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Great Lion of God #2020

Great Lion of God Paul of Tarsus faced a world like today s twenty centuries ago and changed it The pious son of a rich Roman Jewish family Paul seemed destined for a peaceful bookish life But he lived in a violent ti

  • Title: Great Lion of God
  • Author: Taylor Caldwell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • Great Lion of God By Taylor Caldwell, Paul of Tarsus faced a world like today s twenty centuries ago and changed it.The pious son of a rich Roman Jewish family, Paul seemed destined for a peaceful bookish life But he lived in a violent time, where new ideas were challenging old traditions.His hatred of women, prompted by a fiery adolescent affair with a slave girl, was matched only by his loathing of the eaPaul of Tarsus faced a world like today s twenty centuries ago and changed it.The pious son of a rich Roman Jewish family, Paul seemed destined for a peaceful bookish life But he lived in a violent time, where new ideas were challenging old traditions.His hatred of women, prompted by a fiery adolescent affair with a slave girl, was matched only by his loathing of the early Christians.But behind his relentless persecution lay a gnawing doubt a longing for Truth Then, on the lonely road to Damascus, there came out of the desert a blinding light.

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    1 thought on “Great Lion of God

    1. This book review is largely about the author, and contains some opinion Flag at your discretion There s a good chance you ve never heard of Taylor Caldwell She was a popular author once upon a time, but then just disappeared If you re a regular at book sales or used bookstores, you ve probably come across her books before, but likely didn t pay them much attention Before I get around to my review of Great Lion of God, I d like to introduce Ms Caldwell, and spend a few minutes discussing what bec [...]

    2. I didn t particularly appreciate Saint Paul or his writings until I read this book unabridged I am not a fan of historical fiction using real persons, but this one is credible and scripturally accurate I delighted in Taylor s gift of the description not everyone s cup of tea.

    3. I first wanted to read this book as I was so struck by how aptly Caldwell married the factual and fictional in the book about St Luke, Dear and Glorious Physician and I really loved that book Thus, it was logical to me that I would feel similarly about her book on Saul Paul of Tarsus.And I did get so much from the book It did not read as smoothly as the other one had, but I attribute that largely to the subject matter Paul was a very complicated and at times conflicted person one who disbelieved [...]

    4. Great Lion of God was in the same haul as The Robe and Dear and Glorious Physician in the small but cherished book collection of my grandmother, who died the year after I was born Grandma might not have read many books, but quality is important than quantity, and these three novels are some of the finest I ve ever read.Great Lion of God chronicles the life of Saul Paul of Tarsus, that tempestuous man so vital to the spread of Christianity around the Roman world, and therefore a seminal figure i [...]

    5. Great Lion of GodEdited Corrected Review November 21, 2013Intro Mea Culpa First off, my apologies for having created the original review and incorrectly writing about Caldwell s Dear and Glorious Physician I m not entirely sure how I managed to write the essay but then create the wrong book when I posted the review Many thanks to Constanza see comments below for reading this review and commenting on my error.I have created a review for Dear and Glorious Physician DAGP with the material that was [...]

    6. Paul the Apostle is the subject of Caldwell s story She has created a man of leonine proportions, one who lived as passionately before his Damascus Road experience as afterward Because I am also reading through the Bible and have been in the book of Acts, it has been fascinating to read coinciding portions I admire writers who can envision the gaps and take brief comments and expand them in technicolor Caldwell does that Paul becomes larger than life as he wrestles with his faith, his human natu [...]

    7. My book club picked this book, because this liturgical year is dedicated to St Paul As well, we had previously read Grandmother and the Priests by Taylor Caldwell and which we all loved Caldwell s research into biblical times bears fruit in this immense novel, moving from Paul s upper class upbringing in Tarsus to his traveling to Jerusalem I enjoyed very much how the author brought in to Paul s life, prior to his conversion, John the Baptist, Joseph of Arimathea, and of course, Jesus and His mo [...]

    8. one of my favorites, if not, my favorite I love the apostle Paul This is such a wonderfully written fictional story of his life with as much biblical knowledge as possible.

    9. Exelente trata sobre la vida se San Pablo, muy entretenido ver como llego a ser ese hombre santo, y la perspectiva que el tenia sobre Jesus

    10. Interesante, mas me hubiese gustado una mayor fidelidad en cuanto a los datos hist ricos La prosa cae en ciertos momentos en un romanticismo innecesario, lo cual le resta fuerza al relato

    11. This is the first book I ever put away unfinished I was raised to believe it was a special sort of sin to show disrespect to a book, but I just could not make myself continue reading I had read over 350 pages and NOTHING had happened This was supposed to be the life of one of the most well traveled, aggressive and strong willed individuals in Christian history This, the first of my many sins against literature, occurred in the early 1970 s, when I was incredibly young and naive Perhaps my opinio [...]

