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The Social Climber's Handbook #2020

The Social Climber s Handbook HIGH SOCIETY CAN BE A KILLER Upper East Side socialite Daisy Greenbaum is accustomed to the finer things designer clothes summers in the Hamptons elite private school educations for her daughters a

  • Title: The Social Climber's Handbook
  • Author: Molly Jong-Fast
  • ISBN: 9780345501899
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Social Climber's Handbook By Molly Jong-Fast, HIGH SOCIETY CAN BE A KILLER Upper East Side socialite Daisy Greenbaum is accustomed to the finer things designer clothes, summers in the Hamptons, elite private school educations for her daughters, and a staggeringly expensive Park Avenue apartment But Daisy finds her well heeled lifestyle on precarious footing after her husband, master of the universe Dick Greenbaum,HIGH SOCIETY CAN BE A KILLER Upper East Side socialite Daisy Greenbaum is accustomed to the finer things designer clothes, summers in the Hamptons, elite private school educations for her daughters, and a staggeringly expensive Park Avenue apartment But Daisy finds her well heeled lifestyle on precarious footing after her husband, master of the universe Dick Greenbaum, learns about some shady dealings that threaten his position at The Bank Daisy refuses to allow her family to slip down the social ladder, so she devises a madcap plan Anyone who jeopardizes her place at the top will simply have to be dispatched six feet under From Dick s arrogant boss to his scheming former mistress to a pair of nosy bloggers, Daisy s hit list is a who s who of big names with even bigger secrets But with the body count rising as the Dow Jones falls, can Daisy really get away with murder

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      390 Molly Jong-Fast
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    1 thought on “The Social Climber's Handbook

    1. Generally, I love to read about the super rich and the antics they pull to stay that way, but this was a very painful read It was not funny, not fun, not even very interesting During 2008 Iceland s banking system and the whole country crashed and much like a row of dominos, so, essentially did ours This book follows that summer of 2008 with a satirical look at one very rich family that relies on the big banks and brokerage firms to retain the style to which they have grown accustomed We meet Dic [...]

    2. I picked up this book expecting some light escapism you know, it s 2006 and the Wall Street crash is underway Upper East Side social climber Daisy Greenbaum, whose husband Dick specializes in derivative swaps for The Bank, begins taking out those folks who could expose her husband s personal and professional improprieties Each chapter opens with a date, that day s Dow closing and the S P figures for the day Clever, clever, clever.What I got, however, were uncomfortable truths and interesting soc [...]

    3. This book was not very enjoyable The books I have been reading have been some serious duds These Molly Jong Fast books are killing me Anyway, to the review.Basically, the book was a story of riches and fame A New York woman is social climbing It could have been interesting, but it just didn t seem to have a real pizzaz to the book A lot of people who I talked to about this book said that it was a great comedy book I didn t find it to be very funny or interesting Especially since this book was se [...]

    4. This novel is a satirical look at the elite social class, right when our financial world was on the brink of collapse Daisy has always been twisted and now she s rich She decides that killing is a much better alternative to losing her money and social status I chuckled through the first third of the book The characters and the way their situations were portrayed kept me amused I found the second murder far too convenient and easy and none of the characters were even remotely likable I had a hard [...]

    5. What gives with the wild distribution of stars This social satire is wonderfully entertaining I agree with every single 4 and 5 review Yes, it IS funny Not slapstick funny but smart funny Sometimes read between the lines hilarious Every single character is a flawlessly drawn representation of the caricature they are meant to be Jong Fast is an adept commenter on this sliver of Americana Her word work is sometimes Hey, sit up and take notice of THAT little phrase Thelma In my humble reader s opin [...]

    6. This story takes place in 2008 when the crap was ready to hit the fan on Wall Street Daisy Greenbaum s husband is a financial mogul for The Bank and he probably knows about the collapse about to happen than he should and he starts to find away around the impending doom, but his boss shuts him down quite quickly He needs to keep his mouth shut if he wants to keep his job.Daisy is as a socialite who lunches and who throws parties and she starts to realize that the life she has become quite accust [...]

