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A Sudden, Fearful Death #2020

A Sudden Fearful Death In a London hospital Prudence Barry a talented nurse who had once been one of Florence Nightingale s angels of mercy in the Crimean War meets sudden death by strangulation Private inquiry agent Wil

  • Title: A Sudden, Fearful Death
  • Author: Anne Perry
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Sudden, Fearful Death By Anne Perry, In a London hospital, Prudence Barry, a talented nurse who had once been one of Florence Nightingale s angels of mercy in the Crimean War, meets sudden death by strangulation Private inquiry agent William Monk is engaged to investigate this horrific crime which intuition tells him was no random stroke of violence by a madman.Greatly helped by his unconventional friendIn a London hospital, Prudence Barry, a talented nurse who had once been one of Florence Nightingale s angels of mercy in the Crimean War, meets sudden death by strangulation Private inquiry agent William Monk is engaged to investigate this horrific crime which intuition tells him was no random stroke of violence by a madman.Greatly helped by his unconventional friend Hester Latterly, another of Miss Nightingale s nurses, and barrister Oliver Rathbone, Monk assembles a portrait of the remarkable woman Yet he also discerns the shadow of a tragic evil that darkens every level of society, and a frightening glimmer of his own eclipsed past.

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    1. I still like the characters in this book but the plots keep getting darker and nastier And either Perry is getting predictable or I ve read too many of her books I figured out what was going on and got really annoyed with how stupid Monk and Hester were being before they finally figure it out too The book could have been cut in half and would have been a lot better It s like Perry felt that she couldn t stop at 200 pages for some reason so she kept beating around the bush for another 200 before [...]

    2. Anne Perry shows her remarkable skill at crafting a mystery that is spell binding to the end, and at setting that story within a historical context, with rich detail She also has woven into this story 2 important issues for women, both for those women in 1850 Victorian England, and in varying ways, for women today Prudence Barry wants desperately to be a physician, and is determined to find a way to be accepted into medical school But like many young women who want to break into fields of study [...]

    3. First of all, as always, this was well written and gripping Hester and Monk are coming together and it s beautiful.However, the plot is dark and heartbreaking Rape, abortion, and murder are all prominent in the novel and with it a reminder that justice from the courts of law is cold and can never truly fix what has been done.Recommended 14 for talk of rape, abortion, and murder.

    4. Narrated by Davina PorterDescription Prudence Barry, a talented nurse who had worked with Florence Nightingale in the Crimea, is found strangled to death in a London hospital Private inquiry agent William Monk is engaged to investigate this horrific crime Gradually, Monk assembles the portrait of a remarkable woman Yet he also discerns the shadow of a tragic evil and a frightening glimmer of his own eclipsed past Whoah this was a bloated, soap box of an episode Really not a favourite.3 The Face [...]

    5. This book is not part of the Monk series as promoted it is Hester Latterly series That in itself didn t make this book miss its mark it is dragged out beyond a length where my interest was kept.The basis of evidence against the Stanhope character would never be enough to bring the case to trial How one jumps from letters of a scorned woman who threatens blackmail being without a doubt evidence for police to arrest to me seems farfetched There is no direct physical evidence to directly connect th [...]

    6. I can t believe it Sir Herbert Stanhope will hang, he was guilty My first shot at fiction and I m impressed, Anne Perry has absorbed her readers into mid 19th century London I could feel the essence of the times, the occasional elaborate description of events sufficient enough to cast the exact image like a projector behind your brain and rare enough not to bore the reader Who wasn t caught in suspense from not knowing what Monk was going to do next, to thinking Dora parsons was going to throw H [...]

    7. Monk, Hester et Rathbone sont nouveau sollicit s dans une affaire de meurtre impliquant non pas une patiente, le r dacteur de la 4e n a manifestement pas lu le livre mais une infirmi re de l h pital En tant qu administratrice de cet h pital, Lady Callandra fait appel Monk et ses comp tences pour mener l enqu te et embauche Hester pour observer discr tement de l int rieur et apporter des informations Monk, d sormais d tective priv et dans l incapacit d en apprendre autant que ses anciens coll gue [...]

    8. 1.5 2 starsNarrated by Davina PorterMy feelings for the William Monk mysteries have always been lukewarm at best, but this book made me seriously reconsider continuing with the series despite my interest in Monk s history The mystery was convoluted, and Monk seemed as inept as usual There were questions unanswered such as how Callandra recognized Marian, and inconsistencies such as Monk being jubilant about the content of the letters he had received and acting all smug in front of Runcorn but te [...]

    9. This is 4 in the inaccurately named William Monk series it s really way the William Monk, Hester Latterly, and Oliver Rathbone series, I find This time around we got another hefty chunk of Monk, Hester, and Rathbone walking around talking to people to try to solve the mystery du jour which while a bit less action y than I prefer, it still is working for me since Perry does put together a nicely complex kind of story.I must also say it s about damn time that we start seeing some increasing sign [...]

    10. In this fourth of the William Monk series we find Prudence Barry, a nurse with Florence Nightingale in the Crimea, murdered in a local hospital She was talented and even desired to be a doctor Nurses of that era had reputations little better than prostitutes, but Prudence was skilled enough to work with the city s best surgeon How did she end up dead then William Monk, a private detective, had taken the case and Hester Latterly has agreed to go to work at the hospital and work under cover This t [...]

