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All Is Bright #2020

All Is Bright AN ORIGINAL SHORT STORY FROM THE ACCLAIMED AUTHOR OF THE NOVELS THE OPPOSITE OF ME AND THE UPCOMING SKIPPING A BEAT Thirty year old Elise Andrews couldn t bring herself to marry Griffin her childhood

  • Title: All Is Bright
  • Author: Sarah Pekkanen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All Is Bright By Sarah Pekkanen, AN ORIGINAL SHORT STORY FROM THE ACCLAIMED AUTHOR OF THE NOVELS THE OPPOSITE OF ME AND THE UPCOMING SKIPPING A BEAT Thirty year old Elise Andrews couldn t bring herself to marry Griffin, her childhood friend turned sweetheart, so she let him walk away Eight months after their breakup, she arrives in her hometown of Chicago on Christmas Eve and hears a voice from theAN ORIGINAL SHORT STORY FROM THE ACCLAIMED AUTHOR OF THE NOVELS THE OPPOSITE OF ME AND THE UPCOMING SKIPPING A BEAT Thirty year old Elise Andrews couldn t bring herself to marry Griffin, her childhood friend turned sweetheart, so she let him walk away Eight months after their breakup, she arrives in her hometown of Chicago on Christmas Eve and hears a voice from the past calling her name in the grocery store It s Griffin s mother, Janice, who invites Elise over for a neighborhood gathering of eggnog and carols Walking into Janice s house sends Elise tumbling headlong into memories of her relationship with Griffin and with Janice, who exudes the kind of warmth Elise ached for after her own mom passed away when she was six But Griffin has moved on, and suddenly Elise doubts her decision to give him up and lose her chance at being folded into his wonderful family Confused and reeling, she goes in search of an answer to a universal question How do we say good bye to people we ve loved without losing everything they ve meant to us Heartwarming and witty, All Is Bright is a charming story about coming home for the holidays and finding gifts in the most unexpected of places.

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      333 Sarah Pekkanen
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    1 thought on “All Is Bright

    1. Delightful All Is Bright captures a young woman s memories of the past and hopes for the future as she returns to her hometown at Christmas to visit her grandmother, who resides in an assisted living facility Thirty year old Elise Andrews plans to spend the night alone at her dad s house, since he is away on a long anticipated, well deserved vacation While shopping for a few necessities, she bumps into the mother of an ex boyfriend and is invited to her home for dinner Soon the memories nearly o [...]

    2. I obviously knew that it was a short story, but I didn t anticipate how short it would be Since All is Bright was just a few chapters, I am going to aim my review at Sarah Pekkanen rather than her story I am impressed how rich of a history and backdrop she could paint with so few words Only a few pages in, I was pulled into the life of Elise, the main character Elise exposes us to a rage of emotions that made me feel immediately sympathetic to her situations A delightful and funny cast was set [...]

    3. I don t know how to rate this It was good and funny in the right parts, but it was ridiculously short The preview of The Best of Us was longer Fortunately, I have the follow up Love, Accidentally ready to go.

    4. I really enjoyed the writing style of this author and appreciated the short story format I used to read short stories all the time in high school and college English major , but in my adult life, I ve gotten out of it This story was perfectly done and made me want to read from this author I love that Kindle offers these little snippets for 99cents.

    5. This was an extremely short story, but I enjoyed it for what it was I was feeling a little down and thought a quick read would help me feel better and this was perfect, even though this isn t the normal kind of thing I read This short story made me smile and it was definitely a cute read.

    6. I adore e short stories Sarah is a wonderful author I just discovered with her new book The Best of Us a 5 star , which I read first, so diving into reading her other previous books I usually start with new ones which pull me into the author and then start backwards Being in the online media world, front covers are a big draw as well as reading works of my favorite authors especially with e books, as the crisp colors are so appealing since you do not have the typical print front cover to view Al [...]

    7. I am usually not a huge fan of short stories but when I recently got a Kindle Fire and saw how many great authors have short stories to inexpensively download I thought I should give a few a try When Sarah Pekkanen announced on Facebook that she would be giving away her new short story, Love, Accidentally, to her fans as a Thank You I was really excited Since All Is Bright is a prequel of sorts to Love, Accidentally I thought I would go ahead and buy it and read it first I am SO glad I did This [...]

    8. I really enjoyed All Is Bright It was truly a lovely little story to read My only problem was that it was so short it only took me around 20 minutes to read I wanted to know about Elise and her past with Griffin.The premise of the story is very real A woman returning to her home town to spend Christmas with her grandmother Something everyone will probably experience at some point in their lives Elise is just unfortunate enough to run into her ex boyfriends mum.I absolutely loved Elise s grandmo [...]