    7. Picked this up expecting a campy book I was surprised by moments of insight into the inner life of the truly rich Or what I consider truly rich One of the points of this book is that there is always someone richer than you even the rich feel like they are struggling to fit in in some way For that reason, I gave it 4 stars and I d recommend it to my Junior League friends.However, I was annoyed that characters, who often seem completely detached from reality, magically sense or dream key pieces of [...]

    8. I was excited to read this book when I read the back cover I thought it would be a dark humor, funny book about the elite Upper East Side and the last good days before the recession hit I ended up being really let down by it First of all, it took me over a week to read it and it s only 229 pages It s really unusual for me to take that long to read a book And especially because it s so short It was hard to get into and stay in because nothing going on in the book hooked me.The character of Daisy [...]

    9. THE SOCIAL CLIMBER S HANDBOOK features cover quotes from several best selling authors who all claim this book to be a great comedy, deliciously wicked, and an irresistible read These quotes make me wonder if we all read the same book I found this book to be a mostly dark tale with an unsympathetic narrator, set against an inaccessible background THE SOCIAL CLIMBER S HANDBOOK is set in 2008, just before the collapse of the economy Even though there s nothing really funny about an economic depress [...]

    10. Only the second of nine giveaways that I didn t like though I finished this one, hoping it would improve.Never laughed, never chuckled, never even smiled Nothing about this book was even slightly humorous despite the cover quotes irresistable I trudged through it razor sharp dull and boring, like the characters within it Blissfully entertaining Not in the slightest fast, funny and smart took forever to get through it see the first sentence well, I DO understand the financial manipulations that c [...]

    11. Daisy Greenbaum is one of New York City s elite she has a husband, two daughters, and all of the money that she could want Until 2008 when her husband because aware of shady dealings at The Bank, the place that he works He becomes concerned that they will lose everything his job and their money Daisy is not willing to let this happen and will do everything in her power to prevent it Even stooping to murder Unfortunately, once she starts she can t stop.While the premise starts very interesting an [...]

    12. So, for the record, I m not a literary snob I like my fair share of escapism, reading about the exploits of the rich and beautiful, occasionally putting the embarassing titles behind the latest issue of the New Yorker to avoid strange glances on the subway That said, I still don t know what I think about this particular novel It certainly has all of the ingredients for a good romp greed, impending financial doom, rich but not necessarily beautiful people, murder, intrigue but somehow, its relat [...]

    13. I hate admitting that I couldn t finish or didn t like a book I admit I m picky when it comes to books and it really has to catch my attention for me to pick it up Unfortunately for this book, despite the great sounding blurb I just couldn t get into it The blurb for the story sounded great, something I could potentially love.Daisy is a society wife, nice clothes, lots of money the best of the best Only the best schools for her daughter and designer clothes Unfortunately, her husband is about to [...]

    14. Are you in serious withdrawal from Odd Mom Out Molly Jong Fast has got you covered with THE SOCIAL CLIMBER S HANDBOOK.It s the story of UES socialite Daisy Greenbaum, who s married to master of the universe, Dick Greenbaum I know The names are just too delicious When Daisy s social position is threatened due to Dick learning of some shady goings on at The Bank, she decides to take matters into her own hands and off anyone who gets in her way.It s ODD MOM OUT meets HEATHERS, and you ll absolutely [...]

    15. 2 stars feels generous, but I did finish it The book had big ideas, but for a book that billed itself as laugh out loud funny, I don t remember laughing once I cringed several times, but I never once laughed Not even a chuckle I couldn t decide if the author hated the wealthy elite she was writing about or was jealous of them Either way they were all awful people if you don t like the characters any of them what s the point I also thought there was a lack of creativity at some points, her use of [...]

    16. Not plausible, not funny, not ironic, not worth reading I d give it zero stars if that was an option I was looking for a good beach read something light after reading a few heavier books Generally I love reading about the uber wealthy social climbing New York women, and had high hopes for this book But a serial killing UES mom and wife, marrried to a philandering Wall Street banker who knows his wife is killing off first his boss, then two of his mistresses Nope Not believeable and while I can s [...]

