindsey, although Sophia and Deck, Sophia and Dave, Izzy and Tracy also get some page time Lindsey was an LAPD cop until a tragic shooting and the death o [...]

    23. The books in the Troubleshooters series are a perfect blend of thriller, mystery, military and romance Every woman is strong, almost every man is enlightened, and everyone gets equal playing time Brockmann s son is gay and she is one of the few authors I have read that treats her homosexual characters with dignity, honesty and realism Allowing them to develop like any other character in her novels, as it should be I llok forward to her summer release, which usually hits in August when I am able [...]

    24. Wow, I read this one straight through I ve always liked Jenks and what a great book for him.Lindsey Mark make a great couple Granted, there were times I wanted to shake them both.Tracy is a great character I m really hoping she ends up with Izzy at some point.Just a really great book Decker Sophia are still circling each other I feel really bad for Dave though He seems like a really great guy hung up on the girl he ll never have.So much relationship stuff going on in this book I m really worried [...]

    25. I thought the plot s tension was too interspersed throughout the book to be as effective as it could have been If the Decker, Dave, and Sophia love triangle or the Tracy and Izzy subplot had been less integrated into the story, the plot regarding Mark and Lindsay, as well as that of the serial killer and Number Five could have been strongly developed While I understood the need to integrate Tracy into the plot as the next hostage victim, getting to know her through her personal angst, was not r [...]

    26. This book surprised me First chapter was set in the middle of terrorist warfare with the SEALS, overseas Then the story moved stateside and seemed to turn into a romance with some lightheartedness But there was a second story line going on that was evil The author brilliantly wove the two story threads together and ended up with a suspense thriller with some romance as well There are some scenes that are gruesome so do not read this book if you cannot handle nightmare making material All in all, [...]

    27. One of my GR friends had mentioned that a lot of the books in this series that she at first is least interested in, turn out to be some of her favourites I ve found that true And it was very true here For some reason, I really didn t care about Jenk He wasn t much of a presence to me But the story between him and Lindsay is now one of my favs in this series.

    28. LOVE this book I love the dialogue and think that Izzy is frickin hysterical Love the Lindsey and Jink dynamic Too fun Can t get enough of Suzanne Brockmann

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