    11. This year I am determined to start working my way through Mt TBR, that ever growing heap of books in my life no, an e reader isn t really helping much I kicked off the year with the fourth book in the ongoing William Monk series Set in a hospital, a nurse is found strangled in a laundry chute, and William Monk and his somewhat adversary Hester Latterly work together to find out why it happened Along the way, we learn about incest, rape and abortion, as well as the deplorable conditions of ninete [...]

    12. If I ever had any doubts that women in Victorian England were marginalized, or that an unmarried gentlewoman s reputation was a precious commodity that could be unfairly destroyed, those doubts are now firmly set aside The author can certainly beat you over the head with these and similar points.However, I remain interested in these characters, entertained by the historical setting, and the mysteries themselves aren t half bad This one concerns the murder of a Crimean nurse one of Florence Night [...]

    13. Quarto romanzo della serie di William Monk Ormai i protagonisti, Monk, Lady Callandra, Hester e Rathbone, mi sono diventati familiari, ma le loro interazioni non sono mai scontate ed, anzi, si evolvono nel tempo.Questo episodio pi ricco del solito di riferimenti alle donne dell epoca vittoriana, alla loro condizione di secondo piano in famiglia e di sudditanza economica, ai problemi legati al parto, agli aborti clandestini ed alla violenza contro di loro che diventa ancora pi orribile proprio pe [...]

    14. So far, this was not my favorite of the series It was still good, but it wasn t as compelling as the previous books Also, I felt a little manipulated on the abortion issue It seemed to me that the doctor who performed abortions for free was held up as a good person helping desperate women, but the doctor who accepted pay was vilified Really That is what s wrong with the issue This one was a little too message driven for me, but hopefully these won t turn in to preachy diatribes instead of myster [...]

    15. Once again, Perry delves into difficult issues that I wouldn t dream of reading in a modern day setting for a mystery book She skillfully portrays all in the Victorian setting and not only makes this for an enjoyable read, but somehow manages to get me to face the difficult issues without my realizing it As I was summing up the book in a conversation with my husband, it sounded to my ears like a trashy novel with all sorts of storyline twists Perry pulls it all off with dignity, though While I d [...]

    16. Anne Perry never disappoints Multi thread plots, intriguing characters, and all well seated in a solid historical setting, complete with very interesting trivial details that bring the whole thing to life Discovering about the characters is almost important than the mystery plot, and it shows characterisation is strong, and both Monk and Hester s strengths and weaknesses are explored.

    17. I have enjoyed these mystery novels by Anne Perry as fillers in between my book club books This was my favorite of the series so far I enjoy the details of England s Victorian era and Perry s commentary on social issues of the time This book has one of the recurring characters on trial for a crime she didn t commit, and explores the issues of class, gender discrimination, and ethics as well as family honor and dysfunction.

    18. Another wonderful detective courtroom book Monk and Hester have some character growth, we learn about Lady Callandra Daviot and Oliver Rathbone and have a ripping good time in old London The solution to the crime comes at the very end and the final unveiling in court is quite dramatic These Monk novels are awesome More,

    19. Interesting and engaging plot line albeit a bit contrived in parts Exciting twist at the end however A great sideline to the compelling murder mystery was the thought provoking look at hospital politics in the Victorian age and the ethical issues of abortion and women s rights.

    20. Love this seriesn t read fast enough This author keeps you guessing right up to the end Now starting 5

    21. I downloaded this from the talking book facility from my local library a fantastic resource for the lonely craft person , not knowing about Anne Perry the author, or her main character William Monk, an ex policman, soldier turned private detective What a treat I had in store The story is set in victorian London, and Monk is a well established character, this being the 4th book in the series Many of the, mainly female, characters are also well established, and are all strong, intelligent women, w [...]

    22. I really liked this novel because I find Anne Perry s background information interesting I find myself ticked off when I read about the way women, even upper class women, were treated in the Victorian era I identify with these women and appreciate how much better women in my society live, although women in other countries still live under the rule of men Of course, I like to see how the relationship between Hester and Monk is progressing enjoy Monk s conflict with the local police force and the [...]

    23. I wasn t sure I was going to like this book related to several factors However, the subject surrounding women s issues and the reality of the difficulty of their lives, the absolute prevalence of death in every day life highlighted just how lucky we are to live in the present day as well as where we do That being said, one is cognizant of the fact that there are places where survival including places in the US is every bit as difficult today for women as it was in England in the 1800 s I do appr [...]

    24. Another pleasureable experience and a very strong continuation of the Monk cycle Not really very much to add to this consiste opinion this is the fourth book in the series, the main characters are by now well established and the mystery is set in similar setting to those of previous books So if you ve enjoyed previous books, chances are you ll enjoy this one just as much.The only thing that worries me a bit consists of the fact that main characters seem to be by now a little TOO well defined and [...]

    25. I was caught up in the descriptions of the slaughters of patients during the Crimean war and the hospitals of that time and of course the attitudes of the medical professionals towards the nursing personnel at that time I m a retired Registered Nurse and the education and training changes just from the late 1950 s up to the present day are remarkable, so it is of interest to me to read about how it was in the 1850 s and compare now to then.

    26. This fourth book about William Monk, now a private detective in Victorian London, continues with it s development of Monk s new life, as he gradually pieces together his memory, and its revealing of the conditions of life for most people at the time The justice system, healthcare and again, women s rights, are highlighted.

    27. I have just read all 22 of Anne Perry s William Monk series non stop over the past 5 months and loved every minute of them I have never in my life before read an entire series back to back and even when I ve previously read a trilogy I ve had to stop for a breather part way through They are so well written and introduce all sorts of historical events and social issues of the time 1850s 60s.

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