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Toys Hays Baker and his wife Lizbeth possess super human strength extraordinary intelligence stunning looks a sex life to die for and two beautiful children Of course they do they re Elites endowed at

  • Title: Toys
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9781846057700
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Toys By James Patterson, Hays Baker and his wife Lizbeth possess super human strength, extraordinary intelligence, stunning looks, a sex life to die for, and two beautiful children Of course they do they re Elites, endowed at birth with the very best that the world can offer The only problem in their perfect world humans and their toys The one with the most toys diesThe top operative for thHays Baker and his wife Lizbeth possess super human strength, extraordinary intelligence, stunning looks, a sex life to die for, and two beautiful children Of course they do they re Elites, endowed at birth with the very best that the world can offer The only problem in their perfect world humans and their toys The one with the most toys diesThe top operative for the Agency of Change, Hays has just won the fiercest battle of his career He has been praised by the President, and is a national hero But before he can savour his triumph, he receives an unbelievable shock that overturns everything he thought was true Suddenly Hays is on the other side of the gun, forced to leave his perfect family and fight for his life.Now a hunted fugitive, Hays is thrown into an existence he never dreamed possible fighting to save humans everywhere from extinction He enlists all of his training to uncover the truth that could save millions of lives maybe even his own.

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      171 James Patterson
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    1 thought on “Toys

    1. If you are a Patterson reader you will not recognize his style in this book Almost all of his books lately have been co authored with someone else but now I suspect they were written by the author with his her name in small print and just endorsed by Patterson I don t know if Patterson has a writer s block or if he no longer has time to write because he s sitting around reading all these new authors book to select the ones to endorse I m sure it s profitable for him but as a reader I have no ide [...]

    2. When I picked up this Patterson book I didn t even think twice about whether I wanted to read it of course I did I read everything Patterson and his entourage writes except his juvenile scifi books I didn t even read the description so positive was I that I would enjoy it The title alone was intriguing.Imagine my surprise, when I got a couple pages into the book and I realized that this was not your usual run of the mill murder thriller About page 30 I nearly put the book down because I just don [...]

    3. I have only ever read one James Patterson book before, and I understand this is a different genre for him Honestly, I think he should stick with what he knows This book reminds me of a comic book written by someone with only a cursory knowledge of comic books The dialog was over the top bravado worthy of an 80 s action movie Not only were the actions of the characters running at 40 mph with strides of 10 yards over the top, the descriptions of them were pure cheese.On the bright side, the chapte [...]

    4. Gawd I must be in masochistic mode thought that nothing I would handle this week could be as bad as that last AtwoodHow wrong shall I be think The King and I Kicked this one off the TBR pile

    5. Wow, talk about a guys dream book Flashy cars, hot chics, looooong fight scenes and steroid pumped dudes This must be a guys version of us women s chic lit I listened to this on audio playaway so all the detailed fights were read to me unfortunately without amazing CGI effects for distraction, the cheesiness was palpable I literally LOL d numerous times throughout this man fantasy book All that aside I found it very strange that such a well known author would need a co author Makes me wonder if [...]

    6. Along with McMahon, Patterson is diving into the world of dystopia with one of his most recent books Set in the not so distant future after World War III has ravaged much of North America, Toys introduces readers to the idea of Elites These are people who are genetically enhanced to be better than regular humans They are stronger, faster, attractive and smarter Basically, Elites are everything we would want to be, and they know it Elites were created to improve on humanity, which had almost des [...]

    7. I m having trouble slogging through this fable superhero the fate of the world hangs in the balance book I am not sure who the author was aiming at with this, but it seems like the characters are flat and 2 dimensional, like in a book aimed at preteens, but there are too many sexual themes, some of them kind of creepy ie sexual fantasies about one s sibling to be a book for kids The chapters remind me of ten minute segments of a B grade television series Can t recommend and don t even know if I [...]

    8. The unrelenting pace of the first person narrative of this story, plus the incentive to finish it and return the book to the second hand stand of the hotel rather than add to my baggage weight, meant that I read the 448 pages in a little over a day Hays Baker literally runs at four times the speed of Usain Bolt, who is only human after all You ll understand that little joke when you ve read the first few paragraphs There are lots of twists and turns, right up until the last page It is skillfully [...]