    9. Elise and Griffin were a couple for fifteen years, but Elise just couldn t bring herself to marry Griffin Eight months after the childhood sweethearts broke up, Elise visits her hometown of Chicago for Christmas She runs into a familiar person in the grocery store Griffin s mom, Janice After being invited for an evening of eggnog, carols and food, Elise begins a walk down memory lane It is filled with warm memories of Griffin, but mostly of Janice s motherly ways Elise begins to wonder if lettin [...]

    10. All is Bright by Sarah PekkanenWhat first attracted me to this book is the cover with snow and a woman just sitting enjoying the quiet of the snow falling.Have read and enjoyed Sarah s other works.This one is about Elsie and she s home to tend to her grandmother because her father and his new wife are traveling and it s Christmas and she doesn t want her to be alone.Griffin and her had dated many times over the years and when they broke up she was sorry to end it with his mother than him.She do [...]

    11. All is Bright was an impulse download It was free and Christmasy so I thought why not This was such a great little story There where parts I read aloud to anyone who would listen because I liked them so much Even though this is a short story, only a few chapters, I loved the characters I felt for Elise and her situation, I can totally relate I got a kick out of Nana and her friends and I may heart went out the sweet Janice I can t say too much about the story because it s only a few chapters and [...]

    12. I enjoyed this SHORT story, it gave me plenty of insight to realize I enjoy Sarah Pekkanen s writing.This is a short story I read Love, Accidentally before I read this short story This short story is from Elise s point of view The two short stories can be read together I liked reading this from Elise s point of view.Important to me, after reading this short story, I know I enjoy Ms Pekkanen s writing style and will happily read other books of hers.

    13. Bittersweet It ended way too soon for me That is the bitter part The rest was super sweet.I like the characters, and have a feeling we are set up for the next book to be spectacular reading You just know everything has to come together, though nothing but questions were raised in this one.I feel like I can t wait for , I just have to know if she stays or goes Does she come back and get the guy or let him go Yup, I m hooked.

    14. This was such a sweet, short read Those grannies were funny.God, I feel the love family, friends.And most importantlyI think I read this at the right time I m having a rough time as well and I am trying to figure everything out, just like the main character is Although, who isn t right But in this case it is the fase we have to go through when we reach that age.Truly loved it.

    15. I really liked this book, which was described as a short story But what was really frustrating, was that it wasn t so much a short story but instead it read like the first few chapters of a book A great intro, but no middle or ending.

    16. I m giving it three stars, not because I didn t like it, but because it barely felt like a story, even a short story which is what it s billed as It definitely wetted my appetite to read by this author, but reading this really felt like I had just read the Kindle sample freebie.

    17. Very enjoyable Christmas themed story that was not your usual holiday romance Well written too, which is what I expected from this author There is a companion story from another point of view that I ll have to read as well.

    18. This was a very, very short story of lure to get you to read two samples of her forthcoming book Nonetheless, it was a nice little story, and I m sold on reading her next book So, mission accomplished, Ms Pekkanen.

    19. It is shorter that I expected and I actually found myself wanting but the truth is, the lesson is already there in this very short story The plot is totally relatable to everyone living away from home A touching story of coming home, moving on and being hopeful.

    20. Very short story, well told and packs a punch This is the old girlfriend s story Elise and Grif have been friends since childhood, dated on and off for many years She wasn t ready to marry it was never that kind of love for her A visit back to her hometown to spend time with her Grandma during the Christmas holidays, Elise runs into Grifs parents who have always looked out for her She learns that Grif has moved on and just got engaged This news brings a range of emotions while acknowledging she [...]

    21. It was a cute little short story about a young girl who comes home to visit during the holiday season She encounters the mother of her ex boyfriend and is invited over to their house for their annual Christmas party During the party something happens that makes her question breaking up with her ex You will have to read the story to find out what that is LOL Honestly this story could have been made into a longer romance novel It was way too short

    22. Feel good storyCute storyAll is Bright is a really cute feel good story It was a little sad but leaves you with the feeling that there are good people in the world who do care about others Being such a good story it left me wanting and I already read the short story recommended Love, Accidentally , which I need to reread It was the first Sarah Pekkanen I read I ve read 5 since Love her writings.

    23. I love that all is bright is atypical The perspective of breaking up with someone you care for but, somehow, not enough for a deeper commitment Is it his mother and her lack of a mother that is Elise s big draw Read to find out how it ends Christmas time nostalgia that ll leave you teary at the end in a good way

    24. while i knew it was short, it was ridiculously short i felt betrayed by the lack of fulfillment in the end

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