    12. My two star rating is purely a visceral reaction to the character and has nothing to do with the quality of the writing.I read this book when I was a young teen I m sure it was well written Taylor Caldwell is a fine writer I only gave it two stars because it caused me to dislike St Paul I mean, how bad of an arrogant do you have to be so that the only thing that ll turn you around is to have God himself in the form of Jesus Christ appear before you and strike you blind I also read Dear and Glori [...]

    13. Passionate, detailed, exciting, and an altogether fascinating read My one complaint is the frequency with which Paul s looks are described I got it the first time in this story, he has red hair, blue eyes, freckles, a unibrow and a leonine way about him No need to remind us every three pages for the whole flippin book Otherwise, great stuff.

    14. This story is a fascinating look at the life and angst of St Paul the apostle Again, incredible research is obvious in the writing I have a much greater appreciation of the books he penned in the New Test.

    15. Apostle Paul really was an average people in biblical time Devoted to his religion and beliefs, and to his faith and ministry later.With faults, as everyone.

    16. Dios santo Que libro tan malo, tan aburrido, lo termin pero ay no, no quiero leer nada m s de esta autora.

    17. I have read several of her books I like the religious themed books better than her politically themed books though politics always gets into her religious theme books She has been gone 32 years and her books are still very powerful They all highlight a world dominated by one group of people Though I m not sure I see that in this book It is hard sometimes to tell how much is legend though I do know the Bible accounts and have read all of his letters many times and will still read them I find her [...]

    18. While reading a different Caldwell novel, I recognized her style, especially the lurid liberties she took with history in molding her plot Searching a list of her works I realized I d read others.These are well written stories, fun to read, but no reader should mistake them for biographies or history While I am sympathetic with some of Caldwell s suppositions, integrity demands we recognize them as wishful thinking, not scholarship On that front, Caldwell is a master of taking the reader into he [...]

    19. I liked a lot of things about this book Caldwell chose a plausible history for Paul, overall She has a good point about Paul being the most sophisticated interpreter of Jesus of his time.However, I m mystified about why she tells a different history of Paul s ministry than the one related in Acts And her Catholic theology is frankly off putting sometimes.

    20. IntriguingWorth reading While long and slow at times, made me see Paul differently than I expected to Even though a researched work of fiction, I enjoy stories that make me feel like I am there in that place, that time and allow me to see a different point of view.

    21. Beautifully written Poetic descriptions Made me feel like I was there Paul is a heroic figure, passionately trying to bring people to Christ.

    22. I thought this book was about St Paul 70% of the book is about Saul Interesting but I thought I would learn about the life of Paul Maybe you will feel differently Enjoy

    23. I have read several of Taylor Caldwell s books, some of them including this one she has done a great deal of research on and she explains a lot in great length But this one was hard to finish, which I did She went on far too much about about the characters opinions of life and etc This is the life story of St Paul also known as Saul, be spent most of his life as a very bitter unhappy man He has sex once in his entire life and spent the rest of his life feeling worthless about it because he had s [...]

    24. Un excelente libro sobre la vida del ap stol Pablo Demuestra el liderazgo que puede llegar a tener una persona, independiente de ser un asunto religioso, y la pasi n sembrada para sacar adelante un ideal.Una novela que lleva de nuevo a Roma, a la convulsionada ciudad de Tiberio, Caligula, Claudio y Ner n recreada en el nacimiento de la cristiandad y sus revueltas, seguidores y practicas violentas, llenas de sangre, y a unos cuantos l deres tratando de aplacar esa masa un tanto ignorante hasta de [...]

    25. Lo le cuando estaba en la preparatoria, una maestra sol a darme libros para leer y mi mejor amiga era muy religiosa Fue un gran libro en una poca en la que me encontraba desorienrada M s que nada lo sent motivacional, porque todo estaba en contra del protagonista y a n as sin que l lo supiera estaba bendecido, algo que lo hac a especial y diferente, aunque nunca se dio realmente cuenta por dar m s importancia a otras cosas.

    26. i read this book when it was written in the seventies and decided i needed to read again st paul is so influential in christianity and this historical fiction turns him into a real person albeit who knows how his life really was did put some history in place for me interesting commentary by the author in the foreward as the american republic is declining today written over 40 years ago it could have been written right now.a good book.

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