    9. Oh my God I think this is the worst book I ve read in ages Picked it up at the library without even reading the blurb because you usually get a fairly good read with James Patterson But this This is little than a collection of really badly chosen words assembled on the page in random fashion The only relationship that said words have with each other is that they appear on the same page I did say in my profile that I would not slate authors, however, I can t help but slate this book It started o [...]

    10. I have read a lot of dystopia scifi books lately and I have to say that this one comes up short Not in terms of the future world created, which actually had potential, but in terms of the plot and the characters It just seemed farfetched that all of the sudden the main character finds out that he isn t who he thinks he is, yet can somehow overcome years of prejudice against what he is and is not only magically okay with it, but is also ready to join up with the people he s fought and despised al [...]

    11. Another title Mr Patterson did not write alone, but from the cover art it s hard to tell his co author was there As many others have pointed out it s a very different fantasy tale than usual, but not anything I cared for In fact, I quit after less than 100 pages Unfortunately, many of those pages had very little text on thema typical Patterson technique This was also common with Robert B Parker and many business books with not much to say but still needing to look important enough to meet the re [...]

    12. I was at the library doing some writing in the peace and quiet Lunchtime rolled around but I hadn t brought anything from home to read I saw Toys on the shelf and thought that last JP book now you see her wasn t so horrible, I ll give this a try over lunch Let me tell you, this is the worst JP book I have ever read Completely unreadable More so than even his last 10 15 books As usual, the idea of the story is good It s the writing that sucks Ridiculous, predictable, completely flat characters th [...]

    13. Toys is the 25th stand alone novel by James Patterson and is co written with Neil McMahon It is set in 2061, in a dystopic world ruled by genetically engineered super humans known as the Elite, at a time when ordinary humans are regarded as dirty, barbaric, evil and hopeless In this world, toys rather than religion are the opiate of the masses In this world, Hays Baker and his wife, Lizbeth are Elite operatives for the Agency of Change After an attack by rogue humans, which leaves Hays seriously [...]

    14. This book takes us to the year 2061, where there are two types of beings on Earth, HUMANS and ELITES Hays Baker and his wife Lizbeth possess super human strength, extraordinary intelligence, high powered jobs, stunning looks, a sex life to die for, and two beautiful children Of course they do they re Elites, endowed at birth with the very best that the world can offer The only problem in their perfect world humans and their toys Only things are not always as they seem, as the bottom falls out of [...]

    15. Toys is a mystery thriller set in the future when being human is an abomination and the Elites rule the world.Hays Baker is an elite Being elite meant you had super powers, super strength, great looks and all the toys you could need to make your life easier Hays, and his wife, Lisbeth, are operatives for the Agency of Change Their job is to hunt down human beings a.k.a skunks who cause a threat to their world After successfully handling an important mission, Hays is on the rise when President Ja [...]

    16. I m a HUGE James Patterson fan, so as soon as I saw this in the box from Hachette Books I freaked out Anyway, I was pretty skeptical of this book at first James Patterson is known for his murder mystery books, so that is what I was expecting When I read the back of the book, I really thought that Patterson had stepped out of his element, and I just couldn t see this working Was I ever wrong This book has the same fluid and wonderful writing style you will see in all of Patterson s other books, a [...]

    17. This was quite horrid If I hadn t enjoyed some of his previous books there is no way I would have gone near this Most of the chapters are approx two pages and it has such stupid plot twists like oh, no wait, that wasn t an important character who died, that was just the fake robot version of them, and they use that TWICE Possibly that I missed when skimming to the end in disbelief at the absurd plot And the ending is pure stupid too.In my opinion even if you have read and enjoyed his other book [...]

    18. TOYS by James Patterson Neil McMahonPublished by Little, Brown and CompanyISBN 978 0 316 09736 9At the request of The Hachette Book Group, an ARC TPB was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion Synopsis borrowed from publisher James Bond and Jason Bourne have just been topped A battle for the world is set into unstoppable motion and Hays Baker is the only one who can save it Hays Baker and his wife Lizbeth possess super human strength, extraordinary intelligence, stunning looks, a sex life [...]