    17. I m kind of surprised that I made my way all the way through this one I was initially drawn in by the author s writing and yes, also because the author is Erica Jong s daughter But the characters were so loathsome and the fact that they didn t change or evolve at all during the book gave them the depth of reality TV characters One of the characters names is Easton I suppose a shout out to Bret Easton Ellis and similar books in the loathsome rich NY elite genre But there s something that draws yo [...]

    18. I kept waiting for this book to get better and match the hype on the back of the book as well as from what I read in Entertainment Weekly I finished the book before it got any better It also is written in a style I find obnoxious It s where there is a main character, the one written about on the back In this case, it s Daisy and the perspective whether third person or first should be in that character This book chose a different route and would put it in the 3rd person perspective of any charact [...]

    19. I thoroughly enjoyed this story The backdrop is set in my favorite city, New York and involves a well thought out plot set during the most recent crash of the stock market What comes next is the terrible aftermath which I can completely relate to that precipitates into a shocking twist when murder and mayhem begins in a desparate effort for Daisy Greenbaum to secure her social standing This is one ride you don t want to miss.

    20. I only finished this book because it was so short and because it is nearly impossible for me to start a book and not finish it I started it because of the reviews and figured it had to be entertaining The characters were boring The plot wasn t at all exciting and I kept waiting for the big plot twist or reveal I guess I just expected too much of this book It was not worth reading in my opinion.

    21. The book was ok for me Some of the book was boring for me with all the bank bailouts, mortgages, investments etc Daisy will go to any length even murder to keep her lifestyle I didn t really care for any of the characters that are miserable, snobby, spoiled and desperate It was a quick read it is.

    22. Dick and Daisy Greenbaum are part of the upper end of the social ladder, until the recession hits and Dick may lose his job Daisy doesn t want to lose her status or money, so she decides that murder is one way.This is not a murder mystery, but a satire of the elitist lifestyle It is a fast paced comedy, but I feel the author tries too hard I liked it, but didn t love it.

    23. I was expecting Jackie Collins and got Jack the Ripper instead Don t mind a silly beach read but this was rather disturbing and filled with unlikable characters Don t think I ll be reading another of this author s books.If you want a readable, steamy mystery, I d recommend A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick instead.

    24. This book is a less gory, less objectionable version of American Psycho It s darkly funny but also terrifying A kind of horror version of Candace Bushnell Sharp social satire mixed with truly scary sections that creep up on you A slim book one can read in one two sessions For those that like the schadenfreude of knowing that money can t make you happyd might just get you killed.

    25. From the description of this book, I was excited to add it to my review pile But after reading it, I am not so sure about it With the excessive financial talk and the crazy lady killing, I just didn t enjoy it I would put it in the genre of dark comedy and although some may enjoy it not really my thing.

    26. Awful, I couldn t get through it Generally, I can read a book this short in less than a day It took me 4 days to read 50 pages because it just wasn t interesting I was expecting light, funny, quick to read Instead I got tedious, boring and completely unlikeable characters.

    27. This book is not well written enough to be truly effective social satire The author s shifts in POV from one character to thhe next, often in the same paragraph are jarring and confusing This is a lot like watching an episode of Real Housewives, vaguely entertaining and only slightly scandalous.

    28. This book was hysterical in its sarcasm Snotty dark humor I loved it That said really wanted , hope MJ F does another, perhaps centered on Landon s vengeance Showdown of the crazy UES bitchesat would be great

    29. Really enjoyed this book I like Molly Jong Fast s writing she s sharp and makes good observations about NY swealthy I thought the murder angle of this story would come off as totally ridiculous but it actually just added intrigueand another twist to the already entertaining storyline,

    30. Fast paced, witty and off beat Being part of a priviledged class certainly has it s perks for Dick and Daisy Greenbaum, but the stress of having and trying to keep it comes to an unusual conclusion for them both.

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