    19. I ve got to say, I was expecting this book to be really good, but I read it on holiday and it was absolutely shocking The storyline was so ridiculous The idea of having a totally flawless race being created, then trying to destroy humankind, is very overdone anyway, but the fact that the protagonist only cared about humans when he found out he was one is complete bullshit On top of that, how did he live as long as he did without being discovered If this race is meant to be super smart, surely th [...]

    20. Toys moves the reader forward to the year 2061 where humans are referred to as skunks and the Elites are in charge Hays Baker is an Elite Although every Elite has special powers, Hays Baker seems to have received than his share of strength, intelligence and good looks Hays has a beautiful wife, Lizabeth, and two wonderful children The future is bright for Hays until the fatal day when he was called to a Toyz store where many were dead due to a violent attack.Owen McGill, Hays partner, was sure [...]

    21. Toys is another one of James Patterson s excellent page turners I usually don t enjoy science fiction or fantasy genres, but this one was a great read In a futuristic setting, about a hundred and sixty years from the present, Hays Baker works for the Agency of Change, relatively similar to our equivalent FBI He believes he is an Elite , the best of the best people in the world, and he views, like other Elites, that humans are skunks Humans are the bottom rung of society They are barbaric, ruthle [...]

    22. What a stupid waste of a book I almost gave it 1 star, but some of the action sequences were exciting It turned out to be a book of science fiction, set in a dystopian earth, with an us against them theme, humans against elites, but the origin of the elites was underdeveloped and the plot line pretty predictable It was astounding, at the end, when any threat came up, there was a device to counter it The retro vs elite theme was done much better in Star Wars, with the ewoks against the empire The [...]

    23. This is a pretty trashy book, which ll surprise no one who read it I breezed through it, and even enjoyed it, but I had to really squint my eyes and overlook a lot of problems on a thematic level to do it Really, I don t necessarily have a problem with the big ideas not being all that big or interesting but given how pedestrian the satire is, I expected it to be a little clearly carried out There are lots of ironies here, in other words, and I think most of them are unintentional And the writin [...]

    24. I am a huge James Patterson fan and this book was fantastic Slightly science fiction which makes for an interesting departure from his norm The world has changed and it is not for the better You have Elites running the world with humans Skunks being pushed out and killed When an Elite finds out he is actually a human planted inside the Elite world as a child the story really comes alive An unlikely hero, now fighting for his life as the Elite Special Forces hunt him down, takes them on and learn [...]

    25. This book was on for five stars until I got to the end The build up is great and even though it s not James Patterson s usual genre it is his usual style.I think we all know by now that these books are written by the person whose name is under James Patterson s but they are written to a formula and it s one that works It you love books that are fast, easy to read and require no intellectual input from the reader then this one fits the bill.My only problem was the book is called Toys and the poin [...]

    26. OMG The writing in this book is so cheesy Statements like Lucy in the sky No diamonds this time bleech Excuse while I go read a good book to get the horrible taste out of my mouth.

    27. Imagine being a part of a future superior society of mechanically enhanced humans called Elites Well that s exactly what Hays Baker thinks he is But who really is Hays Baker Is he and high tech Elite or a skunk and scum of a Human After plummeting to the concrete after a ten story fall, Hays s life changes in a way that no one would have ever imagined The book Toys, by James Patterson, follows main character Hays Baker, a strong, kind, and fierce character, through an action packed journey to sa [...]

    28. TOYS no relation to the Robin Williams movie is one of James Patterson s least popular novels, but I still found it benignly enjoyable Let s face it any book that claims on its cover to outdo both James Bond and Jason Bourne is setting itself up for colossal failure What ever happened to integrity in publishing, anyway AnyhowIn terms of art and sophistication, TOYS is about on the same level as the live action STREET FIGHTER movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme a movie which I also can t help bu [...]

    29. This is one of the latest outings from the James Patterson Literary production house Patterson ropes in a lot of different writers to help produce the huge volume of books and series he keeps producing This one is a science fiction novel set about 50 years in the future with the human population divided into two elites and humansere s been some genetic and cyborg reconstruction going on and there are two distinct species on the planettake note of a book from ten years ago by Princeton biologist [...]

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